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Uhe Frances (Knight) Frances (Knight) Uhe (1946)
Ulery Harriet Harriet Ulery (1947)
Ulery Rufus Rufus Ulery (1915)
Ulmer Merdeth Miller Merdeth Miller Ulmer (1929)
Ulum Jonathan Jonathan Ulum (1916)
Umbaugh Devin Ray Devin Ray Umbaugh (2013)
Umsted Clyde LeValley Clyde L. Umsted (1993)
Umsted Donald Keith Donald Keith Umsted (1942)
Umsted Dwain R. Dwain R. Umsted (1950)
Umsted Judd Irwin Judd I. Umsted (1969)
Umsted Lois Edna (Orwan) Lois Orwan Umsted (2001)
Umsted Rose L. (Eklund) Rose L. Umsted (1990)
Underwood Blanche Blanche Underwood (1896)
Underwood Dewayne M. Dewayne M. Underwood (1991)
Underwood Floyd Floyd Underwood (1995)
Underwood Mary Ann (Finn) Mary Ann (Finn) Underwood (2018)
Unknown Unknown (1900)
Unsworth Helen C. (Welch) Helen C. (Welch) Unsworth (1895)
Updegraff Josiah R. Josiah R. Updegraff (2011)
Updike Charles Charles Updike (Rev.) (2003)
Urquhart Elizabeth (Templeton) Elizabeth (Templeton) Urquhart (1924)
Urquhart John John Urquhart (1962)
Ussery Elsie Nora (Breech) Elsie Nora Ussery (1944)
Ussery John A. John A. Ussery (1979)
Utsler Alcy Marie (Roberts) Alcy Marie Roberts Utsler (1998)
Utsler Anne (Howard) Anne (Howard) Utsler (2010)
Utsler Bill Bill Utsler (2010)
Utsler Charles Wilbur Charles Wilbur Utsler (1926)
Utsler Harriet (Lewis) Harriet Lewis Utsler (1948)
Utsler Joe H. Joe H. Utsler (2000)
Utsler John Russell John Russell Utsler (1973)
Utsler Lucindia Ellen (Bishop) Lucindia Ellen (Bishop) Utsler (1908)
Utsler Maude Woolery Maude Woolery Utsler (1978)
Utter Emiline Emiline Utter (1896)
Utter Henry Lonzo Henry Lonzo Utter (1919)
Utter Martha Ann (Fenimore) Ogburn Martha Ann (Fenimore) Ogburn Utter (1919)
Utterback Leona S. (Rodman) Leona S. (Rodman) Utterback (1941)
Utterback Oscar T. Oscar T. Utterback (1939)

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