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Albert T. Edwards

I have some updated information about Albert T. Edwards, 
as he was the brother of my own ancestor, John Downing Edwards.

The James Edwards you mention was not born in Maysville, Kentucky. 
His father, George, moved across the river in 1796 to what is now Aberdeen, 
Ohio. The town was named by George Edwards’ father, James Edwards (1727-1804), 
who founded the town of Aberdeen, Ohio and named it after his birth place, 
Aberdeen, Scotland.

Children of George Edwards (1772-1870) and Susannah Downing 

1. John F. Edwards b. April 12, 1795 in Mason County, Kentucky
2. Elizabeth Edwards b. Oct. 30, 1796 in Mason County, Kentucky
3. Sarah "Sally" Edwards b. May 19, 1798 in Adams County, Ohio
4. James Edwards b. Jan. 25, 1800 in Aberdeen, Adams, County, Ohio
5. Ellis Edwards b. Dec. 16, 1801 in Adams County, Ohio
6. William Everett Edwards b. Dec. 16, 1801 in Adams County, Ohio
7. Darius Edwards b. Jan. 19, 1804 in Ohio
8. Alexander Edwards b. Feb. 10, 1806 in Brown County, Ohio
9. Susana Edwards b. Nov. 20, 1807 in Adams County, Ohio
10. Talitha Edwards b. Nov. 07, 1809 in Adams County, Ohio
11. George Washington Edwards b. Apr. 24, 1811 in Ohio
12. Amanda Edwards b. May 27, 1813 in Adams County, Ohio
13. Mary Ann "Polly" Edwards b. Oct. 21, 1815 in Adams County, Ohio
14. Infant b. Oct. 24, 1817
15. Orange Edwards b. Oct. 03, 1819 in Byrd, Brown County, Ohio 

James Edwards (Albert Thornton Edward's father) had 13 children with Nancy Tucker Jacobs. 

1. Francis Edwards b. Mar. 1, 1822 in Brown County, OH
2. Susannah Edwards b. Dec. 3, 1823 in Brown County, OH
3. George L. Edwards b. Sep. 6, 1825 in Brown County, OH
4. William Harvey Edwards b. Mar. 27, 1827 in Brown County, OH
5. John Downing Edwards b. Mar. 1, 1829 in Brown County, OH
6. Sarah Jane Edwards b. Jan. 3, 1831 in Brown County, OH
7. Washington Edwards b. Sep. 4, 1832 in Brown County, OH
8. Cinderella (Sinderella) Edwards b. May 16, 1834 in Brown County, OH
9. Nancy Ann Edwards b. Jan. 4, 1836 in Brown County, OH
10. James Edwards b. June 6, 1838 in Brown County, OH
11. Albert Thornton Edwards b. Sep. 2, 1840 in Brown County, OH
12. Margaret Edwards b. May 16, 1842 in Brown County, OH
13. Mary Elizabeth Edwards b. May 30, 1847 in Brown County, OH 

Albert Thornton Edwards (1840-1921) , his wife Martha Jane Brewer (1846-1929)and their 11 children:

1. Anna Chellan Edwards (1866-1948) m. Selmon Thomas Whipple
2. Corneilus Everett Edwards (1869-1876)
3. James Ernest Edwards (died when 5 months old)
4. Cora Ellen Edwards (1871-?) m. Oren C. Spaulding
5. Katie Leland Edwards (1873-?) m. Chet Johnson or Johnston
6. Lola Bella Edwards (1875-?) m. Hiram H. Scott
7. Ethel May Edwards (1878-1974) m. John Francis Tumilty
8. Vivi Josephine Edwards ((1881-?)
9. Walter Arble Edwards (1885-?)
10. Mable Jeanette Edwards (1889-1975) m. Earl Race
11. Maggie Edwards (1883-?)

Albert was born in Brown Co. Ohio, married Martha in Greenwood, 
Johnson County, IN and then moved to Vinton Iowa where they started their family.

Submitted by Jeremy Edwards, January 19, 2012
© Jeremy Edwards

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