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Benton County, Iowa 1860 Federal Census

This census was transcribed and proofread by a TEAM of volunteers for the
IAGenWeb Project and the USGenWeb Census Project ®

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Township Name or
File Description
Page# Range
Page# Range
Transcribed by: Proofread by:
Jackson Township 709-721 1-13 Vonda DeMerritt Barbara Clarkson
Bruce Township 721-726 13-18 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Monroe Township 726-731 18-23 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Iowa Township 732-745 24-37 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Kane Township 746-748 38-40 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Homer Township 749-750 41-42 Vonda DeMerritt Barbara Clarkson
Harrison Township 753-763 1-11 Vonda DeMerritt Barbara Clarkson
Polk Township 764-786 11-34 Susan Soden John Shuck
Benton Township 786-800 34-48 Susan Soden John Shuck
Canton Township 801-823 48-70 Susan Soden John Shuck
Eden Township 824-832 71-79 Vonda DeMerritt Barbara Clarkson
Fremont Township 832-836 79-83 Hank Rathje Ardith Merritt
Eldorado Township 837-839 84-86 John Shuck Deborah Shuck
Taylor Township 840-878 87-125 Bruce Thayer Karen Thayer
Cedar Township 879-893 126-140 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Big Grove Township 894-903 141-150 Vonda DeMerritt Barbara Clarkson
Union Township 905-908 155-159 John Shuck Deborah Shuck
St. Clair Township 909-913 151-154 John Shuck Deborah Shuck
Lee Roy Township 913-923 159-169 John Shuck Deborah Shuck
Cue Township 924-933 170-179 James P. Kullmer Gretchen Kullmer
Enumeration information   Kent Wayson  
Tobias Castor's tally 91k image Jim Kullmer  
Jacob S. Hunt's tally 101k image Jim Kullmer  

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