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The Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society is compiling photo scrap books for each town and would appreciate anyone that has old photos of Sioux County such as families, businesses, and town scenes, please have them copied in good quality and send them to the GSCGS, 102 S. Main Ave., Sioux Center, IA 51250. Be sure to label them completely and who had them.

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Haag, Adam & Phillipina Spettel


Haas, Charles & Margaret Capesius family

Haase, George

Hagar, G. E.

Hagge, Claus H. & Margaret Grill family


Hagge, Herman & Mary Zimmerman family


Haines, John 1861 & son Que 1895


Hammond, Samuel Albro & Son David's family

Hamstra, Aaltje 'Alice' Kosters (Mrs. John)

Hansen, Frantz "Frank" & Margaretha Streng family

Hansen, Peter & Susan Konz family

Harens, Mathias & Margaret Koob family

Harlan, L. L.

Harmelink, Lillian (Mrs. Peter)


Harskamp, Jan 'John' & Alyda Rozendaal family

Hastert, Nicholas & Catherine Schuh


Hatley, G. T.

Hatton, Thomas W. & Anna McDonald family


Haupert, Michael & Mary Ann Monner family

Haupert, Nicholas & Margaret Krantz


Haverhals, Adrian & Jennie

Haverhals, John B. & Maria

Hayden, John & Julia Keegan family


Hazlitt, William & Annie Gourley family


Hazzard, I. D.

Heald, Alfred Winter family

Heald, Samuel 1830-1913 (family)

Heemstra, Charles

Heemstra, Tjeerd (Mr. & Mrs.)

Heffernan, Cornelius & Mary Barry family

Heisig, Fred J. & Flora Elizabeth Smith (family)

Helbing, Fred

Hellstern, Thomas & Rose Kramer family


Hemmingson Brothers


Hemmingson, Joseph J. & families


Henkels, W. P.

Henning, R.

Henningfeld, Henry Joseph & Fredricka Bushman family


Henningfeld, Louis & Katherine Resch family


Hennrich, Charles William 1844-1937


Henrich, Jacob & Anna Weyant family

Henrich, Nicholas Sr. & Mary Lebar family

Hentges Brothers

Herrig, Mathias & Mary Ann Koob family

Herrig, Michael & Catherine Ambrosy family

Herter, Henry 1859-1934 (family)


Hess, Jno.

Heuer, Frederick & Catherine Schlumbohm family

Heuer, John Frederick & Louise Miller family


Heusinkveld, Hermanus & Jacoba Mensink family

Hevern, Edward T. & Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Hevern, Frank & Jennie Fitzpatrick

Heynen, Antonie & Grada Leverkamp family

Heynen, William J. & Fannie (Jager) family

Higgins, Thomas & Bridget Reed Family


Hoefer, John & Mary Thole Family

Hoeven, A. E.

Hoeven, Charles B. 1895-1980


Hoeven, Evert & Aaltje Mulder family

Hoeven, Evert & Aaltje *Golden Anniv 1907


Hoeven, I.

Hoeven, Joe

Hoff, Hendrikus & Dora W. TeGrotenhuis


Hoffmann, Mathias & Elisabeth Kellen family

Hofmeyer, Hermanus & Dena Trinen family


Hogan, Michael L. 1844-1933


Homan, Jno. J.

Homan, John Peter Sr. & Louisa Hoffman Family


Hopp, Jacob P. & Gertrude Jepma Family

Horton, A. D.

Hospers, C.

Hospers, Henry

Hospers, Henry "A Founder of Sioux County" and Family

Hospers, Jan & wife, Hendrika Middelkoop (parents of Henry Hospers)

Houlton, Charles B. & Flossie Thomas family

Houlton, George Lindley & Jane C. Morrison family


Houtsma, Albert family

Hoxmeier, Theodore & Mary Krier family

Huibregtse, H. J.

Huizenga, Dr. F. J.

Huizenga, Jno.

Hulshof, H.

Hulstein, Cornelius & Rijke

Hulstein, Gerrit & Caroline

Hulstein, Kenneth W. & Eunice

Hulstein, William & Anne

Hulstein, William & Susie DeVries family

Huss, Anton & Anna Kaiser family

Hutchinson, William 1850-1925

Hyink, B. J.

Hyink, H. W.



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