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Belle Plaine Independent; Jan. 6, 1886
A Treasure Lost by Death
Joseph Mazek

About two weeks ago Joseph Mazek, aged 12 years, 9 months and 27 days, was taken ill by that dread disease, pneumonia, causing his death about 11 o'clock, a.m., last Friday. Death, on this occasion, chose a precious victim, and cast a gloom of more than ordinary sadness upon his parents and only sister, and upon all who knew him. He was marked for his honesty of purpose, his gentility, (and although young) his manhood and gentle deportment toward all. His life was made happy by his innocence and purity, which was evidenced by his funeral cortege, and the rich tokens emblematic of love and esteem that studded the beautiful casket enclosing all that was mortal of his remains, among which were beautiful wreaths and lovely boquets clustered upon his coffin by many friends. The beautiful boquets by his school teachers, Miss Ida Pillbeam and Mis Ella Snyder, chrystalized with tears of regret, decorating his shrowded bosom, were special evidence of the esteem and regard entertained by them.

His funeral took place on Sabbath, the 3d inst., at 2 o'clock p.m. The services at the house were commemorated by a short address (in the Bohemian language) by F. E. Zalesky, in the presence of a vast number of friends, after which the funeral proceeded to the Belle Plaine cemetery, which was largely accompanied by friends in buggies and carriages and footmen, despite the extremely disagreeable weather and roads, thus testifying to the general regard and esteem in which he was held by all who knew him. After the corpse was lowered in the grave short addresses were delivered by F. E. Zalesky and A. F. Bell, the rain pouring down in torrents during the exercises. The honorable remains were then left entomed in mother earth, and the friends returned to their respective homes with feelings of sadness and regret at the death of their little friend, who will ever be remembered and cherished for his many virtues and manliness. Peace to his ashes, and may his memory ever remain fresh and green to all who knew him.

The bereaved family hereby express their gratitude and thanks for all favors bestowed during the sickness of their loved one, and especially for the sympathy and the honor extended to their dear little boy.

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