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This alphabetical listing of Civil War soldiers who were born in, lived in, or died in Clayton co. has been compiled by the Clayton co. coordinator from many sources. It will be updated whenever another soldier is identified.

If you'd like a name added, or have additional information, a photo, obituary, etc. for any of the men, please email the Clayton co. coordinator. Should you find an error, corrections are also appreciated.

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Soldier Name Rank Regiment Residence Notes & Links to more info.
Radabah, Jonathan
Radabauch, Jonathan
      1835-1915. Buried in Oak Hill, Manchester, Delaware co. - his Clayton co. residence is uncertain; obituary
Rademacher, Charles J. Corporal Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 09/16/1839-01/21/1920. Married to Mary Lembke / Lambke in Clayton co. in 1866 & shortly after, they moved to Plymouth co. IA, and in retirement to Sioux City. Buried in the Graceland Park cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury co. IA; obituary; additional information
Randall, Robert William Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Monona 1825-1913. Pension gives company as "unassigned", his obit states Co. K. Invalid pension filed Jan? 20, 1888, certificate #672482 (Fold3 record). Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary
Ray, Henry Private Co. I, 8th IA Cav Millville  
Ray, Isaac Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville 03/25/1844-03/16/1934. Enlisted at Elkader in April 1862, mustered into service at Dubuque; served three years. Filed for invalid pension on 10/27/1885, cert. #398034. He & his wife Lucy removed to Montana in 1914. Buried Plentywood cemetery, Plentywood, Sheridan co., Montana. Obituary. Additional information
Rechow, Edward Fifer Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg B. in Prussia 10/10/1846 & d. 06/13/1915 in Chicago, IL; additional information
Redhead, George   Co. C, 13th IA Inf Garnavillo / Grand Meadow 1833-1914; married the widow of another CW solder, David Robinson after he died in he war; he filed for pension as invalid 02/10/1886 & his widow filed 01/16/1914; buried in the Postville cemetery; obituary
Redman, William Private Co. G, 4th IA Inf Elkport b. ca1827 - ?; enumerated on the 1885 Iowa State census in Volga twp.
Reed, Charles H. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Farmersburg Enlisted 8/15/1862; died of consumption in Jackson, TN & is buried Corinth National Cemetery, Corinth, MS, plot B, #3243; he also has a cenotaph in the Giard cemetery
Reed, William T. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor Working as a barber in McGregor when he enlisted 08/15/1862; of the 87 men on the muster rolls of Co G, he was one of only 40 who served their entire term, and one of the few who were marked "present" on every bimonthly company muster roll; died in 1905 in Superior, WI and is buried in Greenwood cemetery, Block 9 Ring 4; Additional information
Reeves, Charles Henry Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf McGregor Died 5/20/1928, buried in Riverside Memorial cemetery, Spokane, WA; Obit & photo; Biography
Reinhart, John Private Co. F, 4th IA Inf Marion twp. Buried in Elkader Eastside cemetery. Obituary
Renwick, Augustis A.
Renwick, Augustus A.
Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Wounded in battle 5/22/1863, died of wounds 6/23/1863 in Vickaburg hospital. Father's pension filed 12/02/1870, cert. #153237; Buried in Vicksburg National cemetery, cenotaph in Strawberry Point cemetery
Reynolds, Edward Sergeant Co. K, 1st IA Cav St. Olaf 10/08/1844-11/13/1909; buried in Greenwood cemetery, Wayne co. NE ~Sons of the Union Veterans website
Reynolds, Nelson R. 6th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville / McGregor 1842-1934. Enrolled on 8/14/1862 at McGregor, Iowa. Mustered in at Dubuque, IA on 8/22/1862. Mustered out 6/2/1865. Invalid pension filled 7/1/1891, cert #1081655. Died at Soldiers' Military Home, Sawtelle, CA; buried San Gabriel cemetery, Alhambra, CA, Lot T 147 Grave 3. Obituary. Additional information
Rice, James M. 5th Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek twp. Additional information
Richards, John A. Private Co. B, 4th IA Cav Edgewood 06/29/1846-07/13/1936; he was the last surviving CW soldier in Edgewood; buried in Greenhill cemetery; Obituary
Richards, S.T. Private Co. B, 4th IA Cav Edgewood  
Riegel, John F. Private Co. F, 51st PA Inf Osterdock 1848-1923; buried in Bethel cemetery
Riley, James M. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Monona ca1830-1880. The 1863 draft: he was age 33 & currently in the U.S. Vols. Filed for invalid pension 4/18/1865, cert #90983 (Fold3). He is shown on the 1880 census as being blind. His widow filed 4/9/1880. Buried Monona City cem.
Riley, James M. Private unassigned, 79th IN Inf. Monona / Ion, Allamakee co. 1843-1920. Removed from Clayton co. aft 1880. Mustered in 2/17/1865, mustered out 5/7/1865. Filed for invalid pension 8/16/1890, cert #940755 (Fold3). G.A.R. membership record: Died in St. Joseph, MO 3/25/1920, burial in Monona City cem.
Rizer, William C.   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport b. Feb 1842 in OH, d. 10/18/1916 in Buffalo co., NE; buried in Gibbon Riverside cemetery, Buffalo co. NE; Additional information
Robbins, Charles Henry 6th Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek twp. 1836-1924; Obituary; buried in Mederville cemetery; Additional information & photo
Robbins, Henry   Co. K, 37th IA Inf. Cox Creek twp. Died 1886. Enlisted at age 57; enlisted Sept. 23, 1862. Mustered Nov. 27, 1862. Discharged for disability March 17, 1865, Cincinnati, OH ~info. from Steve Hanken. Buried in Mederville cemetery; Obituary
Robbins, William 2nd Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek twp. Additional information
Roberts, Charles W. Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Strawberry Point Residence Dubuque, nativity Tennessee. Enlisted, age 24, Dec. 5, 1863.  Mustered Dec. 5, 1863. Mustered out Feb. 15, 1866, Austin, Texas. Buried Strawberry Point cem. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Roberts, N. Private Co. B, 1st IA Inf Strawberry Point  
Robinson, David H. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader c1828-08/04/1863; 1856 Iowa State census, Boardman twp. w/wife Sally (nee Howard) & children Viola A. & Charles A.; pension certificate #69288 filed 11/30/1863 for Redhead, S.H. Gdn. minor [children]; he is mentioned in the obituary of his wife Sarah who married Geo. Redhead after David died; per Carl Ingwaldson: "Sarah/Sally's obituary notes that David was 'killed' in the war which usually implies that he was shot or suffered a similar fate. In fact, he died from chronic diarrhoea at St. Louis, MO. He is buried in National cemetery, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis." Additional information
Robinson, James M. Private Co. F, 46th IA Inf Edgewood 1845-1924; Buried Edgewood cem. Delaware co. IA
Robinson, John J. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point / Arlington, Fayette co. Died 1904. Buried in the Arlington cemetery, Fayette co. IA. Additional information
Rodenberg, William Private Co. G, 4th IA Inf Guttenberg Filed for invalid pension 08/4/1890, cert. #595116; widow pension filed 12/1/1913. Died 11/24/1913, buried in the Guttenberg City cemetery
Rogers, Jabez S. 'Jabe' Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor Enlisted 08/12/1862, dischg 07/15/1865; filed for invalid pension 05/24/1878, certif. #165593; 1870 census in Mendon twp. he is a farmer, wife (Sarah J.), 4 children & ?mother (Mary, age 78); 1880 census Monona, Clayton co., carpenter, wife (S.J.), son, 2 dau; 01/01/1883 'List of Pensioners on the Rolls' living in Free Soil, Mason co., Mich.: disability chr diarr, $10/mo, date of orig. allowance May 1880; enumerated on 1890 Veteran's Schedule, 11th U.S. census living in Chippewa Falls, WI; died 1894, buried in Anson, WI. Additional information
Rogman, John Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Clayton co. 1843-1922; buried in Pleasant View cemetery, Antelope co. NE; Biography
Rood, William W. Private Co. H, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Ruddy, Thomas Private Co. A, 3rd WI Cav McGregor 3rd WI Cav, Co F
Ruff, Francis Burdett 'Frank'   Co. D, 21st IA Inf McGregor / Volga City Lived in Volga City for years before & after the war, then removed to Kansas, returning to Volga City for a couple years in the early 1890's; died 01/31/1907; buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA; Death notice; Biography
Rulifson, Harmon
Rulefson, Harmon
  Co. F, 153rd NY Vols   Enlisted 9/1/1862. Mustered out 10/2/1865. Born 1838. Died 1899 at the poor farm. Buried East Side cemetery; Obit
Runyen, Lewis C.
Runyon, Lewis
Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. National Age 21. Residence National, nativity New York. Enlisted Aug. 15, 1862. Mustered Aug. 29, 1862. Died of disease Feb. 7, 1863, Hospital, Jackson, Tenn. Buried in Union National Cemetery, Corinth, Miss. (info. & gravestone photo were contributed by Steve Hanken)
Rupp, J.A. Private Co. H, 14th NY Inf McGregor 114th NY Inf, Co H
Russell, Enos M. 7th Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Garnavillo 1839-1865. Enrolled 8/14/1862 at Elkader, mustered in at Dubuque a month later. Shot by a Provost guard at Memphis, TN on 4/28/1865, he's buried in the Memphis National cem. Additional information
Ryan, Erasmus D.
Ryan, Edward D.
Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav McGregor 1823-1901. Enlisted age 40, nativity New York, Feb. 25, 1864. Mustered March 10, 1864. Mustered out May 28, 1865, Memphis, TN. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; obituary
Saacke, William Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf Guttenberg / McGregor Age 37, nativity Germany. Enlisted May 22, 1861. Mustered June 8, 1861. Wounded slightly Sept. 17, 1861, Blue Mills, Mo. Mustered out June 8, 1864, Davenport, IA. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Sadler, George Private Co. H, 1st Battalion MN Vol. Inf Littleport Born 1839. Enrolled for service at St. Paul, MN on 3/30/1865 for a period & mustered out 6/5/65 (MN Civil War Muster Rolls). He died at the Iowa Soldiers' Home, Marshall co. IA on 3/14/1926 & is buried in the Edgewood cemetery. Gravestone, Obituary
Salzer, John Carl 'August'   Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Elkader Enlisted 10/5/1864, mustered out 7/24/1865; died 08/30/1866; widow (Henrietta A. Salzer) penson filed 6/28/1881, cert #209447; buried Eastside cemetery. Obituary
Sangston, John Tamberlin Corporal Co. K, 2nd PA Artillery Osterdock 1842-1921; buried in Hansel cemetery; Obituary
Sargent, Ira H. Private Co. D, 4th IA Inf Strawberry Point 11/05/1845-12/06/1935; Buried Riverside cem., Spencer, Clay co. Iowa; obit & photo
Sargent, William R. Private Co. I, 4th IA Cav Clayton co. d. 09/21/1908 Joplin, MO; pension July 21, 1892; widow pension Oct 10, 1908; minor pension Dec 21, 1914; buried Fairview cemetery, Joplin, Jasper co., MO
Satterlee, William C. Private Co. F, 8th IA Cav Elkader Age 21, nativity Pennsylvania. Enlisted July 20, 1863. Mustered July 20, 1863. Promoted Fifth Corporal July 15, 1865. Mustered out Aug. 13, 1865, Macon, Ga. Died bef. 1884. Buried Eastside cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Schaller, Phillip 'Phil'   Co. E, 27th IA Inf. National / Sac co. IA 1838-1911. Enlisted 8/8/1862, served until 7/1/1865. One time Commander of the Iowa G.A.R. Buried Oakland cemetery, Sac City, IA; Obituary
Scharer, Peter Private Co. G, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Schecker, Charles Sergeant Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport 01/02/1826-10/13/1906; in 1850, prior to immigrating to the U.S., he served 3 mo. in the Schleswig-Holstein war; buried Eastside cem. Elkader; more information, & photos; Obituary
Schlake, Gerhardt Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 06/18/1840-11/11/1863; Died of disease; buried in the National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR; more information
Schlake, Henry   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 10/27/1836-06/05/1864; Died of disease; buried in the National Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS; more information
Schmidt, John Henry   Co. K, 17th MO Vol. Ceres 1842-1863; Died of bronchitis; buried Ceres cemetery
Schmitt, William M.

William & Henrietta Schmitt, 11/10/1862

  Co. H, 38th IA Inf.
/ 34th IA Inf.
Giard twp. Sept. 15, 1836-Dec. 14, 1916; he served in Co. H, 38th Iowa infantry (later consolidated with 34th IA Inf. Jan 1, 1865) from Nov 4, 1862 until August 15, 1865. He married Henrietta Hoch on a short leave from the army, November 10, 1862. The photo is their wedding picture. ~contributed by Kyle Metz

Burial is in Council Hill cemetery, Watson; obituary
Schnack, Detlef Private Co. E, 26th IA Inf. Volga 1833-1883. Invalid pension filed 2/15/1865, cert #39395. Burial place unknown, but likely Immanuel Lutheran cemetery (Elkport cemetery), where his wife Catherine is buried. Obituary
Schorg, Henry   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg Born, August 27, 1837 in Eisbaden, Germany. Came to the United States in 1858. He entered military service on August 16, 1862 in the Iowa Infantry Volunteers. Henry was a member of Company "D", 27th Regiment, Iowa Volunteers Infantry during the Civil War. Enlisted Aug 16, 1862, mustered in Sept. 13, 1862. Mustered out Aug/Oct 1865, Clinton, IA. Physical description at age 25: Height 5' 8", Blue eyes, light hair. His occupation was a miner. Died Feb 15, 1915 in Guttenberg, Clayton County, IA. Buried Feb 19, 1915 in City Cemetery, Guttenberg, IA. Pension claim records show that during the month of May 1880, Henry was working in the saw mill in Guttenberg. He was attending the slab saw. His left hand was struck by the saw and so injured his hand, that a short time afterwards, Dr. W. L. Duffin amputated the fingers and thumb of his left hand. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Schroeder, John Henry 1st Lieut Co. E, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo May 1842-1902. Residence Garnavillo, nativity Ohio. Enlisted, at age 21, on Jan. 9, 1864. Mustered Jan. 30, 1864. Wounded slightly April 9 1864, Pleasant Hill, La. Mustered out June 12, 1865, Fort Gaines, Ala. Buried Carroll cemetery, Carroll co. IA ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Schrunk, Joseph Adam Private Co. G, 9th IA Jefferson twp. 1844-1908. Enlisted 9/24/1861, mustered out 9/24/1864 at East Point, GA at expiration of term of service. Died 4/2/1908 and buried in Brownsville Pioneer cemetery, Linn co., OR; Obituary
Schultz, Charles Private Co. I, 8th IA Cav Osterdock 1845-1929; removed to Lyon co. IA after the war; buried Hillside cemetery, Doon, Lyon co. IA; Obituary
Schurmann, Heinrich 'Henry'
Sherman, Henry
Private Co. C, 15th IA Inf. Guttenburg 1/2/1829-11/11/1905. Served in German army prior to emigrating to U.S. Enlisted 10/11/1864, mustered out 7/24/1865 (Roster & Record). Buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Scott, Thomas Jefferson Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav Strawberry Point 1833-1905; Enlisted 10/01/1862, mustered out 10/17/1865 at Sioux City, IA. Sent on campaigns against the Indian uprisings in the northwest, his wife, Mary J. (True) Scott, was with him at Ft. Randall & Ft. Pierre administering to the needs of the soldiers; she was also on the government payroll (from his wife's obituary); he is buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Scofield, Norman 3rd Sergeant Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1838-1863. Died of disease. Burial place unknown. Biography
Scovel, Christopher Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek  
Scovel, James J. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek 1840-1898. Buried in Spry cemetery, Polk co. IA. Biography
Sevoy, John Private Co. K, 8th OH Inf Edgewood  
Seward, Dwight Private Co. L, 7th MI Cav Edgewood 1831-1919; buried in the Edgewood cemetery. Obituary
Shaffer, Samuel W. Private Co. K, 2nd PA Heavy Artillery
112th PA Vol.
Osterdock ca1840-01/12/1918; enlisted 03/15/1862, discharged on Surgeon's certificate 01/05/1863; invalid pension #757931 filed 06/01/1886; buried Oak Hill cemetery, Central City, Linn co. Iowa
Shaw, William Private Co. J, 3rd MO Inf Elkport Died 04/03/1863 in Elkport; Enlisted 10/19/1861, discharged 04/14/1862; invalid pension #365730 filed 01/20/1863; minor pension filed 07/09/1883; buried in Asbury cemetery
Shelhamer, Jesse B. Captain? Co. K, 1st IA Cav, Veteran Vols. Elkader Enlisted 12/8/1864, served 1 yr. (possibly this was his 2nd enlistment); Buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Sherman, Alonzo Private Co. K, 37th IA Inf
Monona 1817-05/27/1880; Enlisted 11/12/1862, mustered out 12/20/1863 at Alton, IL; Invalid pension #145947, filed 02/22/1864; buried in the Wagner twp. cemetery
Sherman, Henry       see Henry Schurmann's entry above
Sherman, Theodore Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav Monona 1846-1930; enlisted 1862, discharged 1865; from his 1882 bio: "...was sent to Dakota, where he participated in the campaigns against the Indians under Generals Cook and Sulley, serving over three years."; Discharge Record; Obit & photo; Buried Monona City cemetery
Sherwood, Clark I. Private Co. L, 1st IA Cav Cass twp. 1841-?, was s/o Smith & Jane Sherwood; enlisted 9/24/1861, mustered out 3/4/1862; the Iowa Armed Forces Grave Registration index (familysearch.org) gives DOD 08/29/1867 in Iowa; buried Strawberry Point cemetery (no gravestone located)
Shuck, David W. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf McGregor Enlisted 08/12/1862 and died 4/21/1863 on the hospital boat Nashville of typhoid fever; buried National cemetery, Vicksburg, MS Section A, grave 2927 (originally grave 71); Biography
Shull, Oliver C. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor died 11/13/1919; buried Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, KS; Biography; Death notice
Shunk, Thos. F. Private Co. C, 15th IA Inf Osterdock  
Sinclair, Donald G.   Confederate Army Monona Per obit: served 2 yrs., wounded at Gettysburg. Died 1909 & buried in Monona City cemetery. No gravestone located. Obituary
Sisemore, James Alfred Private Co. D, 153rd IN Inf Guttenberg One of the few black men living in Clayton co., he was a barber for many yrs.; removed to KS ca1900, then to MN by 1920 (living household his his daughter Josephine McCall in St. Paul); Pension #746802 files 7/24/1890; died 11/10/1927, buried in Forest Lawn cemetery, St. Paul, MN, sect 26-326-2
Skinner, William Henry Private Co. I, 147th IL Inf Monona Filed for invalid pension 10/20/1866, cert. #157515; widow pension #253421dated 6/15/1888 (Fold3 record). Buried Monona City cemetery
Skipworth, James Paul Private Co. I, 27th IA Inf. Pleasant Ridge 1841-1900. Enlisted 8/15/1862, mustered out 8/14/1863 for disability. Filed for invalid pension 4/10/1880, cert. #232442; widow Hannah Skipworth filed for widow pension 5/19/1900. Buried Council Hill cemetery (no gravestone located but appears in WPA records). Obituary
Slitor, Edward F.   Co. K, 1st IA Inf Monona Served 2 enlistments in same company & regiment, totaling 6 yrs. Applied for invalid pension 7/12/1904, certif. #1090135. Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary
Sloan, Quincy A.
Sloane, Quincy A.
Corporal Co. C, 74th IL Inf McGregor 1843-March 1916; later served as 2nd Lt. in the 'McGregor State Guards' an organized militia (1876); buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; death notice
Sloan, Samuel Pangborn Chaplain 21st IA Inf McGregor Born in OH. Appointed chaplain 09/01/1862. Resigned 01/05/1863. (source: "Roster & Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion", by Guy E. Logan). He died in McGregor 10/29/1870 and is buried in Winnebago cemetery, Winnebago co., IL; Death notice; Biography
Smith, Asa Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader Age 29. Residence Elkader, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Discharged for disability July 27, 1863, Milliken's Bend, La. (Roster & Record, Logan); died in Washington state in December 1906.
Smith, Frederick Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Monona Born ca1925. At time of enlistment residence was Elkader, nativity Germany. Mustered 9/24/1861.Wounded in right lung severely March 7, 1862, Pea Ridge, Ark. Discharged for disability 10/4/1862, St. Louis, Mo. (Roster & Record, Logan). DOD unkn., buried in the Monona City cemetery
Smith, G. Private Co. C, 195th OH Inf Millville  
Smith, George Artemis   Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Biography
Smith, Harrison H. 'Harry' Private Co. B, 13th IN Cav Strawberry Point Enlisted 11/04/1864, served 1 yr., dischged 11/9/1864. Obituary
Smith, J.E. Private Co. K, 16th IA Inf Volga  
Smith, Lorintz
Smith, Laurence
  Co. I, 11th PA Cav and
Co. C, 176th PA Inf.
Strawberry Point Enlisted 11/3/1862, dischg 08/18/1863; Invalid pension #733340. Died 1907, buried Strawberry Point cemetery
Smith, Merritt Alonzo Private 11th NY Cav National s/o Asa Smith & Mercy A. James; b. 1846; d. 6/29/1866; enlisted from Elizabethtown, Essex, NY on 08/30/1864 & was discharged 6/12/1865; buried in National cemetery
Smith, O.B. Private Co. E, 73rd IN Inf Strawberry Point  
Smith, William   Co. H or Co. K, 38th IA   b. France (source of all info.: 1895 IA State census Giard twp.)
Smith, William B. Private Co. G, 126th IL Inf Osterdock B. 03/13/1811, d. 11/13/1893; buried Bethel cemetery
Smothers, Edmond Private Co. A, 136th IL Inf. Elk twp. 1847-1891; buried Elk Valley cemetery. Obituary
Snedigar, Edward Burton

Edward B. Snedigar - contributed by Carl Ingwlson

Sergeant Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader / Maynard, Fayette co. 1844-1904. Residence Elkader, nativity Wisconsin. Enlisted, age 18, Aug. 9, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Promoted 8th Corp Jan. 1, 1863; 7th Corp March 10, 1863; 6th Corp April 11, 1863; 5th Corp May 17, 1863. Wounded slightly May 22, 1863, Vicksburg, Miss. Promoted 4th Corp May 26, 1863; 2nd Corp June 22, 1863; 1st Corp July 26, 1863, 5th Serg. Nov. 11, 1863; 4th Serg. May 1, 1864; 3rd Serg. Oct. 6, 1864. Mustered out July 15, 1865, Baton Rouge. Buried Long Grove cem., Fayette co. IA ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken ~photo contributed by Carl Ingwlson

Biography & another photo

Southwell, Robert Corporal Co. A, 21st MO Inf Farmersburg 12/31/1842-02/03/1928. Removed to southern California ca1906/7. A notice in a 1912 Elkader paper requested that anyone having his current address, please contact the paper.
Filed for invalid pension 12/29/1884 & 01/25/1912, cert. #609792. Pension card gives DOD as 02/03/1928 in Central Point, Oregon. (source: Fold-3) Buried Jacksonville cemetery, Jackson co. Oregon.
Spangler, Henry C. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Osterdock Died 10/28/1935; buried San Gabriel cemetery, Los Angeles co., California; Additional information
Spangler, William Harrison Sergeant Co. G, 21st IA Inf Osterdock Died 02/21/1887, buried in Emerick cemetery, Madison co., NE; Madison co., NE; Obituary; Additional information
Sparks, Allen Sergeant Co. C, 3rd IA Inf National / McGregor Age 39. Residence National, nativity KY. Enlisted May 22, 1861, as 5th Corp. Must. June 8, 1861. Wounded by spent ball April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. 2nd Sgt Nov. 25, 1862, WIA 12 July 1863 Jackson, discharged for disability, 19 Sept, 1863. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. from Steve Hanken. Obituary
Sprague, Perry C.   Co. D, 27th IA Inf   Died 12/08/1864, buried Ashbury cemetery; Additional information
Springer, Lafayette   Co. I, 1st WI Inf.
Co. ?, 3rd WI Inf.
Co. C, 21st WI Inf.
Millville / Greeley, Delaware co. 1828-1896. From his gg-grandson John G. Sackis: "Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865, Regimental Listing Vol 1; 1st Wisconsin Infantry, Company I:
Springer, LaFayette, Pra. du Chien, Nov. 19,' 63, Drafted; wnd. Altoona Hill; trans. to Co. C, 21st Wis. Inf., Sep 20' 65.
Springer, LaFayette, Pra. du Chien, Nov. 19,' 63, From Co. I, 1st Wis Inf.; trans to 3d Wis. Inf., June 8' 65; M. O. May 29,' 65." Buried Grant View cemetery, Greeley, Delaware co. IA; Funeral notice
Stafford, Otis Private Co. A, 31st WI Inf
Co. K, 31st WI Inf
McGregor 1831-1906; enlisted at Prairie du Chien 1/5/1864, wounded at Goldsboro, N.C., transf. to Co. K, 6/20/1865, mustered out 6/2/1865 (source: Roster of WI Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865, Vol II, pg 447). Filed for invalid pension on 6/13/1865, certificate #66396 (source: Fold3 records). "Otis Stafford, of McGregor, has had his pension increased to $40 per month." (source: Elkader Register, 5/7/1903). Burial place possibly is Pleasant Grove cemetery, but to date is not confirmed. Death notice
Stahl, John Wesley   Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elk twp. 1845-1907; removed to Cedar Rapids in 1885; died at the Soldier's Home in Marshalltown, IA; buried in Hillcrest cemetery, Volga City; Obituary & portrait
Stanton, Edwin Wilkes 'Ted' Private unassigned, 3rd WI Inf. Elkader Responded to the last call for volunteers for the Civil war, and enlisted with his mother's permission, at Madison, WI on 02/15/1865. Invalid Pension #1162068; at his death, he was the last surviving CW veteran living in Elkader. Buried East Side cemetery, Elkader. Obituary
Starr, Edwin B. Corporal Co. H, 3rd WI Cav
Co. D, 13th WI Inf
McGregor 1841-1922. Filed invalid pension, cert. #862047 06/29/1888 & 03/07/1907 (source: Fold3) Buried St. Mary's cemetery, McGregor
Stearns, Martin Phillip

Martin Phillip Stearns - photo contributed by Wanda Huisman

Private Co. C, 21st IA Inf Volga City 1828-1867; buried in Hillcrest cemetery, lot 73. My gg-grandfather, Martin P. Stearns was wounded at the battle of Vicksburg, A musket bullet hit his belt buckle and ruptured the abdomen cavity and fecal matter passed out the wound. Dec 10, 1867 he died from this wound. The family has passed down that until his death the fecal matter passed out of this wound; so he likely died of infection; really a miracle that he lived for four years that way. As a result his children received a Civil War Pension. Martin's sister was Susan Keeling & her husband got control of the children's money, possibly because his wife Catherine (nee Tinkham) couldn't write. On a document she signed, her name was an X. The receipts in the courthouse are records of how the children's money was spent. One indicates that each of them put in an equal amount & bought their father's tombstone. A son, John Thomas, was born 7 Feb 1867 and died 19 Oct 1867 was listed on the same tombstone as Martin. I think the original picture of Martin was a charcoal drawing, now lost. Records show he served in Iowa 21st Company C. Age 33. Residence Volga City, nativity England. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Wounded May 22, 1863 Vicksburg, Miss. Discharged for wounds June 23, 1863, Memphis Tenn. ~contributed by Wanda Huisman
Steen, Fred
Stein, Joachim H.F.
Private Co. F, 12th IA Inf Elkader 1822-01/13/1912. Filed for invalid pension 01/24/1890 & 05/11/1907, cert. #1081159. Buried Eastside cemetery, Elkader; Obituary
Stephenson, William G. Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. Elkader Enlisted 05/21/1861. Mortally wounded 7/12/63, L leg amputated, died 07/23/1862 at Jacksonville, MS. Buried Eastside cemetery
Stevens, Charles J. Private Co. H, 2nd MI Cav North McGregor 1839-1917. Enlisted 10/02/1861, mustered out 10/22/1864 at Nashville, TN (Record of Service Michigan Vol's - from Linda Linn). Filed for invalid pension, cert #341355 on 02/08/1878; widow pension #832816 filed 03/08/1917. Died 02/26/1917 at Mason City, IA (source: Fold3) Burial is in Elmwood-St. Joseph Municipal cemetery, Mason City
Stevens, Henry Private Co. E, 9th IA Vol. Inf. Guttenberg 1816-1899. Capt. Baker's regiment, enlisted 9/9/1861, discharged 8/15/1862, wounded by gunshot left arm. Buried Guttenberg City cem., Obituary
Steward, James C.   Co. A, 36th WI Inf. Strawberry Point 1837-1908. Buried Strawberry Point cemetery
Stewart, E.F. Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Stewart, Orren P.   Co. B, 15th U.S. Inf. Elkader 1840-1896. Living in Highland twp. per 1856 IA State census & in Elkader per 1860 & 1870 U.S. census. Enlisted 11/4/1861; dischg 4/4/1865. Removed to KS in 1872 & then to CO in 1882. Died 2/18/1896; buried Homelake cemetery, Colorado State Vet. Center, Rio Grande co., CO. Gravestone & obituary
Stewart, Thomas C. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor Additional info.
Stewart, William Sergent Co. B, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Still, George Ebenezer 3rd Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Sperry twp. Enlisted 8/22/1862. Discharged 4/11/1863. Died in 1920, buried North Cemetery, Lawler, Chickasaw co. Iowa; Biography
Stockton, Erasmus D.   Co. D, 21st Iowa Inf Elkader Age 44, nativity New York. Enlisted July 25, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Died of disease May 23, 1863, Cairo, Ill.; buried at Mound City National cemetery, Cairo, IL; has a memorial gravestone in Eastside cemetery ~info. & gravestone photo contributed by Steve Hanken
Stoddard, Charles E. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista Additional information
Stoddard, John W. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista  
Stoeffler, Louis   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg died 11/19/1896; buried St. Mary's cemetery
Stoughton, Thomas Private Co. A, 38th IA Inf Highland twp. Born ca1842 in N.Y. and died of disease on September 26, 1863 shortly after entering the service; his parents Thomas & Emily Stoughton applied for his pension, respectively on Aug 4, 1866 and July 10, 1867; buried Old Stone School cemetery, Sperry twp.; his intact military gravestone was read by the WPA in the 1930’s, the stone was reported to be broken ca1980's and no longer can be found as of June 2012.
Stratton, Charles Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Farmersburg 04/28/1822-06/20/1928; Filed for invalid pension 4/16/1886, cert #349241; Buried Farmersburg-Wagner cem.; Obituary
Stringer, Justus J. Lieutenant Co. B, 36th IL Cav. Strawberry Point Enlisted 7/18/1861; dischg 08/17/1862. Buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Stringham, Gleason F. Private Co. B, 12th IA Inf. McGregor Biography
Stringham, Henry   Co. B, 12th IA Inf. McGregor Buried Woodlawn cemetery, Sioux Falls, SD; Biography
Stuart, Archibald H. 1st Lieutenant Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville 1835-?. He removed to Dubuque co. after the war. Buried in Linwood cemetery, Dubuque. Additional information
Sullivan, William Private Co. D, 2nd IA Inf Guttenberg Note! This may be William Sullivan who served in Co. D 2nd Regiment U.S. Infantry during the Mexican war, rather than in the 2nd IA Inf. during the Civil War. Researchers should verify.
Surring, William Frederick Private
Co. H, 16th WI Inf. &
Co. G, 1st WI H.A.
Monona Applied for invalid pension, 09/04/1880, cert. #247407. Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary
Swisher, Benjamin L. Private Co. F, 152nd Reg. OH Inf. National Guard Elk twp. 1826-ca1882. He has a recently erected military stone with DOD of 1880; he was enumerated on the 1880 census (taken 6/3/1880) & was granted $2.50/wk support June 5-Sept 1, 1882 by the County Supervisors. His wife's obit states she died at "her husband's home", which could mean he was still living in early 1883, although unlikely - interested researchers should verify his DOD
Sydow, Charles
Von Sydow, Charles
2nd Lieut Co. D, 27th IA Inf. McGregor Enlisted, 09/13/1862; mustered out 08/08/1865 at Clinton, IA. Removed to Winneshiek co. after the war. Filed for invalid pension, cert. #248582, on 03/14/1882; minor pension #585587, filed 03/09/1903, F.C. Jones, guardian. Died 12/19/1902, buried in the Calmar City cemetery, Winneshiek co. IA
Talcott, Horace P.
Tallcott, Horace P.
Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1835-1910; saw service at Hartville, Port Gibson, Champion's Hill, Black River Bridge, siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Spanish Fort and Blakely, Mobile (The Twenty-First Regiment of Iowa Volunteer Infantry, by George Crooke, 1891); he lived in Putnam twp. Fayette co. for many years; removed to Strawberry Point ca1900; buried Strawberry Point cem., lot 21; Additional information; Obituary
Talmadge, John H.   Co. A, 6th IA Inf Strawberry Point 1829-1906; buried Strawberry Point cem., lot 38
Tharp / Thorpe, Jacob M. Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista 1820-1894. Buried in Goshen cemetery. Additional information
Thein, Adam F. Private Co. B, 3rd IA Vet Inf Volga City buried at Andersonville Prison, Georgia
Thein, Michael W. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport 09/29/1839-08/10/1917; Enlisted 8/14/1862, served until close of war. Buried Garnavillo City cem.; Obituary
Thompson, James Knox Polk Musician Co. D, 21st Iowa Vol Clayton co. Biography; Obituary
Thurber, Avery R. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Mederville Enlisted 8/12/1862, age 19. Died 02/27/1863 at Iron Mountain, MO. Additional information
Thurber, Justin W. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Mederville 1840-1908; Enlisted 8/12/1862, dischged 05/20/1865; buried in Mederville cemetery. Obituary. Additional information
Tieden, Janse 'Jans' Private Co. F, 4th IA Inf Communia 1837-1916. Enlisted 1864, served to end of war; wounded. Buried Communia cemetery; Obituary
Tipton, Andrew 'Andy' Captain Co. I, 8th IA Cav Elkader 1837-1895; Enlisted at Elkader in 1863 as Lieutenant; commissioned Captain at close of service; POW July 1864-March 1865; removed to Indiana (1880's); buried Bowman cemetery, South Bend, IN; obituary & photo
Tittle, John Lester Private Co. C & Co. D, 1st TN Lt Art North Buena Vista b. Feb 1842 d. 04/24/1911. Filed for invalid pension 5/14/1891, certificate #8900521; buried in N. Buena Vista cem.; obituary
Tompkins, E. Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav Strawberry Point  
Torkelson, Tove   15th WI Vol. St. Olaf Enlisted 11/26/1861, wounded 8/21/1862 at battle of Stone River, dischg due to disability 4/3/1863. Buried Lakewood cemetery, Minneapolis, MN; Obituary
Torrey, Alvin Col.   Garnavillo buried Garnavillo City cemetery
Torrey, William H.       1841-1929; buried in Friedlein cemetery
Treadwell, Abram 1st Lieutenant Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1832-1915. Pension cert. #1085348, filed 4/3/1891. Buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary. Additional information
Tromblee Frank   48th WI Vol Inf   1847-1920. Buried in Reed cemetery
Tromblee, Paul Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf
Co. E, 12th IA Inf
McGregor Age 36, nativity New York. Enlisted Feb. 3, 1864. Mustered Feb. 22, 1864. Transferred to Company E, Twelfth Infantry, June 26, 1865. ~from Steve Hanken. Buried Pleasant Grove cem; Obituary
Tromley, Joseph Private Co. C, 6th NY Heavy Art McGregor  
Truair, H.A. Private Co. L, 16th IL Cav Strawberry Point  
True, George Private Co. B, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Truman, Cyrus L.
aka Cyrus Tremain
Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf
Co. H, 7th IA Cav
Volga City 1840-1924. Enlisted 8/12/1861, mustered out 1/8/1862 (Roster & Record) Filed for invalid pension 1/16/1891, cert. #779311. Note: pension index card (Fold3) gives place of death Oklahoma Cty, Okla., where he resided for many years, but he died in/near Strawberry Point (Clayton Co. Death Cert.), also: "Cyrus Truman of Oklahoma, who came to visit his sister Mrs. Flay, is very ill at home." (Elkader Register 5/15/1924; Volga City column). Buried in the Ross cemetery; Death notice
Truman, John M.   1st IA Cav Hardin Buried Luana cemetery. Obituary
Truman, Silas C. Private Co. B, 1st IA Cav Strawberry Point Residence Clayton County, nativity New York. Enlisted, age 35, Feb. 29,  1864. Mustered Feb. 29, 1864. Mustered out Feb. 15, 1866, Austin, Texas. Buried Strawberry Point cem. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken. Obituary
Tschudi, John Henry
Judy, John Henry
      see John Henry Judy
Tucker, William N. Private Co. C, 76th NY Inf.
Co. B, 9th NY Heavy Artillery
Co. I, 2nd NY H.A.
Monona 1848-1901. Enlisted 09/1861 at age 13, dischged a yr later for disability; re-enlisted in 9th NY, served 'till end of war (1894 biography). Note: 1882 bio. gives conflicting regiment & birthdate info. Filed for invalid pension on 6/26/1877, cert #179371 - pension record also shows service in the 2nd NY H.A. (Fold3 record). Buried Monona City cemetery. Death notice
Tupper, Thomas J. Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Monona ca1834-1913. Enlisted Sept. 30, 1861; wounded (G.S.W. right arm) Apr. 14, 1862 at Montevallo, MO; dischg. for disability Feb. 20, 1863. Invalid pension #172214. Buried Riverview cemetery, Rock Rapids, Lyon co., IA; Obituary
Turner, John Private Co. A, 50th NY Engineers Monona c1828-1915. From the R&R of the 50th NY Engineers: Age, 32y. Enlisted 11/30/1861 at Penn Yan; mustered in as Private, Co A, 12/17/1861 to serve 3 yrs; re-enlisted 12/31/1863; promoted artificer; mustered out w/company, 06/13/1865 at Fort Barry, VA. Death notice. Buried Monona cemetery
Twister, D.R. Private Co. G, 6th IA Cav Millville  
Tyler, Arza H. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf National 07/19/1840-11/23/1892; buried National cem.
Uncles, H.L. Private Co. A, 66th OH Inf North McGregor  
Valiquet, John B.   Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Died 1883. He is most likely buried in the County Home/Poor Farm cemetery. Obituary & research notes; Biography
Vanderanda, Albert Private Co. C, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
VanDyke, Isaac Sergeant Co. A, 15th IL Inf McGregor  
VanHooser, Giles Henry 4th Corporal Co. K, 8th IA Cav McGregor 11/15/1835-10/19/1905; Enlisted as 6th Corporal 7/31/1863, dischg 8/13/1865. Pension #1087177. Adm. National Soldiers' Home in Milwaukee 4/18/1905, dischg 8/16/1905. Buried in the City cemetery, Calmar, Winneshiek co. IA; obit
Vansickle, Moses E. Sergeant Co. G, 33rd WI Inf McGregor 1815-1888; He also served in the Black Hawk War; Buried Pleasant Grove cem., Lot 27; obit
Verhei, Jacob Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Voggenthaler, Andrew Private Co. F, 15th IA Inf &
17th Army corps
North Buena Vista 1826-1895. Buried Mount Calvary Cemetery, Dubuque co., military gravestone
Von Sydow, Charles       See Charles Sydow
Wait, James
Waite, James
Private Co. I, 13th IA Inf Mederville 1824-1889. Enlisted at age 40, residence Third Congressional District, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Oct. 3, 1864. Mustered Oct. 3, 1864. Mustered out July 21, 1865, Louisville, Ky. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken. Buried in Mederville cemetery. Full gravestone. Close-up of inscription. Obituary
Waite, George Washington Private Co. D, 4th IA Inf Strawberry Point 1829-1905; buried County Corners cem.
Walker, Christ Private Co. D, 48th WI Inf Clayton  
Walker, Llewelyn P. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville  
Walker, Geo. Private Co. A, 1st NY Cav Colesburg  
Walleser, Henry Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 1844-1913. Enlisted 9/16/1864, mustered our 6/6/1865 at Montgomery, AL. Filed for invalid pension 7/28/1890, cert #646743. Removed to Chickasaw co. ca1870, where he lived until his death on 3/7/1913; buried Greenwood cemetery, Nashua, Chickasaw co., IA. Obituary
Waltenbaugh, Jacob Private Co. F, 139th PA Inf. Volga 1846-1887. Buried Hillcrest cemetery. Obituary
Walters, Henry Private Co. F, 42nd IN Inf McGregor  
Walters, J.S. Private Co. G, 6th IA Cav Edgewood  
Walters, Martin   Co. F, 34th IA Inf Volga City Also served in 38th IA, Co. A; buried Wadena cemetery, Fayette co. IA
Wandell, Alex Private Co. F, 12th IA Inf Volga  
Warn, Edward F. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Luana Filed for invalid pension 4/25/1890, certificated #528752; Buried Luana cem.; Obituary; Additional information
Warn, William H. (correct)
Warren, William H. (incorrect)
8th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf Council Hill Enrolled at Council Hill on 8/15/1862, mustered in 8/22/1862; discharged for illness 1/24/1863; removed to Crawford co. IA where he died 2/10/1883; Buried Vail cemetery, Crawford co. IA. Additional information
Washburn, Francis   Co. G, 21st IA Inf Clayton co. Died of disease 09/03/1864, Morganza, LA
Washburn, Jas. Private Gray Beard IA Inf McGregor  
Waterman, Henry G. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg Nativity Germany. Enlisted, at age 20, on Aug. 20, 1862. Mustered Sept. 13, 1862. Wounded severely Dec. 16, 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Discharged June 20, 1865, Davenport, Iowa. Buried Lutheran cem., Luzerne, Benton co. IA
~info. & gravestone photo contributed by Steve Hanken
Watkins, David Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point 1823-1907. Buried in Conger cemetery, Plainville, Rooks co. KS. Additional information
Watkins, James Norton   16th Regular U.S. Army Monona Enlisted at the start of the war & served throughout. Buried Monona City cemetery; Obituary
Watrous, George Corporal Co. I, 8th IA Cav Osterdock  
Waltenbaugh, Jacob Private Co. F, 139th PA Inf Volga buried Hillcrest cemetery
Wattenbaugh, Wm. Private Co. F, 139th PA Inf Volga  
Watters, Henry Private Co. F, 87th IN Inf McGregor  
Weeks, Bradford T. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1845-1924; Invalid pension filed 08/10/1865, cert. #115865; widow pension filed 4/17/1924, cert. #951325; buried Strawberry Point cem., lot 65; Obituary; Additional information
Welch, John Private Co. G, 8th IA Cav Millville  
Welch, William
Welsh, William
Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville Buried in Goshen cemetery; Additional information
Wellman, William W. Private Co. F, 154th NY Inf Monona 1842-1915. Enlisted 8/30/1862, served until 1/5/1863. Filed for invalid pension 4/24/1873, cert #179592 (Fold3 record). Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary
Wells, G.N.   Co. D, 36th WI Inf   Buried in County Corners cemetery
West, Stephen H. Sergeant Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor Additional info.
West, Z. Sergeant Co. A, 8th MO Inf Honey Creek  
Westcott, Oliver Perry
Wescott, O. P.
Private Co. B, 57th PA Inf. Wood Born ca1813. Filed for invalid pension 10/02/1876, application #226,150; widow cert #314070 (Fold3 record). Died 3/23/1883; buried Asbury cemetery. Death notice
Wheeler, George W. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West Hardin Additional info.
Wheeler, Ira J. Private Co. B, 33rd WI Inf Monona  
Wheeler, M. Private Co. K, 56th IL Inf Millville  
Whipple, Darwin Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Elkader 1824-1863. Died of disease in St. Louis during the CW; his inscription is on a gravestone in Eastside cemetery, but he may not be buried there.. Additional information
White, George Corporal & Sgt
Co. I, 3rd MO Inf
51st U.S. Vol Inf.
Elkport Enlisted April 1861, was promoted and finally made Captain of the 51st U.S. Vols. Dischg 6/16/1866. Buried in Mt. Harmony cemetery; obit
White, John M. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Volga City 1843-1902. Filed for invalid pension 8/15/1890, cert #660434. Obituary. Additional information
Whitlock, Harrison

Harrison Whitlock - photo contributed by Paula Whitlock O'Donnel

  Co. C, 1st MI Engineers & Mechanics   1832-1882; Buried in County Corners cemetery.

The photo was contributed by Paula Whitlock O'Donnell, his g-granddaughter.

Wick, Andrew
Wicks, Andrew
Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista 01/26/1836-10/13/1900; Death notice; Buried in North Buena Vista cemetery; Additional information
Wiedow, John
alternate spellings: Weido, Wedoe
Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav Garnavillo 1824-1896; He enlisted as Wedoe. Buried in the Garnavillo City cemetery. Obituary
Wilder, Charles James   27th WI Inf   1841-1911; Buried in County Corners cemetery
Williams, James Huston
Huston, James
  US Navy McGregor Buried in Elkader; Obituary
Williams, Joseph Martin Private Co. L, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Williver, N.W. Captain Co. D, 4th AR Cav McGregor  
Wilson, Charles W. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Died 4/10/1863; buried in the national cemetery at Mound City, IL; Biography
Wilson, George W. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West Elkport Additional info.
Wiltse, George Washington Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Clayton co. 1845-1930. Removed to Poweshiek co. IA after the war; Buried in the Masonic I.O.O.F. cemetery, Montezuma, Poweshiek co. IA; Biography
Wines, J.P. Private Co. D, 8th WI Inf North McGregor  
Winter, F.F. Private Co. F, 2nd IA Cav Monona  
White, John M. Private Co. D, 21st Iowa Vol Volga City 1843-1902. Enlisted 8/22/1862, mustered out 5/10/1865 at Prairie du Chien, WI; Invalid pension filed 08/15/1890, cert #660434. Removed to Ringgold co. ca1897. Obituary infers burial in/near Knowlton
Withrow, James Paul 4th Corp Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor 12/10/1839-11/16/1921; buried Mountain View Cemetery & Mausoleum, Royal Oaks Section, Lot 664, Altadena, Los Angeles Co., CA; Additional information
Withrow, Samuel Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor 04/18/1842-10/29/1902; buried in Oronoco cemetery, Olmsted co., MN; Additional information
Wolf, George   Co. E, 5th IA Cav Elkader 1844-1904. Enlisted 3/1/1864, dischg at Nashville, TN 8/11/1865. Buried Eastside cemetery. Obituary
Wolf, George Private Co. F, 4th PA Inf. Strawberry Point 1831-1907. Age 29, enlisted for 3 yrs on 7/17/1861 at Stroudsburg, PA; died Minneapolis, MN; buried Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Wolf, Gottlieb C. Private Co. C, 15th IA Inf Guttenberg 1827-1905. Enlisted 10/18/1864, mustered out 7/24/1865. Buried Guttenberg City cemetery. Obituary
Wood, William Orval Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 12/10/1829-3/24/1900, he removed to Crawford co. IA after the war; buried Dow City cemetery, Crawford co., IA. Additional information
Wooden, Alfred D. Private Co. I, 36th WI Inf McGregor Died in a fire Aug 1906, buried Pleasant Grove cemetery. Obituary
Wooden, William Private Co. F, 10th MN Inf McGregor  
Woodward, John W. Private Co. G, 13th U.S. Regular Inf. Monona 1835-1896. Served 3 years; buried in Monona City cemetery; Obituary
Woodward, Sullivan Harrison
aka S. Harrison Woodward
1st Serg Co. G, 6th IA Cav. Giard/McGregor "Iowa Roster & Record", Guy E. Logan, Vol 4: Enlisted age 24. Residence McGregor, nativity Massachusetts. Enlisted Oct. 1, 1862, as Second Sergeant. Mustered Nov. 12, 1862., Promoted First Sergeant April 1, 1863. Died of disease Feb. 5, 1864, Fort Randall, Dak., Buried at Ft. Randall, Dak. -- Gravestone in the Old Fort Randall cemetery, Gregory co. South Dakota (findagrave)
Woldridge, George W.
Wooldridge, George W.
Corporal Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Elk twp. Enlisted 10/15/1861; taken prisoner at Shiloh in 1862, paroled after 94 days & returned to his regiment, dischg. 1/26/1866; buried Edgewood cemetery; Obituary
Wooldridge, John Archer
Woldridge, John A.
Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Edgewood 08/28/1830-10/14/1917. Buried in Greenhill cemetery. Obituary. Additional information
Wright, Richard Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. McGregor died 4/10/1909; buried State Veterans Home Cemetery, Fall River co., SD; Biography
Wroe, John W.   6th W.V. Inf. Volga 1841-1906. Buried in Hillcrest cemetery. Obituary
Wynne, Thomas D. Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav McGregor 1845-1889. Enlisted 8/31/1864, mustered out 10/17/1865. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery. Obituary
Yaeger, John F.       See John F. Jaeger
Zeigler, Abraham Miller Private Co. K, 46th IL Inf. McGregor Enlisted 2/2/1864, dischg 1/20/1866. Filed for invalid pension 6/28/1880, cert. #390148. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Zeuch, Frederick K. Private Co. G., 46th WI Inf. St. Sebald 1832-1879; Buried St. Sebald cemetery; Obituary


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