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G. A. R. Burials as of 1920
Benton County, Iowa

From The Belle Plaine Union and Herald
May 27, 1920

Following is a list of the soldier dead of the G. A. R., The American Legion buried in the different cemeteries and overseas:

G. A. R.

Buried at Oak Hill
O [Orrin] F Allen, Co K 89th Ill Inf
B. B. [Blanderman Booth] Burley, Co F 52nd Ill Inf
J [James] H Snell, Co C 52 Ill Inf
J [James] P Snell, Co C 52 Ill Inf
N [Nelson] H Carney, Co A 27th Win Inf
M LeQuette, Co A 7th Ia Inf
Phillip Smith, Co B 1st N.Y. Drag.
Jerry LeQuatte, Co A 7th Ia Inf
S [Simon] L Shultz, Co I 5th Iowa Inf
J [John] M Coldwell, Co B 1st Ia av
James Steel, Co I 37th Ill Inf
H [Hiram] E Hardy, Co B 42nd Wis Inf
Edw Maginnsi, Co D 15h N.Y. H. Art
James Rucker, Co G 28th Ia Inf
W [Wallace] A Douglas, Co I 2nd Ind Inf
Henry Striley, Co C 26th Ia Inf
John Tatman, Co M 11th Pa Cav
J M Thompson, Co B 28th Pa Inf
Lieut J [John] McArthur, Co B 144th N.Y. Inf
Jacob Lerch, Co I 1st Minn H Art
John G. Guinney, Co I 4th Ohio Inf
J F Roberts, Co D 29th Wis Inf
J Starkweather, Co G 18th Ia Inf
A L Smith, Co B 100th Ill Inf
A Robanska, Co A 4th Minn Inf
Robert Marshall, Co C 22nd Wis Inf
Hans Harder, Co I 12th Mo Inf
Col Jas Raney, 15th Ill  Inf
S Ditzler, Co F 200th Pa Inf
Wm. Anderson, unknown
Enoch Hensel, Co I 12th Ill
D A Kennedy, Co G 28th Ia Inf
Isaac Leathers, 37th Ia Inf
John Stone, Co and Reg unknown, in Mexican War
F E McCurdy, Co G 8th Mo Inf
John Maholm, 14th Iowa Inf
Walter Robinson, Co D N Y Inf
John Byer, Co B 67th Ohio Inf
Geo P. Lowering, Co and Reg unknown
Wm H McCune, 152nd Ohio Inf
Frank Hammond, 3rd Iowa Cav
Geo Wilcoxen, 65th Ill
Thomas Rose, Co E 88th Ind Inf
M V Foote, Co D 111th Ohio Inf
J P Henry, Co C 10th Ia Inf
Emanuel M Kolb, Co F 38th Ill Inf
Geo Walton, Co B 28th Ia Inf
M Laquett, reg. unknown
Litman Eddy, Co C 93rd Ill Inf
S M Cook, asst surgeon reg unknown
D H Woodward, Co K 102 Ohio Cav
W S Armstrong, Co M 32nd Ia Cav
A B Sloan, regiment unknown
John Sisson, Co B 28th Ia Inf
John W Thompson, Co D 28th Ia Inf
S C Leavelle, Co B 8th Ohio Cav
Myron Hartwell, Co H 20th Ia Inf
D H Wareham, 134th Pa Inf
J A Kirkpatrick Co A 28th Ia Inf

Buried at Irving
Abel Harper, 92nd Ohio Inf
Hiram Loomis, 37th Ia Inf
Geo C Freeman, Co F 28th Ia Inf
Allen Hoover, Co A 4th Ohio Cav
Owen Navel, Pa Reg unknown
J H Rowland, Co D 55th Ohio Inf
Hans Schluntz, Co D 8th Ia Cav
David Smith, Reg unknown
John Smith, Reg unknown
Washington Williams
A Casselberry, Co F 51st Pa Inf
Abraham Kiser, Co B 74th Pa
John Greene, Reg unknown
George Freeman, Co B 28th Ia Inf

Buried at Wright Cemetery
Capt C R Barnett, Co A 52nd Ill Inf
John Chown, Co B 100th Ill inf
Ed McLaury, Reg unknown
Enos Wright, Co D 28th Ia Inf
J D Herbert, Co B 22nd Ia

Buried at Beal Cemetery
Geo W Ealy, Co M 3rd Ark Cav

Buried at Walnut Creek Cemetery
Wm Wicksham, Co B 24th Ia Inf
Noah S WInslow, Co B 28th Ia Inf
Alexander Cummins, Co B 28th Ia Inf
J W Johnson, Co B 28th Ia Inf
Benj McGuaird, Co B 28th Ia Inf
B P Cole, Co G 37th Ia Inf
Ben Swafford, 27th Ill Inf
W S Anderson, U S Marine buried in Oklahoma
A B Solum, Reg unknown
John Montgomery, Co B 28th Ia Inf

Dayton Cemetery
Wm Macy, Co G 28th Iowa
Enos Macy, Co G 28th Iowa
I M Van Scoyoc, Co and Reg unknown
Elam Van Scoyoc, Co G 73rd Ind
S A Crawford, Co B 4th Ia Inf

Athey Cemetery
John Haugebury, Co G 8th Iowa
John Athey, Co B 28th Iowa
Morgan Maryfield, Co B 28th Iowa

Died in Army
Robert Greenlee, Co G 28th Ia
James Maryfield, Co G 8th Iowa
John Powell, Co G 28th Iowa
Jas. Trobridge, 7th Iowa
Mark Thomas, 22nd Ia Inf
Alfred Macy, Co G 28th Ia

Koszta Cemetery
Joshua Worley, sug 126th Ohio
Chas Norton, Co B 13th Ia Inf

World War

Buried In Oak Hill
George Richardson
Warren Blossom
William Model

John Jennings
James Ward
Edw Nimechek
Robert M. Smith

Transcribed by John Shuck.
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