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Clayton co. Civil War Soldiers

Surnames K-Q

This alphabetical listing of Civil War soldiers who were born in, lived in, or died in Clayton co. has been compiled by the Clayton co. coordinator from many sources. It will be updated whenever another soldier is identified.

If you'd like a name added, or have additional information, a photo, obituary, etc. for any of the men, please email the Clayton co. coordinator. Should you find an error, corrections are also appreciated.

Note! All links to obituaries, gravestone photos, or other webpages containing additional information will open a new browser window. I have not attempted to link to all of the additional information that may be located on this website, so be sure to use the search function on the home page...... you may find biographies, family photos and other information about these soldiers.

Soldier Name Rank Regiment Residence Notes & Links to more info.
Kain, John Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor / Lansing, Allamakee co. Died 03/29/1863 at Cairo, IL. Buried in the Mound City National Cemetery, Pulaski co., IL; Additional information
Kaiser, Christian L. Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf Cox Creek twp. 1840-1935. Enlisted at McGregor, Sept 1861. Wounded at Pea Ridge. Discharged in 1863. Pension cert. #127346 first filing 11/13/1872, again filed 01/06/1910. Buried East Side cemetery. Biography & photo. Obituary
Kapler, Othmar Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Grand Meadow 1840-1911. Invalid pension filed 09/22/1880, cert. #377850. Buried St. Wenceslaus cemetery, Spillville, Winneshiek co. IA. Additional information
Kaster, Hiram Private Co. G, 13th IA Inf Strawberry Point Death notice
Katsch, Wm. Private Co. H, 1st MN Inf Elkport  
Keene, Lewis Adolph
Keen, Lewis A.
Musician / Bugler Co. K, 1st IA Cav North McGregor Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery
Keith, Peter W. Corporal Co. G, 6th IA Cav Strawberry Point Buried Blairsburg cem., Hamilton co. IA
Kellogg, Christopher V. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. &
22nd Reg Vet Res Corps
McGregor Biography
Kellogg, William F. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Littleport 1830-10/01/1913. Transferred to the 34th and 38th Iowa Consolidated on July 12, 1865 at Baton Rouge, LA. Buried Noble cemetery; Obituary; Additional Information
Kelly, John Private Co. B, 4th IA Cav McGregor  
Kenneally, Thomas   Co. H, 16th Infantry, U.S. Regular Army Cox Creek 1837-1913. Served 3 yrs. Buried Sacred Heart Catholic cemetery, Cox Creek; Obituary
Kennedy, Robert B. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Kerz, Frederick 'Fred'
Kurz, Frederick 'Fred'
Private Co. A, 15th IL Inf McGregor 1826-1891. Enlisted 02/24/1865, mustered out 09/16/1865; applied for invalid pension 03/08/1886, widow Johanna applied for pension 08/04/1891. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery (gravestone spells surname KURZ)
Kidder, Nathan Private Co. G, 64th NY Inf Strawberry Point  
Kiley, Mathew Private Co. A, 18th US Reg Inf McGregor  
Kimber, Charles 1st Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1822- 1897. Buried in Spring Grove cemetery, Medina co., OH. Additional information; 1882 Bio.
King, Harvey H. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1836-1914; Buried in Ross cem.; Obituary; Additional information
Kingsley, Kirk W. Private Co. I, 44th IA Inf. Strawberry Point 1838-1920; Pension #1034113; widow pension #898888 files 06/17/1920; buried in Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Kinsley, Jason W.   Co. K, 1st IA Cav McGregor / Monona 1833-1903. Enlisted July 1861 in Co. K, 1st IA Cav., mustered out 3/15/1866. Both of his grandfathers fought in the Revolution & his father (Ben A. Kinsley) was wounded in the War of 1812. Buried in Council Hill cemetery; Obituary
Kline, Peter C. Private Co. A, 10th US Inf North McGregor  
Klingman, Martin Private Co. I, Engineer Regiment, MO Vols and
Co. G, 16th IA Inf.
Highland twp 1835-1924. 1861 - enlisted Engineer Regiment, discharged on disability Jan 1863; 1864 - re-enlisted 16th IA, serving to war end. Buried Illyria cemetery, Illyria twp., Fayette co. More info.
Knee, Samuel G. Colonel Co. H, 12th IA Inf.
Pioneer Corps 16th Army
near Colesburg 1834-1896. Enlisted 09/19/1861, mustered in as 1st Serg., POW Apr-Oct 1862, promoted several times (see obit); buried Brown cemetery (+add'l info. & pic); Obituary
Knickerbocker, Samuel H.   12th IA Inf &
US Navy
Strawberry Point Age 38. Residence Strawberry Point. Enlisted Aug. 15, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Transferred to the Navy as a Seaman in 1864. Naval enlistment expired October 13, 1865. Buried Ashbury cemetery. Additional info. in Eric D. Starnes' notes
Knight, Albert Harmon Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1847-1927; removed to Cleveland, OH after the war, where he died; his ashes are buried in Paterson, NJ. Additional information
Knight, Jonathan S. 'John' Corporal Co. E, 6th or 8th IA Inf Farmersburg Wounded at the battle of Pea Ridge; buried in National cemetery
Knight, Myron Elder Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Died, Apr 5, 1920 & is buried in Strawberry Point cemetery, Lot 23. Additional information
Knight, Ralph Ladd Musician Co. E, 27th IA Inf Farmersburg 04/08/1826-11/05/1894; buried Farmersburg-Wagner cem., Obituary
Knodt, Carl Private Co. I, 27th IA Inf Read / Grand Meadow 1829-1899. Military bio.; buried Postville cem.; Obituary
Knowles, W.J.     McGregor  
Knudson, Tollef Private Co. I, 4th IA Cav Clayton co. b. in Norway. Enlisted 02/03/1864
Knudtsen, Knudt Stuernes
Knudson, Knud
Private     Wounded in the Battle of Stone's River, TN; lived in Clayton co. post-war; died in St. Olaf, buried Norway cemetery. Vesterheim
Koeffler, Louis Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Koehn, William Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Volga, Elkport, Guttenberg 1848-1931; "Guttenberg's Last Survivor of Civil War"; buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Kohls, John Private Co. C, 3rd WI Inf Garnavillo 1835-1864; Buried Pleasant Grove cem.
Kostmann, Carl
Kostman, Carl
Captain   McGregor  
Kramer, John Private Co. I, 19th IL Inf St. Sebald 1837-1912. Enlisted 6/17/1861 at Chicago, must. out 2/6/1862 due to disability of L. knee. Buried Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary
Kranert, William Private Co. I, 41st NY Inf McGregor  
Krohn, George W.
Krolm, George W.
Private Co. H, 3rd WI Inf North McGregor  
Kurz, Frederick 'Fred'
Kerz, Frederick 'Fred'
Private Co. A, 15th IL Inf McGregor 1826-1891. Enlisted 02/24/1865, mustered out 09/16/1865; applied for invalid pension 03/08/1886, widow Johanna applied for pension 08/04/1891. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery (gravestone spells surname KURZ)
Lamphere, Henry
Lamphier, Henry
Private Co. I, 17th IL Cav Strawberry Point 1840-1926; Filed for Invalid pension 1890 & 1907, certif. #667,065. Died 2/7/1926. Death notice. Buried Ross cem.
Lamphier, Loyd Private Co. A, 73rd IN Inf Volga  
Lan, Christian Private Co. C, 9th IA Inf Elkport  
Landon, Francis M. 'Frank' Private Co. C, 86th IN Inf. Elkader Born in IN; Enlisted 8/13/1862 at Lafayette, IN; dischged 5/30/1865 at Nashville, TN; removed to Elkader following dischg.; admitted to Hot Springs Soldiers' Home 11/13/1914, dischg from home 3/17/1915; pension #746319 (source: U.S. Home for Disabled Vol. Soldiers, Hot Springs, AK - ancestry database). Note: depending on the record, year of birth varies from 1843-1949. Place of birth is also reported in various states depending on the record. The researcher should verify for themself the correct place of birth.
Larine, Moses Private Co. C, 2nd WI Cav Monona  
Larkin, Thomas J. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf McGregor 1843-1919. Buried Pleasant Grove cem.; Obituary; Additional information
Larrabee, Jesse Private Co. G, 107th PA Inf Edgewood  
Larson, Halvor J. Private Co. H, 15th WI Inf Elkader 1844-1916; Mustered 1/30/1862, mustered out 2/13/1865; Buried Highland Lutheran cemetery; Obituary
Larson, Peter / Peder Private Co. H, 74th IL Inf Elkader / Gunder 1847-1910; enlisted 12/3/1863, dischg. 5/29/1865; Invalid pension filed 10/24/1866, cert. #94284, minor pension filed 11/18/1910, cert. #729370 & widow pension filed 9/21/1916, cert. #820741; buried Marion Lutheran cemetery, Gunder; Obituary
Larson, Swint
Larson, Sven
Private Co. K, 7th IA Cav Clayton co. b. Denmark; enlisted 05/05/1864. Vesterheim
Lathrop, Samuel Howard Sergeant Co. F, 27th IA Inf Strawberry Point 05/12/1839-02/19/1930; enlisted 08/1862, dischg 8/1865; buried Strawberry Pt. cem.; obituary
Lawrence, Avery T. Private Co. C, 6th IA Cav Volga Invalid pension filed 12/29/1890 #865604; died 2/1/1916 at Newton, Jasper co. IA; buried Hillcrest cemetery, Volga
Lawrence, Andrew 'Judge' Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Pension #150220, filed 06/10/1872; Died 12/08/1904 near Ewing, NE; Biography
Lawrence, Harlow J. Bugler Co. B & H, 4th IA Cav Elkader Age 44, nativity Massachusetts. Enlisted Dec. 13, 1861. Mustered Dec. 24, 1861. Promoted Bugler. Discharged for disability Aug. 9, 1863 Bridgeport, Miss. Buried Eastside cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Leach, John Milton 1st Lieut & QM Co. E. 27th IA Inf.
1st West Tenn. Inf
59th U.S. Colored Inf.
Elkader 1838-1893. Enlisted in the 27th, spring of 1862; dischged 8/12/1863 to accept duty as QM-sergeant in 1st West Tenn. Inf. of African descent (59th US Inf); mustered out 1/31/1866 (source: "Fifty-ninth Regiment of United States Colored Infantry"; see full bio this website in misc. bio section) Discharge record. Buried in Monona City cemetery; Obituary
Leary, Dennis
O'Leary, Dennis
Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav McGregor Enlisted 8/30/1864, mustered out 10/17/1865. Applied for invalid pension 1/19/1886, cert. #607084; died 1902, buried St. Mary's Catholic cemetery, McGregor
Leffingwell, Douglass Captain Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. McGregor 1832-1900. Enlisted 5/22/1861; commissioned Capt. 3/2/1862; wounded when grazed by canister ball in stomach at Shiloh, TN, mustered out 9/2/1862 (Roster & Record). Buried Grove Street cemetery, New Haven, CT; Obituary
Leighty, David Private Co. G, 9th IA Inf Elkport Buried in Asbury cem.
Lemcke, John   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Cox Creek twp. Enlisted Aug. 20, 1862. Mustered Oct. 3, 1862. Mustered out Aug. 8, 1865. "Attorney W.A. Preston has at last succeeded in getting a pension allowed John Lemcke...... to receive about $1,000 & $8 a month hereafter .... another old soldier is to receive something for the suffering he has experienced." Elkader Register 7/16/1884. Died 1894, buried Eastside cemetery.
Lenhart, John Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf. Guttenberg 1817-1874. Enlisted twice, during 2nd enlistment was POW in Andersonville prison. Applied for invalid pension 5/2/1863, cert. #18148. Buried St. Mary's cemetery, Guttenberg; Biography
Lewis, Harvey Henry Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Jefferson twp. 1841-1862. Enlisted 13 Sep 1862. Died of disease 17 Dec 1862 at Cairo, IL. More information. Burial place unknown, possibly the Mound City National cemetery in Illinois. A Lewis researcher emailed in 2019 that he had heard Harvey was buried in Keokuk National cemetery. Neither cemetery has been confirmed as burial place.
Lewis, Henry L. Private Co. I, 27th IA Inf Clayton co. Enlisted 30 Jan 1864. Mustered 11 Feb 1864, KIA 07/15/1864 at Old Town Creek, Miss.; cousin of Henry Louis Lewis below ~source: Vesterheim
Lewis, Henry Louis Private Co. I, 27th IA Inf
Co. I, 12th IA Inf
Clayton co. 1845-07/13/1927. Invalid pension #419936, filed 03/26/1888; died at Farwell, MN, buried Oscar Lake cemetery, Douglas co. MN. Photo & more info.
Lewis, Henry Thomas Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor 1828-10/07/62; died of measles at Rolla, MO; Biography
Lewis, Peter Corporal Co. I, 27th IA Inf
Co. I, 12th IA Inf
Clayton co. Born in Sweden. Enlisted 12/08/1863. Vesterheim
Libby, Hiram S. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Enlisted at Strawberry Point. Died March 27, 1914, buried in Lakewood cemetery, Minneapolis. Biography
Lingenfelter, Charles H.   Co. D, 23rd WI Inf   Buried in County Corners cemetery
Lingenfelter, David   Co. D, 28th WI Inf   08/29/1811-06/26/1900; Buried in County Corners cemetery
Linhart, Franklin 'Frank' Private Co. A, 13th IA Inf. &
Co. E, 13th IA Inf.
McGregor Entered U.S. service 10/20/1864 for a term of 1 yr., age 22, nativity Bohemia, residence 3rd Congresional Dist.; Mustered out 07/03/1865 at Davenport. (Adjutant General Report, State of Iowa - Additional enlistments, 13th Infantry, unassigned; 1864-1865 and Iowa Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion) Filed invalid pension, cert. #923238 on 07/03/1896. Burial place unknown. More info.
Little, Absalom   WPA=Co. G, 21st IA Inf. N. Buena Vista 1832-1864; killed at New Orleans; buried Buena Vista Twp. cemetery Alert! The military information for him is from WPA records & has not been confirmed that he served in any regiment during the Civil War. Update! Feb. 2021 by C. Ingwalson: " I ordered his military records on 01/27/2020, and today received a response from the National Archives that they searched but found no record."
Little, Albert Tobias. Private Co. H, 16th IA Inf Strawberry Point 1842-1923; buried in Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Little, Joseph

Joseph Little

Mate; Old Sea & Master at Arms U.S. Navy, USS North Carolina & the USS Morning Light Highland twp. / Volga 1834-1902. Widow pension (Navy dependent) cert #18120. Buried Sacred Heart, Volga City cemetery. Obituary

From Carolyn Brewster, gg-granddaughter: "My gg-grandfather, Joseph Little, served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. He served on the USS Morning Light. His ship was captured and he was taken prisoner. He spent 28 months as a prisoner of war in Texas at several Confederate prisoner camps including Camp Groce and Camp Ford. He was born in Ireland and lived in New York for a while after the Civil War. At some point he and his family moved to the Volga area where he lived the rest of his life. He was a member of the G.A.R. Post 281 in Volga."

The photo of Joseph Little is from a drawing. Contributed by Carolyn Brewster.

Littler, John J. Private Co. G, 3rd IA Inf. Monona / Volga Buried Monona City cemetery (gravestone not located). Obituary
Looby, Edward Private Battery B, 2nd U.S. Artillary; Army of the Potomac
(United States Regular Army)
McGregor / Farmersburg 1835-1919. Enlisted at New York City in July 1860 for 4 yrs., discharged & re-enlisted 7/14/1864 for an additional 3 yrs. He was seriously wounded during his service & hospitalized, where his service records were lost. In the 1890's he applied for a pension & was denied on grounds of "desertion". Efforts to award him an honorable discharge and pension were made for many years, going all the way to the U.S. Congress. More information is in his obituary. Burial is in St. Patrick's Catholic cemetery, Monona.
Lowe, David P.   Co. A, 47th IA Inf Volga City 1844-1921; buried Hillcrest cemetery; Obituary
Lowe, John W. Wagoner Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 04/30/1834-09/17/1912; from the Roster & Record: enlisted 08/22/1862, mustered out 07/15/1865 at Baton Rouge, LA; died in Kansas, buried Hillcrest cemetery; Obituary
Lucas, D.W. Private Co. G, 63rd IN Inf Strawberry Point  
Luck, George C. Private Co. F, 21st IA Inf Volga 1836-1904; Buried Linwood cem., Dubuque co. Iowa. Note! Residence in Clayton co. should be verified.
Lyons, William W. Captain Co. B, 21st IA Inf Hardin 1832-1904. Enrolled August 13, 1862, as a 2d Sergeant, mustered into service Sept. 9, 1862; wounded at Big Black River; July 15, 1865 mustered out at Baton Rouge; died July 25, 1904, buried in Parkview cemetery, Hastings, Adams co. NE. Biography
Madden, George Washington Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor 1828-1915. Enlisted in June 1861, with Co. C. 3rd Iowa Infantry Volunteers; honorably discharged 01/03/1864, then re-enlisted, and served another year and a half. Obituary. Gravestone & photo
Madden, John Private Co. M, 6th IA Cav Monona Filed for invalid pension 7/20/1886, Cert #503935. Died 1892, buried in either the Monona City or St. Patrick's cemetery, Monona. Burial confirmation is needed as records are conflicting:
1) The database "Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans" gives the following: Name: John Madden, Pvt. Co. M, 6th Regt. Iowa Cav'y. Cemetery: Monona at Monona, Iowa. DOD: July 28, 1892. Headstone supplied by W.H.Cross, Lee, Mass., contract Feb'y 24, 1896
2) WPA Graves Registration records show he is buried in St. Patrick's catholic cemetery, Monona, Lot 33 & military service Co. K, 6th IA Cav. [note: actually Co. M]
3) A list of veterans buried in Monona cemeteries published in the Monona Leader, May 1896 includes John Madden but does not indicate which cemetery.
4) A list of veterans buried in Monona City cemetery published in the Monona Leader, Dec 1976 includes John Madden and IS specific to the Monona City cemetery.
Mahoney, Eben H.   Co. F, 37th IA Inf Elkader Age 59. At enlistment, residence Dubuque, nativity Maine. Enlisted & mustered 9/1/1862. Discharged for disability 10/3/1864, Columbus, Ohio. ~info. from Steve Hanken. Buried Eastside cemetery. Obituary
Maloney, Jerry Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Enlisted at Strawberry Point, lived in Clinton co. IA after the war, before removing to NY where he died. Pension #153637, filed 03/26/1874. Additional information
Marble, E.W. Private Co. K, 6th IA Inf Volga  
Markle / Merkle, Eli H. Private Co. A, 37th IA Inf. (Graybeards) Elkader Invalid pension filed 8/20/1881, cert #382,631. Died 1894, buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Marquardt, W.P. Herman   Co. A, Colorado Denver City Home Guard Inf. Strawberry Point 1830-1916. Enlisted 10/07/1861. Mustered out at Denver, CO on 4/1/1862. Filed for pension 1/24/1891, cert. #673222. Buried in Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary
Martin, Isaac Private Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Cass twp. 1824-1866. Died the day following his 2/15/1866 discharge in Austin, TX. Buried in that vicinity. Interested researchers will find a 70 page detailed widow pension application of Mary Ann Coppock Martin on Fold-3. 
Marve, David Private Co. K, ?nd NY Cav Honey Creek  
Mason, George A. - see Alfred R. Doney
Private Co. B, 19th WI Inf.
Co. B, 4th IA Cav
Clayton co. see Alfred Doney
Mason, John Wesley Sergeant Co. C, 16th WI Inf. McGregor 1819-1900. Enlisted 1861 serving until he re-enlisted in 1864; wounded in the battle for Atlanta; POW Andersonville for 9mo.; died in Mausten, MN; buried Mauston-Oakwood cemetery
Massey, James Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf McGregor  
Mather, Darius C. Fife Major Co. E, 21st IA Inf Grand Meadow twp. 1831- 1864. Died of disease & is buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery, not far from his brother John. Gravestone & photo. Additional information
Mather, John H. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Grand Meadow twp. 1841-1863. Buried in Vicksburg National Cemetery. Additional information
Maxson, Christian Smith Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Lodomillo twp. 10/18/1842-12/26/1928. Discharge record; Buried Edgewood cemetery; Obituary; Additional information
Maxson, David John   Co. B, 21st IA Inf   Buried Noble cem.; Additional information
Maybry, W.D. Private Co. F, 63rd IL Inf McGregor  
McCabe, William Corporal Co. E, 9th IA Inf Volga 1823-1907. Enlisted 9/9/1861, served 4 yrs.; wounded at Pea Ridge. Buried Taylorville cemetery, Fayette co.; Obituary
McCallum, D.E. Private Co. E, 5th US Artill McGregor  
McClelland, Percival W. Sergeant Co. L, 1st WI Cav Monona Enlisted Sept. 1862; died 1912 & buried in the Monona City cemetery; Obituary
McConkey, Jabez Hamlin Sergeant Co. A 1st Louisiana Cav., Confederate Army Monona In an affadavit stated he enlisted in (1861) the Rebel army because he "felt obliged" due to "hardship & losses by confiscation" while living in the south. Taken POW by Union army in 1863 & held at Camp Chase, OH until 8/13/1864. Released due to his signing an oath of allegiance to the Union. (Fold3, military records) Died 1867, buried in the Monona City cemetery. Biography
McCurtis, Geo. Private Co. E, 29th IN Inf Clayton  
McDermott, Peter Private Co. D, 46th IN Inf Cox Creek 1833-1897. Enlisted 11/5/1861, dischg 1864 for disability (chronic diarrhoea); mustered out 4/13/1865; pension cert. #161276. Death notices gives funeral at Communia & burial in Catholic cemetery 2 miles east of Three Corners. WPA records his burial in St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery, Elkader so he likely had a gravestone at some time, although it no longer is extant. Death notices
McDonald, Daniel Sergeant Co. A, 84th PA Inf Osterdock  
McDonald, Irvin Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport 09/1934-02/01/1914; bur. Guttenberg City cem.
McEvors, J.N. Private Co. I, 3rd MO Inf Elkport  
McGee / McGhee, James Private Co. I, 42nd Mass. Inf. Elkader 1832-1911. POW at Galveston, TX 1/1/1863 & confined at Richmond, VA until exchanged later that month. Buried St. Joseph cemetery, Elkader; obituary
McGrady, James Private Co. E, 21st IA Inf. Farmersburg 1827-1887. Buried in the Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo co., IA cemetery; Biography
McIntyre, Peter 1st Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
McKana, Patrick D. Private Co. I, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
McKinley, John F. Private Co. E, 3rd CT Inf. Grand Meadow twp. 1839-1908. Enlisted 4/25/1861, serving 4 months, mustered out 8/12/1861. Buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Greene Co. MO
McKinnie, Linus P.
McKinne, Linus P.
McKinney, Linus P.
6th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
McLane, James Alfred Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Littleport 1841-1914; buried in Noble cemetery, no marker was found in 2004; Additional information
McLaury, Thomas
McLaughry, Thomas
Private Co. G, 12th WI Inf McGregor  
McMahon, James Veterinary Surgeon 3rd CO Cav Colesburg  
McMonigal, Franklin 'Frank' Wagoner Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Mallory twp. / Colesburg 1837-1906. From his gg-grandson John G. Sackis: ...enlisted in Company 08/21/1862, 1st commanded by D. E. Meyer, & then Silas Garber.... dischg 8/8/1865. (HISTORY OF CLAYTON COUNTY IOWA, VO. I, Robert O. Shaw Company, Chicago, 1916, and HISTORY OF CLAYTON COUNTY IOWA, Inter-State Publishing Company, Chicago, 1882.) also from John: "..."McMonigal, Frank. Age 25. Residence Clayton County, nativity Pennsylvania. Enlisted Aug. 21, 1862. Mustered Sept. 13, 1862. Promoted Wagoner Mar. 15, 1863. Mustered out Aug. 8, 1865, Clinton, Iowa." (ROSTER & RECORD OF IOWA SOLDIERS IN THE WAR OF THE REBELLION TOGETHER WITH HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS 1861-1866, VOL. III, 9TH -- 16TH REGIMENTS -- INFANTRY). Buried Brown cemetery. Obituary
McNally, Richard Private Co. C, 1st IA Cav
Co. G, 1st MO Engineers
Gem 1835-1921. Buried in Eno cemetery. More info. & Obituary
Meisner, Fredrick   Co. E, 9th IA Inf Elkader Buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Meisser, Andrew Private Co. E, 5th IA Cav Guttenberg Enlisted 9/22/1861, mustered out 8/11/1865. Buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Merrill, Samuel

Col Samuel Merrill

Colonel 21st IA Vol Inf McGregor Wounded through both thighs, in the Battle of Big Black River Bridge (Vicksburg area) in May 1983. Elected Governor of Iowa in 1867. Died Aug 31, 1899. Buried in Woodland cemetery, Des Moines, Polk co. IA. Obituary; Memorial & Gravestone; Biography
Merwin, Curley     McGregor  
Meyer, Daniel J. Captain   Garnavillo  
Meyer, George   Co. F, 4th IA Inf. Communia & Motor 1841-1929. Enlisted in 1864, served 1 yr. and dischged in 1865. Obituary
Meyer, John Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. McGregor 02/19/1829-11/24/1911; buried St. Mary's cemetery, New Hampton, Chickasaw co. IA; Biography
Meyer, Nicholas
aka Myer, Meyers
  Co. A, 1st Batt. MO state militia Strawberry Point Enlisted in army 1/25/1862. Mustered out 11/23/1862. Buried Sacred Heart Cox Creek cemetery; Obituary
Miller, Frederick
Muller, Fritz
Private Co. G, 4th IA Cav Clayton co.  
Miller, Jacob Private Co. H, 7th IA Cav Edgewood  
Miller, John Private 3rd Indpt. Battery, Iowa Light Art'y Strawberry Point 1826-1906. The "Roster and Record" gives Civil War service in the 3rd Iowa Light Artillery, enlisting 2/26/1864 and discharge for disability 5/5/1865. Buried Upper Bay Church cemetery, Delaware co. IA. Obituary
Miller, John Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Giard 1840-1913. Enlisted 811/1862, mustered out 8/8/1865. Pension #984239. Died 1/17/1913 in Cherokee co. IA. Buried Oak Hill cemetery, Cherokee. Obituary.
Minch, Jacob Private Co. F, 17th WI Inf McGregor  
Minger, Rudolph Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 02/04/1842-09/03/1897; bur. Guttenberg City cem. Obituary
Minney, Charles Blacksmith Co. E, 2nd NY Cav McGregor buried Pleasant Grove cemetery
Mitchell, Daniel   Co. I, 8th IA Cav Elkader Age 25, nativity Pennsylvania. Enlisted July 10, 1863. Mustered July 10, 1863. Mustered out May 10, 1865, Prairie du Chien, Wis. Buried Eastside cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Mitchell, John Private Co. K, 7th IA Cav Edgewood  
Moine, F.W. Sergeant Co. C, 12th IA Inf Strawberry Point  
Monlux, William Sergeant Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader / Wagner twp. 12/06/1833-08/02/1903. Buried in Wagner twp. cemetery; Additional information
Montgomery, John Private Co. A & B, 58th IL Inf Monona Enlisted in Co. B, 58th IL Inf. from Chicago, IL on 12/24/1861 & served 3 years; re-enlisted as a veteran on 01/02/1864 & transferred to Co A; mustered out 04/01/1866; Buried in the Monona City cemetery ~information contributed by Jym Montgomery. Obituary
Moody, Maple Sergeant Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor 02/05/1843-01/11/1893; Buried in St. Mary's cemetery, McGregor; Biography
Moore, Alexander L. Private Co. C, 11th PA Inf McGregor Enlisted 9/9/1861, mustered out 6/9/1865 (History PA Vol. 1861-1865). Wounded & POW; severely disabled invalid (NIT, 11/12/1885, pg 3). Died 1904, buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Moore, George H. Drummer Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor 1845-1918. Removed to Pennsylvania after the war. Buried Oakmont-Verona cemetery, Oakmont, PA. Biography
Moore, William Lieutenant Co. B, 6th MN Inf McGregor  
Moreland, Abraham B. Captain Co. G, 6th IA Cav
U.S. Regular army
Strawberry Point Died 1886. Enlisted from the Colony in Delaware co., serving until wounded, at the close of the war he enlisted in the Regular army where he served "for some time"; Filed for invalid pension Oct 22, 1885, Cert #338566. Died in 1886, buried at Colesburg; Obituary. Information about the 6th IA Cavalry on Delaware IAGenWeb
Morgan, Cornelius Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf
Co. E, 12th IA Inf
National 05/23/1833-07/07/1924; Enlisted 1/25/1864 in 27th IA, trans. to 12th IA 6/26/1865. Buried in National cem
Morris, Hurman
Morse, Hiram or Hurmon
Teamster   Clayton 1838-1910; teamster Union Army; Buried in the Clayton cem.; Obituary
Morris, Robert Private Co. A, 12th IA Inf Edgewood 1835-1901; Buried in Edgewood cem., Delaware co. IA
Morse, Israel Salem Sergeant
2nd Lieutenant
Co. C, 6th IA Cav
Co. F, 7th IA Cav
Volga City 1836-1903; the 7th IA was ordered to duty against the Indians in Nebraska, Colorado, Dakota and Kansas. He was commissioned 2nd Lieut with the 7th on May 23, 1866. Buried in Hillcrest cem.; Obituary
Moser, Anthony   Co. C, 2nd Battalion, 16th US Inf Guttenberg 1832-1922. Buried Merriman cemetery, Merriman, NE; Obituary. Autobiography
~information contributed by Elizabeth Stack
Moser, John Private Co. K, 17th MO Inf Guttenberg 1844-1863. KIA Arkansas Post. Biography
~information contributed by Elizabeth Stack
Moser, Lucas

Lucas Moser - photo courtesy of Elizabeth Stack

  Co. K, 17th MO Inf Guttenberg -1923. Buried Springdale cemetery, Springdale, Stevens co., Washington. Certificate of discharge.

~photo & information contributed by Elizabeth Stack
~for more family info. on the Moser brothers, Lucas, Anthony & John, visit Elizabeth's Moser Family Album
Mosier, Thomas Private Co. C, 16th US Inf Colesburg  
Murray, Edward   Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor Biography
Myres, Nicholas Private Co. A, 1st IA Cav Strawberry Point  
Nelings, William Sergeant Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Monona Died 1920, buried in the Monona City cemetery; Death notice
Nelson, Knute S.   Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
Nelson, Ole Private Co. F, 15th WI Inf.
Co. I or J, 143rd IL Inf.
Gunder Enlisted in the 15th WI infantry 12/20/1861, dischg. 11/27/1863. Enlisted in the 143rd IL infantry 5/14/1864, dischg. 9/26/1864; Filed for invalid pension 5/23/1864, cert. #73749. Buried in the Marion Lutheran cemetery; Obituary
Newcomb, J.F.D. Sergeant Co. D, 19th MA Inf Volney 11/15/1840-03/12/1911; Buried in Sixteen cem, Allamakee co. IA [may also have served with Co B, 8th MA Inf]
Newkirk, Jacob Private Co. F, 10th MN Vol Inf National 1860 census: Age 32, Farmersburg twp., wife Betsey; per his wife, Betty (Smith) Newkirk Buck's obit: ...."at the breaking out of the civil war, enlisted in a Minnesota regiment, serving nearly three years, dying in one of the Southern hospitals in 1864." Fold3 records: Betsey A. Newkirk received a widow pension starting 4/27/1865 & ending with her remarriage; their minor child Jane A. Newkirk received pension cert. #112591; Jacob mustered 8/14/1862 & died at Gen'l Hospital, Baton Rouge, LA of chronic diarrhoea 4/26/1865. VA gravesite locator: Buried Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Section 17, site 1087
Newman, A.G. Private Co. L, 2nd IA Cav Edgewood  
Newman, Peter Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Newman, Willard M. Private Co. H, 94th IL Inf Edgewood  
Newton, Calvin Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Nichols, Charles Edward Private Co. K, 3rd MN Inf Giard 1846-1935. Enlisted Feb. 1864 from Rochester, MN. Buried Giard cemetery; Obituary
Nicholson, W.S. Private Co. C, 6th WI Inf Millville  
Nicol, John   Co. G, 4th MO Cav Elk twp. 1828-1924. Removed from Missouri to Clayton co. aft1870, in Elk twp. 1880 U.S. & 1885 Iowa State census. Filed for invalid pension 7/18/1890, cert. #880739; Died in Oklahoma in 1924, buried in Crescent cemetery, Logan co., OK. Obituary
Nieter, John Henry Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo 01/10/1838-07/21/1909; bur Garnavillo City cem.; Obituary
Noble, Dwight Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Cox Creek? 1833/34-1863. Enlisted at Cox Creek although it is unknown if he ever lived in Clayton co. Died of chronic diarrhea 3/15/1863. Burial place unknown. Biography
Norris, Wm. E. Sergent Major Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Oathout, George W. Sergeant Co. K, 1st IA Cav Strawberry Point  
O'Brien, Nathaniel J. Captain Co. F, 7th IA Cav McGregor 1839-1916; burial place unknown; Biography; Obituary & photo
O'Day, Micheal     Littleport 1835-1919. All info. is from his Obituary
Odle, Henry Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
O'Donnell, John Private Co. F, 3rd IA Inf McGregor Died 1907. Buried St. Mary's cemetery, McGregor. Death notices
Oeffke, Herman Private Co. D, 195th OH Inf Garnavillo  
Oehring, C.J. Corporal Co. E, 2nd NY Cav North McGregor  
Oelke, William Henry Private Co. F, 1st NV Cav Farmersburg 01/25/1840-05/23/1934. Pension cert #989336, filed 02/06/1891. Buried Garnavillo City cem, Obituary
Oglesbee, Henry Harrison 'Harry' Private Co. I, 3rd MO & transferred to
16th Light Artillery OH
Elkader 1840-1911; Served 3 mo. in the 3rd Missouri, re-enlisted in the 16th OH; Pension certif. #421920; buried East Side cemetery, Elkader; obituary
Ohmer, Peter Private Co. G, 43rd IL Inf McGregor 1845-08/29/1914; buried St. Mary's cemetery, McGregor
O'Leary, Dennis Private Co. L, 8th IA Cav McGregor see entry for Dennis Leary above
Oleson, Levor
Olson, Levor
Private Co. I, 43rd WI Inf St. Olaf 1820-1891; Buried Norway Lutheran cemetery
Olson, Asgrim
Olsen, Asgrim
Oleson, Asgrim
Private Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf Marion twp. 1842-1924. Enlisted11/25/1861; dischg 9/13/1862. Filed for invalid pension 2/8/1864, cert. #170401. Buried Marion Lutheran cemetery, Gunder. Obituary
Olson, Emerick Aanes
Aanes, Emerick Olson
[given name also found as Embrigt or Engebret]
Private Co. E, 9th IA Cav Clermont, Fayette co. IA 1837-1900. Enlisted 8/31/1863 & mustered out 2/3/1866. Filed for invalid pension 5/29/1871, certif. #129859. Burial is in East Clermont Lutheran cemetery; Obituary
Olson, Ole
Bergan, Ole Olson
  Co. G, 8th IA Inf Gunder b. Rollag, Nummedal, Norway. Enlisted 11/15/1864. Wounded at Spanish Fort, Alabama. Died 04/24/1866 of the war wounds. Buried Norway Lutheran cemetery
Osborne, Truman Sergeant Co. H, 15th NY Cav Osterdock  
Otis, Geo. H. Captain Co. I, 2nd WI Inf McGregor  
Otis, George H. Maj, 8th Regiment Hancock's Corps Veteran Vol Infantry McGregor  
Ousley, James Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Clayton born England 1846-died Oklahoma 1914, s/o Isaac & Sarah. Enlisted at age 18 from Clayton co., 2/20/1864, mustered out 5/28/1865 at end of term of service; removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) sometime after 1870; filed for invalid pension 12/21/1889 from Indian Territory, Cert #584083. Obituary; buried Rose Hill cemetery, Carter Co., OK (Note: Find a Grave gives his first name as Jason, which is an error)
Palmer, Francis H. Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf Osterdock / Millville Wounded in legs at Black River Bridge. Additional information
Palmer, William Tylor Private Co. A, 47th IA Inf Strawberry Point / Edgewood 06/28/1841-03/04/1932; bur Edgewood cem. Delaware co. IA; Obituary
Park, John   Co. D, 22nd OH Inf. Elkader 1900 US census, Boardman twp., Elkader: HOH John Park b. Jan 1832, widower, age 68, news reporter. In house is Orvie Park, son age 17. Enlisted 9/3/1861. Died age 69y of cirrhosis of liver on 8/19/1900 at Soldiers' Home, Leavenworth, KS; body shipped to Lawrence, KS (U.S. Burial Registers, Mil. Posts & Nat'l Cem. Ancestry .com record) Buried Oak Hill cem., Leavenworth co. KS; Death notice; Gravestone & obituary
Parker, Leroy T.   Co. B, 21st IA Inf   1832-1863; buried Strawberry Point cem., lot 4
Parker, William M. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Osterdock Enlisted age 21, residence Clayton County, nativity Vermont, on Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Mustered out July 15, 1865, Baton Rouge, La. (info. from Steve Hanken) Filed for invalid pension 3/27/1883, cert. #453386 (Fold3.com). Buried Bethel cemetery. Death notice
Parr, Robert T. Private 2nd MO Cav Edgewood 1844-1912; Buried Edgewood cem., Delaware co. IA
Parrish, R.B. Private Co. H, 2nd MO Cav Monona  
Partch, Wilbur V.   Co. A, 47th IA Inf. &
Co. E, 9th IA Inf
Clayton county Age 18, nativity New York. Enlisted Feb. 1, 1865. Mustered Feb. 1, 1865. Mustered out July 18, 1865, Louisville, Ky. Buried Eastside cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Patch, Geo. W. Private Co. A, 10th IA Inf McGregor  
Patrick, James Perkins
Pattrick, James
Payrick, James
Captain Co. F, 3rd IA Inf.
1st U.S. Field Artillery
McGregor c1839-1929; First enlisted in the 3rd IA Inf. as private, wounded enroute to Vicksburg. Commissioned 2nd Lt in 1st US, promoted to Capt., served to end of war. Buried in Pleasant Grove cem.; Obituary; Biography & photo
Patterson, Edward J.
Pattison, Edward J.
4th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor 1862-1911. Buried in Veterans Home Cemetery in Marshalltown. Biography
Payne, A.L. Qtr Mstr Sg Co. E, 27th IA Inf Farmersburg bur. Farmersburg-Wagner cem.
Payne, D.T. Corporal Co. E, 13th Reg US Inf Farmersburg killed at Vicksburg, Miss.; buried or has a cenotaph in Farmersburg-Wagner cem.
Payton, S. Private Co. C, 2nd WI Inf Millville  
Peck, Douglass Private Co. D, 4th IA Inf Osterdock  
Peck, Josiah Private Co. E, 32nd IA Inf. &
Co. C, 8th IA Inf
McGregor Age 35. Residence New Hartford, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 29, 1863. Mustered Jan. 19, 1864. Transferred to Co C, Eighth Infantry, July 28, 1865. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken. Death Notice
Peick, Adolph   Pioneer Co. A
Co. G, 16th IA Vol
Cox Creek twp. 1828-1893. In 1861 he enlisted in the Pioneer company for 3 months service; re-enlisted the same year in the 16th IA; wounded at battle of Inca; discharged Feb. 1863. Buried Union cemetery. Obituary
Penhollow, George W. 7th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville 1841-10/13/1863; buried Brown cemetery; Biography
Penneton, Patrick
Pennington, Patrick
Private Co. F, 9th IA Inf Elkader 1837-1918; Enlisted 9/18/1863, mustered out 8/24/1865; Filed for Invalid pension 10/20/1884, cert #784690; named as Patrick Pennington on pension. Buried St. Joseph's cem, Elkader. Obituary
Perkins, H. Private Co. G, 119th NY Inf Hardin  
Peter, John Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Strawberry Point Enlisted 10/4/1864, mustered out 10/10/1865. Filed for invalid pension 8/13/1884, cert #382345. Died 2/4/1885, buried Strawberry Point cemetery (Note! surname on stone is not Peters, it is Peter)
Peterson, John A. Private Co. L, 8th IA Cav McGregor 1851-1904. Enlisted July 8, 1863.  Mustered July 8, 1863. Wounded Oct. 7, 1864, Cypress Creek, Ala. Mustered out Aug. 13, 1865, Macon, Ga. (Roster & Record). Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery He died at the Iowa Soldiers Home, Marshalltown, IA. Obituary
Pettis, Robert W. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Died 8/23/1863, buried Memphis National Cemetery, Section A, Site 2164. Biography
Pfranger, George Private Co. C, 162nd NY Inf Volga 1845-1932. Last living CW veteran in Strawberry Point. Wounded twice & POW at Pleasant Hill for 9 weeks. Buried in Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary.
Phelps, Barna W. 'Barney' 2nd Lieutenant Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1822-1901; buried in Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary; Additional information
Phelps, Daniel Private Co. C, 1st WI Cav McGregor  
Philips, John Private Co. I, 5th IA Inf Giard  
Phillips, F.N. Private Co. C, 6th IA Cav Volga  
Phillips, O.A. Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Volga  
Pierce, George Private Co. F, 30th WI Inf North McGregor 13th WI Inf Co. F
Pilkington, John Private Co. K, 155th IL Inf. Elk twp. 1825-1897. Enlisted Feb 1865 & served until end of war. Invalid pension certif. #820019 filed 8/11/1890. Buried Mt. Harmony cemetery. Obituary
Pimley, Robert Private Co. F, 96th IL Inf. Volga Invalid Pension #153215, filed 09/10/1874. Widow pension #215220. Died 07/06/1884, buried Hillcrest cemetery; Obituary
Piper, Thomas J. Private Co. C, 6th IA Cav &
Co. A, 47th IA Inf
Volga 02/21/1833-Jan 1919 in Greeley, Colorado; buried in Linn Grove cemetery, Greeley, Weld co. CO
Pitt, Robert Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Mallory twp. Robert, his wife Susan and their 6 children were enumerated in Mallory twp. on the 1860 U.S. Census. His occupation was Master Carpenter. Enlisted 8/15/1862. Died 6/6/1863 at Haynes' Bluff, MS. Burial place unknown. Widow pension, cert #49269 was filed 12/01/1864. Additional information
Points, David Private Co. L, 2nd MO Artillery Honey Creek  
Polley, Daniel W.   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Monona Buried Monona City cem.
Pool, John C.
Poole, John C.
1st Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Highland twp. / Volga City 1829-1863. Died of chronic diarrhea aboard the hospital ship City of Memphis. Burial place remains uncertain; he has a gravestone in Union Grove cemetery, Darlington, WI, although it may be a cenotaph. Additional information.
Pool, Robert 'James' Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Grand Meadow 1835-1863. Died of typhoid fever aboard the hospital ship Nashville, burial place unknown. Biography
Porter, Ed Private Co. C, 48th WI Inf Osterdock  
Possehl, Carl J.
alternate surname spellings: Pehssehl, Prssehl, Preschl, Perchell & Prsschl and others depending on the record
Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Enlisted at McGregor 8/10/1862,, KIA 1/11/1863, orig. buried at the Regimental Hospital cemetery, Hartsville, MO.; reinterred in Springfield National cemetery, Springfield, MO, Section 10, Grave #660. Wilhelmine 'Minnie' Possehl, his mother, filed for his pension 8/21/1881, cert. #200944. Gravestone. Additional information.
Pratt, Cornelius   Co. E, 15th IA Inf   buried in Asbury cemetery
Prescott, Alvah R. Lieutenant Co. F & Co. I, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor / Postville, Allamakee co. 1834-1915, buried Postville cemetery. More info.
Presho, Alexander Private Co. H, 12th IA Inf McGregor died at Camp Sherman, MS 08/20/1863; buried in Vicksburg National cemetery; see also the bio. of his brother John H.
Presho, John Henry Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf McGregor 1843-1907; buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery; Biography
Presho, Robert James Private 6th IA Cav McGregor 1845-1907; engaged in border defense 1863-65; buried Crown Hill cem., King co., WA; see also the bio. of his brother John H.
Price, Avalo Jersey Private
Co. H, 12th IA Inf.
8th IA Cav.
Guttenberg 1844-1871. Entered the army as a private in the 12th IA; after being seriously wounded at the Battle of Ft. Donaldson he was promoted by Gov. Kirkwood to Major in the 8th IA Cav. He resigned 9/19/1864. Died in Santa Fe, NM. Burial place unknown. Obituary
Price, Samuel Private Co. C, 14th IA Inf Buena Vista  
Price, Trevious Glorina Private Co. A, 47th IA Inf. Elkader 1846-1922. Enlisted 6/1/1864, mustered out 9/15/1864. Buried Riverside cemetery, Denver, CO (includes photo).
Price, Valma Valentine 1st Sgt. Co. H, 12th IA Inf. Elkader 1842-1864. Enlisted 9/21/1861, MIA 4/6/1862, died of wounds at Tupelo, MS Jul. 1864. Buried Mobile Nat'l cemetery, Alabama
Pugh, Luther P. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1843-1914; Buried in Mederville cem.; Obituary; Additional information
Purdy, George Alonzo   Co. B, 21st IA Inf McGregor Died 9/26/1916, buried in Three Rivers cemetery, Three Rivers, CA; Biography
Quade, August Private Co. I, 75th IL Boardman twp. Residence when enlisted: Fulton, Whiteside co., IL; Mustered: Sep 2, 1862 Remarks: was prisoner. Deserted Jun 1, 1863.
(source: Report of the adjutant general of the state of Illinois: http://archive.org/stream/reportofadjutant04illi1#page/622/mode/1up); Additional information. Died in 1917, buried in the County poor farm cemetery. Death notice
Quigley, Robert Pollok Private 'Hundred Day Men', Co. D, 46th IA
and Co. K, 15th IA Inf
McGregor While a student at Upper Iowa he left his studies in 1863 to join with the 100-day men in the 46th IA; he then re-enlisted in Co. K, 15th IA, serving until the end of the war. Buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary


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