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Bibliography, 1909

Civil War Veterans Buried in Clay County

Name Document Date of Death Cemetery Gravestone Photo Additional Info
Ackley, David Civil War Record 06/12/1885 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo  
Adams, Alpheus Civil War Record 11/19/1902 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Adams, John Civil War Record 01/03/1918 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Allbee, Anson Civil War Record 11/06/1926 Oakland Gravestone Photo Contact: Colleen Boose
Andrew, John Civil War Record 02/15/1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Andrew, John N. Civil War Record 04/04/1891 Riverside   Obituary
Annetts, John B. Civil War Record   Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Armes, Nelson C. Civil War Record 03/12/1886 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo  
Arms, William H. Civil War Record 09/02/1909 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Bailey, Eben Civil War Record 02/20/1921 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Bailey, Theron L. Civil War Record 1925 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Barry, Don Carlos Civil War Record 06/06/1893 Trimello Gravestone Photo Contact: Colleen Boose
Barry, John Carlos Civil War Record 06/09/1897 Trimello Gravestone Photo Contact: Colleen Boose
Bascom, Sylvanus Civil War Record 05/03/1895 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Bassett, George E. Civil War Record 08/20/1907 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Batcher, August F. Civil War Record 01/14/1921 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Battin, William Civil War Record 09/25/1922 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Bean, William W. Civil War Record 07/03/1890 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Bedford, Walter Civil War Record 1893 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Beeks, William J. Civil War Record 1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo Biography
Bender, Harmon Civil War Record 10/24/1886 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Bergmann, Peter Civil War Record 1880 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Bisbee, George M. Civil War Record 02/26/1918 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Blackmer, Peres C. Civil War Record 05/29/1928 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Bowman, William P. Civil War Record 04/27/1917 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Boyer, Emanuel Civil War Record 07/19/1922 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Brallier, David Civil War Record 04/06/1928 Liberty Gravestone Photo Obituary
Bucknum, Jerome Civil War Record 10/16/1923 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Burger, Jacob Civil War Record 11/04/1916 Lone Tree Gravestone Photo Obituary
Burgin, Levi C. Civil War Record 1915 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Burk, Doctor F. Civil War Record 05/23/1919 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Case, Scott Civil War Record 06/28/1926 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Cauvel, Calvin Civil War Record 11/14/1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Claypool, William W. Civil War Record 05/26/1913 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Collins, Silas T. Civil War Record 12/11/1900 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo Obituary
Compton, James G. Civil War Record 10/16/1907 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Cottrell, Joseph Civil War Record 12/06/1895 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Cress, Peter see Kress, Peter
Culver, William W. Civil War Record 06/17/1923 Dickens Gravestone Photo  
Cutshall, Samuel L. Civil War Record 09/29/1933 Riverside   Obituary
Davis, Nathan Civil War Record 12/20/1907 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Dean, William M. Civil War Record   Riverside Gravestone Photo  
DeWitt, Williard W. Civil War Record   Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Diggins, George H. Civil War Record 03/01/1916 Trimello Gravestone Photo Contact: Colleen Boose
Dodd, James Griffin Civil War Record 06/25/1931 Fanny Fern Gravestone Photo  
Dodd, Thomas C. Civil War Record 02/08/1907 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Doty, James H. Civil War Record 03/24/1921 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Doty, Theodore Civil War Record 05/14/1902 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Dubois, Henry H. Civil War Record 04/24/1910 Oakland Gravestone Photo Obituary
Dye, A. Marshall Civil War Record 05/12/1900 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Eade, George T. Civil War Record 1912 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Eaton, Joshua D. Civil War Record 04/23/1874 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo  
Faulkner, Dennis Civil War Record 1886 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Fizell, William T. Civil War Record 06/02/1911 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Fulton, Adonijah A. Civil War Record 10/04/1934 Oakland Gravestone Photo Obituary
Furmal, John B. Civil War Record 07/20/1885 Trimello Gravestone Photo  
Gallimore, Asa Civil War Record 01/30/1896 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo  
Gillespie, Daniel C. Civil War Record 04/16/1926 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Goodrich, Walter B. Civil War Record 05/22/1913 Oakland Gravestone Photo Obituary
Griffin, Marion E. Civil War Record 1925 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Hardenbrook, Abraham K. Civil War Record 04/15/1911 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Harriman, Chancey Allison Civil War Record 06/09/1937 Burr Oak Gravestone Photo  
Harris, Charles O. Civil War Record 11/13/1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Hart, Peter J. Civil War Record 1926 Riverside    
Hartman, Joseph Willson Civil War Record 10/10/1920 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Hatch, Austin S. Civil War Record 01/20/1894 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Heckman, John H.   07/27/1908 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Hendershott, Cleon Civil War Record 08/13/1895 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Hitman, Moses E. Civil War Record 02/23/1926 Riverside    
Holmes, John M. Civil War Record 1920 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Hovey, Augustus Civil War Record 1871 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Hovey, John Civil War Record 07/15/1876 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Hoxie, Charles W. Civil War Record 02/09/1934 Riverside Gravestone Photo Biography
Jackson, William Craig Civil War Record 03/05/1922 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Jacob, Johan August Civil War Record 03/03/1896 Trimello Gravestone Photo  
James, George W. Civil War Record 12/08/1916 Dickens Gravestone Photo Obituary
Jay, Hannibal P. Civil War Record   Dickens    
Jayne, David T. Civil War Record 1898 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Jones, Aaron Mott Civil War Record 1936 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Jones, Milton W. Civil War Record 05/11/1923 Dickens    
Jones, Raymond B. Civil War Record 10/12/1888 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Kindlespire, George C. Civil War Record 04/28/1909 Fanny Fern Gravestone Photo Obituary
Kress, Peter Civil War Record 12/27/1905 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
LaBrant, Levi E. Civil War Record 06/27/1924 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Leach, Charles H. Civil War Record 03/16/1916 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Logan, David Civil War Record 1920 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Lowerre, Benjamin Civil War Record 03/05/1926 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Lynde, Alonzo D. Civil War Record 02/19/1923 Oakland Gravestone Photo Obituary
Mack, Squire Civil War Record 07/19/1912 Riverside Gravestone Photo Contact:  Colleen Boose
Madden, Philander Civil War Record   Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Marker, Peter F. Civil War Record 10/07/1894 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Marr, Lucien M. Civil War Record 09/14/1894 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Marsh, Alonzo Civil War Record 07/01/1922 Dickens   Biography
Marshall, Martin L. Civil War Record 09/28/1905 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Martin, George F. Civil War Record 06/03/1913 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Martin, William Civil War Record 01/26/1894 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
McBath, Thomas Civil War Record 01/23/1917 Oakland Gravestone Photo Obituary
McConnell, Asa F. Civil War Record 1904 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
McConnell, John Civil War Record 1904 Riverside   Obituary
McCown, William Civil War Record 1930 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
McCoy, John C. Civil War Record 12/19/1928 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
McQueen, Thomas Civil War Record 06/10/1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Melius, Phillip Loren Civil War Record 04/25/1925 Dickens Gravestone Photo Obituary
Messenger, Jasper Civil War Record 03/12/1908 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Moriarty, John J. Civil War Record 04/21/1916 Liberty Gravestone Photo Obituary
Morris, Isaac A. Civil War Record 07/11/1896 Evergreen Gravestone Photo Obituary
Morrow, Alexander Civil War Record 07/06/1917 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Murray, Archibald Civil War Record 01/05/1873 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Nichols, Jerome D. Civil War Record 1924 Dickens Gravestone Photo  
O'Brien, Joseph Civil War Record 04/02/1922 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Ostrander, Andrew Civil War Record 05/03/1904 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Paddock, Albert Civil War Record 1919 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Paige, Hiel B. Civil War Record 01/12/1910 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Palmer, Daniel C. Civil War Record 09/06/1920 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Parsons, Horatio D. Civil War Record 11/11/1896 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Patton, John Civil War Record 09/05/1909 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Phelps, John W. Civil War Record 04/11/1847 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Pitcher, Benjamin Civil War Record 02/13/1920 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Powell, Theo. P. Civil War Record 04/24/1916 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Randall, Peter Civil War Record 12/12/1905 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Renville, Lewis Civil War Record   Trimello Gravestone Photo  
Renville, Napoleon Civil War Record 02/13/1892 Trimello Gravestone Photo  
Richards, Evan Civil War Record 11/21/1894 Pioneer Cemetery    
Riley, John Civil War Record 08/15/1911 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Rood, Lucius M. Civil War Record   Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Rood, William Civil War Record 12/21/1914 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Roth, William H. Civil War Record 01/09/1888 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Sargent, Ira H. US Army, Co. D, 4th Iowa Inf. 12/06/1935 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Savage, William Civil War Record   Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Seaton, William L. Civil War Record 02/07/1908 Rose Hill Gravestone Photo Obituary
Seibel, Adolph C. Civil War Record 02/03/1923 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Sheldon, John   1926 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Siegfried, Hiram Civil War Record 10/11/1909 Riverside no gravestone Obituary
Smith, Ashley Civil War Record 1902 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Smith, Mark M. Civil War Record 02/27/1901 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Smith, Sylvanus Civil War Record 09/15/1909 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Stebbings, John W. Civil War Record 07/28/1897 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Steele, William Civil War Record 1909 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Stokes, Samuel J. Civil War Record 01/22/1915 Riverside   Obituary
Streeter, James H. Civil War Record 01/28/1928 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Tindall, Jacob Civil War Record 8/30/1925 Riverside    
Towner, George F. Civil War Record 1935 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Towner, Orrin W. Civil War Record 10/01/1914 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Townsend, Peter Civil War Record 1921 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Tubbs, William Civil War Record 1902 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Wade, Joseph F. Civil War Record 10/02/1884 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Waist, Charles E. Civil War Record 07/09/1871 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Waist, Uri Smith Civil War Record 03/20/1873 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Walters, John B. Civil War Record 03/22/1915 Riverside   Obituary
Wamsley, Jefferson Civil War Record 08/01/1911 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Ward, George Rollin Civil War Record 04/25/1917 Trimello Gravestone Photo
Warren, William Civil War Record 1926 Oakland Gravestone Photo  
Weatherbee, Elliott Civil War Record 1913 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Wheeler, Alden Civil War Record 03/30/1906 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Whitcomb, Marcellus Civil War Record   Fanny Fern Gravestone Photo  
Wilcox, Nathan T. Civil War Record 06/04/1924 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Wilson, Edward Civil War Record 02/23/1897 Riverside    
Wilson, George Civil War Record 03/21/1910 Riverside   Obituary
Woodard, Hiram T. Civil War Record 02/11/1872 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Woodruff, Albert Civil War Record 08/02/1893 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary
Woodward, Carleton Civil War Record 02/21/1921 Garfield Gravestone Photo Obituary
Wright, John D.H. Civil War Record 08/20/1912 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Wright, Frank Civil War Record 1927 Riverside Gravestone Photo  
Yates, William H. Civil War Record 1926 Riverside Gravestone Photo Obituary

List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883
Civil War Roster

Pensioner Cert # PO Address Monthly Rate Cause
Bevan, Jane 77,858 Annieville $8.00 dep. mother
Bevelhimer, Edm'd   Peterson $6.00 g.s.w. left thigh
Carleton, Eliza P. 32,684 Spencer $8.00 dep. mother
Case, Charles E. ----- Spencer $12.00 fract. right clavicle
Case, Scott ----- Spencer $18.00 loss of left leg
Chase, Andrew S. 124,593 Peterson $4.00 g.s.w. left shoulder
Chipman, Phylena A. ----- Spencer $8.00 dep. mother
Crawford, Bowman 159,182 Spencer $12.00 chro. dia & dis. of abd. vis.
Cuttell, David F. 29,560 Spencer $18.00 wd. left shoulder
Dailey, William J. 148,887 Spencer $2.00 loss left middle finger
Darwin, Hulbert 18,105 Spencer ----- g.s.w. left knee & rt. ankle
Dessinger, Henry D. 214,848 Greenville $4.00 g.s.w right forearm
Dibble, Oren N. 150,115 Spencer $4.00 g.s.w. right thigh
Dodge, Ira G. 72,860 Spencer $2.66 2/3 inj. to spine
Fairbanks, Harriett 149,518 Peterson $8.00 dep. mother
Fairbanks, Jabez W. 95,962 Peterson $5.00 chills & fever
Fisher, John H. 98,338 Spencer $8.00 g.s.w. left thigh
Fosler, Isaac L. 203,410 Spencer $8.00 rheumatism
Gillespie, Jane L. ----- Spencer $20.00 widow & c.
Harmon, Desalvo B. 84,263 Peterson $8.00 g.s.w. left leg
Hays, Franklin L. 47,576 Spencer $18.00 g.s.w left leg
Herrick, Manha A. ----- Spencer $8.00 widow & c.
Himes, Marshall 220,461 Spencer $17.00 dis. of heart
Hodge, Perry 192,406 Spencer $4.00 g.s.w. left thigh
Horton, Truman B. 173,883 Spencer $6.00 varicose veins of right leg
Jones, John C. 76,155 Spencer $24.00 chro. rheumatism
Jones, Raymond B. 27,128 Spencer $24.00 g.s.w. of body & thigh
Lundy, James 77,515 Spencer $2.00 loss of fingers & c
McConnell, John 71,892 Spencer $18.00 g.s.w. left forearm
McNary, William 164,305 Spencer $4.00 dis. of lung
Miner, Thomas E. 147,550 Spencer $4.00 g.s.w. left thigh
Odell, John A. ----- Spencer $8.00 dep. father
Parsons, Horatio D. 206,786 Spencer $8.00 chro. diar.
Patton, John 39,826 Spencer $15.00 wd. right hand
Rafter, Sarah 47,550 Greenville $8.00 dep. mother
Redford, Walter 137,320 Spencer $4.00 g.s.w. left side of face
Sabin, Warren 168,934 Yankee $8.00 inj. chest, dis. lungs
Savage, Elizabeth 195,132 Spencer $8.00 widow & c.
Seibel, Adolph 152,165 Spencer $6.00 g.s.w. right arm
Smith, Geo. M. 168,380 Spencer $4.00 bay. wd. left thigh, g.s.w. head
Warren, William 113,678 Yankee $6.00 wd. left leg
Watters, John B. 172,210 Spencer $8.00 disease of eyes
Winchel, Erastus 28,003 Annieville $8.00 injury to abdomen

Source: Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883