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If you don't find what you are searching for, try the  "advanced search"  link generated by FreeFind. It will be located near the top of your search results page. Click on the link to view the advanced search box. For an explaination of the options, click on a question mark image.

By default the search engine tries to locate pages which have exact matches for all of the words entered in your search query. If that fails, it then tries to locate pages which contain any words in your search query. If that happens a short message is displayed at the top of the search results indicating this has been done.

In addition, there are several ways to modify the default search behavior.
  1.  phrase search 
      The search engine supports three types of phrase search.
    • To match an exact phrase, use quotes around the phrase
      • Example 1:  "John Doe
        Example 2:  "Doe, John
    • To match a near (within a couple of words) phrase, use square brackets   [around the words
      • Example:  [John Doe]
    • To match a far (within several words) phrase, use braces  {around the words
      • Example:  {Keystone cemetery}
  2.  +  (plus) and  -  (minus) qualifiers
    • If you prepend a word with  +  that word is required to be on the page.
    • If you prepend a word with  -  that word is required to NOT be on the page.
      • Example:  +Doe -Moses
  3.  *  (asterisk) wildcard
    • If a query word ends with a  *  all words on a page which start the same way as that query word will match.
      • Example:  John*
      • Search results will include Johnathon, Johnson & other variations beginning with John.
  4.  ?  (question mark) wildcard
    • If a query word contains a  ?  any character will match that position.
      • Example:  b?g
  5.  boolean search 
    • You can use the following boolean operators in your search:  AND, OR, NOT.
    • These operators MUST be in capital letters.
      • Example:  (contact AND us) OR (about AND us)

All of these techniques can be combined:  +alway* -ne??r*

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