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McClure Charlie Martin Charlie Martin McClure (1967)
McClure Dorothy Irene (Armstrong) Campbell Dorothy Irene (Armstrong) Campbell McClure (1996)
McClure Edward Everett Edward Everett McClure (1940)
McClure Frances E. (Armstrong) Frances Armstrong McClure (2000)
McClure Harley Harley McClure (1960)
McClure Jemima Myrtle (Paisley) Jemima Myrtle (Paisley) McClure (1966)
McClure John Franklin John Franklin McClure (1969)
McClure John Robert Vanatta John Robert Vanatta McClure (1934)
McClure Mary A. Mary A. McClure (1884)
McClure Nelle (Breeding) Nelle Breeding McClure (1989)
McClure Nellie (Jones) Nellie (Jones) McClure (1953)
McClure Royal Alfred, Dr. Dr. Royal Alfred McClure (1928)
McClure Ralph Leo Ralph Leo McClure (1983)
McClure Roxie Merle (Johnston) Roxie Merle (Johnston) McClure (1957)
McClure Sarah Catherine Sarah Catherine McClure (1939)
McClure Virgie Florence (Crawford) Virgie Florence (Crawford) McClure (1985)
McClure William Paisley William Paisley McClure (1981)
McClure Wilma Clarissa (Walker) Wilma Walker McClure (1984)
McClurg Charles A. Charles A. McClurg (1939)
McClurg Ethel M. (Hartman) Ethel Hartman McClurg (1967)
McClurg Ila Maxine (Bricker) Ila Maxine (Bricker) McClurg (2007)
McClurg John L. John L. McClurg (1970)
McClurg Robert Robert McClurg (1997)
McClurg Robert L. Robert L. McClurg (2002)
McClurg Robert O. Robert O. McClurg (1948)
McClurkin Sarah Opal (Cason) Sarah Opal (Cason) McClurkin (1982)
McCollom Ardella Irene (Hope) Ardella Hope McCollom (1998)
McCollum John L. John L. McCollum (1922)
McCullough Dale Dale McCullough (2013)
McCollough James James McCollough (1928)
McCollough Nettie Louisa (Ayers) Nettie Louisa (Ayers) McCollough (1918)
McCollum Curtis B. Curtis B. McCollum (1941)
McCollum Earl Earl McCollum (1935)
McCollum Ellen (Thompson) Ellen Thompson McCollum (1927)
McCollum James M. James M. McCollum (1938)
McCollum Jane (Smith) Jane (Smith) McCollum (1922)
McCollum Mary Pauline (Cooper) Mary Cooper McCollum (1966)
McComas Beulah Viola (Howe) Beulah Viola (Howe) McComas (1990)
McComb Clara E. (Reed) Clara E. (Reed) McComb (1886)
McComb Corydon I. Corydon I. McComb (1923)
McComb Emily (Ellsworth) Emily (Ellsworth) McComb (1918)
McComb Lynn I. Lynn I. McComb (1959)
McCombie Harry E. Harry E. McCombie (1965)
McCombie Hattie Hattie McCombie (1941)
McCombie John Marshall John Marshall McCombie (1925)
McCombs Harriet A. (Miller) Harriet A. (Miller) McCombs (1901)
McCombs Harry D. Harry D. McCombs (1941)
McCombs Hugh D. Hugh D. McCombs (1893)
McConkey Margaret Eleanor "Boe" (Murphy) Margaret Eleanor "Boe" (Murphy) McConkey (2013)
McConkey Mariah M. Mariah M. McConkey (1885)
McConkey Sarah Jane (Tisdale) Sarah Jane (Tisdale) McConkey (1907)
McConkey Sophia Elisabeth Sophia Elisabeth McConkey (1883)
McConkey William William McConkey (1892)
McConnelee Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson McConnelee (1912)
McConnelee Archibald Archibald McConnelee (1925)
McConnelee James James McConnelee (1901)
McConnelee Daniel Daniel McConnellee (1916)
McConnelee Harriet C. Harriet C. McConnelee (1919)
McConnelee Martha May Martha May McConnelee (1877)
McConnelee Mary (Cameron) Mary (Cameron) McConnelee (2008)
McConnelee Mildred H. (Anderson) Mildred Anderson McConnelee (1993)
McConnelee Nancy Nancy McConnelee (1915)
McConnelee Raymond "Eddie" Raymond "Eddie" McConnelee (2004)
McConnelee Raymond E. Raymond E. McConnelee (1988)
McConnelee Richard J. Richard J . McConnelee (2004)
McConnelee Sarah J. Sarah J. McConnelee (1911)
McConnelee Sarah J. (Potter) Sarah J. (Potter) McConnelee (1936)
McConnellee William William McConnellee (1880)
McConnell Maxine E. (Schulz) Maxine Schulz McConnell (1987)
McCorkle Ada (Easter) Ada Easter McCorkle (1964)
McCorkle Edith Isabel (Benjamin) Edith Isabel (Benjamin) McCorkle (1966)
McCorkle Edward Lindsay Edward Lindsay McCorkle (1935)
McCorkle George Elmer George Elmer McCorkle (1975)
McCorkle Geraldine Maxine (Myers) Osborn Geraldine Myers Osborn McCorkle (2003)
McCorkle Jane Ellen (Thomson) Jane Thomson McCorkle (1946)
McCorkle Joanna (McKemson) Joanna (McKemson) McCorkle (1888)
McCorkle Kenneth Kenneth McCorkle (2002)
McCorkle Lloyd E. Lloyd E. McCorkle (1960)
McCorkle Louvisa (Skinner) Louvisa (Skinner) McCorkle (1929)
McCorkle Merritt Heber Merritt Heber McCorkle (1935)
McCorkle Virgie Leone (Seevers) Virgie Leone (Seevers) McCorkle (1970)
McCorkle Walter Andrew Walter Andrew McCorkle (1967)
McCorkle Walter Edward Walter Edward McCorkle (1999)
McCormick Lois M. (Baker) Lois M. (Baker) McCormick (1954)
McCourty Peter S. Peter S. McCourty (1909)
McCown Mary C. (Harrell) Mary C. (Harrell) McCown (1947)
McCown Sam Sam McCown (1947)

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