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Blairstown Press; November 14, 1919
Resident of Many Years
Henry Heiden

Henry Heiden, A Resident of Blairstown for Many Year, Died November 3.

Henry Heiden was born on the 27th day of October, 1828, in Kargo, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

He spent his bodyhood and school days in his native country. He also was a soldier in the army and received an honorable discharge after eighteen months of service.

When about twenty-five years of age he decided to imigrate to America, locating first in New York state, then in Iowa near Iowa City and vicinity.

In the year 1857 he married to Miss Sophia Karsten. For about 8 years they lived in Iowa City and vicinity. They moved from there to Benton county. Here they lived until March, 1902, when Mr. and Mrs. Heiden retired from the farm and moved to Marengo. Their quiet rest and happiness did not last long in town for Mrs. Heiden died in 1909 and left the husband to spend the rest of his life alone.

Mr. Heiden keenly felt the loss he had sustained, but found a comfortable and cheerful home with his daughter, Mrs. Katie Hopper, who was a widow. The tender care he enjoyed at her hands did not last long for in 1914 Mrs. Hopper died and left the father to live for a short time with his two grandchildren, Mrs. Stella Edwards and her brother Harold.

Upon the sudden death of Mrs. Edwards, who cared for her grandfather but a short time, Mr. Heiden came to Blairstown to make his home with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Ebert.

The most tender care on the part of Mrs. Ebert could help the death father to overcome the sadness of his part experience. Tho he remained in good health and retained a remarkable degree of physical strength up to his final days his spirtual nature suffered a breakdown and he became very weak in mind. This affliction he bore cheerfully and patiently. Tho he could not comprehend a discourse or conversation, he delighted in prayer and devotion. In fact it was the last and only thing he asked for in his final hours.

Without a noticeable struggle he died in peace Monday morning about 8:30 on November 3, 1919. His age comprises 91 years and 1 days.

Thus came to end the life of a faithful and true Christian, a kind husband and gentle father and grand father, and a loyal brother and good citizen, who served his church and his country far beyond the time of his own generation.

Six children were left to mourn his loss, three sons, Henry, of Clarke, S.D., Luis ,of Garrison and John of St. Clair, Benton county, and three daughters, Mrs. Louis Jergemeyer and Mrs. Wm. Ebert both of Blairstown and Mrs. H. F. Bartle, of South Dakota, 27 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren besides many more distant relatives and friends.

The funeral services were held in the Grace Lutheran church being in charge of the pastor, Rev C. J. Pritz.

Those from a distance who were here to attend the funeral were Henry Heiden, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Bartle and C. C. Pfaffle from Clark, S. D., W. C. Hopp from Iowa City, Mrs. Fred Hopp, Mrs. Henry Rusbult, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rusbult, of Williamsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Friese, Harold Hopper, Hewitt Edwards and Albert Turner, of Marengo.
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Waterloo Time-Tribute; November 7, 1919
Henry Helden

Henry Helden, a farmer in St. Clair Township for many years, died Monday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Ebert, in Blairstown. He was 93 years old and death was due to the ailments of old age. He is survived by three sons and three daughters as follows Henry of South Dakota; Louis of Garrison; John of St. Clair township; Mrs. Louis Jurgemeyer and Mrs. Ebert of Blairstown, and a daughter in South Dakota.

Funeral services were held at the Lutheran church in Blairstown Wednesday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Conn cemetery, Washington township, Iowa county, beside those of his wife.

Mr. Helden lived to a ripe old age, but that he came from a long lived family is attested by the fact that one of his brothers died at the age of 105 years and another at 102 years.

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