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11/14/2016 Added obituary for Eleanor Herron
10/14/2016 Added obituary for Katherine Wiese
Added obituary for Pete Wiese
10/5/2016 Added GAR Member list for Norway's Eugene Springer Post
Added GAR Member list for Van Horne's Van Meter Post
10/4/2016 Added section for Benton County GAR Member lists
Added GAR Member list for Blairstown's Jacob Nauman Post
9/27/2016 Added 1891 baptism records for St Martin's church
6/22/2016 Updated BCHS hours
4/26/2016 Added obituary for Louisa Minott
3/20/2016 Added 1884-1890 baptism records for St Martin's church
3/16/2016 Added obituary for Bertha Wichman
Added obituary for Harrison Conner
Added obituary for Isabelle Rice
Added obituary for Caroline Krueger
Added obituary for Melvin Mae Walton
3/15/2016 Added picture of Luzerne grain elevator
2/18/2016 Added wedding for Theodore Olson and Bessie Brewer
Added wedding for Victor Holst and Edna Smetzer
Added wedding for Will Fore and Emma Henkel
Added wedding for Bey Mease and Alice Haines
Added wedding for Carl Christensen and Hazel Shuck

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