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Hansen, Frantz 'Frank' 1824-1909 & Margaretha Streng Family


Posted By: Wilma J. Vande Berg - volunteer (email)
Date: 10/6/2022 at 11:26:21

Hansen, Frantz ‘Frank’ 1824 -1909 and Margaretha Streng and Family

This BIOS for the the Frantz ‘Frank’ Hansen family was compiled by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society.

The life and times of Sioux County pioneers can be read about in several Sioux County books. “The Story of Sioux County” by Charles Dyk gives a very colorful account of pioneer life with its joys and hardships. The book “Siouxland A History of Sioux County” by Nelson Nieuwenhuis gives a great historical accounts of the area. The “1908 Sioux County Atlas” also has historical accounts of the various townships of Sioux County. Reference the Alton Centennial Book 1883-1893 pages 7, 70 and 98; and Alton St. Mary’s church book page 147.

St. Mary’s Church Book page 147.
Frank Hansen Family - the Frank Hansen family was among those who traveled by prairie schooner from Jackson County, Iowa to northwest Iowa in 1870 arriving on May 20.
Frank Hansen was born in Kopstal, Luxemburg on October 24, 1824. he was married to Margaretha Streng, who was born at Cruchten, Luxemburg on September 14, 1826.
There were six living children in the family: Katherine (Mrs. Nick Engeldinger; Peter; Susan (Mrs. Math Kellen; John, and George; all born in Luxemburg, and Margaret, born at St. Donatus, Iowa. An infant is buried at St. Donatus.
The family came to this country in 1863, settling first in Jackson county. Frank Hansen homesteaded in Section 18, East Orange Township, when the family came to Sioux County. His farm has remained in the family, and is now owned by Frank Hansen’s great grandson, Norbert. (1983)
Frank Hansen retired to LeMars, Iowa, where he died on Feb 5, 1909, Margaretha Streng Hansen died on October 4, 1909. Both are buried in Le Mars, Iowa.
The oldest daughter, Katherine born in 1852, was married to Nick Engeldinger. She passed away on April 10, 1924. She and Mr. Engeldinger are also buried at LeMars, Iowa.
Susan married Math Kellen, and lived in the Alton vicinity.
Peter Hansen married Susan Konz and they continued to live in the Alton area.
John Hansen married Catherine Jasper, and they were members of the Granville parish.
George left this area, and was a wood cutter for many years. He married and lived in Oregon.
The youngest daughter, Margaret born Feb 23, 1867 entered the Sisters of Christian Charity as Sister M. Euphrasia. She passed away January 19, 1959, served more than 65 years in religious life.

Alton Centennial Book page 98 Has pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Frantz Hansen as well as the Peter Hansen farm.
Four generations of Hansens have lived and helped develop this part of the prairie into what it is today. Frank ‘Frantz’ Hansen and his wife came to the Untied States in 1865 from Kopstal, Luxembourg, settling in Jackson County. They lived there for five years during which time Frank farmed and worked at clearing land. In 1870, Frank and his wife and their five children set out for western Iowa with a group of other settlers, the original group of Catholic settlers to come to Alton. Shortly after their arrival Frank Hansen chose for his homestead a piece of land three miles southeast of the future site of Alton. At this time he built a sod house for himself and his family. This house was in the middle of the section and when the land was more carefully surveyed it was discovered that the house was not even on Hansen land.
After nine years of working with his father to break the sod and develop the farm, Peter Hansen, Frank’s second oldest son, married Susan Konz, daughter of Matt Konz, whose family was also part of that original group of Catholic settlers. He lived and farmed the land until about 1915 when they retired and moved to Alton. The present buildings on the farm site were built during the last years that Peter lived on the farm. Peter’s son Mike, began to farm the land in about 1914, and the land was passed on to Mike’s son, Norbert, in 1950. Norbert Hansen and his family lives on the farm today (1983)


From a family report on the Public Member Trees on ancestry.com (work submitted by others)
Frantz ‘Frank’ Hansen was born 11 Nov 1824 at Kopstal, Capellen, Luembourg, and died 5 Feb 1909, LeMars Iowa. His parents were Jean ‘John’ Hansen 1778-1846 and Elisabeth Binsfeld 1786-1847. He married Margaret Streng 15 Jan 1851 Luxembourg.

Margaretha ‘Margaret’ Streng was born 14 Sep 1826 Cruchten, Mersch, Luxembourg and died 4 Oct 1909 LeMars, Iowa. She was the daughter of Mr. Streng 1783 and Anne Catherine Schloesser 1789.

CHILDREN of Frantz and Margaretha Hansen:

1. Katharine Hansen born 4 Feb 1852 Luxembourg died 9 Apr1924 LeMars IA. Married Nicolas Engeldinger 1842-1892 Her obit can be found in the Le Mars Globe Post of April 14, 1924. Married in 1874 in Le Mars. They built a hotel in Le Mars. Her husband died in 1894, leaving her alone to conducted the hotel long after his death. She was only survived by two brothers and one sister.

2. Peter J. Hansen Sr. born 5 Feb 1855 Kopstal, Capellen, Luxembourg 19 Oct 928 died 19 Oct 1928 Alton.
He was united in marriage to Miss Susan Konz, who had also come with her parents from Jackson County with the prairie wagon train in 1870, on February 18, 1879 at Hospers where there was a small Catholic Church at that time. In the obit of Peter from the Alton Democrat of Oct 26, 1928, Eleven children and their mother survive to mourn his death, also one sister, Sister Euphrasia of St. Louis, Missouri. The children who have gone before were Mathew, who died at the age of 13, Helen, who died in infancy, and Odilo, who died Country’s Service during the World War. The surviving children are as follows: Frances, Mrs. John Klein; Anna, Mrs. Math Guckenberger; Mathilda, Mrs. John Schuver; and Leo, all living at Dell Rapids, South Dakota; Nicholas, John, Mike, Peter J., George and Clara, Mrs. Victor Schneider, all of Alton; and Bernard of Oyens. There are forty-one grandchildren.

3. George Hansen 1856 Luxembourg died young.

4. Johann ‘John’ Hansen born 3 Dec 1857 Luxembourg died 21 Mar 1896 John’s obit was in the Alton Democrat of March 28, 1896. He died of lung fever at 39 years. His wife, Anna Katrina Jasper and nine children survive him. Henry, William, Alysious, Arvil, Philomena, Theordore ad Christina. From a Public Member Tree report on ancestry.com. lists John 1857-1896 wife Catherine Jasper 1857-1927.

5. Susan Hansen born 30 Jan 1860 Kopstal, Capellen, Luxembourgh died 15 Jun 1897Alton IA. She married Mathias Kellen 1851-1935 They had nine children. Her obituary was carried in the Alton Democrat of Jun 19, 1897, and mentioned she had nine children but they were not named in the obit. From a Public Family Tree report on ancestry.com the children were: Anna 1878, Clara 1880, William 1881, Joahanna 1884, Martha 1886, Cecila 1889, Frances 1891, Eleanor 1894, Florence 1896.

6. George Hansen 1862 There was a George Hansen born 30 Aug 1862 Kopstal, Capellen Luxembourgh died Nov 15, 1918 Newport Coos, Oregon. Married Jun 12, 1906 at Orange City IA to Florence M. Hansen 1872-1970. Florence M. Hansen was born 1872 Nova Scotia, Canada died Apr 15, 1970 Multnomah Co. Oregon. No children listed. In 1910 census of Newport, Coos, Oregon, Florence Hanson was 36 born Canada, married to George Hanson, Step daughter Lilian M. Therault 12, and Mother in law - Adelaide E. Hanson 68. It doesn’t appear George fathered any children.

7. Margaret ‘Sister Euphrasia’ Hansen Feb 23, 1867 Jackson County IA. entered the Sisters of Christian Charity as Sister M. Euphrasia. She passed away January 19, 1959, served more than 65 years in religious life.

OBITUARY of Frantz ‘Frank’ Hansen 1824-1909 and wife Margaretha.

Alton Democrat of Feb 13, 1909 Pioneer Gone - Many people from the Alton and Granville communities were at LeMars this week to attend the funeral of Frank Hansen who was well known as a pioneer of this region. He was the father of Peter Hansen residing east of Alton and had many other relatives and friends in this vicinity.
Of his death the LeMars Sentinal says: Frank Hansen died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Kate Engeldinger on Main street on Friday morning February fifth—after an illness lasting only a few days—of old age. He was born at Kopstal in the Canton of Capellen in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg Europe on October twenty fourth 1824. He was united in marriage with Miss Margaret Streng of Cruchten on January sixteenth 1851 at Kopstal and for fifty eight years they enjoyed a long and happy married life. They lived at Kopstal for fourteen years following their married life and then together with five children they came to this country in 1865 and settled down in Jackson county near St. Donatus this state. Here Mr. Hansen went to work to make a home in the new land for his wife and children and worked hard and long clearing land and grubbing out the stumps and chopping timber and splitting rails at the rate of ten or fifteen dollars an acre. After five years of residence in Jackson county he decided to move further west in search of fortune. They crossed the plains of Iowa in a prairie schooner drawn by oxen which was customary in those days or rather the only means by which poor people could, convey their few belongings from one place to another. Having reached Sioux county they settled on a homestead about three miles southeast of the site of the present town of Alton.
This was in 1870 and Mr. and Mrs. Hansen were among the very first settlers in this part of the country, having gone through the hardships of early pioneer life and endured its vicissitudes brighter days came when the bosom of the land breathed fertility and good crops sprang forth. They accumulated enough to retire and spend their declining years in ease and moved to Le Mars in 1885 where they lived since.
To them were born seven children. Three have gone before—John who died in 1896, Mrs. Math Kellen of Alton who died in 1897 and a child in infancy at St. Donatus. Besides his wife he leaves four children. They are Mrs. Kate Engeldinger of Le Mars, Peter Hansen of Alton, George who is at present in California and Sister Euphasia—a member of the Order of Sisters of Charity in St. Louis. He also leaves twenty seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
Mr. Hansen was an upright man and a good citizen—a kind husband and father and a good hearted neighbor. His long life was honorably spent and when his mission on earth ended he passed peacefully away to his reward The funeral was held Monday morning at St Joseph's church in Le Mars and was very largely attended by old friends and neighbors. A bout twenty five of his friends from Alton—near his . old home—were down to pay their meed of honor to their long time neighbor.
OBITUARY of Margaret (Mrs. Frantz) Hansen 1826-1909
Alton Democrat, October 9, 1909 Mrs. Margaret Hansen died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Engeldinger in LeMars on Monday October fourth aged eighty three years, She had been failing for several weeks from the infirmities of old. Deceased was born at Cruthten Luxemburg Europe September twenty fourth 1826 and came to the United States in 1865. She became a Sioux county pioneer in 1870 and with her husband passed through all the hard ships of that day. She was married to Frank Hansen at Cruthten in 1850—who died the fifth of last February 1909
Six children were born to them —of whom four survive. The four are Mrs, Kate Engeldinger of LeMars, Peter Hansen on the old homestead east of Alton, George Hansen in Oregon, Sister Euphrasia in St. Louis. The children who preceded her to the grave were John Hansen and Mrs. Math Kellen of Alton, Besides the children deceased leaves thirty one grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Father Feuerstein from St, Joseph's church in LeMars on Wednesday, About twenty five of the pioneers and members of their families and a number of other relatives and friends were present from Sioux county to attend the funeral.
Among them we are able to note Peter Hansen and wife, Mrs. Kate Hansen, Matt Kellen and wife and Will and t h e Misses Martha and Celia Kellen, Nic and Miss Frances Hansen, Peter Kilburg and wife, Mike Schroeder and wife, Mrs. Antone Huss, Mrs. Mary Schneider, Theo Hosmeier and wife, Jacob Klein and wife, Mrs. Joseph Krebs, Nic Probst and wife, Mrs. Nic Scheckel, Peter Wagner and daughter Miss Leona, Mrs. Peter Engeldinger. Mrs. Hansen was a splendid wife and mother and a woman of strong Christian character. She was ever willing to help those in need and during the hardships of the early days did many a kindly deed for those in distress. She was often called upon among the pioneers—when ox teams were t h e only means of travel and doctors were no nearer Alton the LeMars to take the place of both physicians and nurse at the birth of a child and is sickness was ever looked to for advice and help. With it all she was noted for her cheerful and happy disposition and her memory is cherished by all who knew her.

Obit of Mrs Margaretha Hansen 1824-1909
The Alton Democrat
October 23, 1909 THE DEATH ROLL
The LeMars Sentinel says of the late Mrs. Hansen: After fourteen years in Luxemburg, she and her husband and five children came to Jackson county, Iowa. There Mr. Hansen went to work to make a home in the new land for his wife and children and worked hard clearing land and chopping timber and splitting rails. After five years of residence in Jackson county they decided to move further west in search of fortune and came to Sioux county settling on a farm about three miles southeast of where Alton now stands. They made the trip across the prairies of Iowa in a prairie schooner drawn by oxen—the only means in those days by which poor people could convey their belongings from one place to another.
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen were among the very early settlers of this section of the country and they endured the hardships and vicissitudes which befell the pioneer but by hard work and frugal living and steady purpose they surmounted difficulties and brighter days came when the earth yielded of its abundance and bountiful harvests were garnered from the land. After attaining a comfortable competency they left the work of the farm to younger hands and moved to Le Mars to spend the autumn of their days in peace and comfort.
Mrs. Hansen was a good Christian woman and a loving wife and mother and a homemaker and helpmate in the highest sense of the words. In the early days when she lived in Sioux county, she was always ready to attend the sick and neighbors recall how in those days she was ever willing to hasten to the bedside of the sick and do what she could. Doctors were few and far between in those days and Mrs. Hansen attended the advent of the stork in many pioneer homes when blizzards and storms made it impossible for a doctor to get out in the country. An incident is recalled where Mrs. Hansen was lost in a blizzard for a night and a day—returning from one of her errands of mercy at the home of a neighbor. Her memory will dwell in the hearts of many of those old friends and neighbors who know of her womanly virtues and her generosity and her kindness in the pioneer times when mutual hardships and privations closely knitted the bonds of affection and neighborliness.


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