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Rhody Frederica Frederica Rhody (1900)
Rhone Clarence C. Clarence C. Rhone (1956)
Rhone Clyde W. Clyde W. Rhone (1949)
Rhone Frank M. Frank M. Rhone (1950)
Rhone Glen Franklin Glen Franklin Rhone (1985)
Rhone Grace Jane (Foland) Grace Jane (Foland) Rhone (1938)
Rhone Ivan Irvin Ivan Irvin Rhone (1969)
Rhone James F. James F. Rhone (1969)
Rhone Lydia Ann (Simpson) Lydia Ann (Simpson) Rhone (1941)
Rhone Mary Elizabeth (Robshaw) Mary Elizabeth (Robshaw) Rhone (2009)
Rhoten Nellie C. (Lenocker) Nellie C. (Lenocker) Rhoten (1982)
Rhyno Billy Billy Rhyno (1904)
Rhyno Charles G. Charles G. Rhyno (1934)
Rhyno Cora Alta (Beem) Cora Alta Rhyno (1980)
Rhyno Eva May (Abrams) Klingensmith Eva May (Abrams) Klingensmith Rhyno (1917)
Rhyno Ivil L. Ivil L. Rhyno (1956)
Rhyno Jackson Toncray Jackson T. Rhyno (1943)
Rhyno James Andrew James Andrew Rhyno (1914)
Rhyno James William James William Rhyno (1904)
Rhyno Kittie Clyde Kittie Clyde Rhyno (1889)
Rhyno Lucy May Lucy May Rhyno (1917)
Rhyno Millie L. (Beem) Millie L. (Beem) Rhyno (1943)
Rhyno Nancy Belle (Jackson) Nancy Belle (Jackson) Rhyno (1904)
Rhyno Ruth E. (Stuart) Ruth E. (Stuart) Rhyno (1910)
Rhyno Sarah (Draper) Sarah (Draper) Rhyno 1890
Rhyno Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Rhyno (1899)
Rhyno Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Rhyno (1918)
Rhyno Walter Preston Walter Preston Rhyno (1927)
Rhyno William William Rhyno (1904)
Rice April Mae April Mae Rice (1994)
Rice Eliza (James) Eliza (James) Rice (1910)
Rice Elliot Joe Elliot Joe Rice (1977)
Rice Gladys (Garrett) Roberts Gladys Garrett Rice (1995)
Rice James Allen James Allen Rice (2014)
Rice Martin V., Rev.  Rev. M. V. Rice (1884)
Rice Vera (Dabney) Vera Dabney Rice (1981)
Rich Anna (Sackett) Anna Sackett Rich (1950)
Richards Agnes R. (Lapel) Agnes Lapel Richards (1990)
Richards Albert A. "Bert" Albert A. "Bert" Richards (1960)
Richards Frank O., Dr. Frank O. Richards (Dr.) (1949)
Richards Leatha (Saylor) Leatha Saylor Richards (1969)
Richards Lenore (Banta) Lenore Banta Richards (1981)
Richards Lessley Dean Lessley Dean Richards (1993)
Richards Loretta (Gresham) Loretta (Gresham) Richards (1971)
Richards Myrtle May (English) Myrtle May (English) Richards (1957)
Richards Paul Paul Richards (1902)
Richards Russel Dean Russel D. Richards (2000)
Richards Ruth L. Ruth L. Richards (1980)
Richardson Axa Adeline (Evers) Axa Adeline (Evers) Richardson (1942)
Richardson Betty J. Betty J. Richardson (2009)
Richardson Doris (King) Doris (King) Richardson (2002)
Richardson Dorothy Kate (Mapes) Dorothy Kate (Mapes) Richardson (1939)
Richardson Henry I. Henry I. Richardson (1960)
Richardson Lenore Lillian (Forsyth) Lenore Forsyth Richardson (2007)
Richardson Lulu (Shaver) Lulu Richardson (1985)
Richardson Mabel (Read) Mabel (Read) Richardson (1978)
Richardson Nathan Nathan Richardson (1931)
Richardson Verna Verna Richardson (1902)
Richens Mable B. (McDonald) Mable McDonald Richens (2004)
Richey Robert - daughter of Daughter Richey (1893)
Richey Robert - daughter of Child of Robert Richey (1893)
Richey S. W. S. W. Richey (1895)
Richey Samuel Samuel Richey (1883)
Richmond Anthony M. Anthony M. Richmond (1953)
Richmond Cassius Cassius Richmond (1935)
Richmond Frank Frank Richmond (1910)
Richmond George George Richmond (1904)
Richmond Kenneth Wayne Kenneth Wayne Richmond (2018)
Richmond Margaret Ann (Harriman) Margaret Ann Harriman Richmond (1914)
Richmond Mayme (Elsbury) Mayme (Elsbury) Richmond (1949)
Richmond Nellie Rosetta (Hamblin) Nellie Rosetta (Hamblin) Richmond (1944)
Richmond Nelson Guy Nelson Guy Richmond (1919)
Richmond Ruth Alice Ruth Alice Richmond (1995)
Richmond Samuel Samuel Richmond (1902)
Richmond William William Richmond (1891)
Richmond William S. William S. Richmond (1891)
Rickets Chris Chris Rickets (1990)
Rickets Doris (Jeffs) Doris (Jeffs) Rickets (2014)
Rickets Edwin G. Edwin G. Rickets (1942)
Rickets Elvin Fred Elvin Fred Rickets (1933)
Rickets Hazel Gertrude (Kirsch) Hazel Gertrude (Kirsch) Rickets (1931)
Rickets Lucille Altheir (Gilbert) Lucille Gilbert Rickets (1979)
Rickets Nora (Gibbons) Nora (Gibbons) Rickets (1955)
Rickets Raymond Eugene Raymond Eugene Rickets (2011)
Rickets William Taswell William Taswell Rickets (1895)
Ricketts John F. John F. Ricketts (1959)
Ricketts Sarah (Russell) Sarah (Russell) Ricketts (1899)
Ricketts W. Ernest W. Ernest Ricketts (1946)
Riddiford Brandy Elizabeth Bumbarger Brandy Elizabeth Bumbarger Riddiford (1987)
Riddiford Tommy Tommy Riddiford (2008)
Riddle Hattie (Conway) Hattie Riddle (1951)
Riddle Jessie (Hurt) Jacobs Jessie (Hurt) Jacobs Riddle (1972)
Riddle Nellie G. (Phipps) Nellie G. (Phipps) Riddle (1898)

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