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Clayton co. Civil War Soldiers

Surnames A-B

This alphabetical listing of Civil War soldiers who were born in, lived in, or died in Clayton co. has been compiled by the Clayton co. coordinator from many sources. It will be updated whenever another soldier is found.

If you'd like a name added, or have additional information, a photo, obituary, etc. for any of the men, please email the Clayton co. coordinator. Should you find an error, corrections are also appreciated.

Note! All links to obituaries, gravestone photos, or other webpages containing additional information will open a new browser window. I have not attempted to link to all of the additional information that may be located on this website, so be sure to use the search function on the home page...... you may find biographies, family photos and other information about these soldiers.

Soldier Name Rank Regiment Residence Notes & Links to more info.
Aanes, Emerick Olson
Olson, Emerick Aanes
[given name also found as Embrigt or Engebret]
Private Co. E, 9th IA Cav Clermont, Fayette co. IA 1837-1900. Enlisted 8/31/1863 & mustered out 2/3/1866. Filed for invalid pension 5/29/1871, certif. #129859. Burial is in East Clermont Lutheran cemetery; Obituary
Abernethy, Samuel Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Elkader Enlisted 08/11/1862, mustered 08/22/1862, mustered out 07/15/1865 ~"Roster & Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion", by Guy E. Logan; buried Fremont township cemetery, Bremer co. IA
Adams, Asher 1st Sgt Co. L, 4th IA Cav. Luana 1842-1919. Mustered in 11/17/1861 at Camp Mount Pleasant, IA, & was discharged at Davenport, IA, by reason of expiration term of service, on 12/05/1864. Pension cert #1132649 filed 4/29/1892 & 02/18/1907. Died 3/14/1919 in Osage co. KS, buried in the Osage City cemetery. Biography & obit
Adams, James Kimble Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Hardin 03/24/1839-01/31/1922. Invalid pension cert #739467 filed 08/19/1896 & 3/27/1907. Died in Osage co. KS, buried in the Osage City cemetery. Additional information
Adams, Jeremiah   Co. A, 47th IA Inf Volga 1827-1911; buried in Hillcrest cemetery; obituary
Adams, M.H. Private Co. A, 3rd WI Cav Clayton  
Adams, Samuel Nicholas 'Nic' Private Co. B, 1st IA Cav
Co. K, 1st IA Cav
Elkader 1832-1924. He may have served in both Co. B & Co K; buried Eastside cemetery; Obituary
Adams, Willard 2nd Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Luana 1835-1906; Invalid pension cert #211217 filed 01/03/1880. Buried Luana cem.; obituary. Additional information
Aldrich, Frank   Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Enrolled 8/9/1862, mustered out 7/15/1864; removed to S. Dak., died 1909, buried Gettysburg cemetery, Potter co., S. Dak. Biography
Aldrich, Nehemiah 'Nick'   Co. D, 21st IA Inf
34th/38th consolidated
Strawberry Point Enrolled Jan. 1864, in August with one month remaining in service he was transferred to a 34th/38th consolidated regiment. Died 11/29/1917, buried in Harrison cemetery, Monona co., IA; Additional information
Aldrich, Ruel JR 2nd Corporal Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Enlisted 08/11/1862, mustered 08/22/1862, mustered out 07/15/1865 ~ "Roster & Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion", by Guy E. Logan. Born 02/27/1832 in MA, died 2/4/1907. Buried Oak Grove cem. Mitchell co. IA. Additional information. Biography & photo
Acord, Hugh Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Wood 06/1845-07/20/1930; buried Oakland cemetery, Manchester, Delaware co. IA
Adney, Johan Private Co. K, 31st WI Inf McGregor  
Adrian, Michael Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg 11/16/1841-01/29/1923; buried Estella Union cemetery, Chippewa co. WI
Adrian, Peter   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Jefferson twp. Rejected by mustering officer for being underage
Ahrend, John   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg 08/03/1842-06/16/1870; Buried in St. John's Lutheran cemetery, Benton co. IA
Alexander, J. Private 4th IN Battery Millville  
Alexander, Martin L. Private Co. G, 9th IA Inf. Clayton county Record & Profile. Buried in Union cemetery, Humboldt co. IA
Allard, Thomas   Co. C, 24th KS Cav McGregor Participated in putting down Price's raid in Kansas. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Death notice
Allen, Abel Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf Millville Invalid pension cert #198433 filed 10/17/1876. Died 1899 in S. Dak. Buried in Greenhill cemetery. Obituary
Allen, Enoch Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf National 1832-02/17/1911; buried Leavenworth Nat'l cemetery, Leavenworth, KS
Allen, Joseph N. Private Co. D, 21st IA Inf and
unassigned 34th IA Inf.
Millville Enlisted 2/12/1864, transferred to the 34th IA Inf. July 1865, dischg 08/15/1865. Invalid pension cert #803000 filed 6/18/1891.
Allen, Thomas B. Private Co. K, 21st WI Inf North McGregor May have also served in US Vet Reserve Corps, Co A. Died 1907, buried in the Knapp cemetery, no gravestone found; Obituary. Note: GAR card for Harvey Dix Post No.371 (73), McGregor, contains many errors!
Alley, Albert Private Co. F, 83rd IL Inf. Strawberry Point Entered service 8/8/1862, mustered in 8/21/1862, mustered out 6/26/1865 (source: IL CW Muster & Descriptive Rolls, Ancestry database). Filed for invalid pension 6/30/1880, cert #375,759. Died 1884. Buried in the Strawberry Point cemetery. Obituary.
Alloway, William H. Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Born in IL. Enlisted 08/06/1862, mustered 08/18/1862. Right arm amputated after being wounded at Black River Bridge, MS 05/17/1863. Died 06/08/1863 on a hospital boat. ~"Roster & Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion", by Guy E. Logan. Biography
Allurt, Harmon
Allert, Herman
Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf North Buena Vista Buried in Giard cemetery; Additional information
Allyn, William M. Sergeant Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 12/28/1828-07/09/1917; buried Eddy cemetery, Kendallville, Winneshiek co. IA; Obituary
Amling, Jacob Private Co. E, 4th IA Inf. Elkport 1847-1910. Served 1864-1865. Buried Black Hills Nat'l Cemetery. Obituary
Anderegg, John 1st. Lieut Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg 0612/1823-05/22/1910; buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Anderson, Columbus Dighton Wagoner Co. A, 83rd IL Inf. Giard/National 1837-1911; Removed from WI to Clayton co. in 1890; buried in the National cemetery; Obituary
Angier, Silas Wright 6th Corp Co. E, 27th IA Inf National 06/16/1844-09/11/1935; buried Glendale cemetery, Polk co. IA
Ankney, Samuel
Ankeny, Samuel
Private Co. B, 7th WI Inf McGregor Mustered 9/27/1864 mustered out 6/12/1865; Invalid pension cert #119544 filed for 8/28/1871; Died Oct. 1894; Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Ano, John   Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
Antrim, John Wesley
Anthrom, John M.
Private Co. E, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Residence Dubuque, nativity Ohio. Enlisted, age 21, Aug. 14, 1862. Mustered Aug. 22. 1862. Discharged for disability May 21, 1863, St. Louis, Mo. buried Strawberry Point cem. ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken; Discharge papers; Additional information; Obituary
Apfeld, Hugo   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Guttenberg 02/14/1842-01/09/1901; Buried in E. Dubuque cemetery, Jo Daviess co. IL
Appleton, William H. 8th Corporal Co. B, 21st IA Inf Wood 1839-1925. Buried in the Brown cemetery. There is no existing gravestone for him. Discharge papers; Additional information; Obituary
Arble, Richard P. Private Co. E, 29th IA Vol National died 11/25/1862 of typhoid fever; buried National cem
Arnold, A.     Strawberry Point His name appears on a list of CW soldier burials published in the Strawberry Point Press Journal, 4/4/1990. Additional info. needed to confirm his service
Ashline, Edward Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. National buried National cem
Ashline, George Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Wood 1844-03/14/1927; buried Edgewood cemetery, Delaware co. IA
Ashline, Hiram Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. National 1841-06/06/1873; buried Asbury cem.
Ashline, William Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Wood 04/15/1840-06/13/1919; buried Edgewood cemetery, Delaware co. IA
Ashmead, C. Private Co. E, 13th IA Inf Brookville * *unknown if this is Adams co. Iowa or Clayton co. Iowa?
Baade, John George Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Giard / National 1843-1929, buried in Monona City cemetery; Additional information
Bachtell, Thomas D.   Co. C, 12th IA Inf. Volga 1840-1910; buried in Hillcrest cemetery; Obituary
Bagby, Davis   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport 01/11/1841-10/26/1863; buried Brown cemetery, Mallory twp.
Bagby, Thomas Hardy   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Elkport 03/31/1831-03/13/1911; buried Brown cemetery, Mallory twp.
Baker, Sylvester Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Baldwin, James Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Clayton co. 1821-06/28/1864; buried Mississippi River National cemetery, Memphis, TN
Balsinger, J. Private Co. E, 140th PA Inf Millville  
Ball, Artemus E. Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. Veterans    
Balluff, Victor A. Private Co. H, 16th IA Inf Strawberry Point 1843 - 1896; Obituary; buried County Corners cemetery
Bank, James Private Co. I & Co. C, Engineer Regiment of the West McGregor More info.
Barber, William C. Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf Gem / Millville 08/31/1843-12/09/1916; buried Sunnyside Cemetery, 1095 East Willow Street, Long Beach, CA; Additional information
Barnes, A.S. Sergeant Co. C, 6th IA Cav McGregor  
Barnes, Eugene T. Private Co. C, 13th U.S. Infantry Garnavillo Filed for invalid pension 3/26/1875; cert. #356000; died 2/28/1879, buried in the Garnavillo City cemetery; Obituary
Barnes, James C. Private
Co. I, 2nd WI Cav
Co. I, 27th WI Inf
Strawberry Point 1837-1916. 1/7/1863, enlisted Co. I, 2nd WI Cav. & dischged 10/24/1863; re-mustered as Captain Co. I, 27th WI Inf. 1/23/1864, appointed Acting Assistant Inspector General of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division; dischged from the service 8/22/1866; served 3y 7m 15d. Buried Strawberry Point cem.; Obit
Barnes, James H. Private Co. B, Brackett's Indep. MN Batt Monona 1840-1918; buried Monona City cem.; Obit
Barnett, James Private Co. I, 1st MN Inf McGregor  
Barnhart, G.L. Private Co. G, 6th IA Cav Osterdock  
Barnhart, Henry Private Co. L, 6th IA Cav McGregor  
Bartholomew, Andrew J. Private 9th IA Inf Cox Creek 02/03/1843 - 02/29/1864; enlisted 9/24/1861, reenlisted after he'd served 4 yrs.; buried Ross cemetery
Bartholomew, William Private Co. E, 9th IA Inf Volga City Enlisted at age 42, died in Volga City 06/04/1862; father of Andrew (above); buried Ross cemetery
Bartke, Daniel A. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf National 08/08/1832-03/18/1892; buried Glenwood Lutheran cemetery, Pope co. MN
Basquin, Francis S.
Basquin, Frank
Private Co. F, 7th OH Inf Edgewood Buried Edgewood cem., Delaware co. IA
Bates, Wm Corporal Co. C, 3rd IA Inf McGregor  
Batterson, O.G. Private Co. C, 102nd NY Inf Clayton  
Baur, John P.
Burr, John P.
  Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg KIA 04/09/1864 Pleasant Hill, LA
Baurette, Augustus   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Clayton co.  
Baxter, Cornelius W. Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg died of disease 08/02/1863 Moscow, TN; buried Mt. Harmony cemetery, Elkport
Bay, Humphrey Private Co. C, 2nd NE Inf Honey Creek  
Bayless, Frank Davis Private 2nd MN Inf
Co. D, 3rd MN Inf
Elkader died in Los Angeles, buried in Eastside cemetery, Elkader; Obituary
Baylis, Joseph 'Joe' Vet sergeant & Veterinary surgeon Co. L, 6th IA Cav

and possibly in the 7th IA Cav. as a Captain & Veterinary Surgeon

McGregor Age at enlistment, 28; date 09/22/1862; Co. L, 6th IA Cavalry 11/23/1862 as Private, promoted to full veterinary sergeant 3/5/1863, mustered out 11/17/1865 at Sioux City, IA (Roster & Record). Wounded when he accidentally shot off two of his own fingers (per Carl Ingwaldson). Died 1888, buried in Baylis cemetery, Mendon twp. Obituary
Beardsley, George E.   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo Buried Boscobel cemetery, Boscobel, WI
Bechtel, Anton 1st Corp Co. D, 27th IA Inf McGregor prior service was in the French artillary
Beck, Johann Frederic Musician Co. K, 17th MO Inf Elkport / Guttenberg 1837-1893. Came to the US with his parents & 4 siblings in 1852 into the port of New Orleans then up the Mississippi to Guttenberg. In 1854 they moved to a farm by Garnavillo. After the war Fred moved his own family (1878) to Waseca co. MN where he later died of various complications from the war. Buried in Minnesota Lake, MN cem.

~Info. & gravestone photo from David Beck
Discharge papers; Obituary; Beck family album

Beck, George

George Beck

  Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo Died 02/08/1863, buried Memphis Nat'l cemetery, Memphis, TN.

~Photo contributed by David Beck. A larger version is in his Beck family album on this website.

Beckler, John Martin
Boeckler, John Martin
Bigler, John Martin
Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. North Buena Vista Roster & Record: Age 26, Enlisted 8/22/1862, mustered out 6/25//1864 (died) at New Orleans. Widow pension cert. #70391 or #70891 was filed 1/28/1865 for Margaret Boeckler. No gravestone found in Buena Vista twp. cemetery, possibly had a cenotaph at some time, but he is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana; name on stone is Martin Bigler
Beckmann, Frank Henry Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Elkport / Guttenberg 05/17/1838-05/22/1889; buried Union cemetery; Biography
Bedient, Albertus R. Private Co. F., 12th U.S. Inf. Lodomillo Enlisted 9/10/1862 in Dubuque, served until 9/10/1865 @ expiration of service. Residence after dischg: Coronada, CA. Invalid pension #984,665; Entered Sawtelle, CA Home for Disabled Soldiers on 9/28/1894; died 1/10/1915; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery Section 25, Row I, No. 18
Bedient, David B. - unlikely service in CW, see his notes. Private Co. F. 12th U.S. Inf. Strawberry Point G.A.R. membership record notation: "Graves Reg., New from. Said to have been member G.A.R. (source: Family Search.org); died 1909; buried Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary Notes: although possible that he served in the 12th U.S. Infantry at some time, it was more likely his son Albertus who appears on the 'Soldiers & Sailors' website as a member of Co. F, 12th U.S. Infantry during the CW.
Behrens, Christian   Co. E, 27th IA Inf. Clayton co. 01/22/1846-02/10/1925; buried Musfeldt cemetery
Beilharz, John   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg Buried in the Iowa Veterans Home cemetery, Marshalltown, IA. Obituary
Bell, James T. Private Co. C, 3rd IA Inf. Garnavillo  
Bender, Henry Adelbert   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Monona 12/19/1837-07/14/1929; buried Grandview cemetery, Fayette, IA
Benedict, Wellington Corporal Co. M, 12th IL Cav
consolidaded with
Co. H, 12th IL Cav
Strawberry Point Mustered 12/29/1863 as private, promoted to corporal 5/29/1866, mustered out 5/29/1866 at Houston, TX. Annastatia Benedict, widow, filed a pension applic. 10/16/1914 from Illinois. Buried Strawberry Point.
Benedict, William H.   Co. A, 38th IA Inf. Sperry twp. Enlisted 1862, served 3 yrs.
Benjamin, Samuel D. Lieut Co. E, 27th IA Inf National d. 01/17/1910; buried Riverview cemetery, Algona, Kossuth co. IA
Bente, Harman / Herman Private Co. E, 16th IA Inf Cox Creek / Elkader Enlisted 11/15/1864, mustered out 7/19/1865
Bente, Henry Private Co. F., 16th U.S. Inf. Cox Creek Born ca1838, at age 23, was enlisted by Capt. King at Dubuque 11/9/1861; Died 2/20/1862, killed by a mule near Louisville, KY; burial place unkn.; h/o Louisa C. Zahrndt, s/o William SR & Mary (Hillman); per his Last Will & Testament gd'ianship of his daughter Emma to father (source: Registers of enlistments in U.S. Army, NARA Series M233, Roll 27; and LW&T on ancestry .com) Wife remarried to Henry Lange.
Bente, William JR Private Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf.
Co. I, 8th IA Cav
Cox Creek 8/15/1842-4/26/1910; Age 18, Enlisted bu Capt. King at Dubuque 11/8/1861 in 16th U.S.; wounded at battle of Pittsburg Landing, discharged for disability 3/4/63 at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md, then re-enlisted in the 8th Cav. Buried East Side cemetery; Obituary
Benson, John Thompson 5th Serg Co. E, 27th IA Inf Farmersburg 05/25/1833-04/02/1914; buried Silver Lake cemetery, Dickinson co. IA
Benton, Willard A. Captain Co. G, 21st IA Inf McGregor d. 09/09/1905; buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery, McGregor; Death notice; Additional information
Bergan, Ole Olson   Co. G, 8th IA Inf Gunder b. Rollag, Nummedal, Norway. Enlisted 11/15/1864. Wounded at Spanish Fort, Alabama. Died 04/24/1866 of the war wounds. Buried Norway Lutheran cemetery
Bergmann, Frederick   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Berst, Michael   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Bertsinger, J.   Co. A, 41st WI Inf McGregor  
Bethard, James Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf. Grand Meadow 1837-1912. Buried Garrett cemetery, Keokuk co. IA. Additional information
Bettys, Mason D.
Bettis, Mason D.
  Co. B, 21st IA Inf Grand Meadow buried Grand Meadow cem.; Additional information
Bettys, Phillip C.   Co. L, 8th IL Cav Grand Meadow buried in Culpeper National cemetery, Virginia, and has a marker in Grand Meadow cem.; Additional information
Beyer, Jabez D. 4th Corp Co. D, 27th IA Inf Clayton co. Discharge; buried Brown cemetery, Mallory twp.
Biedenbach, Henry Private Co. H, 13th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Bigelow, Otis   Co. D, 136th NY Inf   1819-1877; buried in County Corners cemetery
Billings, Montgomery Fisher Private Co. I, 11th WI Inf McGregor 1843-1903; buried in Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Birch, John Private Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor Biography
Bishop, H.J. Private Co. K, 7th IA Cav Edgewood  
Bissell, James Edward Saddler Co. C, 6th IA Cav Volga 1830-1925; buried in Hillcrest cemetery; obituary
Bitter, Jacob Private Co. D, 27th IA Inf (rejected)
Co. B, 6th or 8th IA Cavalry
Jefferson twp. His name appears on the Consolidated List of persons subject to do military duty, residence Garnavillo, June 1862 or 1863 (hard to read), he was a single man, a laborer, b. Germany. Records of Co. D, 27th Iowa Volunteer Infantry indicate that he was rejected in Oct 1862 due to having consumption. August 1863 he enlisted in the 8th Iowa Cavalry from Elkader. His gravestone in the old Garnavillo cemetery reads: Pvt. Co B, Regt 6th Iowa Cav. Researchers should verify his service records.
Bliedung, Alexander 1st Lieut Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 03/06/1843-01/25/1879; buried Guttenberg City cemetery; Obituary
Block, Joseph   Co. E, 144th WI Inf. Guttenberg d. 1879; buried Guttenberg City cemetery
Bloodworth, Meady   Co. B, 16th IA Inf Elk twp. 1836-1915; buried Mt. Harmony cemetery
Blucker, George Private Co. B, 16th IA Inf Wood  
Boardman, Elisha Captain Co. D, 21st IA Inf. Elkader Buried Eastside cemetery; Additional information
Bohan, Peter
Bohen, Peter
Private Co. A, 12th OH Inf
Co. A, 54th Ohio Zouaves
McGregor 12/25/1841-12/06/1916; removed to Cerro Gordo co. between 1895 & 1900; buried Elmwood St. Joseph cemetery, Mason City, IA
Bolloff, John P. 3rd Corp Co. H, 16th IA Inf Strawberry Point Buried County Corners cemetery
Bolsinger, Andrew Jackson 'A.J.' Corp. Co. A, 2nd MN Inf Mallory twp. / Delaware co., IA Enlisted 6/26/1861 Chatfield, MN, wounded 11/25/1863 Missionary Ridge, TN, dischg 6/25/1864; filed for pension 3/10/1879, certif. #809596; entered Nat'l Soldiers' Home, Milwaukee 10/19/1883, dischged 9/11/1884; resided for a time in Watertown, S.D. (1890 U.S. census, veterans). Died 1/8/1904, buried Bolsinger cemetery; Death notice
Bolsinger, Jackson 'John' Private Co. E, 140th PA Inf. Graham 1839-1921. Miliary records from Fold3: Served w/ Co. E, 140th PA Inf. - Enlisted 8/22/1862, discharged 5/21/1863. Invalid pension filed 5/8/1882, cert. #967736. Widow pension filed 3/14/1921, cert #909922. Obituary. Gravestone in Bolsinger cemetery
Booth, Hiram Private Co. F, 6th IA Cav Monona / Volney Enlisted 10/22/1862, dischg 84/1865. Member Monona Post 495, G.A.R.; Died 3/19/1905 & buried in Maple Hill cemetery, Page co., Iowa, where he died while visiting his daughter. Obituary
Boots, James   Union Army Elkader 1845-1920; obit
Boots, Thomas L.   Union Navy Elkader 1840-1932; obit
Border, John Bugler Co. K, 1st IA Cav. McGregor ca1842-12/13/1892. Residence McGregor, nativity Ohio. Enlisted at age 19, June 13, 1861.  Mustered Aug. 17, 1861. Promoted Bugler. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Feb. 24, 1864. Mustered  out Feb. 15, 1866, Austin, Texas. Buried Soldier's Home cemetery, Marshalltown, Iowa ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Borrett, George R.F.   Co. B, 16th IA Inf Elk twp. 1841-1930. Buried Mt. Harmony cemetery; obit
Boss, John 5th Corp Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg 1824-1892; POW Pleasant Hill, LA; Discharge; Buried Guttenburg City cemetery
Bothell, John Private Co. A, 78th PA Inf Monona  
Boulden, J.R. Sergeant Co. E, 127th OH Inf Honey Creek  
Bowers, Barzilla Pierson Private Co. B, 1st H'vy Art'y 11th VT Inf. McGregor 1834-1917. Obit states: "...enlisted at Brattleburo, VT in Battery B, 2nd Heavy Artillery, 11th Vermont Volunteers. The regiment was always attached to the 6th Army Corps, known as the 'Fighting Six.'" Also served in the 4th Vermont. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery
Bowers, Solomon Private Co. H, 27th IA Inf Strawberry Point / Wood 07/06/1820-04/01/1905; enlisted from Linn co. IA on 1/4/1865, dischged for disability 6/22/1865; filed for invalid pension 2/25/1879, cert. #273020; buried in Strawberry Point cemetery; Obituary
Boyce, Robert M. Private Co. H, 16th U.S. Regular Infantry Monona 1841-1925. Enlisted 2/18/1862, dischged 1865. G.A.R. membership: J.J. Stillman Post 194, Waukon 1883-1888, Monona Post 495 from 8/8/1892. Buried Monona City cemetery, Odd Fellows Addition. Obituary
Boyle / Boyles, Martin   Co. L, 6th IA Cav McGregor Mustered in 11/27/1862 as Teamster, promoted to Full Wagoner 6/1/1864, mustered out 10/17/1865. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Boyles, Miles   83rd PA Inf
U.S. Engineer Corps
11th PA Cav.
McGregor 1820-1884. Enlisted for 3 mo. service at start of war; re-enlisted Engineer Corps on C., R. & Petersburg RR and then trans. to 11th PA Cavalry as a guide. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery; Obituary
Boynton, William C.   Co. B, 21st IA Inf
34th IA Inf. unassigned
Strawberry Point 1843-1908. Filed for pension #807872 on 02/01/1892;Buried Strawberry Point cemetery. Additional information
Bracken, David Private Co. B, 2nd MO Cav Honey Creek  
Bradley, Alonzo W. Private Co. E, 27th IA Inf Garnavillo 04/20/1836-04/18/1920; buried Exira cemetery, Audubon co. IA
Bradley, Andrew J.       1837-1918; buried in Bethel cemetery (close-up of inscription)
Bradshaw, Joseph   Co. E, 9th IA Inf Volga 1825-1893; buried in Hillcrest cemetery
Braman, Elnathan Warren
aka E. Warren Braman
Private Co. B, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point died 12/22/1885; Additional information
Branderbery, Elias   Co. C, 128th OH Inf McGregor  
Breene, Patrick   Co. E, 27th IA Inf Giard buried Calvary Cemetery, Vernon Springs twp., Howard Co., IA
Bremer, Henry   Co. D, 27th IA Inf. Garnavillo 01/29/1838-04/10/1910; Buried Weckworth cemetery, Sibley co. MN
Broder, B. Private Co. F, 4th MO Cav Guttenberg  
Bromley, Martin 'Mart' Private Co. K, 16th NY Inf McGregor Enlisted 5/15/1861 at Albany, NY; mustered out 5/22/1863 at Albany. Died 1901 & buried Pleasant Grove cemetery. Obituary
Brookhouser, James J. Private Co. A, 29th IA Inf Honey Creek 11/22/1838-12/9/1932; buried Oak Grove cem. Harrison co. IA
Brooks, Franklin R. Private Co. E, 9th IA Vols Yankee Settlement Enlisted at 21yr., on 11/15/1864, mustered same day. Died 2/21/1865 while on march in S. Carolina, in the Regimental hospital of fever. Burial place unkn.; his father, Alvah Brooks applied for pension 10/9/1888, cert. #295861. (sources: Roster & Record; CW Soldier Records & Profiles; Registers of Deaths of Volunteers; CW Pension general index - all found on Ancestry.com). 1850 U.S. census, Turo twp., Franklin co. OH: in household of Alvah & Hannah Brooks, siblings Sarah E. & Wm H.. 1856 IA State census, Lodomillo twp. Clayton co. IA: in household of Alvah & Hannah, siblings Sarah, Wm. H., James, Robt. & Thomas.
Brooks, Henry P.   Co. K, 1st IA Cav McGregor Age 36, nativity New York. Enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Mustered Jan. 20, 1864. Mustered out Feb. 15, 1866. Austin, Texas. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery. Obituary
Brookshier, John P.
Brookshire, John P.
Private Co. E, 41st IL Inf. Elk twp. 1836-1910. According to his 1882 bio., he was wounded at Ft. Donelson. Filed for invalid pension 08/22/1894, certificate #483050. Buried Elk Valley cemetery. Obituary
Brown, George Private Co. L, 1st MI Cav McGregor  
Brown, J.C. Sergeant Co. G, 6th IA Cav Osterdock  
Brown, Robert P.   Co. I, 12th IA Inf McGregor Age 39, nativity England. Enlisted Sept. 30,1861. Mustered Oct. 29, 1861. Missing in battle April 6, 1862, Shiloh, Tenn. Re-enlisted Jan. 5, 1864. Died March 30, 1864 at McGregor. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
Brown, William Slocomb Private Co. D, 21st IA Volga City 1821-1864. Buried in the Government Asylum for the Insane Hospital cemetery (now Saint Elizabeth's Hospital West cemetery), Washington, D.C.) Plot 218. Additional information
Brownell, George Washington   Co. D, 21st IA Inf Strawberry Point Biography. George W. Brownell, from Kingman, KS, along with his sister Mrs. C.B. Rawson appear on the 1903 Reunion of Co. D. 21st attendee roster. It was held at the Franklin Hotel. He also gave a "short talk" at the reunion. (Strawberry Point Mail-Press, Thurs. 5/28/1903). Died in 1906 & is buried in Maud cemetery, near Cunningham, KA with his 2nd wife. His 1st wife Sarah & two of their daughters are buried in Strawberry Pt. cemetery. Gravestone & Obituary
Buchholz, Diedrich   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg  
Buck, Orville M. Corporal Co. F, 7th IA Cav McGregor Age 25, nativity New York, Enlisted March 15, 1864. Mustered April 4, 1864. Promoted Eighth Corporal Jan. 8, 1865. Trans to Company F. Seventh Cavalry Reorganized. Buried Pleasant Grove cemetery ~info. contributed by Steve Hanken
His Civil War Pension gives death place as Sioux Falls, SD ~from Linda Linn
Buck, Wilhelm   Co. D, 27th IA Inf Guttenberg Buried Elmwood cemetery, Wayne co. NE
Buggy, Thomas Private Co. F, 16th U.S. Inf Elkader  
Burgin, Alva Private Co. C, 13th U.S. Inf Edgewood Buried Edgewood cem., Delaware co. IA
Burgin, John Calvin Private Co. I, 12th MI Inf Edgewood 09/17/1847-9/23/1907. He & wife Josephine are on the 1885 Iowa State census, Clayton co. Elk twp. Buried Milford cem., Dickinson co. IA
Burlock, Samuel Private Co. F, 8th WI Inf McGregor  
Burnham, James F.   Co. K, 15th IA Reg Vol Farmersburg buried Farmersburg-Wagner cem.
Burns, Patrick H.   Co. G, 21st IA Inf. McGregor After the war he removed to the Chicago area. Died 1900, buried Cavalry cemetery, Evanston, Cook co., Ill. Biography
Burns, Thomas   Co. I, 27th IA Inf Giard buried Council Hill cemetery
Butler, Homer 2nd Lieut Co. D, 21st IA Inf Sperry twp. Enlisted 8/12/1862, resigned 12/29/1862. Pension cert. #492902, filed 5/27/1884; removed to Kansas in 1884, died in Seattle, Nov. 1889; buried Lake View cemetery, Seattle. Biography. Obituary
Butts, Conrad M.   Co. B, 4th IA Inf Giard Age 27, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Oct. 5, 1864. Mustered Oct. 5, 1864. Mustered out July 24, 1865, Louisville, KY (Roster & Record). Buried Giard cemetery. Obituary
Butts, LeRoy A.
Butts, L.A.
Private Co. K, 7th IA Cav Luana / Monona / Linton twp Allamakee co 1836-1916. Enlisted 2/23/1864; joined Co. K 3/10/1864 (Roster & Record) Filed for invalid pension 10/08/1880, cert. #388624. (Fold3 record) Buried Monona City cemetery
Byers, John Paul 7th Corp Co. D, 27th IA Inf Clayton co. 01/30/1843-09/13/1927; Age 19. Residence Clayton County, nativity Illinois. Enlisted Aug. 21, 1862. Mustered Sept. 13, 1868. Promoted Seventh Corporal Oct. 16, 1864. Mustered out June 26, 1865, Louisville, Ky (Iowa Roster & Record; Logan). Buried Belmond cemetery, Wright co. IA. Obituary
Bywater, George Private Co. E, 3rd WI Inf Monona 1847-1921; Enlisted 08/05/1864, mustered out 07/18/1865. Filed for invalid pension 4/8/1890, cert. #1033246; widow pension 5/28/1921, #911996. Buried Monona City cemetery. Obituary


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