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Frantzen, Henry 1842-1891 & Josephine Christiany Family


Posted By: Wilma J. Vande Berg - volunteer (email)
Date: 10/18/2022 at 16:09:45

Frantzen, Henry 1842- 1891 and wife Josephine Christiany Family.

The life and times of Sioux County pioneers can be read about in several Sioux County books. “The Story of Sioux County” by Charles Dyk gives a very colorful account of pioneer life with its joys and hardships. The book “Siouxland A History of Sioux County” by Nelson Nieuwenhuis gives great historical accounts of the area. The “1908 Sioux County Atlas” also has historical accounts of the various townships of Sioux County.

No prepared biography was found to use in preparation of this BIOS. The content was compiled by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux Count Genealogical Society and taken from various identified sources.

According to the obit of Peter Frantzen 1848-1935, who was Henry’s brother, he and brother Henry Frantzen, came from Jackson County Iowa in 1870 to establish homesteads in the Hospers Iowa area. “Of a family of five boys and one girl, he was the only one surviving, the four brothers and one sister having preceded him in death many years. Mrs. Math. Streff, mother of the Streff brothers of this vicinity, was his sister. His brother Henry, who located at Hospers, died at the Frantzen home here. His brother Math. taught school here in the early days and died here at Hospers. Nick and John farmed the home place near Dubuque.

At question is the exact death date of Henry Frantzen born 1842. Ancestry Public Family tree programs have his death date as Jan 27, 1917 (no exact source for that date has been found) which may have been submitted to ancestry and then found by many followers of the family and copied verbatem. No record of a ‘Harry’ Frantzen born abt 1841 died 1891 was found to have come to Sioux County IA in this era. Also, referencing that same family report on ancestry.com three of the brothers died in 1917; Nicolas Frantzen 1844-1917, John Frantzen 1850-1917, and Henry Frantzen 1842-1917 which would be highly unusual for all three to have died in 1917 and could be in error.
A direct descendant of Henry believes he died earlier in his life in Sioux county IA. No indication in the newspapers or public records that he lived past 1891, however, records remain quite obscure for that time period. A ‘Harry’ Frantzen is noted to have died in a brief death statement in the Alton Democrat dated Nov 26, 1891 page 5. That Harry could have been in fact Henry. The last article in the newspapers found referencing Henry Frantzen as Henry was in March 21,1891. In the Sioux County death records for Harry Frantzen it states he was a farmer age abt 50 died of cancers over his body on Nov 14, 1891 and was buried in St. Mary’s cemetery in Alton Iowa. There is no entry for Henry Frantzen in the 1895, 1900, or 1910 Federal Census of Sioux County IA.

MYSTERY SOLVED !! currently by Carol Mrs. Gerald Phillips, great granddaughter, descendant of Henry.
The fact that some party supplied information to the Family Trees on ancestry concerning the deaths of all three brothers as 1917. Nicholas death was listed as 1917, but John actual died 10 Jun, 1916 per affidavit of death and an article in the Alton Democrat of July 22, 1916, he died as a result of drowning in the Mississippi River. John’s obit mentioned he had a brother Nicholas who passed away six week earlier in 1916. It is the opinion that the stone cutter for the monument made an error and cut the dates of 1917 into the stone instead of 1916.
Death of Henry in 1917 is debunked – in an article in the Alton Democrat of Aug 8, 1903 reporting the wedding of J. (John) P. Frantzen, son of Henry, describes J. P. as the son of the late Henry Frantzen.
Also, Henry’s daughter Leona was admitted to the hospital in Independence Iowa. This was in 1893 and according to copies thar were provided to Mrs. Phillips by that institution, Leona’s parents were deceased in 1893 and she was delivered there by her sister Sophia and her grandmother, Mrs. Peter Christiany.
These two records would rule out Henry dying in 1917. In Nicholas’ will he gave Peter Frantzen a sum of cash, and mentioned Peter as the son of his brother ‘Harry’. That Peter Frantzen was Mrs. Phillips’ grandfather. So it is assumed Henry was ‘nick’ named Harry.
Conclusion – Harry who died in November 1891 was actually Henry Frantzen.

LOCAL HISTORY BOOKS – Historical Tidbits
Some excerpts from the Hospers Centennial book for Henry Frantzen are:
Frantzen H. 24, mentions the in 1884 Henry Frantzen sold his store goods to Ben Liesveld.
Frantzen Henry Page 16 dealt with the history of St. Anthony’s church in Hospers. In that article it mentions the families there who were charter member of the church, among them was Henry Frantzen.

From the book ‘Siouxland A History of Sioux County’ are:
Frantzen, Henry 128, 129 In 1883, Henry Frantzen bought the store belonging to Henry Bouman who moved to Hull. Henry was also postmaster.

There are numerous tidbit articles in the early Alton Democrat and the Sioux County Herald newspapers. Hospers does not have newspapers that exist through the early time period. Sioux County Newspapers that can be researched on line at www.siouxcounty.advantage-preservation.com ; put in the surname in the ‘All the words’ or ‘exact words’ search box and then in the date ‘Between line’ end the year with your search year dates.
A look into the family’s life can be obtain from the various articles. It appeared that Henry ventured around the area, had several business dealing and ventured about the country after the death of his wife.
*Sioux County Herald of February 13, 1879 page 5 describes a jovial party of 15 couples hosted by Henry Franzten.
*Sioux County Herald of Oct 16, 1879 Henry Frantzen the live landlord at Hospers, is doing a good business of late since he had built an addition to the hotel and stocked the same with dry goods, groceries, hardware, notions, etc. Henry is one of those jovial, good hearted and frank, out spoken fellows that make things win every time.
* De Volksvriend Sep 22, 1881 Thursday Hospers news page 1. V (died abt Sep 16, 1881 of a long illness) Translated: H. Fransen's wife died here on Friday morning and was buried on Sunday. She had been sick for a long time and leaves her husband and 3 children.
*Alton Review of Feb 8, 1884 page 3. Liesveld Bros, have purchased the merchandise stock and building of Henry Frantzen, one of the oldest residents of Hospers; conideration $4,000. Henry expects to go elsewhere. Sorry to have him leave, but wish him best success wherever he may go.
*Alton Review of Jan 8, Aug 20, Dec 31, 1885 all carry store ads for H. Frantzen Dry Goods... Quite a few date in the 1886 papers for store ads also.
*Alton Review of Jan 23, 1885 Mr. Frantzen is passing the winter in Hospers.
*Sioux County Herald of Feb 5, 1885, page 5 Hospers news – Lots of corn is coming in a 25 cents a bushel; H. Frantzen is buyer.
*Alton Review of Jul 10, 1885 page 3 news from LeMars Globe Mr. Henry Frantzen formerly of Hospers, Sioux county, bought the August Ihle property next to Dwuesehle’s bakery yesterday for $1,150. Mr. Frantzen expects to engage in the grocery business.
*Alton Democrat of Jan 8, 1886 Henry Frantzen a former citizen of Hospers, but now of LeMars, is looking at his interest in this place.
*Alton Democrat of Sep 22, 1888 page 5. Henry Frantzen who was reported to have been killed in an accident in the south, has written to friends from New Orleans and expects to return in time to take part in our first blizzard.
*Alton Democrat of Dec 21, 1889 Page 4 under Hospers Happenings Henry Frantzen is visiting his father in law Peter Christiany
*Alton Democrat of March 15th 1890 page 8 Henry Frantzen is here visiting his children. He thinks Louisiana is a good country since he bought land in that state.
*Alton Democrat of March 21, 1891 page 8 under Hospers news Henry Frantzen of Alton was here Sunday the guest of his father in law Peter Christiany.
*Concludes the entries for Henry Frantzen prior to Dec of 1891 none found after 1891.

1908 SIOUX CONTY ATLAS Part III Section 2 page 13 Migration to Sioux County Iowa
Reminiscence by Peter Hansen. The Luxembourg Wagon Train 1870
     Through the influence of Peter Gehlen, at that time a resident of Jackson County, seventeen men, some single and some married, left Jackson County on the 2nd day of May, 1870, with eighteen prairie schooners; drawn by oxen. It took eighteen days to cover that distance, thus landing in Sioux County May 19th, 1870. We came via Waterloo, Fort Dodge, Storm Lake and Cherokee. The names of this original colony and as near as I can remember, where they settled, are as follows. Franz Hansen homesteaded on section 18, East Orange. P. and N. Ginsbach on section 34, Nassau. Peter and Henry Frantzen, section 26, Nassau. Michael Konz and Mike Biever, section 24, Nassau. Peter Wagner, Peter Gehlen, Theo. Gehlen, Nic Nemmers and Frank Arens on section 5, East Orange. Math Harens, section 26, Floyd. Peter Ney, John Perlot, Henry Remacle and Peter and John Christiany all settled in Floyd Township.
     The above were all Luxembourgers and had the zeal of the early Christians, so were not slow in providing a place of worship. (See Very Rev. Brunes' sketch of early Catholic settlements in Sioux County in sketch of St. Mary's congregation of Alton, Iowa.)
     Other early settlers in the German Catholic Colony were Nic and Matt Probst, who homesteaded on section 18, East Orange. Nicholas Kellen, father of Math, John, Peter and Camellus Kellen, now prominent settlers In this community. Joe Krebs, Jacob, Theodore and Nicholas Klein, John and Nicholas Schneider, H. and P. Goebel, J. and G. Gerst, N. and P. Schaul, N. and J. Henrich, M. Streff, M. Schroeder, N. Koob, Michael Haupert, Joe Budde and others the writer cannot remember.
     Homesteads were all gone in and around Alton in 1871. Railroad land, while the homesteads lasted, sold at $1.25 per acre.
     The grasshopper raid came in 1873 and they were with us for several seasons. Some years all the crop was destroyed, others only a part. These were truly years of discouragement. All of us, no doubt, would have left if we had had enough means to get away, but as it was we had to stay, which after all proved a blessing to us all as this has surely become a garden spot. East Orange and Nassau were originally one township called Nassau, but in 1875 East Orange became a separate organization by an act of the Board of Supervisors in 1875. When organized there were only enough voters, so every one could get an office.

RESEARCH - ANCESTRY PUBLIC MEMBER TREES on ancestry.com has the family of Henry Frantzen born 1842, it was submitted by others and not documented by the complier of this BIOS, therefore use as a secondary source. Some death dates were in error.
Henry Frantzen born 28 Mar 1842 Kehlen, Canton de Capeelen, Luxembourg. He actually died 14 Nov 1891 Nassau Tsp Sioux County IA (not 27 Jan 1917 Alton IA). He was the son of Pierre ‘Peter’ Frantzen 1812-1877, and Susanne Rodius 1814-1897. He came to the USA with his parents and four brothers, Nicolas 1844-1916 (not 1917) , Peter 1848-1935, John 1850- 1916 (not 1917) and Mathias 1852-1879. One sister mentioned Susanne Frantzen Streff 1846-1894. Henry married Josephine Christiany 8 Feb 1871 in Sioux county IA.
Josephine Christany was born Apr 1851 Kanton, Luxembourg and died Sept 1881 Hospers IA after a long illness. (possibly consumption – TB) She was the daughter of Peter Christiany 1820-1891 and Maria Kapgen 1838-1904. Both buried in St. Anthony’s Cemetery Hospers IA. See the BIOS of Peter Christiany and Maria Kapgen in a separate biography on the BIOS page on this site.

CHILDREN of Henry Frantzen and Josephine Christiany taken from the ancestry.com family report, ancestry birth, death and marriages and from local newspaper obits.

1 . Peter Frantzen: 12 Nov 1870 died 28 May 1930 Hospers IA. Wife Mary Catherine Hiltgen 1876-1916 Children – Henry N. 1904-1950, Leo Peter 1906-1948, Emil Matthew 1909-1949, Celeste 1911-1982, Maria 1913-1913, Eleonora 1914-1915, Josephine 1915-1960. The De Volksvriend of June 5th 1930 under Hospers news page 2 had some reference to the death of Peter Frantzen. Alton Democrat issue for week missing. Mary Frantzen Mrs. Peter’s obit follows: Source: Alton Democrat issue of 8 January 1916, Hospers column. Mrs. Peter Frantzen, for fourteen years a resident of Hospers, died very suddenly New Year's day at her home here of heart failure. Mrs. Frantzen had not been well for some time, but it was thought that she was growing better, so that the end came as a great shock to friends and relatives. The funeral was held Monday morning at 10 o'clock from St. Anthony's church. A host of friends and relatives came to pay last tribute to their great regard for her. Mary Hiltgen was born in 1876 at Arsdorf, Luxemburg, and was thus 39 years of age when she passed away. When she was 13 years old her sister, Mrs. Nic Origer, formerly of Remsen, sent for her to come to this country. At that time her father had passed on but her mother was still living, the latter dying in 1908 in Luxembourg. So she came to America and in 1902 was married to Peter Frantzen at Hospers and ever since the couple have lived happily here. Seven children were born to them, two of whom are now dead. Two boys and three girls and their father now compose the family. Miss Sophie Frantzen, formerly assistant in the postoffice, is now devoting all of her time to housekeeping for her brother and the family. The youngest child is but five weeks old.

2 . John P. Frantzen 30 Nov 1873 Alton IA died 29 Aug 1938 Dubuque IA Wife Josephine M. Palen 1874-1963 Children – Madeline 1906, John Joseph 1908, Virginia Mary Courtade 1909-2003, Paul 1913, Eunice M. Oberman 1915-1998. As reported by Carol Phillips (descendant of Henry Frantzen) because of the apparent illness and death of his mother in 1881. John Peter went to live with his uncles Nick and John who lived in Dubuque IA. Carol’s mother mentioned the John was raised by his uncles. In the 1885 census where there were only 2 children listed, apparently Peter was also in Dubuque and Mary had already died. It is believed that Mary died at age 8 about 1883.

3 . Mary Frantzen 1875 Hospers IA died abt--1883 In the 1885 census where there were only 2 children listed, apparently Peter was also in Dubuque and Mary had already died. It is believed that Mary died at age 8 about 1883. No further information found.

4 . Leona Frantzen 1877-1899 From the Alton Democrat of July 15, 1899
After one week's serious illness of pneumonia,Miss Leona Frantzen died in her temporary home at Clarinda, Iowa, Monday, July 10th, aged nearly twenty-three years. The corpse
arrived here on the 9 a. m. passenger Wednesday morning. The casket bearing the beloved one was taken to the home of her grandmother, Mrs. P. Christiany, where a large number of people took a last sad look at the youthful face. From there the coffin with its precious treasure, bedecked by a great many floral tributes from sorrowing relatives and sympathizing friends, was taken to the Catholic church, where funeral services were held by Father Trumm, At 10 a,, m. she was laid in her final resting place near the church. THE DEMOCRAT and their many friends extend their heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved relatives. Deceased leaves a grandmother; Mrs. Christiany, one sister, Sophia Frantzen, and two brothers, J. P. and Peter Frantzen, both of Dubuque, to mourn her loss.

5 . Sohia Frantzen born 22 Feb 1879 died 6 Jul 1967 St. Anthony’s Hospers. Sophia Frantzen, a resident of Hospers passed away at the Delaney Nursing Home at Spencer on Saturday evening, July 6. Her death was the result of a stroke 6 weeks ago. She was 79 years old. Sophia Frantzen, daughter of Henry and Josephine Frantzen was born February 22, 1878 in Hospers and spent her entire life in Hospers. She spent many years working in the Hospers post office and clerking in several stores. She cared for her aged grandmother, Mrs. Christianty, for many years until her death. Upon the death of her brother's wife, Mrs. Peter Frantzen, she cared for the five children of this family. The boys, Henry, Leo and Emil all preceded her in death. The two girls, Josephine, Mrs. Wallace Leonard of Spencer and Celeste, Mrs. George Graff of Waterloo and Mrs. Mary Frantzen of Pierre, S.D., (Emil Frantzen's widow) are the immediate survivors. Three other nieces and two nephews also survive. Her parents, two brothers and two sisters preceded her in death. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at 9 A.M. at St. Anthony's church in Hospers with Msgr. Geo. C. Theobald in charge of requiem high Mass. Appropriate music was furnished by the choir. Pallbearers were Tony and Fred Fischer, John Penning, Cyl Haag, John and Peter Klein. Interment took place in the St. Anthony's Cemetery with the Vander Ploeg Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Sioux County Capital, July 18, 1957

IMMIGRATION PASSENGER LIST from Ancestry.com Ships Passenger lists 1820-1957 Castle Garden Ship name Vanguara, departed Le Havre, France, arrived in New York on 8 Jun 1861 Names: Piere Franzen ‘Peter Frantzen’ male, French age 49 about 1812, Suzanna 45 , Henry 22, Nicolas 18, Suzanna 15, Pierre ‘Peter’ 14, Jean ‘John’ 9 and Mathias 5.

*1870 August 24, the census of Mosalem Township Dubuque County Iowa lists the parents of Henry and some siblings. He and his family had left for Sioux County IA by this date. Peter Franzen 60 about 1810 Luxembourg, Susan 58, John 18, Matthias 16 and Susan Streff 23 with husband Matthias Streff 25. (note – Henry’s family was not in the Sioux County Iowa 1870 census as possibly in transit by prairie schooner to Sioux County Iowa)
*1880 census of Floyd/Hospers had: Henry Frantzen age 37, a hotel keeper, with wife Josephine age 27, children Peter 7, Mary 5, Lona 3, Sophia 2. Henry’s brother Peter’s family – Peter Frantzen a farmer age 32, wife Catherine 26, Children Susan 4, Lena 3, Christina 1.

*1885 Iowa census of Sioux County Nassau township listed Peter Frantzen 37, wife Katy 32 Children Susan 9, Lena 7, Cristina 6, Maggie 5, Joseph 2. Found Henry Franzen age 38 living in Hospers with daughters Leona 9, and Sophia 7. It was estimated that wife Jospehine had died about 1881 so she must have been deceased at the time of this census.

*1895 Iowa census lists Peter Frantzen 47, wife Katy 42 children Susan 19, Coristena 16, Magg 14, Joseph 12, Rosie 9, Peter 6, Lusy 4, Nick 2 and Alvena 0; all living in Nassau Township. However no evidence of Henry Frantzen…. Who was deceased by then.

HENRY FRANTZEN - From the Alton Democrat of Nov 26, 1891 (Believed to be Henry not Harry)
Harry Frantzen who died last week, was literally eaten up by cancers. He had them all over his person and the wonder is that he lived as long as he did.
(In the Sioux County Death Index was found the death of Harry Frantzen 50 years of age died Nov 14, 1891. no further information was found on Harry)

DeVolksvriend of Sep 22, 1881 Hospers news In Dutch – Translated:
H. Fransen's wife died here on Friday morning and was buried on Sunday. She had been ailing for a long time and leaves her husband 3 children. (Three were living with her at the time)
(Per Carol Phillips - At the time of Josephine’s death probably due to illness prior to death, her son Peter and John had gone to live in Dubuque with uncles’ families.)
1880 census of Hospers lists Henry Frantzsen Henry age 37 Hotel Keeper born Luxembourg and wife Josephine 27, born Luxembourg, children were Peter 7, Mary 5, Lona 3 and Sophia 2.


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