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Clayton co. Civil War Soldiers

Surnames F-J

This alphabetical listing of Civil War soldiers who were born in, lived in, or died in Clayton co. has been compiled by the Clayton co. coordinator from many sources. It will be updated whenever another soldier or more info. is found.

If you'd like a name added, have additional information, a photo, obituary, etc. for any of the men, please email the Clayton co. coordinator. Should you find an error, corrections are also appreciated.

Note! All links to obituaries, gravestone photos, or other webpages containing additional information will open a new browser window. I have not attempted to link to all of the additional information that might be located on this website, so be sure to use the search function on the home page...... you may find biographies, family photos and other information about these soldiers.

Soldier Name Rank Regiment Residence Notes & Links to more info.
Fairchild, Joel   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Fahling, Henry Private Co. I, 16th IA Inf Guttenberg 1842-1916. Buried in the Guttenberg City cemetery.
Farrey, H. Private 4th WI Batt Millville  
Farrand, James Frank Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point Biography
Farrand, William Wallace Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
Farrington, Horace O. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf
Co. K, 4th Veteran Reserve Corps
Strawberry Point 01/24/1830-01/16/1894; filed for invalid pension 03/10/1886, his widow Leah Farrington filed 03/01/1894, cert. #371996; Buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery; Death notice; Additional info.
Fay, George Artificer Co. I, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor ca1840-6/14/1863. Burial place unknown. More info.
Featherly, Tyler D. 4th Sgt Co. , 21st IA Inf. McGregor Died 06/04/1914, buried in Concordia Cemetery, El Paso, Texas. Biography
Finherty, John Private Co. D, 3rd MO Inf Elkport  
Fischer, George L. 1st Lieut   Centralia  
Fischer, Henry Frederick Private Co. A, 13th IA Inf Clayton 1845-1913; buried Guttenberg City cem.; Obit
Fisher, Adam Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Clayton 12/08/1832-08/22/1906; buried Oakwood cem., Austin, Mower co. MN; Obit
Fisher, Henry Private Co. A, 27th IA Inf. Clayton  
Fisher, Thomas E. Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf Edgewood Buried in Greenhill cemetery
Fisher, William Private Co. G, 11th WI Inf Edgewood  
Fitch, John Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport d. 04/10/1863; buried Union National Cemetery, Corinth, MS; more info.
Flaherty, John Private Co. F, Eng. Reg. of the West
& Co. B, 1st MO Inf.
Elkport 1838-1917. Enlisted 9/17/1861 1st MO Eng'r, dischg 12/29/1863, re-enlisted 12/30/1863, dischg 7/22/1865; pension #864057; died at Nat'l Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee, body shipped to brother James, Garber, IA; buried St. Michael's Catholic cem., Elkport; More info.
Flehler, Isidor
Fliehler, Isidor
Private Co. H, 13th OH Inf St. Sebald 1837-1905. Buried in St. Sebald cemetery
Fleming, James G. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Wood 08/07/1839-02/05/1909; buried Asbury cem.; additional info.
Flowers, William Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista died 09/10/1879; buried in N. Buena Vista cem.
Flynn, W.H. Private Co. D, 3rd CO Cav Colesburg  
Fonda, James M. 1st Sgt Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Monona Sept. 30, 1840 - Feb. 21, 1923; enlisted July 1862, mustered out 8/8/1865; removed to Bellevue, Jackson co. IA; Filed for Invalid pension 4/18/1881 certificate # 419,511; buried Monona City cemetery; obituary
Foot, Seth 2nd Lieut Co. A, 8th KS Inf. Farmersburg Enlisted at Winchester, KS; mustered 12/12/1861; died of disease at Farmersburg 5/14/1864 (source: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1867) Buried Farmersburg-Wagner cemetery
Forbes, Warren S.   Co. E, 9th IA Inf Elkader Buried Eastside cemetery
Fordney, Hiram   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Forsyth, R.J. Corporal Co. A, 1st IA Cav. McGregor  
Fosse, Andrew   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf National  
Foster, Collins H. Corporal Co. F, 3rd IA Inf McGregor / West Union 1840-1901. Enlisted age 21, residence West Union, nativity Indiana, May 20, 1861. Mustered June 8, 1861. Promoted Second Corporal April 17, 1862. Mustered out June 18, 1864, Davenport, IA. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. from Steve Hanken. Obituary
Foster, Homer T. Sgt Co. F, 7th IA Cav Mendon twp. 1839-1909. Enlisted at McGregor 03/18/1863, dischg. 5/17/1866 at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Pension cert. #1083623. Entered Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee, WI 12/8/1908. Buried Council Hill cemetery. Death notice
Foster, Jonathan 2nd Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista 1838-1916. Filed for invalid pension 3/10/1870, cert #115326. Returned to Clayton co. after the war, but removed to Dubuque before 1870. Buried Linwood cemetery, Dubuque, IA. Biography
Fox, Daniel E.   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Farmersburg 1831-1916; buried Farmersburg-Wagner cem.; obituary
Franke, Frederick K. Corporal Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 07/04/1839-07/28/1920; living in Volga at the time of the 1870 census, removed to Sioux co. by the 1880 census; buried St. John's Lutheran cemetery, Sioux co. IA; additional info. & photo
Freeman, Albert L. Lieut. Co. K,1st IA Cav McGregor  
Freeman, Orrin 5th Sgt Co. C, 6th IA Cav Volga City 1/31/1840-11/23/1907. Enlisted 9/22/1862 as 3rd Corporal; promoted to 2nd Corporal 7/22/1863, to 6th Sergeant 11/2/1864, to 5th Sergeant 5/1/1865; mustered out 10/17/1865 at Sioux City, IA (Roster & Record). Returned to Sperry twp. & later to KS and WA. Filed for invalid pension 10/15/1890, cert. #665549. Death notice Buried Lakeview cemetery, King co., WA
Freeman, Robert L. Captain Co. K, 1st IA Cav McGregor also served in the Mexican war
Friedlein, Nicholas Corporal Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Millville 05/12/1834-09/01/1907; buried Guttenberg City cem. Obituary
Frisbee, Geo Private Co. G, 32nd OH Inf North McGregor  
Fritz, Christopher Daniel Corporal Co. D, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo Served 3 years. Died 1888, buried Old Garnavillo cem.; Obituary
Fulton, Hugh   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor [can anyone confirm that this is his gravestone?]
Fulton, James   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor Died of fever in Macon City, MO on Sept. 9, 1862
Gabrelson, Henry Private Co. I, 16th IA Inf North Buena Vista  
Gadwell, G.W. Private Co. I, 2nd IA Cav Strawberry Point  
Gager, Edgar Lathrop   Co. D, 9th IA Inf. Strawberry Point 1834-1918. Served 1861-1862. Buried Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary
Gaiser, Gottlieb   Co. K, 16th IA Inf Elkader "Attorney W.A. Preston received notice this week that the pension of Gottlieb Gaiser had been granted at the rate of eight dollars per month, with $621.87 back pay. Another old soldier made happy." (Elkader Register, 1/29/1891) Died 1905 in Germany. Death notice. Presumed buried in Germany. His wife Anne is buried St. Joseph's cemetery, Elkader.
Gale, S.P. Private Co. D, 24th WI Inf North McGregor  
Galer, John Bugler Co. A, 11th PA Cav
Note: originally raised as an Iowa Cavalry company, it was composed of Iowa men.
More info. on the Iowa in the Civil War website
Littleport 1840-1929. Enlisted Sept. 9 1861, giving his residence as Jamestown. Mustered Sept. 21, 1861, at Dubuque. Promoted Bugler, 1863. Mustered out Sept. 21, 1864 at the expiration of term (source: Logan). Pension cert #338896, filed 2/20/1880 (source: Fold3). 1860 & 1870 census is living in Clayton co.; removed to Osborne co. KS in 1878, where he lived the remainder of his life; buried Osborne cemetery; Obituary & photo
Gallagher, Charles   Co. G, 18th US Reg Inf McGregor d. 09/10/1905; buried St. Mary's, McGregor
Garber, Abraham 'Abe' Sergeant Co. I, 3rd MO Inf. Garber 1831-1893; s/o Martin M. & Magdalene (Mohler) Garber; removed to Nebraska after the war; bur Guide Rock cem., Webster co. NE
Garber, Hezekiah 2nd Corp. Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elk twp. 1838-1918; enlisted 8/20/1862, mustered out 8/8/1865; bur Hillside cem, Floyd co. IA; lots more info., photos, bio, obit
Garber, Isaac 'Ike' Private Co. I, 3rd MO Inf. Garber 1838-1863; s/o Martin M. & Magdalene (Mohler) Garber; enlisted 1861, died of disease contracted at Vicksburg, 9/3/1863; buried Old Garber cemetery; Obituary
Garber, Joseph G. 1st Corp. Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport / Volga 7/4/1835-1907 ; enlisted in 1862 & dischg 8/8/1865, returning to Clayton co. where he taught school, removed to Nebraska; bur Red Cloud cem, Webster co. NE
Garber, Joseph S. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport / Guttenberg Enlisted 08/26/1862 for 3 yrs.; dischg 3/12/1863; died 1/20/1866, bur Hillside cem, Floyd co. IA
Garber, Martin L. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport 01/08/1842-09/09/1911; s/o John Garber & Mary Rife; m. Sarah M. Fitch; removed to Webster co. NE, then to Woodbury co. IA; buried Correctionville cem, Woodbury co. IA
Garber, Silas 1st Lieut.

3rd MO Union Regiment "Lyon Regiment"

Co. D, 27th IA Inf.
Elkport 1833-1905; s/o Martin M. & Magdalene (Mohler) Garber; enlisted 1861 in the 3d MO and served 1 yr., returned to Iowa and re-enlisted in the 27th IA Inf., soon promoted to Captain; removed to Nebraska after the war; Gov. of Neb. two terms (1874-78); buried Red Cloud cem., Webster co., NE; lots more info., photos, obit, bios
Gardbalfner, Anton Private Co. D, 9th IL Inf National  
Gardner, Eli   Co. B, 75th IN Inf McGregor Enlisted at Indianapolis in 1864. When he died in 1934, he was the last living Civil War veteran from McGregor. Buried Council Hill cemetery, Obituary
Gates, John Asa 2nd Lieut. Co. C, 13th U.S. Infantry, 1st Batallion McGregor 1837- 1908. Buried Fairmount cemetery, Denver CO. Biography
Gates, Orlen Fitzgerald 4th Corporal Co. G, 21st IA Inf. and
Co. K, 4th Veteran Reserve Corps
McGregor 1842-1898. Buried in Fairmount cemetery, Denver, CO. Gravestone & photos. Biography
Gaylord, Benjamin Franklin Private Co. G, 3rd MO Cav Strawberry Point 1838-1925. Enlisted 09/21/1861, dischg. 11/11/1864; wounded in battle. Additional info. is in his brother William's biography (link below). Buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary
Gaylord, William F. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Cass twp. Died 08/22/1863 on the hospital boat R.C. Wood of chronic dysentery, buried in the Memphis National cemetery. Biography
Gear, James T. Corporal Co. K, 31st WI Inf East Elkport  
Gemmill, Thomas   Co. K, 1st IA Cav McGregor died ca1890; buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery
Girard, Theophilus J.
Gerard, Theophilus J.
Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. McGregor 1840-1916. Removed to Adair co. IA after the war, buried Greenfield cemetery. Obituary. Biography
Gibby, William 2nd Sergeant Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Gilbert, Ever
Gilbert, Iver Olsen
Gilbertson, Iver
Private Co. F, 4th IA Inf Elkader b. 07/03/1835 in Hol, Buskerud, Norway; d. 05/16/1901. Buried in Houg cemetery
Gilbert, George L. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Gleason, Joel Alexander Sergeant Co. K, 105 IL Inf. Strawberry Point 1835-1894. Mustered 9/2/1862, mustered out 6/7/1865; buried Strawberry Point cemetery
Godden, Thomas E. Private Co. A, 8th US Inf Elkport 1840-1887; buried Mt. Harmony cemetery. Obituary
Golder, Eber

2nd Sergeant U.S. Regular Army, 5 yrs.
Co. D, 21st IA Inf
Yankee Settlement / Edgewood / Elkader ca1836-02/09/1923; enlisted in the 1st Cavalry U.S. Regular Army for 5 yrs at Ft. Laramie on 10/08/1856; after return to Clayton co. enlisted in the 21st IA; invalid pension #182430 filed 5/16/1878; died in Anaconda, Deer Lodge co., Montana (Montana Death Index), buried Upper Hill Cemetery; headstone was shipped to Ms. C.E. Avery, Anaconda, MT on 8/23/1927 (Headstone applications, Ancestry.com) Additional info.; Obituary

Photos: from FamilySearch.org, contributor unknown

Goldsmith, Alfred Private Co. F, 21st IA Inf Osterdock / Manchester, Delaware co. Removed to Clifton, Pierce co. WI where he appears on the 1890 Veterans Schedules; buried in Pine Glen cemetery, Pierce co. WI (Sons of the Union Veterans); Additional info.
Goldtrip, Edward   Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville  
Goldtrip, John K.   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf Monona  
Goodale, Charles Clement Private Co. B, 3rd IA Inf
Co. F, 2nd IA Inf
Clayton co. b. VT 12/27/1844 d. 11/16/1925 in Lamar, Colorado; buried in Riverside cemetery, Lamar, Prowers co. CO
Goodman, George Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Buried Oakland cemetery, Waukon, IA; Biography
Goodrich, Solomon Lieutenant Cos. I, K & D, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Goodsell, Jerome B. Private Co. D, 61st MA Inf Elkport Applied for invalid pension 8/12/1890, certificate #681972; Discharge record; Buried St. Michael's cemetery; Obituary
Grannis, George Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav. Strawberry Point 1843-1922. Enlisted 11/12/1862, mustered out 10/17/1865 (Roster & Record); buried Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Grannis, William Captain Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point 1821-1886. Commissioned an officer in Co. D, 21st IA 8/22/1862, mustered out 7/15/1865 (Roster & Record). Filed for invalid pension 6/1/1878, cert #166174; Martha A. Grannis, widow filed 5/27/1886 #226140. WPA gives burial in Strawberry Point cemetery, but this is incorrect. Although a one-time resident of Strawberry Point, he is buried or has a cenotaph in Fairview cemetery, Earlville, Delaware co. IA; interestingly he has a gravestone/cenotaph next to that of his 1st wife (Eliza P. Grannis) in the Visalia cemetery, Tulare co. CA. Obituary
Graybill, Harman   Co. G, 21st IA Inf   Buried in Goshen cemetery
Graybill, Thomas   Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville twp. 1837-1910; buried in Goshen cemetery
Griffin, Abel Drummer Co. B, 21st IA Inf Clayton co. Died of typhoid fever in a barracks hospital in New Orleans on 08/31/1863, burial place is unknown; Additional info.
Griffith, David Golden Lieutenant Co. M, 2nd NY HA Elkader 1845-1910. Enlisted 10/25/1861, serving a 3-yr term, then reenlisted in Nov 1864 as veteran vol., until 10/15/1865. Buried East Side cemetery; Obituary; Biography & photo
Groay, Duane   Co. E, 29th WI Inf McGregor  
Grout, D.E. Lieutenant Co. F, 53rd WI Inf North McGregor  
Grutchek, John
Kruchek, John (postwar)
Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Grand Meadow twp. 1837-1912; enlisted from McGregor, was living in Grand Meadow twp., removed to Humboldt co. IA after the war and later to Pullman, WA where he died; buried I.O.O.F. cemetery, Pullman, WA. Obituary * Additional info.
Gutsch, Franz   Co. G, 4th IA Cav    
Hackett, Henry L. Private Co. B, 2nd MN Inf Strawberry Point 1835-1889; Drafted, mustered in 5/26/1864, dischg. 7/11/1865; buried Strawberry Point cemetery
Hale, Ripley A. 1st Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf
U.S. Navy
Strawberry Point 1825-09/13/1893; Age 34. Residence Strawberry Point, nativity Maine. Enlisted in the U.S. Army Aug. 14, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Transferred on July 1, 1864 to the U. S. Navy. Buried in Strawberry Point cemetery.
The obituary of Ripley's daughter Ida Hughes: "...her father being a sailor in the U.S. Navy at the time of her birth. He fought in the Monitor and Merrimac battle ... journeyed to Iowa ... where he joined with the 21st Iowa infantry..." Note: monitor refers to the type of ship, the ship being the USS Chickasaw
Additional info. in Eric D. Starnes' notes
Additional info. in a detailed biography written by Carl Ingwalson
Haley, Patrick   Co. I, 27th IA Inf McGregor Buried St. Mary's cemetery, McGregor
Halfhill, Geo. Private Co. I, 21st IA Inf Wood  
Halfhill, Josiah Private Co. F, 12th IA Inf. Elk twp. 1839-1908; Invalid pension cert. #172395, filed 02/06/1877. Buried in Elk Valley cemetery
Hall, George B. Private Co. C or G, 74th IL Inf Strawberry Point 05/08/1830-09/17/1899; buried County Corners cemetery; Obituary
Hall, John Lindsay Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf.
Co. D, 12th IA Inf.
Elk twp. 1830-1903; Filed for invalid pension 5/12/1879, certificate #183991. Buried Elk Valley cemetery. Obituary
Hall, William S.   Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Strawberry Point 1839-1904; Age 23. Residence Strawberry Point, nativity New York. Enlisted July 29,1862. Mustered Aug. 18, 1862. Promoted Eighth Corporal Sept. 30, 1862. Mustered out July 15, 1865, Baton Rouge, La. (Roster & Record, Guy Logan, V3); buried Evergreen cemetery, Union City, PA. Additional info.
Halley, George Washington Private Co. B, 4th IA Inf. Farmersburg 1835-1911. Filed for Invalid Pension 3/20/1888, certificate #469145; Widow Pension filed 7/24/1911, certificate #728497. Buried Farmersburg-Wagner cemetery. Obituary.
Haltmeyer, John
Haltmier, John
Private Co. L, 9th IL Cav. McGregor Enlisted from Chicago; mustered in 3/13/1865, dischged 10/2/1865 (Illinois Roster of Officers & Enlisted Men); A note in "Databases of Illinois Veterans Index" states DESERTED Oct 2, 1865. Interested researchers should follow-up to clarify. Died 1897. Obituary. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery.
Halvorsen, Knud Halverson, Knud Private Co. B, 16th Regiment US Inf (Regular army) Elkader Buried East Clermont Lutheran cemetery
Hamilton, Patton J. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo Enlisted at age 21, 8/14/1862, mustered out 8/1/1865; buried St. Joseph's cem.
Hamisley, Patrick
Hamersly, Patrick
- and other surname spellings
Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Garnavillo -1856 Iowa State census, Garnavillo twp., Clayton co. : Patrick Hamersly, age 12, b. Ireland, living in the Michael Fallon household. No relationship given. 
-1860 census, Garnavillo twp.: There is a Patrick Hamersly, age 15, b. Ireland, working as a laborer, still living in the Michael & Sarah Fallon household.  Mr. & Mrs. Fallon were both b. Ireland, so there is a possibility that Patrick is related to one of them, but the census doesn't give that info.  He may have been Mrs. Fallon's brother.
-Michael Fallon/Fallan, died 1887, is buried in St. Joseph's cemetery, Garnavillo.  His gravestone includes an inscription for Patrick Hamisley, died 09/22/1863. Gravestone. Additional info.
Hamlet, James David
Hamlett, James David
Private Co. I, 28th VA Inf.
Confederate Army
Wood, Elk twp. 1842-1920. Enlisted 9/25/1863, dischged 6/13/1865 (Confederate Graves Registry online database https://cgr.scv.org/). Captured at Harpers Farm 4/6/1865, held at City Point, VA 4/14/65-6/13/65 (Fold3 online database, Compiled service records of Confederate Soldiers). Burial place is either Hamlett family cemetery (Confed. Graves Registry) or Edgewood cemetery (Obit & Death cert.) Obituary
Hancock, John Private Co. K, 16th WI Inf North McGregor  
Hancock, Morrison N. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Monona 1839-06/06/1907; enlisted August 1862; Applied for invalid pension 5/10/1880, cert. #250640; buried Monona City cemetery; Obituary
Hankins, F.H. Private Co. G, 6th IA Cav Edgewood  
Hannamann, John   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo 03/25/1829-09/20/1886; buried Immanuel Lutheran cemetery, Elkport
Hanson, Bernard Private Co. A, 72nd IL Inf Strawberry Point 1840-1911. Buried St. Mary's Catholic cemetery, Strawberry Point; obituary
Hardin, Timothy Private Co. K, 31st WI Inf McGregor buried Pleasant Grove cemetery
Harding, William Sgt Co. B, 17th WI Inf. Elkader 1828-1896. Enlisted 5/4/1861, dischg 8/9/1863; Filed for invalid pension 8/29/1874, cert #298407. Buried St. Joseph Catholic cemetery, Elkader; Obituary
Harmes, Henry Private Co. E, 16th IA Inf Communia  
Hardy, Josiah W. Sergeant Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader Age 39. Residence Elkader, nativity New York. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862, as Third Sergeant. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Promoted First Sergeant Jan. 1, 1863. Died of disease May 25, 1863, St. Louis, Mo. buried in Jefferson Barracks Nat'l Cem, St. Louis, Mo. Section 1, grave 140. Gravestone ~info. & photo contributed by Steve Hanken; Additional info.
Harris, S.C. Private PA Indep Art'y, Bat'y C Osterdock  
Harris, William J. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West Hardin / Post twp. Allamakee co. Enlisted October 6 and was mustered Oct 31, 1861, at the age of 41, residence Lybrand (Allamakee co.).  Returning Civil War veterans list William Harris with wife Cloe, 42, and son Willie T., 2 months. He was born 12/13/1816 & died 2/10/1877 per probate records found in Allamakee Co., IA, and Butler Co., NE. (contributor: DeLoris Jensby) Buried Minert cemetery, Post twp. Allamakee co. More info.
Hart, Adam Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Millville Buried in Friedlein cemetery (Millville); Additional info.
Hart, Alvin Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. Elkader Enlisted 05/22/1861, mustered out 11/18/1862; died 1866, buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Harwood, Newton Private Co. C, 148th N.Y. Inf. Sperry twp. ca1837-1880. Enlisted 9/14/1862, mustered out 5/30/1865 at Petersburg, VA, wounded in foot 5//26/1864 @Port Walthall, VA (Adjutant-General Report, New York & NY CW Muster Roll Abstracts); Minor pension filed 7/29/1890, certificate #379061; 1870 U.S. census, Cass twp. Buried Reed cemetery, no gravestone found.
Haskell, Leonard Private Co. I, 2nd IA Inf Monona Born in Vermont, 1821. Enlisted 8/18/1862, age 41; mustered 9/5/1862. Died of disease on 01/12/1863 at Jackson, TN. Has a cenotaph in the Monona City cemetery (likely a cenotaph), but is buried at Corinth National Cemetery, Plot B, grave 68, Corinth, Alcorn Co., Mississippi. His father Thomas died in 1873 & his obit states: "....he survived all but three - one, a son, sleeps in a soldier's unnoted grave, near Vicksburg, Mississippi" (some of the info. & the gravestone photo were contributed by Steve Hanken)
Haskins, Asa S. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1831-1921. Residence Strawberry Point. Enlisted, age 31, Aug. 12, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22, 1862. Mustered out July 15, 1865, Baton Rouge, LA. Buried Strawberry Point cem. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken. Additional info.
Hatfield, Marshall Private Co. E, 5th IA Cav McGregor Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Death notice
Haught, James Quinter Sergeant Co. G, 6th IA Cav Osterdock 1843-1919; Color Bearer; Buried Brown cemetery; Obituary
Haught, John Private Co. A, 18th IN Inf Osterdock  
Haven, James D.
DeHaven, James W.
De Haven, James
Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav McGregor 1842-08/19/1932. Enlisted 12/01/1862, promoted to Full Bugler 02/02/1863, enlisted in Co. L, 6th IA 02/02/1863. Mustered out 10/17/1865 at Sioux City, IA (Roster & Record) Note: His surname can be found as Haven, Havens, De Haven and Dehaven in various records. His military gravestone has "James D. Havens"; the 1880 census James De Havens; the 1900 census as James W. D. Havens and in his obituary: DeHaven. Buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Obituary
Haworth, John L.
Hawarth, John L.
Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Monona 1840-1905. Filed for invalid pension 4/3/1886, cert #459612 (Fold3 record) Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary
Haworth, William Quinton Private Co. K, 1s IA Cav. Monona / Colorado 1842-1909. Was enumerated on the 1856 Iowa State census living in Giard & 1860 U.S. census, living in Monona. Invalid pension filed 8/1/1890, certif. #654878. According to his profile on Find a Grave, he is buried in Greenlawn cemetery, Berthoud, Larimer co., Colorado, section 26. There is a notation "no marker"; Obituary
Hayes, William Timothy 'Tim' Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Hardin Died 02/26/1902 in Boulder, CO; buried Lyra cemetery, Good Thunder, MN; Additional info.
Hays, Simon   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf    
Hazen, William C. 4th Corporal Co. C, 3rd IA Inf National  
Heath, Charles P. Private
1st Lieutenant
Co. G, 2nd WI Inf.
Co. B, 21st IA Inf.
Strawberry Point
1832-1901. Discharged from the 2nd WI inf. after being wounded. He & family removed to Strawberry Point where he re-enlisted in the 21st IA. Buried in the Dakota City cemetery, Dakota City, Nebraska. Additional info.
Heckendorf, Louis Private Co. G, 51st WI Inf Monona  
Heckmeister, Heinrich
Heckmaster, Henry
Hackmaister, Henrick
Private Co. K, 2nd WI Inf.
Co. F, 36th WI Inf.
Elkader Enlisted Co. K, 2nd WI 7/20/1862, dischg 1/28/1863; re-enlisted Co F, 36th WI Feb 1864, POW Andersonville & Milan, GA. Filed for invalid pension 6/13/1882, appl. #452207; widow pension cert #32648 & minor pension cert #385917. Buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Heiden, Wilhelm   Co. I, 8th IA Cav Read twp. Immigrated from Germany in 1861; enlisted 1863; 1910 Federal census indicates service in the Union Army; buried Clayton Center, Zion Lutheran cemetery; Death notice
Heiller, Henry Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 11/11/1844-5/26/1922; Enlisted with his father William 8/20/1862 at the age of 18; taken prisoner 4/9/1864 at Pleasant Hill, LA, exchanged 10/22/1864, mustered out 8/8/1865 (Roster of the 27th IA); filed for invalid pension 11/19/1889 Certificate #1043415; buried Church of Peace cemetery, Houston co. MN
Heiller, Wilhelm 'William'
Heiller, John
Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo ca1820/22-1866/1868. Enlisted 8/20/1862 with his son Henry, transferred to Invalid Corps 9/13/1863, mustered out 8/18/1865 (Roster of the 27th IA); the obit of his wife Sophia states he died in 1866, buried Old Garnavillo cem. where his gravestone, erected in 1886, is engraved Jno Heiller - which is either an engraving error or perhaps he was known by his family & friends as John. In tax and census records he is named William.
Helm, Theo Private Co. D, 9th WI Inf North McGregor  
Hemen, Henry L. Private Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Volney, Allamakee co. / Monona 1833-1916. Filed for invalid pension 6/13/1863, cert #162782. Buried Monona City cemetery
Henderson, Cyrus M. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville Died of wounds 12/27 or 28/1862 in a field hospital at Beaver Creek, Missouri. Additional info.
Henderson, Francis 'Frank' Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. Millville Died in 1916, buried in Best cemetery, Madison County, NE. Additional info.
Henderson, Sarah L. nee Hill Nurse Medical Dept. U.S. Vol. Luana / McGregor 1830-1905. Army nurse St. Louis & Memphis. Postville Graphic, 1/21/1892: "Hon. Walt Butler has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives for the relief of Mrs. Sarah L. Henderson, of McGregor, who served as army nurse at the St. Louis hospital during the war of the rebellion." Invalid pension filed 6/7/1892, applic. #1116058, cert. #790247. Died at the Soldiers' Home, Marshalltown, IA. Buried Luana cemetery. Obituary. Biography
Hennesey, John Private Co. H, 16th US Inf Colesburg  
Henning, Christ Private Co. B, 6th IA Cav Clayton  
Hennrich, Charles   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 01/12/1844-02/09/1937; buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery, Ireton, Sioux co. IA. Biography; Additional info., photos, obituary
Henry, John   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Henskey, Albert Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf Strawberry Point  
Hill, Darwin 'Dar'   18th IL Inf.
Co. E, 9th IA Inf
Elkader 1842-1918. Enlisted 2/1/1863 in the 18th IL; later enlisted in the 9th IA on 2/1/1865, dischg 7/18/1865. Buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Hill, Francis 'Frank' Private Co. F, 27th IA Inf. Edgewood buried Edgewood cem., Delaware co. IA
Hill, John H.   Co. C, 5th Maine Inf Elkader Buried Eastside cemetery
Hill, William Oscar   Co. D, 105th N.Y. Infantry Elkader The Graves Registration Service, division, Adjutant General's Department gives his military service as with Co D 105th NY Inf.,  & that their information came from the cemetery.  My mother wrote to New York State, the National Archives, and the Iowa State Historical Department to no avail. - there were 49 William Hills from New York State who served in the Civil War.  The state historical department indicated he was listed in their GAR file from New York.  She has family anecdotal information that indicates he was receiving a pension; he is buried Eastside cemetery ~info. from Deb Ann Hamernick. Obituary
Hinds, Charles Barritt   Co. B, 21st IA Vol Luana Died 05/14/1863 at Grand Gulf, Mississippi. Although (in part) the inscription on his parents' gravestone states he "died on the field of battle", he died when his body wasted away from chronic diarrhea. His name on a monument in the Luana cemetery is likely a cenotaph. His parent's died in 1877 which is probably when the monument was erected with Charles' name being added in his memory. Researchers should verify if his body was indeed returned home for burial. ~from Carl Ingwalson. Additional info. Gravestone in the Luana cemetery
Hines, Arthur   Co. L, 4th IA Cav    
Hinsch, P.H.F. Sergeant Co. E, 30th MA Inf Guttenberg  
Hirschbueler, John 5th Corporal Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 05/12/1831-05/25/1909; buried Oakwood cem., Dodge co. WI
Hodges, Frank L. Corporal Co. C, 48th WI Inf Clayton 1844-1910. Enlisted in 1864 & served one year on the Kansas frontier, when trouble was threatening with guerrillas and Indians. Buried Clayton cemetery. Obituary
Hofer, A.F. 2nd Lieut Co. E, 9th IA Inf McGregor / Littleport  
Hoffman, Philip Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor Enlisted 5/22/1861, dischg 6/8/1864. Wounded at Jackson, Miss.; died 7/13/1898, buried in Brethren cemetery, Dallas co. IA (aka Dunkard cemetery)
Hold, James Wilson Private Co. D, 73rd IL Inf. aka Preachers' Regiment Volga Enlisted 7/21/1862, dischg. 1865; wounded at Chickamauga; filed for invalid pension 8/7/1875, cert #138,862; died 4/21/1909, buried Hillcrest cemetery; Obituary
Hook, Anton
Haug, Anton
Private Co. H, 48th NY Inf
Co. B, 117th NY Inf.
Elkader Military records: Anton Haug or Hoek. Enlisted in the 117th 3/8//1865 & mustered out 6/8/1865, reinlisted in 48th, dischg 9/1/1865. Admitted to National Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee in Oct. 1901. Unknown how long he was there. Applied for Invalid pension 07/17/1890, cert #618397. Died 8/14/1917, buried St. Joseph Catholic, Elkader; Obituary
Hooper, William F. 2nd Lieut Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Hopkins, Timothy M. 'Tim' Private / Sgt Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor 1835-1899; buried in Linwood cemetery, Dubuque. Military gravestone. Headstone w/dates. Obituary. Biography.
Hopp, John Frederich   Co. D 21st IA Inf. Volga City 1820-1917. Enlisted 8/12/1862, mustered 8/22/1862, dischg for disability 3/23/1863; filed for invalid pension 5/3/1880. Buried Taylorsville cemetery, Fayette co. IA
Hosier, Jno. C.   Co. B, 22nd WI Inf   buried in Asbury cemetery
Howard, Freedom J. Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Allamakee co. / Elkader Age 18, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Dec. 8, 1864. Mustered Dec. 8, 1864. Mustered out Dec. 8 1865, Austin, Texas, expiration of term of service. CW widow pension was filed 10/7/1889 widow named: Minerva Reinstussesel. Buried Eastside cemetery
Howard, Henry H. 1st Lieut Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Acting Adjutant. Died of a mortal stomach wound received at the Battle of Black River, Miss. The Strawberry Point G.A.R. Post No. 259 was named for him. Additional information
Hudson, John W. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 10/1839-05/31/1920; buried Garnavillo City cemetery; obituary
Huff, Fredrick   Co. H, 3rd Reg PA Reserve Inf Monona 03/17/1842-03/01/1923; buried Monona City cem.; obit
Huffman, John Thomas Private Co. B, 27th IL Inf. North Buena Vista 1842-1925. Enlisted 8/12/1861, mustered out 9/16/1863, transf. to Invalid Corps. Buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Huntting, Benjamin 3rd Corporal Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Hutchinson, Henry Private Co. C, 16th IA Inf McGregor  
Hutchinson, William H. 1st Sergeant Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Hyde, Aaron Private Co. B, 16th US Inf., 2nd Battn Osterdock 1840-1896; Enlisted 5/29/1862, discg 5/29/1865; Pension cert #656945 filed 3/19/1883; Buried in Bethel cemetery. Death notice
Hyde, Addison SR Private Co. D, 16th IA Inf and
Co. H, 16th IA Inf
Osterdock Pension cert. #754769 filed 03/29/1883.
Hyde, William C. Surgeon 21st IA Inf and
32nd MO Inf.
Elkader Born in NY. Appointed surgeon of the 21st IA 08/20/1862. Resigned to accept the same position in the 32nd MO Inf. 11/20/1862 (Logan: "Roster & Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion"). Buried in Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, CA. Biography
Ihm, Hermann 1st. Lieutenant Co. K, 17th MO Inf Guttenberg 1831-1909; Served from 9/7/1861 - 5/10/1862 when he was dischg for health reasons. Pension #1082038; Buried Guttenberg City cemetery. Obituary
Inger, John Dawson Private Co. B, 1st IA Cav. Strawberry Point 1847-03/10/1912. Veterinary surgeon; Invalid pension #560229 was filed 07/15/1890; widow pension #740033 was filed 03/18/1912. Removed to Bremer co., IA in the late 1880's. Buried in the Harlington cemetery, Washington twp., Bremer co. IA. Obituary
Ingles, Benjamin
Engles, Benjamin
Private Co. E, 140th PA Inf. Elk twp. 1844-1882. Note: surname spelled Engles on 1880 census. Pension #462937 filed 07/28/1882. Buried Elk Valley cemetery
Ingles, William V.   Co. A, 27th IA Inf Monona Enlisted from Allamakee co., IA, Aug 9, 1862. Discharged for disability Jan 6, 1863 at Cario, IL. (Roster & Record). This record conflicts with cemetery records that give DOD: 12/28/1862. Unknown which is correct. Buried Monona City cemetery
Irish, Sidney W. Private Co. B & C, 3rd IA Inf
Co. F, 2nd IA Inf.
McGregor Born ca1841, New York. 1860 census, Mendon twp., laborer. Age 20. Residence McGregor, nativity New York. Enlisted May 22, 1861. Mustered June 8, 1861. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Dec. 17, 1863. Also served with Company B, Third Infantry Consolidated Battalion - Enlisted Dec. 17, 1863. Mustered Dec. 27, 1863. Transferred from company C, Third Infantry. Also with company F 2nd (Logan: Roster & Record). Pension #457995 filed 01/31/1884. Died 04/13/1927 (Fold3). He returned to New York after the war; buried North Dickinson cemetery (aka Sand Hill cemetery), Franklin co. NY
Irish, William J. Private Co. C, 159th NY Inf. Elk twp. 1842-1922. Buried Elk Valley cemetery, Obituary (note: DOD on his gravestone is in conflict with his published obituary)
Irmscher, Ernest August Private Co. B, 45th IL Inf Elk twp., Delaware co. 1842-1816. Penson #1085483 (or 1085783), filed 01/15/1892, widow pension #850892 filed 10/16/1916. Although his farm was in Elk twp. Delaware co., he died in McGregor, where he may have been living with one of his children. Buried Zion cemetery, Colesburg
Ivory, Dan   Co. F 44th WI Elkader Died 1/23/1911 in Cloquett, MN; buried Sacred Heart cemetery military stone, Cox Creek; obituary
Jaeger, John F. Private Co. C, 5th Iowa Veteran Cav Clayton co. / Dubuque b. Sept 1846 Iowa, d. 12/28/1908 in Illinois; buried in Arlington cemetery, Addison twp. DuPage co. Ill.
James, Charles H.   Co. B, rd IA Inf
Co. F, 2nd & 3rd IA Cons.
McGregor Age 25, nativity New York. enlisted 22 May '61; Wounded severely in right side and arm, July 12, 1863, Jackson, Mississippi. Re-mustered Feb. 2, 1864. Mustered out July 12, 1865, Louisville, KY. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. from Steve Hanken. He died in Nov. 1902. Obituary
Jennings, John Aaron Private Co. F, 34th IA Inf. and
Co. A, 35th IA Inf
Sperry twp. Enlisted at West Union 8/05/1862. Filed for pension 04/07/1881, cert #332818. Married and removed to Sumner, NE after the war. Died 1926. Buried Box Elder cemetery, Custer co. NE. Death notice
Jennings, Joseph M. Private Co. F, 34th IA Inf. and
Co. A, 38th IA Inf
Sperry twp. 1848-1930. Enlisted at West Union 8/05/1862. Dischg at Houston, TX 08/15/1865. Pension filed 07/29/1881, cert. #284810. Authored "Reminiscences of the Great Rebellion", ca1908, which he was selling for 25 cents (ad: West Union Gazette, June 1908). Buried Hillcrest cemetery. Obituary
Jewell, David Sergeant Co. D, 21st IA Inf Volga City 1825-1899; buried Taylorsville cem., Fayette co. IA; Obituary; Additional information
Jewett, Morris Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point 1843-1917. Buried Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary; Additional Information
Johns, William

William Johns, Civil War

  Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor / Cherokee co. IA 1839-1895. Buried Pleasant Hill cemetery, Aurelia, Cherokee co. IA; Obituary; Biography

~photo contributed by Carl Ingwalson, for a larger version & a photo of his family click the Biography link above

Johnson, Daniel W. Private Co. J, 8th IA Cav. Elkport 1844-1923. File for invalid pension 11/13/1883. Cert. #440697. Buried in Hill Crest cemetery. Obituary
Johnson, George Private Co. G, 6th IA Cav Strawberry Point  
Johnson, Ole   Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Johnson, Samuel Private Co. M, 1st IA Cav Regiment Clayton co. b. Norway; enlisted at age 30 from Clayton co. 01/25/1864. Vesterheim
Johnson, William R. Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West Hardin More info.
Jones, Freeman Private Co. C, 7th WI Inf (Iron Brigade) Elk twp. Enlisted 8/10/1861; dischg 11/30/1862 for disability; buried in Asbury cemetery; Death notice
Jones, George C.   Co. L, 7th IA Cav McGregor Age 19, nativity Wisconsin. Enlisted Feb. 20, 1864. Mustered April 11, 1864. Transferred to Co L, 7th Cavalry Reorganized. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. from Steve Hanken
Jones, Gillard H. Private Co. G, 4th IA Cav   Enlisted 9/12/1864, mustered out 6/15/1865
Jones, Henry Martin Private Co. K, 1st IA Cav Littleport Enlisted 8/22/1862, mustered out 2/3/1866 (Roster & Record); later removed to NE & entered a homestead; Died 1/4/1878 & is buried in Hillsdale cemetery, Nemaha co., NE according to an entry on Find-a-Grave. Death notice
Jones, John J. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Wood 1841-1912. Invalid pension filed 7/31/1890, cert #999533. Buried in Brown cemetery; Obituary. Additional information
Jones, William Lewis Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor Age 22, nativity Ohio. Enlisted May 22, 1861. Mustered June 8, 1861. Discharged Feb. 19, 1862, Allen Station, Mo. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. from Steve Hanken.
According to his Civil War Pension, Mr. Jones died on March 9, 1906 ~from Linda Linn
Conflict note: the "Roster & Record" gives the middle initial 'S'; gravestone, 1870 census & 1882 bio. give middle initial 'L', which is correct. Obituary
Jordan, Lemuel Private Co. C, 105th IL Inf Strawberry Point ca1838-1886. Invalid pension #144577 filed 07/18/1872; Eliza M. Jordan, widow pension filed 05/29/1886. She died in 1913 & is buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery. It is likely he also is buried there. Obituary
Judy, John Henry
Tschudi, John Henry
Saddler Co. M, 3rd WI Cav
Co. L, 7th IA Cav
Elkader Enlisted 12/9/1861 in the 3rd WI at Boscobel, WI. Dischged 10/03/1862 at Ft. Scott, KS due to an injury of a testicle. Enlisted 02/25/1864 in the 7th IA Cav. at McGregor, mustered out 04/10/1866 at Ft. Randall, at the close of the war. Pension cert #814725 (Milwaukee, WI Soldiers' Home record 8/6/1901-12/4/1901 -ancestry.com) Buried Eastside cemetery, Elkader. Obituary
Justus, John R. Private Co. D, 3rd OH Inf McGregor  


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