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12/11/2005 Added obituary for Delbert Ward
12/11/2005 Added picture of Oscar Erland
12/11/2005 Added picture of Erland brothers
11/08/2005 Added picture of Mary Auiero and John and James Barker
11/08/2005 Added picture of John, Archibald, Rule and James Barker
11/05/2005 Added 50th wedding anniversary article for John and Mary Hoyt
11/05/2005 Added obituary for David John Boddicker
11/05/2005 Added obituaries for Amy and John Thompson
11/05/2005 Added obituary for Mary Rosburg
11/05/2005 Added obituaries for Walter, Emma and Myrtle Smith
11/05/2005 Updated hours for Benton County Historical Society
10/20/2005 Added obituary for Leonard Brecht
10/20/2005 Added obituary for Jennie Newton
10/15/2005 Added partial transcription of St. Michael's Cemetery
10/09/2005 Added wedding article for Katherine Muth and Glenn Jones
10/09/2005 Added 50th Wedding anniversary for Frank Hudson and Edith Miller
10/09/2005 Added 50th Wedding anniversary for Harvey and Cora Ralston
10/09/2005 Updated version of St. Patrick / St. Paul cemetery transcription
10/02/2005 Added wedding article for George Daniels and Maude Wean
10/02/2005 Added obituary Aura L. Wean
10/02/2005 Added obituaries for David and Huldah Jones
10/02/2005 Addeed obituary for James S. DuFresne
10/02/2005 Added picture of George Hugey family
10/02/2005 Added unknown Jones-Wean picture
09/11/2005 Added obituary for Charles Hagan
09/11/2005 Added obituary for Earl Heck
09/11/2005 Added obituary for Wayne Isham
09/11/2005 Added wedding article for Harry Nelson and Dorothea Anderson
09/11/2005 Added wedding article for Earl Garr and Amanda Haines
09/11/2005 Added wedding article for Walter Curtis and Jane Schriner
09/11/2005 Added wedding article for Ralph Smith and Velma Bodenheimer
09/11/2005 Added anniversary article for Herman and Flora Back
09/11/2005 Added anniversary article for Fred and Emma Kern
09/05/2005 Added obituary for Ora Kenneth Moore
09/05/2005 Added obituary for Henry Heiden
09/05/2005 Added obituary for Reuben Sayers
09/05/2005 Added obituary for Kathryn Rieke
09/05/2005 Added obituary for Alta DeWitt
09/05/2005 Added wedding article for Porter Spicer and Myrtle Utler
08/22/2005 Added obituary for Mary Ann Lacher
08/21/2005 Added obituary for Mae Dowell
08/21/2005 Added obituary for Charlie C. Crooks
08/21/2005 Added obituary for Anna B. Yerkes
08/21/2005 Added wedding article for Spencer and Kathryn Yerkes
08/21/2005 Added wedding article for Everett and Darlene Yerkes
08/20/2005 Added obituary for Harold Stahr
08/20/2005 Added obituary for George Thomas Stauffer
08/20/2005 Added obituary for Alva M. Thompson
08/20/2005 Added obituary for John F. Boddicker
08/20/2005 Added obituary for Rhoda Jane Jordan
08/20/2005 Added obituary for William H. Anderson
08/20/2005 Added obituary for Cyrus A. Tow
08/18/2005 Added wedding of Oscar Trego and Mary Shomler
08/13/2005 Added biography for Harry C. White
08/13/2005 Added biography for Jesse Devers
08/13/2005 Added marriages
08/07/2005 Added biography for Milo E. Whipple
08/07/2005 Added biography for Henry Davis
08/07/2005 Added biography for George R. Ahrens
08/07/2005 Added biography for James Johnson
08/07/2005 Added biography for Walter Scott Palmer
08/01/2005 Added biography for Thomas McLaughlin
08/01/2005 Added biography for Henry Miller
08/01/2005 Added biography for Captain Henry M. Wilson
07/31/2005 Added biography for L. C. Knupp
07/31/2005 Added biography for Thomas Hansen
07/31/2005 Added biography for William H. Hannen
07/31/2005 Added biography for Herman D. Kroenke
07/31/2005 Added biography for J. H. Ravenscroft
07/30/2005 Added biography for William Baumgardner
07/30/2005 Added biography for James D. Shuck
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Henry Etscheidt
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Chester Towe
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Lena McNee
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Henry Hofferd
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Charles Plotz
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Elziabeth Schrader
07/29/2005 Added obituaries for Wes and Ronald John Bartosh
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Harold Otis Vig
07/29/2005 Added obituary for Lois Kimm
07/27/2005 Added obituary for Nora Grace Barker
07/27/2005 Added obituary for John Primrose
07/27/2005 Added obituary for Mary Ellen Rose
07/27/2005 Added obituary for Matilda Pease
07/27/2005 Added obituary for Gertrude Etscheidt
07/25/2005 Added picture of Richard LeRoy Price
07/24/2005 Added obituary for Ernest Montague
07/24/2005 Added obituary for Norman McNee
07/24/2005 Added obituary for Anna Brecht
07/24/2005 Added obituary for Clara Kimm
07/24/2005 Added obituary for Henry Frimml
07/24/2005 Added obituaries for Archibald, James, John and Ruel Barker
07/11/2005 Added info on Kaiser Reunion
07/11/2005 Added obituary for John Frimml
07/11/2005 Added obituary for John C. Schulte
07/11/2005 Added obituary for Ella Snow
07/11/2005 Added obituary for Minnie Haines
07/11/2005 Added picture of John Cress
07/11/2005 Added picture of  Everett Cress
07/11/2005 Added picutre of Iona (Van Fossen) Born
07/11/2005 Added picture of Agnes (Van Fossen) Hooper
07/11/2005 Added picture of Minverva (Andrews) Cress
07/11/2005 Added picture of Van Fossen home
07/11/2005 Added picture of  Roy and Iona Van Fossen
07/10/2005 Added some extracted marriages
06/13/2005 Updated entries for St. Stephen's Cemetery
06/13/2005 Added marriages
05/28/2005 Added picture of Elizabeth Freeman
05/28/2005 Added picture of George Freeman
05/28/2005 Added picture of Daniel and Sarah Rusk 60th Wedding Anniversary
05/10/2005 Added marriage record
04/13/2005 Updated Benton County Historical Society hours
04/10/2005 Added marriages
04/10/2005 Added picture of  Gus Straight
04/10/2005 Added link to personal web sites
04/10/2005 Added history of Blairstown
03/27/2005 Added obituary for Mary Pickart
03/27/2005 Added obituary for baby boy Zahrt
03/27/2005 Added marriages
03/27/2005 Added biography for Charles Merritt
03/27/2005 Added biography for George Danskin
03/27/2005 Added Cyrus Charles to Benton County Pioneers
03/13/2005 Added picture of Clark Jones
03/13/2005 Added picture of Elmer Jones
03/13/2005 Added picture of Frank Jones
03/13/2005 Added picture of  Robert Snell family
03/13/2005 Added picture of Horace and John Wean families
03/12/2005 Added obituary of John and Emma Wilson
03/09/2005 Added obituaries for Mary and Neal Thomas
03/09/2005 Added obituaries for John C. and John Chris Hoyt
03/09/2005 Added obituary for Ida Jones
03/09/2005 Added obituary for Opal Marie Abbe
03/06/2005 Added wedding article & marriage record for Charles Zahrt and Mary Kimm
03/05/2005 Added picture of Henry Ellyson
03/05/2005 Added picture of Maude Wean
03/05/2005 Added picture of Wean children
03/05/2005 Added picture of Cora Jones
03/05/2005 Added picture of David Jones
03/05/2005 Added picture of George and Ida Wean
03/05/2005 Added picture of Solomon and Martha Wean
03/05/2005 Added picture of Horace and Aura Wean
03/05/2005 Added picture of Aura Jones
02/20/2005 Added picture of 1942 Shellsburg basketball team
02/20/2005 Added picture of 1941 Shellsburg basketball team
02/20/2005 Added biography for Augustus Silas Kimm
02/13/2005 Added marriage license for Frank Smith and Anna Kimm
02/13/2005 Added picture of Christina Jacoben
02/13/2005 Added marriage records for Erlands and Bensons
02/07/2005 Added 8th Cavalry to list of Benton County Civil War units
02/07/2005 Added obituary for Leonard Kimm
02/07/2005 Added obituaries for John and Richard Merritt
02/07/2005 Added obituary for Christina Jacobsen
01/31/2005 Added wedding for Benjamin Smith and Jane Smith
01/31/2005 Added wedding for Robert Greenlee and Sandra Ward
01/31/2005 Added obituary Donald Haerther
01/23/2005 Added newspaper clipping about World War I enlistments
01/23/2005 Added picture of 4 generations of DuFresne and Jacobsen
01/18/2005 Added obituary for August and Nancy Wendel
01/18/2005 Added obituary for Harriett George
01/05/2005 Added obituary Isaac George
01/05/2005 Added obituary Lydia Crow
01/05/2005 Added marriage for Ida Brody
01/05/2005 Added marriages for Aaron and Edward Osborn
01/05/2005 Added marriages for  Roy, Frank, William, Lizziie, Gladys, James & Marion Harrison
01/03/2005 Added link to Schallau family web site
12/18/2004 Added picture of Concord Street in Vinton
12/04/2004 Added marriage for John Parker and Caroline Mitchell
12/04/2004 Added marriage for Charles Hawley and Dora Osborn
12/04/2004 Added marriages for Ione, Charles and Carrie Harrison
12/04/2004 Added marriages for Mahala, Mary, James, William and Hellen Harrison
12/04/2004 Added link to Kimm family web site
11/21/2004 Added picture of May Crow
11/21/2004 Added picture of  George and Maude Daniels
11/21/2004 Added picture of Wean brothers
11/20/2004 Added obituary for Robert Barkdoll
11/20/2004 Added obituaries for Solomon and Martha Wean
11/20/2004 Added 58th anniversary for William and Margaret Clewitt
11/18/2004 Added picture of Solomon and Martha Wean
11/18/2004 Added picture of Horance and Maude Wean
11/13/2004 Added wedding for Silas Kimm and Katharina Engel
11/13/2004 Added pioneer biography for John Engel
11/13/2004 Added biography for Silas Kimm
11/06/2004 Added picture of Louis Noe and Anna Sturtz wedding
11/06/2004 Added picture of Benjamin Noe family
11/06/2004 Added picture of Cyrus Noe family

Updated Benton County Historical Society page -
winter hours and Christmas House walk
11/02/2004 Added obituary for Caroline Kimm
11/02/2004 Added obituary for Rosa Sophia Bausch
10/30/2004 Added transcription for Beller / Eden #2 cemetery
10/30/2004 Added transcription for Mt. Pleasant / Beatty cemetery
10/30/2004 Added transcription for Van Metre / Bishop Grove cemetery
10/30/2004 Added transcription for Brown / Herb cemetery
10/30/2004 Added transcription for LaRue / Quaker cemetery
10/30/2004 Updated Benton County Historical Society page
10/13/2004 Added obituaries Edward, Justus, Katharina, Leonard and Silas Kimm
10/13/2004 Added obituary for Johanna Ibel
10/12/2004 Added marriage records
10/02/2004 Added marriage records
09/25/2004 Added marriage records
09/25/2004 Added Henry George bio
08/29/2004 Added picture of Eva Trego
08/29/2004 Added picture of James and Eva Dufresne
08/29/2004 Added obituary for Milcah Crow
08/29/2004 Added obituary for Louise Schultz
08/15/2004 Added marriage records
08/15/2004 Added obituary for Tom Crow
08/15/2004 Added obituary for Ralph Overbeck
08/12/2004 Added picture of Meredith Crow
08/12/2004 Added diary of Carrie Nisely
08/11/2004 Added picture of Nisley family
08/11/2004 Added picture of Carrie Nisely
07/17/2004 Added wedding for James DuFresne and Eva Trego
07/17/2004 Added obituary for George Washington Trego
07/17/2004 Added obituary for Doris Jacobsen
07/17/2004 Added obituaries for John, Lathie and Margaret Crow
07/17/2004 Added picture of John Crow
07/12/2004 Added lookup volunteer for 1932 Belle Plaine directory
07/11/2004 Added picture of unknown people from Bordwell family
05/15/2004 Added picture of William Thompson family
05/15/2004 Added picture of Daniel Keck family
05/15/2004 Added biography for Albert Mantz
05/15/2004 Added obituaries for Sarah and Segnor Erland
05/15/2004 Added obituary for Catherine Kreger
05/15/2004 Added obituaries for John and Walter Hoyt
04/17/2004 Added obituaries for Delbert and Susan Baldwin
04/17/2004 Added biography for William Mall
04/17/2004 Added group sheet for James Harrison
03/21/2004 Added obituary for Richard Fossett
03/19/2004 Added obituaries for William and Emma Wehrman
03/04/2004 Added obituary for Daniel Myers
03/04/2004 Added obituary for Mary Dumnlar
03/04/2004 Added obituary for Anna Formanek
03/04/2004 Added obituary for John Pacenka
03/01/2004 Added wedding for Frank Haupert and Bessie Selby
03/01/2004 Added wedding for William and Helen Ilsley
03/01/2004 Added wedding for Charles Formanek and Emma Brat
03/01/2004 Added wedding for Chester Parl and Cecile Miller
03/01/2004 Added wedding for Oliver and Ann Woodruff
02/18/2004 Added obituary for Robert Bailey
02/18/2004 Added obituary for Gustave Dirr
02/18/2004 Added obituary for George Rinderknecht
02/18/2004 Added obituary for Margaret Roberts
02/16/2004 Added wedding for Rutherford Peterson and Fay Abernathy
02/16/2004 Added wedding for William McDonald and Berth Grady
02/16/2004 Added 30th wedding anniversary Mr and Mrs. Ryan
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Adolph Koch
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Harold Weatherwax
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Robert Hogan
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Richard Thompson
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Veva Greenwood
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Erma Simoens
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Harold Boddicker
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Elizabeth Frese
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Anna Frese Becker
02/15/2004 Added obituary for Edward Beyer
02/15/2004 Added obituaries for Jacob and Peter Jacobsen
02/07/2004 Added biography for John E. McMillan
01/21/2004 Added picture of Fred and Augusta Peterman
01/21/2004 Added obituary for Mary Pickart
01/21/2004 Added obituary for William Oberreuter
01/21/2004 Added obituary for Eleanor Kahle
01/21/2004 Added obituaries for Matilda, Albert, Matt, Mary Teresa and Louis Schulte
01/18/2004 Added picture of Laura and Ruben Martinson
01/18/2004 Added marriage records
01/18/2004 Added 50th wedding anniversary John and Dorothea Schulte
01/18/2004 Added 50th wedding anniversary Charles and Katie Schmidt
01/15/2004 Added link to Federal Census transcription project
01/13/2004 Updated 1860 Benton County Federal Census page
12/28/2003 Added obituary for Donald Stallman
12/28/2003 Added obituary for Helen Zweigart
12/28/2003 Added obituary for Donald Stumpff
12/28/2003 Added obituary for Margaret Hansen
12/28/2003 Added obituary for Dorothy Brecht
12/14/2003 Added Denman & Elizabeth Day letter, Vinton, 1856
12/03/2003 Added obituary for Mary Lucille Chapman Brody
12/03/2003 Added obituary for Joanna Brody LaHue
11/09/2003 Added Laura Martinson ancestors
11/08/2003 Added picture of Elizabeth Bordwell Sanders
11/08/2003 Added picture of John Sanders farm
11/04/2003 Added rest of township maps from 1872 atlas
10/11/2003 Added picture of William B. Sanders
10/11/2003 Added picture of Frank Luton farm
10/04/2003 Added picture of Dufrense family
10/04/2003 Added obituary for Helen Boone
10/04/2003 Added obituary for Lucinda Harrison
10/02/2003 Added obituaries for Marion Harrison and Gladys Harrison
10/02/2003 Added wedding announcement for James Harrison and Inez Rice
10/02/2003 Added marriage records
09/28/2003 Added marriage record
08/23/2003 Added picture of Samuel Brody & Mary Ann Lash and family
08/23/2003 Added picture of Samuel and Johanna Brody & James & Jane Culver
08/23/2003 Added picture of Alex Brody
08/23/2003 Added picture of Johanna and Rebecca Brody
08/23/2003 Added picture of Johanna Osborne Brody
08/23/2003 Added picture of Johanna Osborne Brody
07/13/2003 Added obituary for John Brecht
07/13/2003 Added obituary for Henry Emanuel
07/13/2003 Added obituary for Marie Meredith
07/13/2003 Added obituary for Anna Schlotterbeck
07/13/2003 Added obituary for John Schulte
07/27/2003 Added marriage record
07/13/2003 Added marriage record
07/03/2003 Added marriage record
07/03/2003 Added pioneer certificate for Nancy Stewart Denton
06/29/2003 Added rest of section maps for St. Clair township
06/27/2003 Added picture of John Raetz and Alice Wendel Wedding
06/27/2003 Added picture of John Raetz
06/27/2003 Added picture of Mary Gasser's grandchildren
06/25/2003 Added picture of Mary Gasser's children
06/24/2003 Added picture of Wendel sisters
06/24/2003 Added picture of Conrad and Nancy Wendel
06/24/2003 Added picture of Jacob and Cora Schlotterback
06/23/2003 Added picture of Jacob and Maria Gasser
06/21/2003 Added 1878 Biographies for Monroe Township
06/08/2003 Added links to personal web sites
06/08/2003 Added marriage records
05/17/2003 Added 1892 annual session book of the Benton County Normal Institute
05/17/2003 Added marriage records
05/17/2003 Added picture of John DeKalb Wilson Jr.
05/03/2003 Added obituary for Raymond Eggers
04/29/2003 Updated information about Blairstown library
04/18/2003 Added picture of Jennie Leila Wilson
04/18/2003 Added picture of Wilson family
04/18/2003 Added picture of Paul Vernon Wilson
04/18/2003 Added picture of John Ineck Wilson
04/18/2003 Added picture of Lucy Amber Wilson
04/18/2003 Added picture of Lois Emma Wilson
04/18/2003 Added picture of Wilcox grocery in Belle Plaine
04/07/2003 Added obituary for John Wilson
03/29/2003 Added obituary for Violet Boyles
03/29/2003 Added obituary for Charles Butterfield
03/16/2003 Added obituary for Vicky Lynn Turner
03/16/2003 Added obituary for Anson Bixby
03/16/2003 Added obituary for Wanda Dalton
03/16/2003 Added obituary for Constantine Gavalas
03/16/2003 Added obituary for Linda Lou Lewis
03/15/2003 Added marriage records
02/09/2003 Added obituary for Marion Harrison
02/09/2003 Added obituary for Sarah Harrison Haymaker
01/18/2003 Added obituaries for Frank and Kathryn Volz
01/18/2003 Added obituaries for Al and Evelyn Oberreuter
01/18/2003 Added page for links to personal wites
01/18/2003 Added page to display researcher submitted marriage records
01/11/2003 Added obituary for Lorene Oberreuter
01/05/2003 Added link IAGenWeb Gravestone Photo Project
01/04/2003 Added transcription of 1850 census
12/21/2002 Added obituary for James Gordon
12/21/2002 Added obituary for Henry Krieger
11/23/2002 Updates to Norway cemetery transcription
11/18/2002 Updated lookup volunteer list - added 1910 History
10/27/2002 Updated BCHS page with winter closing information
10/27/2002 Added obituary for John Bigger
10/13/2002 Added list of Benton County officials
10/06/2002 Added obituary for Luella Murphy
10/06/2002 Updates to St. Stephens cemetery transcription
09/24/2002 Updated lookup volunteer list - additions and deletions
09/07/2002 Added picture of Van Fossen Group
09/07/2002 Added picture of Mary Hanna Shoop
09/07/2002 Added picture of Jacob Van Fossen
09/02/2002 Added obituary for August Schulte
09/02/2002 Added obituary for Katie Schmidt
09/02/2002 Added obituary for Jennie Nolte
09/02/2002 Added obituary for David McCoy
09/02/2002 Added obituary for Bessie Mason
09/02/2002 Added obituary for Gertrude Harrington
09/02/2002 Added obituary for Elfie Gibney
09/02/2002 Added obituaries for Grace and Henry Becker
09/02/2002 Added biography for Everett Cress
09/02/2002 Added biography for Erma Cress
08/11/2002 Added obituaries for Emma and John Worthen
08/11/2002 Added obituary for Caroline and James Walton
08/06/2002 Corrected links to libraries
08/04/2002 Added obituary for Charles Worthen
07/07/2002 Added pictures of unidentified people submitted by Gary Clark
06/08/2002 Added obituaries for Archie, (Frank Earl) and Jane Weatherwax
06/07/2002 Added surname index for Urbana cemetery
05/31/2002 Replaced site search engine
05/18/2002 Added obituary for James Meskimens
05/04/2002 Added picture of a swimming hole near Vinton
04/07/2002 Added obituaries for Clarence and Lucy Fry
04/07/2002 Added transcription for Big Grove township for 1917 atlas
03/29/2002 Added obituary for Dorothea Schulte
03/29/2002 Added obituary for Thomas Sampson
03/29/2002 Added obituaries for Benjamin and Mary Priscilla Myers
03/13/2002 Added picture of Main Street, Shellsburg
03/03/2002 Added picture of Wilhelm & Mary Rosburg
03/03/2002 Added picture of Mary Martha Haines Meeks
03/03/2002 Added picture of Louise Koch
03/03/2002 Added picture of Henry & Martha Peterman
03/03/2002 Added picture of Albert & Mary Kuester
03/03/2002 Added obituaries for Anthony and Edmund Rampton
03/03/2002 Added obituary for Lura Stiver Heatman
03/03/2002 Added obituary for Warren Elliott
03/03/2002 Added pioneer ancestors of Lynnette W. McMahon

Updated phone number for Benton Co. clerk, added recorder's
number & link to other numbers on the resources page
03/02/2002 Added transcription for Rampton cemetery
02/24/2002 Added obituary for Moses Denman
02/24/2002 Added What's New page

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