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08/30/2020 Added wedding for Rex Mayhew and Bernice Kimm
Added wedding for Paul Neuzil and Adah Goss
Added wedding for Albert Mecklenburg and Margaret Kern
Added wedding for Richard Faneard Miner and Myrtle Swecker
Added wedding for Earl Brown and Grace Vooheis
Added wedding for Dow Burrell and Vina Myres
Added wedding for August Hilmer and Anna Witt
Added wedding for Cornelius Fox and Goldie Rice
Added wedding for August Claussen and Clara Severin
Added 50th anniversary for Richard Pickart and Mary Ann Schulte
Added 25th anniversary for Mathias Pickart and Rose Erger
08/17/2020 Added to obituary for Ephriam D. Heck
Added obituary for Emma May Mayhew
Added obituary for Minnie Charlotte Uthoff
Added obituary for Sylvester Potter
Added obituary for Leoda Spragle
Added obituary for Ann Jackson
Added obituary for Peter Heldt
Added to obituary for Annie Margarette Howland
Added obituary for George Webb
Added obituary for Marion Bennett
Added obituary for Elizabeth Pruett
Added obituary for Margaret Hansell
Added obituary for Bridget A. Duncalf
Added obituary for Charles Thorman
08/15/2020 Added wedding for Walter Nieland and Margaret Sturtevant
Added wedding for Pleasant Mulvaney and Guila Dickinson
Added wedding for Harvey Schultz and Edna Siek
Added wedding for William Almendinger and Florence Schroeder
Added wedding for Charles Dalzell and Fannie Dalzell
Added wedding for George Kelly and Gertrude Purcell
Added wedding for Frank Beyner and Inez Tanner
Added wedding for Leutgert Rheinhardt and Maude Green
Added wedding for Alfred Miner and Helen Snow
08/14/2020 Added to obituary for Jeremiah Lewis Marlow
Added obituary for Etta Marlow
Added obituary for William Wood
Added obituary for Katharine Lehner
Added obituary for Henry Lilgy
Added obituary for Dennis Lahamm
Added obituary for Lyman Hawley Starks
06/17/2020 Added wedding for Robert Wodstrchill and Arlene Erger
Added to obituary for Dorothy Mae Krsek
Added obituary for Anna Becker
Added list of G. A. R. burials as of May 1920
06/17/2020 Added 25th anniversary for Joseph Thoman and Elizabeth Gessner
Added wedding for Franklin Boddicker and Irene Simoens
Added wedding for Harold Meredith and Esther Martin
Added 50th anniversary for Vincent Thoman and Anna Meier
Added to obituary for Mary Anna Trojovsky
Added obituary for John Henry Pickart
Added obituary for William Dermont
06/17/2020 Added wedding for Alphonse Rammelsberg and Mary Armstrong
Added wedding for Samuel Blough and Lillie Buck
Added wedding for Joseph Ankeny and Pearl Barker
Added wedding for William Ellsworth and Eva Edwards
Added wedding for James Spicher and Cora McKeen
Added wedding for Dayton Marlow and Emma Taylor
Added wedding for James Nichols and Corrine Arnold
Added wedding for Charles Eckman and Maude Howe
Added wedding for John Overturf and Emily Weise
Added wedding for Eldo Voss and Viola Schulte
Added to obituary for Judson A. Twogood
Added obituary for William F. Horwedel
06/12/2020 Added wedding for Charles Ullom and Anna Lockwood
Added wedding for George Griffin and Anna Cagley
Added wedding for Charles Fry and Ruth Sanders
Added wedding for William Gillam and Mary Large
Added wedding for August Sasse and Clara Epperson
Added wedding for Julius Crane and Beryl Miller
Added wedding for Albert Jones and Emma Ludden
Added wedding for Harry Oppelt and Annette Krueger
Added wedding for George Hornsein and Manday Hanson
Added wedding for Roy Davis and Myrtle Bearbower
Added wedding for George McKee and Blanche Rucker
Added wedding for Samuel Foot and Lottie McCormack
Added wedding for Johnathan Cokley and Melvina Cokley
Added wedding for Frank Barkdall and Bertha Wilson
Added wedding for Clarence Knapp and Carrie Swartzbaugh
Added wedding for Charles Ennis and Elizabeth Kroh
06/11/2020 Added St. Martins church baptism records for 1908 to 1913
06/08/2020 Added to obituary for Virginia Clara Thoman
Added obituary for George Briggle
Added obituary for John Lincoln
Added obituary for Blanche Irene Lewis
Added obituary for Cornelius Lewis Courtwright
Added obituary for Anna Elizabeth Taylor
Added obituary for Charles Shipman
Added obituary for Richard John Boddicker
Added obituary for Sarah Thompkins
Added obituary for David Debrah
Added obituary for Pyous Johnson
06/06/2020 Added items to Odds and Ends page
06/05/2020 Added to obituary for Victor Brockschink
Added obituary for Joseph Boddicker
Added wedding for Frank Maher and Wilma Erger
Added wedding for Paul Smith and Angela Schulte
Updated list of Historic Place Names
05/28/2020 Added to obituary for Anna Frimml
Added obituary for Lena Deklotz
Added wedding for Harold Thoman and Hazel Stark
Added 50th anniversary for Henry Thomas and Mary Fahnle
Added 55th anniversary for John Weichman and Mary Davis
Added 50th anniversary for Augustus Kimm and Caroline Schneider
Added 25th anniversary for Arthur Pickart and Ida Sevening
05/20/2020 Added to obituary for Henry Haines
Added obituary for Mary Brewer
Added obituary for John Lewis Brecht
Added obituary for Anna Thoman
Added obituary for Helen J. Brecht
Added obituary for Henry Thomas
Added wedding for John Haines and Minnie Sanderson
Added wedding for Wallis Kimm and LaVerne Brecht
05/19/2020 Added picture of Louis D. Noe
Added picture of Louis D. and Margaret Noe on 50th anniversary
Added picture of Louis D. Noe's daughters
Added picture of Elmer Culp and family
Added picture of Elmer Culp on his farm
Added picture of Elmer Culp
Added picture of Dean Culp
Added picture of Joseph and Lovella Culp
Added picture of Joseph and Julia Culp family
Added picture of Betty Culp Olsen
05/14/2020 Added wedding for Oliver Macy and Lillian Wengert
Added wedding for George Kirk and Mary Stocker
Added wedding for Lewis Furry and Annie Kilpatrick
Added wedding for Hiram Haines and Elma Bigley
Added wedding for Thoams Strattem and Maggie Crellar
Added wedding for Robert Sheets and Tava Guinn
Added wedding for George Tangeman and Carrie Barney
Added wedding for Charles Tatge and Annie May
Added wedding for Andrew Ruhl and Nora Roberts
Added wedding for Roy Ealy and Lulu Blinkensop
Added wedding for Edward Sonka and Vera Brecht
Added 50th wedding anniversary for Mathia Maag and Matilda Mossman
Added obituary for Sylvenia Unger
Added obituary for Joseph Meier
05/13/2020 Added picture of President Harding's funeral train
Added picture of Garrison depot
Added picture of Keystone St. John's Lutheran Church
Added picture of Luzernce street scene
Added picture of Norway street scene
Added picture of Van Horne first high school
Added picture of Van Horne first and second grade
05/12/2020 Added to obituary for Christopher Beeh
Added obituary for Louisa Boody
Added obituary for John Martin Shaull
Added obituary for William M. Schulte
Added obituary for Ida Schloeman
Added obituary for Charles Trojvosky
Added obituary for Mary Boddicker Schulte
Added obituary for Neal Yocum / Yocom
Added obituary for Giles Lahue
Added obituary for Benjamin Kendall
Added obituary for Frank Kratoska
05/11/2020 Added wedding for Arthur Brady and Mary Winslow
Added wedding for John Rhoads and Agnes Hildenbrand
Added wedding for Henry Kreiger and Hattie Cook
Added wedding for Henry Simpson and Catherine Fannan
Added wedding for Charles Reigard and Fannie Lewis
Added wedding for Spencer Blaker and Minnie Parker
Added wedding for Andrew Conn and Edith Russell
Added wedding for Henry Lorenz and Lucy Fanske
Added wedding for Martin Benda and Anna Macha
Added wedding for John Blahavietz and Mary Risser
Added wedding for Theodore DeBower and Lillian Munsell
Added 36th anniversary article for Hiram Hardy and Martha Brown
05/10/2020 Added more Benton County related images from David Shedlock postcard collection
05/09/2020 Added wedding for Frank Sherger and Minnie Rieke
Added wedding for George Craft and Mattie Nichols
Added wedding for Charles Miller and Laurella Herring
Added wedding for Mike Farrel and Mary Nolan
Added wedding for H. Willis Helm and Emma Applegate
Added wedding for Herbert Buffington and Jennie Woodward
Added wedding for F. Nelson Johnson and D. C. Louisa Wagner
Added wedding for Charles Hartung and Bertha Bassett
Added wedding for George Asher and Cordelia McMannis
Added wedding for David McCune and Ida Baird
Added wedding for Martin Moore and Ella Marlow
Added wedding for Martin Stein and Mary Mattheissen
Added wedding for Joseph Trout and Mary Spangler
Added wedding for John Smith and Eva Cook
Added wedding for Thomas Yocom and Annie Koop
Added wedding for Frank Sankot and Annie Shuster
Added wedding for Daniel Boody and Anna Theile
Added wedding for John Buck and Jennie Kelly
Added wedding for Charles Lewis and Deborah Sheedy
Added wedding for James Crawford and Maggie Henry
Added wedding for Joel Long and Susie Parry
Added wedding for James Viles and Essa Stewart
Added wedding for Lewis Swaford and Julia Strong
Added wedding for Joseph Asgus and May Behle
Added wedding for Edward Winsor and Ocella Cotterell
05/08/2020 Added to obituary for Gertrude Maag
Added obituary for Erma Hortsman
Added obituary for James Harrington
Added obituary for Joseph Erger
Added obituary for Mary Erger
Added obituary for John Siepman
Added obituary for Lena Sevening
Added obituary for Joseph Boddicker
Added obituary for Mary Frantz
Added obituary for Ethel VanDike
Added obituary for Mary Kroh
Added obituary for Mary Etta Whitwood
Added obituary for George Waller
Added obituary for Frederick Oliver
Added obituary for Betsey Weatherby
05/01/2020 Added wedding for Charles Frazier and Elsie Walters
Added wedding for Arthur Nie and Dorothy Kimm
Added wedding for Lunier Skvor and Lillian Emanuel
05/01/2020 Added picture of 1906 Van Horne High School students
Added Schools /Education section to main menu
05/01/2020 Added wedding for Edwin Dulin and May VanDyke
Added wedding for Clarence Edwards and Ida Lowe
Added wedding for James Lewis and Phebe Hastings
Added wedding for Frank Stewart and Elizabeth Perry
Added wedding for John Shaffer and Annie Meir
Added wedding for Simon Niermeyer and Elizabeth Rice
Added wedding for Walter Vernon and Helen Traer
Added wedding for George Penfield and Carrie Traer
Added wedding for Perry Wood and Elizabeth Oppelt
Added wedding for Douglass Lawrence and Alice Baum
Added wedding for William Sanders and Eva Houck
Added wedding for Charles Rice and Tina Shaffer
04/30/2020 Added to obituary for William Corbett
Added obituary for Nicholas Emanuel
Added obituary for George Frese
Added obituary for Mary Ann Gessner
Added obituary for Sarah Crow
Added obituary for Amariah Allen
Added obituary for Nancy Gieskieng
04/27/2020 Added 1911 pamplet for Big Grove School no. 9
04/25/2020 Added obituary for Keith Bader
Added obituary for John Pickart
Added obituary for Leo Brecht
Added obituary for Ida Wallace
Added obituary for William Corbett
Added obituary for Ira Gilbert
04/17/2020 Added wedding for Eli Pavey and Velona Ridenour
Added wedding for Albert Bickal and Daisy Patten
Added wedding for Edward Knaack and Mary Neinaber
Added wedding for Orra Dingman and Elizabeth Nichols
Added wedding for Robert Durand and Ada Jameson
Added wedding for William Riley and Ella Simmons
Added wedding for Aron Osborn and Nettie Hefling
Added wedding for David Hurd and Laura Robeson
Added wedding for George Jameson and Mattie Gilchrist
04/14/2020 Added obituary for Ezra Bigelow
Added obituary for Ellen Dailey
Added obituary for Mary Boyle
Added obituary for Charles Coburn
Added obituary for Josie May Bridge
Added obituary for Christina Rich
Added obituary for Sara Jane Thatcher
Added obituary for Mary Elizabeth Shreeves
Added obituary for Lawrence Becker, Sr.
Added obituary for Napoleon Pryor
Added obituary for Edward Carrier
Added obituary for William Forsysthe
04/13/2020 Added list of those with incomes over $1000 in 1868
Added items to Odds and Ends page
04/11/2020 Added wedding for William Lord and Sarah Henry
Added wedding for Glen Holden and Laura Warner
Added wedding for Rudolph Kimm and Bessie Steffa
Added wedding for Harry Pearson and Orpha Stewart
Added wedding for Lawrence Brecht and Mary Becker
Added wedding for Ota Hobson and Goldie Yerkes
Added wedding for George Moody and Anna Wright
Added wedding for Charles Oppelt and Laura Pepple
Added wedding for Robert Prunty and Alma Smock
04/10/2020 Added Benton County names from 1878 Biographical Dictionary
04/07/2020 Added list of rural teachers for 1908
04/05/2020 Added obituary for Clarence A. Thoman
Added obituary for Clifford Pickart
Added obituary for Anna Allers
Added obituary for Albert Augustine
Added obituary for Kate Stickney
Added obituary for William Traer
Added obituary for Nadine Norwood
Added obituary for Mary Schadle
03/25/2020 Added obituary for Lillian Madeline Thoman
Added obituary for Wilbert Becker
Added obituary for Irene Zieser
Added obituary for Bruce Schulte
Added obituary for Donald J. Brecht
Added obituary for Edward Allen Becker
Added obituary for Theodore Schmitz
Added obituary for Ralph J. Schulte
Added obituary for Edward Allen Becker
03/25/2020 Added obituary for Virgil Lee Werning
Added obituary for LaVernce Gessner
Added obituary for Rinehart Frederick Brecht
01/17/2020 Added notice that the RootWebs mailing list ending on 3/2/2020
01/13/2020 Added wedding for John King and Electa Messman
Added wedding for John Inler and Etta Barker
Added wedding for Richard Geideke and Doretta Bach
Added wedding for Ralph Heck and Louise Hils
01/13/2020 Added Keystone Sr. class of 1938 publication

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