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Segnor (Sigve) Erland
Segnor (Sigve) Erland was born Jun 6, 1841 on the Erland farm near Skjold, Norway.  The son of Sigve Torgerson Erland and Lisabet Maria Larsdatter.  He came to the US in 1863 and enlisted in the Union Army on 7 Apr 1865 at Lockport, NY.  He was mustered into "G" company of the 194th NY infantry and sent to Hart's Island, NY harbor.  Hart's Island is where the final prison was established by the Union for the Confederate soldiers and this prision opened in April of 1865.  In 3 weeks of its opening, 3,413 POWs were crammed into the post's tiny enclosed area.  235 POWs perished there within the month.  7 percent of all the camp's POWs died within 4 months.

Segnor was mustered out with the rest of his company at the end of the war on 3 May 1865.  In 1868, Segnor purchased a farm from Mr Hall, Section12, Twp 83, Range 10, just North of the Newhall area.  Later he received war deeds dated 1877 and 1888 for two, eighty-acre tracks. 

He married Sarah Ann Olson, daughter of Ole Olson and Bertha Toresdatter Danielson.  She was born on September 25, 1852 in LaSalle county, ILL..  Their children were Oscar S., Elizabeth Marie, Otto T.,  Porter G., Clarence, Charles E.,  Elmer, Chester, and Mathilda (Tilla) B.

Segnor was naturalized on October 8, 1868.  He farmed the land and hauled grain to Iowa City, bringing back food, clothing and farm supplies.  He raised Black Galloway cattle; and his herd was known as the largest cattle herd in the state.  Segnor died, March 28, 1900 at his farm from TB.

Submitted by Brian Erland December 22, 2005

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