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Crouch Family
George Caleb Crouch and Percilla Wells-Crouch their story:

I write this from the memories, documents of my Mother (Grace Alice Wear-Guthrie) her Grandmother (Eliza Alice Nelson-Wear and her Great Grandmother (Eliza Crouch-Nelson) who was the daughter of Percilla Wells and George Cable Crouch.

George Caleb Crouch and Percilla Wells-Crouch married and had their children in England. There were six boys and one girl. John, Thomas, Francis, George, Caleb, Alfred and Eliza Crouch-Nelson.

George and Percilla came to Canada in or about 1848/51 with their children and a few daughter-in-laws. There is a land purchase record for George in 1848 so it is possible that they could have been here before that date. 1851 is Canada's first year for processing a census and they were all on that census.

Most of their children came down to Iowa, USA in about 1860. Only one boy, Francis stayed in Canada. George and Percilla were on 1861 Canada census records along with their daughter Eliza and her husband Henry Nelson. George Caleb Crouch died in Canada in 1864 before Percilla came to the US. It is possible he was buried in a family plot on the family farm. I have not found any death records for him in Canada.

Percilla came to Iowa USA to live and stay with her children that have already moved from Canada, to Iowa, USA. She show up on the 1870 US census records. I am still working on the census records to make sure which children were here in the US before Percilla. See census records later in this paper.

Percilla's daughter Eliza Crouch-Nelson and husband Henry Nelson came down in about 1887, bringing one small child Victoria. Some of their children were either already in Iowa or they soon followed. One was my Great Grandmother, Eliza Alice Nelson-Wear. She went by Alice because she had a younger sister with the same first name. Her sister went by Ann. Eliza and Henry had 14 children, 6 boys, 8 girls. Seven children came to the US they were Mary Percilla, Elizabeth Jane, Eliza Alice, Eliza Ann, Emanuel Francis, Rosetta, and Maria Victoria. Five passed in Canada, as young adults or small children. Baby Nelson (boy) died on day of birth, Edwin twin to Eliza Ann died when 19 days old. John Thomas died when 36 yrs old, Fannie Louisa died in 1884 at age of 2 yrs, Jaminia Isabelle died in 1882, age 8yrs. Two sons, stayed in Canada and had their families. They were George Caleb Nelson and James Henry Nelson.

Eliza Alice Nelson-Wear and her Mother Eliza Crouch-Nelson put together a paper family tree which I have used to create this tree. I have family pictures and keepsakes. Some records come from ancestry, but most came from my Great grandmother and my Mother. My Mother Grace Alice Wear, was raised by her Grandmother Eliza Alice Nelson-Wear, that is how I acquired the paper tree, pictures and all of my keepsakes.

I am in contact with four family's in Canada, that are related to the sons of Eliza and Henry Nelsons, and to the son of Percilla and George Caleb Crouch.

Census Records for Canada and the USA

Looking at all the Census records for Canada and the U.S. , this is how I believe it played out with the family members immigration to the U.S. and from Iowa to other States.

In the 1860 all are on different U.S. Iowa census: Alfred Crouch; John Crouch and wife Jane; Thomas Crouch; George Crouch and wife Jane Bowers; young Caleb (Cabb) Crouch who volunteered for the Civil War in 1861.

1870 on one U.S. Iowa census: Percilla Wells-Crouch was here.

Percilla's daughter Eliza Alice Crouch-Nelson and her husband Henry Nelson came to Iowa in 1887. They show up on a U.S. Iowa census for 1900.

They still were on a Canada census for 1881, but on young daughter died in 1884 in Canada, so they were still in Canada in 1884.

Eliza and Henry Nelson's daughter Eliza Alice Nelson-Wear came to Iowa in 1887, she shows on one 1900 Iowa census single, and shows married on one 1900 Kansas census. I have the Bible pages for this marriage. After having a home and two children she and her husband William Fillmore Wear moved to California. This was in 1905. Children were Robert Fillmore Wear/Weir (my grandfather) and Eliza Pearl Wear.

George Crouch (son of George and Percilla) and his wife Jane Bowers show in the Iowa census for 1860,1870; in the Missouri census for 1880; then in the California in San Diego for 1900 census. Mary Percilla Nelson-Patton daughter of (Eliza and Henry Nelson) shows in the Iowa census for 1900 then in the California 1920 census.

Eliza Ann Nelson daughter of (Eliza and Henry Nelson) shows in the for 1881 Canada census. then in the Iowa census for 1900, 1910. California census for 1920 and 1940.

Emanuel Francis show on 1881 Canada census; Iowa census 1900, 1910 and 1940. He was married and had three or four children. His wife passed one month after his son Myron was born from unknown circumstances. His sister Eliza Ann Nelson and cousin Willis Crouch took and raised Myron as their own in California.

I have to update Their Story.

What I wrote was true to me.

I have been given new information of additional children for George and Percilla. All died before they came to Canada. George and Percilla originally had 4 girls and seven boys. Eliza being the youngest did not have any of the children who died in England on her paper tree.

Also their is some confusion as to Percilla's maiden name. Eliza 's Crouch, Percilla's daughter has written Wells for Percilla's maiden name on her paper tree. I have found birth records for Percilla Wells born in 1796.

My new information has Camm for Percilla's maiden name. I did find a birth record for a Percilla Kamm born 1834. This birth date does not work with the 1851 Canada census record showing George and Percilla only being about 7 to 8 years difference in age.

For now until I find different records I am going with the maiden name of Wells

Written by: Sharon Guthrie - Daughter of Grace Alice Wear (Weir) Guthrie

Submitted by Sharon Jones, May 23, 2013
© Sharon Jones

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