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11/05/2013 Updated BCHS page to say the Horridge House is back open for research
10/07/2013 Added obituary for Patrick Kelly
Added obituary for Josephine Tumilty
Added picture of Charles and Ruth Williams
Added picture of Emma, William and Albert Subra
Added 10 pictures of persons of unidentified persons from Vinton
9/21/2013 Added newspaper story about a union rally
Added death certificate index for 1936
9/20/2013 Added register of deaths for 1897-1908
Added item to Odds and Ends
9/13/2013 Added to user contributed marriages
Added to user contributed deaths
Added obituary for Stephen B. Hewes
Added death notice for Samuel Ditch
Added death notice for Alfred Hevener
Added obit for David Anderson
Added obit for Levi S. Keagle
Added wedding of John Lizer and Susan Allen
Added wedding of William Dotey and Lucretia Robbins
Added wedding of Robert Wilson and Henrietta Caldwell
Added wedding of William Meeker and Clara Brown
8/24/2013 Added new page for transcribed wills
Added will for Martha Kirk
Added will for Frank Chess
8/23/2013 Added obituary for John J. Scollon
Added obituary for Leah Funk
8/13/2013 Updated Benton County Historical Society web page
Added link to BCHS digitized newspapers
7/16/2013 Added user submitted bio for Crouch family
5/21/2013 Added obituary for Lillian McCandless
Updated user contributed deaths
5/21/2013 Added obituary for Christine Soukup
Added obituary for Anna Patton
4/15/2013 Added complete listing for Irving Cemetery
3/26/2013 Added obituary for Rev. Marion Hazen
Added obituary for Blanche Bergen
Added obituary for Mary J. Fink
Added obituary for Henry Soden
Added obituary for Frederick Roll
Added obituary for Harriet Smith
Added obituary for Sarah Steffenson
Added obituary for Arthur Steffenson
Added obituary for Clara Steffenson
Added obituary for Karen Sophia Kolsto
Added obituary for Ivor C. Kilsto
3/6/2013 Added obituary for Albertina Meyers
Added obituary for Austin Kleppe
Added obituary for Berthine Kleppe
2/22/2013 Added picture of Tilford Academy in Vinton
Added 3 pictures of persons of unidentified persons from Vinton
Added 3 pictures of unidentified woman wearing beads
2/4/2013 Added obituary for John M. Inman
Added obituary for Eva Winegarden
1/29/2013 Added obituary for Robert Hamilton
Added obituary for William F. Potter
Added wedding of Frank Forsythe and Lizzie Ackley
Added wedding of David Billig and Louise Gibbons
1/28/2013 Added obituary for Isaac LaRue
Added obituary for Philip Greaser
Added obituary for Vernie Landgrebe
Added obituary for Mrs. William Smith
Added obituary for Elizabeth Heinman
1/5/2013 Added complete listing for Holy Cross Cemetery

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