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Seibert Claire D. Claire D. Seibert (1965)
Seibert Lois Florence (Swan) Lois Florence (Swan) Seibert (1965)
Seibert Norma Jeane (Clemens) Norma Clemens Seibert (2004)
Seibert Walter C. Walter C. Seibert (1947)
Seidler Bette Joy (Faupel)- Bette Joy Faupel-Seidler (2011)
Seidler Charlena (Hill) (Meeder) Charlena Hill Meeder Seidler (1932)
Seidler Edna L. (Lane) Edna L. (Lane) Seidler (1966)
Seidler Frank B. Frank B. Seidler (1949)
Seidler Gertrude Gertrude Seidler (1933)
Seidler Richard O. Richard O. Seidler (1999)
Seidler Stanley S. Stanley S. Seidler (1935)
Seidler Walter H. Walter H. Seidler (1969)
Seifred James F. James F. Seifred (1967)
Seifred Rosa B. (Weaver) Rosa B. (Weaver) Seifred (1958)
Seil Laurence E. Laurence E. Seil (1994)
Seil Ronald L. Ronald L. Seil (2017)
Seiler Beulah (Duling) Beulah Duling Seiler (1983)
Seiler Clifford R. Clifford R. Seiler (1994)
Seiler Emory Edward Emory Edward Seiler (1974)
Seiler Hazel Maurine (Nicholson) Hazel Maurine (Nicholson) Seiler (1975)
Seiler John A. John A. Seiler (1960)
Seiler Maude Jane (Wolverton) Maude Wolverton Seiler (1963)
Seiler Nellie Grant (Callison) Nellie Grant Seiler (1956)
Seiler Roena Ruth Roena Ruth Seiler (1918)
Seitz Alfred Alfred Seitz (1963)
Seitz Margaret Margaret Seitz (1963)
Sevier Shirley Joan (Clark) Shirley Joan (Clark) Sevier (2015)
Selim Cindi C. (White) Cindi White Selim (2000)
Sellers Clara May (Bruce) Clara May Sellers (1913)
Sellers Ida May (Harrell) Ida May (Harrell) Sellers (1939)
Sellers Ida Rae (Jones) Guiberson Ida Jones Guiberson Sellers (1958)
Sellers Jessie May Jessie May Sellers (1907)
Sellers Lelah Faye (Rutledge) Lelah Rutledge Sellers (1983)
Sellers Olive Anna (Linn) Olive Anna (Linn) Sellers (1944)
Sellers Phillip Lee Phillip Lee Sellers (2009)
Sellers Ruth Eloise (Bower) Ruth Eloise (Bower) Sellers (2013)
Sellers Shirley J. (Anselme) Shirley J. (Anselme) Sellers (2012)
Sellers William William Sellers (1935)
Senhen Evonne I. "Bonnie" (Henson) Evonne "Bonnie" Henson Senhen (2006)
Senn Chris Chris Senn (1989)
Seral Roberta May Roberta May Seral (1933)
Serviss Jean Jean Serviss (1926)
Serviss June June Serviss (1926)
Sesker Richard Dean Richard Dean Sesker (2008)
Severe Blanche (Kensler) Blanche (Kensler) Severe (1952)
Severn Kelli Michele Kelli Michele Severn (1958)
Severns Ida (Johnston) Ida (Johnston) Severns (1941)
Severns John John Severns (1979)
Severns Lucy Pearl (McCleary) Lucy McCleary Severns (1972)
Seversike Carole Anne (Bryan) Weldon Carole Anne (Bryan) Weldon Seversike (2014)
Sewal Alice B. (Brittain) Alice B. (Brittain) Sewal (2000)
Seward Earl Earl Seward (1962)
Seward Goldie Ellen (Travis) Goldie Travis Seward (1984)
Seward Jack Jack Seward (1912)
Seward Kathryn "Kay" (Davis) Kathryn "Kay" (Davis) Seward (2015)
Seward Lyle Lyle Seward (1943)
Seward Sarah Evelyn (Berry) Sarah Evelyn (Berry) Seward (1939)
Seward Wilber Glen Wilber "Glen" Seward (2006)
Sexton George J. George J. Sexton (2002)
Seybold Harley A. Harley A. Seybold (1965)
Seybold Joe W. Joe W. Seybold (1933)
Seybold Minnie Lorena (Smith) Minnie Lorena (Smith) Seybold (1959)
Seybold Walter A. Walter A. Seybold (1967)
Seymour Aurola Eilene (Eyerly) Aurola Eilene (Eyerly) Seymour (2008)
Seymour Elizabeth (Miller) Elizabeth Miller Seymour (1901)
Seymour Grant Todd Grant Todd Seymour (1872)
Seymour James - Child of Child of James Seymour (1876)
Seymour James - Daughter of Daughter of James Seymore (1877)
Seymour Stephen Stephen Seymour (1888)
Seymour Theron Theron Seymour (1880)
Shackelford Beulah Iona (Black) Beulah Black Shackelford (1997)
Shackelford Cora Cora Shackelford (1894)
Shackelford Earl Arthur Earl Arthur Shackelford (1994)
Shackelford Ellis B. Ellis B. Shackelford (1942)
Shackelford Ida Estella (Fisher) Ida Estella (Fisher) Shackelford (1928)
Shackelford Lula M. (Craven) Lula M. (Craven) Shackelford (1964)
Shade Angeline Marie (Abraham) Angeline Marie (Abraham) Shade (1926)
Shade Annie Kathleen (Garrish) Annie Kathleen (Garrish) Shade (1972)
Shade Bertha Blanche (Mabbitt) Bertha Blanche (Mabbitt) Shade (1958)
Shade Calvin A. Calvin A. Shade (1919)
Shade Frances Evelyn (Macumber) Frances Evelyn (Macumber) Shade (1956)
Shade George Wilson George Wilson Shade (1969)
Shade James Calvin James Calvin Shade (1980)
Shade Leland Murray Leland Murray Shade (1979)
Shade Mildred Mildred Shade (1937)
Shade Vava G. (Delaplain) Cosand Vava Cosand Shade (1970)
Shade Virgil Edward (Dr.) Virgil Edward Shade (Dr.) (1959)
Shadley Lydia (Wood) Cobb Lydia (Wood) Cobb Shadley (1916)
Shady Martin Wayne Martin Wayne Shady (2007)
Shaeffer B. B. Shaeffer (1891)
Shafar Louise (Alexander) Louise Shafar (1993)
Shafer Charles Maxon Charles Maxon Shafer (2008)
Shafer Henry Henry Shafer (1891)
Shafer John Ignitius John Ignitius Shafer (1934)
Shafer Julia Julia Shafer (1951)
Shafer Katie (Powers) Katie (Powers) Shafer (1954)
Shafer Mary Susanna "Annie" (McCaughan) Bell Mary Susanna "Annie" (McCaughan) Bell Shafer (1924)
Shafer Ruth Evelyn (Best) Ruth Best Shafer (2003)
Shafer Wilbur Wilbur Shafer (1957)
Shafer Wilbur Lynn Wilbur Lynn Shafer (1998)
Shaffer Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Shaffer (1937)
Shaffer Bert Bert Shaffer (1930)
Shaffer Carl Everett Carl Everett Shaffer (1973)
Shaffer Catherine (Chamberlain) Wray Egy Catherine (Chamberlain) Shaffer (1974)
Shaffer Clarence Clarence Shaffer (1892)
Shaffer Clyde C. Clyde C. Shaffer (1961)
Shaffer Edith Elida (Wray) Edith Elida (Wray) Shaffer (1923)
Shaffer Effie Effie Shaffer (1895)
Shaffer Emily E. (White) Emily E. (White) Shaffer (1954)
Shaffer Imo Dell (Kramer) Imo Dell Kramer Shaffer (1985)
Shaffer Infant son of Bert D. Infant Son of Bert Shaffer (1905)
Shaffer Margaret Ann (Cowden) Margaret Ann (Cowden) Shaffer (1941)
Shaffer Nancy Nancy Shaffer (1970)
Shaffer Ron Ron Shaffer (2009)
Shaffer Sarah Sarah Shaffer (1904)

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