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12/02/2006 Added 1910 History Biographies - Clime, Kerr, Griffin, Walter
11/18/2006 Added more sections to 1878 History of Benton County
11/13/2006 Added partial transcription of Luzerne Lutheran cemetery
10/30/2006 Added State Historical Society section of 1878 history
10/30/2006 Added article about Henry LaTourette
10/29/2006 Added picture of Belle Plaine from 1916
10/29/2006 Added obituaries for James Riley and Malinda Katherine Manley
10/29/2006 Added obituaries for Sarah Nancy and William Burkart
10/29/2006 Added obituary for Nellie Louisa Berry
10/29/2006 Added obituary for Arrazeta L. Krieger
10/29/2006 Updated researcher submitted deaths
10/15/2006 Added alphabetical biography list for 1878 history
10/15/2006 Added county officers and education section of 1878 history.
10/15/2006 Updated winter schedule for Historical Society hours
10/09/2006 Added to researcher contributed marriages
10/08/2006 Added 1907 picture of Belle Plaine High School
10/08/2006 Added 1911 picture of Garrison street
10/08/2006 Added 1912 picture of Newhall Main Street
10/08/2006 Added picture of unidentified people submitted by Debra (Bokholt) LaFontaine
10/08/2006 Added obituary for Addie Brown
10/08/2006 Added obituary for Lloyd and James Manley
09/26/2006 Added obituary for Otto Wagner
09/24/2006 Added 1878 history of Benton County
09/10/2006 Added town history for Vinton
09/07/2006 Added death notices index for Vinton Eagle, 1855-1880
09/07/2006 Added death records contributed by researchers
09/07/2006 Added probate notices index for Vinton Eagle, 1855-1880
09/07/2006 Complete transcription of  1917 Farmers' Directory added
09/03/2006 Added vital records section
09/03/2006 Added marriage records 1858 - 1880
09/02/2006 Transcription of 1860 census and indexing completed
08/27/2006 Added articles to Odds and Ends
08/27/2006 Added wedding article for John Wilson and Emma Inek
08/27/2006 Added obituary for John Dekalb Wilson, Sr.
08/27/2006 Added Jesse Wright, pioneer ancestor of Karen Prokop
08/06/2006 Added picture of Harry and Orpha Pearson
08/06/2006 Added various pictures of Van Horne
08/06/2006 Added 4 generation picture of Trego, Culp and DuFresne families
08/05/2006 Added Odds and Ends section
08/05/2006 Added 58th anniversary article for Edgar Tozier and Elmira Rice
08/05 2006 Added wedding article for Hiram Lanam and Bernice Hartz
08/05.2006 Added wedding article for Milford Hartz and Helen Plagmann
08/05/2006 Added wedding article for Jack Swanson and Phyllis Drake
08/05/2006 Added wedding article for Edward Rabe and Lydia Moore
08/05/2006 Added wedding article for Kent Kimm and Donna Cranston
08/05/2006 Added obituary for Marie Carson
08/05/2006 Added obituary for Stella Lunger
07/23/2006 Added obituary for Afkalene Heseenius
07/23/2006 Added obituary for Clarissa Mayhew
07/23/2006 Added obituary for Elmira Tozier
07/23/2006 Added obituary for Martin Griesy
07/23/2006 Added obituary for Mahalia Virginia Trego
07/23/2006 Added obituaries for Russell Mark Heck and Benjamin Heck
07/23/2006 Added obituaries for Francis Marion and Clarissa Anderson
07/10/2006 Added chapter index for Pioneer Recollections
07/02/2006 Added entries to St. Patrick and St. Pauls Cemetery transcription
07/02/2006 Added wedding article for Marvin Knipp and Alice Moore
07/02/2006 Added wedding article for Kenneth Goss and Dora Gould
07/02/2006 Added marriage records for Tuckers and Van Oteghams
07/01/2006 Added obituary for William Culp
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Mary Conklin
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Flora Goss
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Morine Van Steenhuyse
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Leo Kimm
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Thomas Wiley Moore
07/01/2006 Added obituary for Patricia Ann Schulte
05/28/2006 Added transcriptions for 1860 census - Polk and Benton townships
05/28/2006 Added wedding article for John Hagan and Margaret Hoyt
05/28/2006 Added obituaries for Loren and Christina Ohlen
05/28/2006 Added obituary for Glenn Parr
05/28/2006 Added obituary for Hugo Arp
05/28/2006 Added obituary for Ervin Schmuecker
05/28/2006 Added link to Iowa Ghost Towns for Benton County
05/28/2006 Added links to biographies for M. C. Osborn and Seaman Knapp
05/28/2006 Added pioneer ancestor of Judy Frerichs
05/28/2006 Added name index for Civil War records
04/22/2006 Added partial transcription of 1878 History of Benton County
04/22/2006 Added town history for Belle Plaine
04/22/2006 Added obituary for Jeremiah Dufresne
04/16/2006 Added 1878 map of Benton county
04/16/2006 Added user submitted history of Welton - Whitcomb family
04/16/2006 Added obituary for John Richard Schulte
04/16/2006 Added obituary for William Newton
04/16/2006 Added obituary for Mary See
04/10/2006 Added town histories for Benton, Benton City, Marysville, Mount Auburn
04/10/2006 Added town histories for Norway - Florence, Shellsburg
04/01/2006 Added obituary for Edward Knuth
04/01/2006 Added obituary for Ellen Wilson
04/01/2006 Added obituary for Alice Donley
04/01/2006 Added obituary for Elva Wilde
03/25/2006 Added information for David and Sarah Coats descendents Family Renunion
03/25/2006 Added 50th anniversary article for Henry and Mary Hannemann
03/25/2006 Added obituary for Mary Hannemann
03/25/2006 Added obituary for Mae Elizabeth Hanneman
03/25/2006 Added obituary for Raymond Hanneman
03/25/2006 Added obituary for Tom Lynch
03/25/2006 Added obituary for Wealthy Lusk
03/19/2006 Added picture of 1897 Blairstown graduating class.
03/18/2006 Added obituary for Elizabeth Schulte
03/18/2006 Added picture of Charles D. Smith
03/18/2006 Added picture of Mary Ann Cooper
03/11/2006 Added picture of Norway threshers
03/11/2006 Added picture of William and Henry Kimm
03/11/2006 Added picture of Blairstown 1930 basketball team
03/11/2006 Added picture of Blairstown 1930 seniors
03/11/2006 Added obituary for Jane Janette Smith
03/04/2006 Added information on King / Shuck reunion
02/26/2006 Added picture of Charles Smith
02/26/2006 Added picture of Jane Janette Smith
02/26/2006 Added picture of Mamie Rosemary Smith
02/26/2006 Added picture of Benjamin Franklin Smith
02/26/2006 Added Henry Thede calling card
02/25/2006 Added marriage entry for Frank Smith and Anna Kimm
02/15/2006 Added picture of Blairstown main street
02/12/2006 Added transcription of July - October, 1880 birth records
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Bessie Tupper
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Charles Fagan
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Luella Albert
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Roy Norris
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Henry Ohlen
02/11/2006 Added Jenny Augusta Stammer baptismal certificate
02/11/2006 Added new section with pictures of documents
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Ed Bruce
02/11/2006 Added obituary for Dudley Moore
02/11/2006 Added obituary for James Freeman
02/11/2006 Added wedding article for Hoyt Carrier and Milly Jane Kimm
02/11/2006 Added picture of Silas Kimm farm
02/11/2006 Added picture of Silas Kimm's daughters
02/11/2006 Added picture of Silas and Katharina Kimm
02/11/2006 Added picture of Katharina Kimm
02/10/2006 Added obituary for James Athey
02/10/2006 Added obituary for Ray Pritchett
02/10/2006 Added obituary for Laura Ann Meyer
02/08/2006 Added obituary for Andrew Grey
02/08/2006 Added obituary for Terry Ann Hiatt
02/08/2006 Added obituary for Jimmie "Jake" Mcneal
02/08/2006 Added obituary for John Happel
02/08/2006 Added obituary for David Berger
02/08/2006 Added obituary for Marlyn Kuester
02/05/2006 Added picture of Oldhams, Melbergs and Plagmans
02/05/2006 Added picture of people at a Norway farm in 1912
01/29/2006 Added picture of church picnic in 1910
01/29/2006 Added Isaac and Thomas McBroom to list of pioneers
01/29/2006 Added biography of Mary Louise Kuester
01/29/2006 Added biography of Jacob Nell
01/15/2006 Added obituaries for Emma, Sarah, John, Sadie and Hiram Haines
01/15/2006 Added obituary for Bessie Alice Challed
01/15/2006 Added obituary for Mary Ellen Cluett
01/15/2006 Added obituary for Sarah Jane Clewitt
01/13/2006 Added 50th Wedding anniversary article for William and Mary Rosburg
01/10/2006 Added biography of Wilhelm Rosburg
01/10/2006 Added picture of John Stammer family
01/08/2006 Added picture of Samuel Gideon Frantz family
01/08/2006 Added picture of Wilhelm Rosburg daughters
01/08/2006 Added picture of Carl and Ella Rosburg
01/08/2006 Added picture of Carl and Ella Rosburg and family
01/06/2006 Added picture of Belle Plaine
01/06/2006 Added picture looking west on Main Street in Belle Plaine
01/06/2006 Added picture of south Main Street in Belle Plaine
01/06/2006 Added picture of Belle Plaine's Reliance Brick Works
01/06/2006 Added picture of Peter and William Bokholt and friends
01/06/2006 Added picture of William and Mary Rosburg
01/06/2006 Added picture of Carl and William Rosburg
01/03/2006 Added picture of Buckeye School
01/02/2006 Added link to Penny Postcard pictures of Benton County
01/02/2006 Added biography of  Jim Meyer
01/02/2006 Added biography of Signor Erland
01/02/2006 Added biograhy of Heinrich (Henry) Sparrenberger
01/02/2006 Added article about smallpox in Newhall
01/02/2006 Added article about Newhall fire and Erland Harness Shop
01/02/2006 Added picture of Margaret Erland
01/02/2006 Split 2002 - 2005  updates to separate page

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