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Name Submitter / Source
Beatty, John Kossuth A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, Vol. IV., 1918
Becker, Henry A. An Illustrated History of Nobles County, Minnesota, 1908
Berry, Robert Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Branin, Alvertis A History of the Puget Sound Country, 1903
Brown, James A. The Annals of Iowa, Volume VI - III Series. 1903-05
Brown, Abraham Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Bryson, Fielding & son Joseph Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Bryson, John Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Budd, Joseph Lancaster Biographies of the Progressive Men of Iowa, Vol. II. 1899
Coats, William W. Early Records of Gilpin County, Colorado, 1859-1861
Cress, Erma Lorena (nee Van Fossen) Sheryl Reynolds
Cress, Everett Lee Sheryl Reynolds
Crouch, George and Percilla Sharon Jones
Culver, James S. Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Danskin, George Moffitt Years to Remember, Watkins Centennial 1874-1974
Devers, Jesse Terri Rene DaVar-Howard
Drummond, Thomas The Annals of Iowa, Vol. IV, III Series. 1903-5
Eastman, Davison H. History of Idaho, Vol. III. 1914
Elliott and Rampton Families Lynnette W. McMahon
Edwards, Albert T. Jeremy Edwards
Erland, Signor Brian Erland
Fetherkile, Adam Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
First Norwegians of Benton County.
Darnell, Nordland, Strand, Rosdal, Tuttle, Ellingsen
The Iowa Journal of History and Politics, 1906
Frost, David Henry "Hamilton Literary Magazine", 1897
George, Henry Wesley Tom George
Graham, Ira D. William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
Griffith, Benjamin L. The Biographical Record of Knox County, Ohio, 1902
Haines, Alfred & Charles C. City of San Diego and San Diego County, 1922
Harrison,James Brice Kathie Harrison
Hicks, William Lester R Hicks
Huffman, Andrew J. William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
Ingalls, Mary Iowa Braille & Sight Saving School
Johnson, Lancelot Portrait & Biographical Album of Sumner Co., Kansas, 1885
Johnson, Albert Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Johnson, Alexander Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Kahler, James Ann Smalley
Kennedy, Andrew R. Pen Sketches of Nebraskans, 1871
Ketterman, James Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Kiler, Isaac History of Gage County, Nebraska, 1918
Kimball, Ira C. Susan Audy
Kimm, Augustus Silas Kaye Sanchez
Kimm, Justus Kaye Sanchez
Kimm, Silas Kaye Sanchez
Kline, John History of Du Page County, Illinois, 1882
Knapp, George R. "Severe Injury From Lightning" by C. C. Griffin, M. D., 1880
Knapp, Seaman Seaman A. Knapp School Master of American Agriculture
Koep, Herman H. An Illustrated History of Jackson County, Minnesota, 1910
Kuester, Mary Louise (nee Peterman) Arlene Shogren
LaRue, William H. A History of Nodaway & Atchison Counties, Missouri, 1901
Leamer, Joseph S. A History of Northwest Missouri, Vol. III. 1915
Lipe, Hiram Alumnal Record, De Pauw University, Greencastle, IN, 1915
Lockhart, Samuel Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Long, Woodson P. and W. J. Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Lynch, George A. The Annals of Iowa, Vol. VI - III Series. 1903-05
Mall,William A. Susan Doty
Mantz,Albert T.
Martinson, Laura (nee Peterman) Suzanne Schmidt
McDaniel, John A. The Annals of Iowa, Volume VI - III Series. 1903-05
McMillan, John Sharyl Ferrall
Merritt, Charles Norway Centennial 1863-1963  /  submitted by Kaye Sanchez
Meyer, Jim Brian Erland
Mosnat, Jacob J. The Annals of Iowa, Volume VI - III Series. 1903-05
Mosshart, John William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
Murphy, Bernard The Annals of Iowa, Vol. XII - III Series. 1915-21
Nell, Jacob History of Benton County, Iowa, pages 857-858
Nichols, Perry A History of Northwest Missouri, Vol. III. 1915
Porter, W. H. H. Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Porterfield, William H. City of San Diego and San Diego County, 1922
Rampton and Elliott Families Lynnette W. McMahon
Ream, William B. History of Reno County, Kansas, Vol. II. 1917
Regaud, James Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Reiss - Robinson - Klein family Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Robertson, John G. History of Pomona Valley, California, 1920
Rosburg, Wilhelm Arlene Shogren
Rutledge, Thomas P.
(father of Charlotte Rutledge Smith)
The Biographical Record of Ogle County, Illinois, 1899
Schellhouse, Henry History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, MN, 1911
Sherman, Buren R. The Annals of Iowa, Vol. VI - III Series. 1903-05
Smalley, James Addison Ann Smalley
Smith, Ferdinand Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Smith, John N. Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Sparrenberger, Heinrich (Henry) Brian Erland
Spencer, Victor Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Stiles, William Henry Kaye Sanchez
Struve, Henry Ann Smalley
Thompson, Jesse O. History of Cottonwood & Watonwan Counties, MN, 1916
Thompson, William William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
Titus, Calvin P. History of Benton County Iowa, 1910, p. 245-6
Tourette, Henry Tierney Lynch Ratti
Voiles, Joel Juanita Arnold
Ward, Martin L.  (& Ella B. McCartney) City of San Diego and San Diego County, 1922
Way, Thomas Terri Rene (DaVar) Howard
Weil, Theodore H. Sharyl Ferrall
Weir, William  
Welton - Whitcomb family Tierney Lynch Ratti
White, Harry C. Official Register, State of Iowa 1921-1922, pg. 332
Williams, Henry H. History of Pomona Valley, California, 1920
Williams, William Memoirs of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana, 1893
Wyckoff, A. J. Urbana Bicentennial, 1976
Wyckoff, Elijah Urbana Bicentennial, 1976

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