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Trawver Claude Jesse Claude Jesse Trawver (1963)
Trawver Harry Edwin Harry Edwin Trawver (1950)
Trawver Joseph C. Joseph C. Trawver (1931)
Trawver Lucile (Leech) Lucile L. (Leech) Trawver (1952)
Trawver Sophia Sophia Trawver (1916)
Trawver Willard LaVerne Willard LaVerne Trawver (1927)
Treece Harriet Jane (Bertholf) Harriet Jane (Bertholf) Treece (1977)
Treece Nelson Luther Nelson Luther Treece (2011)
Trefzer George George Trefzer (1931)
Trenkamp Connie Marie (Hopkins) Connie Marie Trenkamp (2002)
Trent Dorothy E. (Harden) Dorothy E. (Harden) Trent (2008)
Trent Jamie Lee Jamie Lee Trent (2017)
Trent Marcus Marcus Trent (1878)
Trester Anna (Bower) Anna (Bower) Trester (1882)
Trester Boies Boies Trester (1965)
Trester Chester Chester Trester (1976)
Trester Dwight Albert Dwight Albert Trester (1994)
Trester Edwin Edwin Trester (1944)
Trester Flora Elizabrth (Craig) Flora Craig Trester (1999)
Trester Glen Glen Trester (1969)
Trester Harold B. "Hal" Harold B. "Hal" Trester (1986)
Trester Jacob Jacob Trester (1892)
Trester James James Trester (1867)
Trester James Martin James Martin Trester (1930)
Trester Jasper Newton Jasper Newton Trester (1923)
Trester Mabel J. (Armitage) Mabel Armitage Trester (1983)
Trester Martin Joseph Martin Joseph Trester (1932)
Trester Mary A. (Brittain) Mary A. (Brittain) Trester (1958)
Trester Mary Ann (Duff) Mary Ann (Duff) Trester (1917)
Trester Matilda Ann (Yahne) Matilda Ann (Yahne) Trester (1915)
Trester Rachel (Titus) Rachel (Titus) Trester (1913)
Trester Samuel Lester Samuel Lester Trester (1940)
Trester William William Trester (1855)
Trevillyan Bertha Mary (Reel) Bertha Reel Trevillyan (1997)
Trevillyan Charles Lee "Chuck" Charles Lee "Chuck" Trevillyan (2006)
Trevillyan H. Earle H. Earle Trevillyan (1972)
Trevillyan Jerry K. Jerry K. Trevillyan (2010)
Trevillyan John F., Sr. John F. Trevillyan, Sr. (2002)
Trevillyan Merry Ann (Smith) Merry Smith Trevillyan (1989)
Trevillyan Nadine (Davis) Nadine (Davis) Trevillyan (2008)
Trevillyan Raymond E. Raymond E. Trevillyan (2014)
Trevillyan Richard "Dick" Richard "Dick" Trevillyan (1988)
Trexler Mary Justice Mary Justice Trexler (1946)
Tribbey W. R. W. R. Tribbey (1944)
Triden Elsie (Hodges) Elsie (Hodges) Triden (1959)
Triebsch Judy (Hill) Judy (Hill) Triebsch (1970)
Trimble Laura (Sturman) Laura Sturman Trimble (1933)
Trimmer Joseph F. Joseph F. Trimmer (1927)
Trindle Barry Huston Barry Huston Trindle (2017)
Trindle Charles Ellis Charles Ellis Trindle (1925)
Trindle Clara Etta Clara Etta Trindle (1951)
Trindle Fred R. Fred R. Trindle (1986)
Trindle Ira Ira Trindle (1935)
Trindle Jacob J. Jacob J. Trindle (1901)
Trindle Mable (Lauterbach) Mable (Lauterbach) Trindle (2008)
Trindle Margaret (Holmes) Margaret (Holmes) Trindle (1910)
Trindle Marlin Marlin Trindle (1900)
Trindle Mary Mary Trindle (1898)
Trindle Mary (Brooker) Mary (Brooker) Trindle (1940)
Trindle Sanford E. Sanford E. Trindle (1936)
Triplett Jerry Loyal Jerry Loyal Triplett (2013)
Triplett Laverta Ferne Laverta Ferne Triplett (1994)
Triplett Marie (Baker) Marie (Baker) Triplett (2012)
Tripp Harris J. Harris J. Tripp (1988)
Tripp Larry Larry Tripp (1986)
Tripp Robert Ray (Bob) Robert Ray (Bob) Tripp (1985)
Tripp William Lee “Bill” William Lee “Bill” Tripp (2018)
Tripp Zelma (Slaughter) Zelma Slaughter Tripp (1991)
Tris Abraham C., Rev. Abraham C. Tris, Rev.
Tris William A. William A. Tris (1921)
Trisler Carolyn (Seales) Carolyn Seales Trisler (1995)
Tritsch Ted Douglas Ted Douglas Tritsch (2017)
Trobridge Charles S. Charles S. Trobridge (1892)
Trobridge Fannie S. Fannie S. Trobridge (1906)
Troester Judith Ann ( Stroeber) Judy Stroeber Troester (2003)
Trostheim Diane JaNon (Connelly) Diane Connelly Trostheim (2001)
Trotter Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Trotter (1928)
Trotter Charles E. Charles E. Trotter (1942)
Trotter Eliza J. (Harrington) Eliza J. (Harrington) Trotter (1890)
Trotter James A. James A. Trotter (1903)
Trotter James Fuller James Fuller Trotter (1924)
Trotter Ludwickie Ida (Siedel) Ludwickie Ida (Siedel) Trotter (1926)
Trotter Marion Summerfield Marion Summerfield Trotter (1914)
Trotter Ralph R. Ralph R. Trotter (1984)
Trotter Susan Jane Susan Jane Trotter (1918)
Trotter Winifred Anna (Rollings) Winifred Anna (Rollings) Trotter (1953)

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