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12/18/2014 Updated look up volunteer page
12/12/2014 Added obituary for Joseph Mazek
Added obituary for Jerusha Qigley
Added obituary for Louisa Peterman
Added wedding for Daniel and Allie Rockwell
Added wedding for Oren and Lucia Henry
Added wedding for Charleds and Mary Dickens
12/112014 Added obituaries for Catharine and Francis Calvin Rucker
Added obituary for Charles William Allen
Added obituary for John Williams
Added obituary for Thomas Burton Coder
Added obituary for Mary A. Zalesky
12/6/2014 Added obituary for James D. Shuck
11/4/2014 Added link Social Security Death Index on main page
10/15/2014 Completed listing of Pleasant Hill Cemetery names
List of baptisms from Saint Martin's Church 1866 - 1880 (work in progress)
9/11/2014 Updated user contributred marriages
6/25/2014 Added link to Belle Plaine library's digitized newspapers
6/15/2014 Updated Benton County Historical Society page
5/13/2014 Added obituary for E. A. Eaker
4/11/2014 Added complete listing of Pleasant Hill Cemetery for surnames beginning with letters K - O
4/11/2014 Added complete listing of Pleasant Hill Cemetery for surnames beginning with letters A - J
4/7/2014 Added obituary for Kent N. Harrold
Added obituary for John H. Cairns Jr.
Updated Garrison cemetery listing
Updated user contributed death listing
Added index to Benton county surnames on Gravestone Photo Project
1/23/2014 Added obituary for Chauncey L. Beller
Added wedding for Jasper and Anna Mallison
Added wedding for Arthur and Emma Packard
Added wedding for Edward and Anna Shaffer

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