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Maloy 1887 - 1987

Come Home to Maloy

Centennial Schedule


  • Centennial Committee

  • Early History
        Early Settlers SURNAMES:
          ALLOWAY       BEAMER       CARR       CARTER
          CUNNINGHAM       DALE       DRYDEN       GERARD
          HART       HARTLEY       JACKSON       JARVIS
          KUHN       LAMBERT       LEMLEY       LEPLEY
          LUDHAM       LYNCH       MATTHEWS       McDONALD
          MULLIN       NEWTON       O'CONNOR       PARKHURST
          SHAY       STEELE       STEPHENSON       STEVENSON
          TURNER       WARING       WEEHLER       WORTHINGTON

  • Cemeteries

  • Plat Maps

  • Businesses ~ The Fire ~ Maloy Today

  • Railroads

  • Churches

  • Schools
          Bozaris (Shay)
       Buffalo Ridge
       Forest Home
       (Rooster Bend)
          Highland View    Lone Star    Shiloh    Side Hill
         Platte River

    Maloy School

    Maloy Graduates
       1920 - 1952

        Grades 1, 2, 3, 1921-22     Maloy HS, 1925     Maloy HS, 1926
        4th Grade, 1925-26     Classes 6, 7, 8, 1925-26     Grades 4, 5, 6, 1926-27
        Maloy HS, 1928     Maloy HS, 1929     Class of 1930
        High School, 1929-30     High School, 1934-35     Grades 7 & 8, 1934-35
        Grades 4 & 5, 1934-35     Grades 3, 4, 5, 1935-6     High School, 1936-37
        High School, 1937-38     Class of 1939     High School, 1938-39
        Class of 1941     Class of 1943     High School, 1945-46
        Grades K, 1, 2, 1945-46     Grades 3, 4, 5, 1947-48     Grades 3, 4, 5, 1948-49
        6th Grade, 1949-50     High School, 1950-51     Junior High, 1950-51
        Grades K, 1, 2, 1954-55     Grades 3, 4, 5, 1954-55     Grades K, 1, 2, 1955-56
        Grades 3, 4, 5, 1955-56     Grades K, 1, 2, 1957-58     Grades 6, 7, 8, 1957-58
          8th Grade Graduates  

  • Sports
        Baseball & Basketball     The Burley Bunch     Tribute to Maurice CARR
        Clyde "Peanut" COWELL
        Joe O'CONNOR
        Hall of Fame

  • Postal History

  • Farming

  • 4-H Clubs

  • Clubs

  • Picture Pages

  • Veterans

       Junior BALLARD
       John H. BARBER
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       Richard BELL
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       Roger BELL
       U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
       James Francis BOPP
       U.S. Army, WWII
       James C. "Jim" BOWEN
       U.S. Army, WWI
       Charles BOWMAN
       Marian BOWMAN
       Bill BURGHER
       U.S. Navy, Korean War
       Howard BURGHER
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Edward J. CARR
       U.S. Army, WWII
       James W. CARR
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Maurice Leo CARR
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Patrick F. CARR
       U.S. Army, WWII
       John D. CARTER
       Union Army, Civil War
        Ronald L. CONLEY
       U.S. Army, Korean War
       Clarence CULVER
       U.S. Army, WWII
        David Lee CULVER
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Jesse DALE
       Black Hawk War, Civil War
       Andrew DEARDORF
       U.S. Marines
       Fred DEARDORF
       U.S. Army, Korean War
       John DEARDORF
       U.S. Navy
       Marion Keith DEARDORF
       U.S. Army
       Scott DEARDORF
       U.S. Marines
       Thomas DEARDORF
       U.S. Marines
       Virgil DEARDORF, Jr.
       U.S. Army, Korean War
        John E. DUGAN
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Harvey S. DUNCAN
       Union Army, Civil War
       John M. FOX
       Union Army, Civil War
        Thomas FOX
       Union Army, Civil War
        Charles GOODALE
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Jack HANNON
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Russell "PeeWee" HANNON
       U.S. Army, WWII
        John M. HARTLEY
       Union Army, Civil War
       Benjamin O. HILL
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Paul HILL
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       Wendell E. JACKSON
       U.S. Army, Natl Guard
       Charles JOHNSON
       U.S. Army
        Francis JOHNSON
       U.S. Army
       Lee KEENAN
       E. T. KIMBALL
       Union Army, Civil War
        J. H. LAMBERT
       Union Army, Civil War
        John Kenneth LEPLEY
       U.S. Navy, WWII
       David Lee LYNCH
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
        Joseph MATTHEWS
       U.S. Army, WWI
        Marshall MATTHEWS
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Wm A. "Billy" MATTHEWS
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
        Marvin McELHINEY
       U.S. Marines, WWII
        Ivor E. MENDENHALL
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Victor H. MENDENHALL
       U.S. Navy, WWII
        Elvin MERCER
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       U.S. Army, WWI
       Marvin MERCER
       U.S. Army
        R. C. MERCER
       U.S. Army
        Orval MOTSINGER
       National Guard, Vietnam War
       Donald J. MULLIN
       U.S. Coast Guard, WWII
        Edward J. MULLIN
       U.S. Army, WWII
       William NICHOLS
       Union Army, Civil War
       Gerald "Jerry" O'CONNOR
       U.S. Air Force, WWII
        Maurice G. O'CONNOR II
       U.S. Air Force, WWII
        Maurice "Pat" O'Connor III
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       Harold PAGE
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Dennis PARKS
       U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
        Gary PARKS
       U.S. Navy
       J. A. PARKS
       U.S. Navy, WWII
        Jessie SCROGGIE
       National & Air Guard, Korea
        Dennis SHAY
       U.S. Navy, WWII & Korea
       John Clement SHAY
       U.S. Army, WWI
        John SHAY
       U.S. Navy
        Luke SHAY
       Honey War, Civil War
       Michael N. SHAY, Jr.
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Robert E. "Bobby" SHAY
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
       Robert T. SHAY
       Thomas SHAY
       Union Army, Civil War
        Thomas E. SHAY
       U.S. Army, Korean War
        Wm. "Edward" SHAY
       U.S. Army, WWII
       Charles H. "Harry" SHEIL
       U.S. Army, WWI
       Don SHEIL
       U.S. Army
        Gerald "Jerry" SHEIL
       U.S. Navy, Korean War
       James E. SHEIL
       U.S. Navy, WWII
        John SHEIL
        Leonard SHEIL
       U.S. Army, WWI
       Michael SHEIL
       U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War
        William "Bill" SHEIL
        Thomas Edward SHEIL
       U.S. Army, WWI
       William A. SHOW
       Jack SMITH
        George F. STANLEY
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Marion "Swede" STEPHENS
       U.S. Army, WWII
        John WARD, Jr.
       U.S. Air Force
        Geo. "Leo" WARIN
       U.S. Army, WWII
        Larry Duane WEAVER
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
        Terry WEAVER
       U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
       Duane WEBB
        John T. WORTHINGTON
       U.S. Navy, Vietnam War
       Union Army, Civil War
        Vincent WORTHINGTON
       Union Army, Civil War
        Larry WYER
       U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War
        Marvin WYER
       U.S. Air Force, Vietnam War
        Barry Max WYMAN
       U.S. Army, Vietnam War
        Billy Max WYMAN
       U.S. Army, WWII

  • Biographies
        Pearl & Manlea BARBER     Perry BENDER Family     James BOWEN Family
        Judson BOWEN Family     The BRABY Bunch     Kathi & Craig BRABY
        BRENIZER Family     Pearl BURGHER Family     The CANNY Family
        Katie & Patrick CARR     Gladys & Patrick F. CARR     Maxine & Maurice CARR
        CAVENDER Family     Croker ~ McNutt Family     Clyde "Peanut" COWELL
        Paul Leroy DAILEY     Richard DAVISON Family     Virgil DEARDORFF
        Roy FORCE Family     John GARITY Family     William GARARD Family
        HAIDSIAK-WALKUP     MIKE HANNON Family     Richard HART Family
        John M. HARTLEY Family     Samuel HARTLEY Family     The HARVEYS
        Ben HILL Family     Wanda & Martin HINZ     Benjamin (John) HULL
        HUTCHINSON Family     Wendell JACKSON Family     Jim JARVIS Family
        JENNINGS-CULVER     Euphan STEVENS JUDY     The KEENAN Family
        James E. LAMBERT     William LAMBERT Family     LEMLEYS & BASSINGERS
        J. J. LEPLEY Family     Joe LINK Family     Don LYDDON Family
        Wilber LYNCH Family     Joseph "Joe"MATTHEWS     Marshall MATTHEWS
        Wm Andrews MATTHEWS     McELHINEY Family     McFARLAND Family
        J. Harlard MENDENHALL     MERCER - JACKSON Family     Ida & Fred MILLER
        The MOBLEY Family     Carroll MOTSINGER Family     The MULLIN Family
        Lora & Charlie NEWBURN     William & Oliver NICKLE     Lyndon NICHOLS Family
        The O'CONNOR Family     John Daniel O'CONNOR     Bob OLNEY Family
        The OVERHOLSER Family     Albert PAGE Family     Jonathan PARKHURST
        The PARKS Family     Edwin POLLEY Family     Douglas A. RICE
        Michael SCHAEFER     SCHUSTERS & BROWNS     Jessie SCROGGIE
        The SHAY Family     The SHEIL Family     The Michael SHEIL Family
        The Jay SMITH Family     James STANLEY Family     STEELE-GARARD Family
        John Lindsay STEPHENS     Bazzel TURNER Family     John WARD Family
        The WARIN Family     Virginia & Duane WEAVER     Joyce & Dick WEEHLER
        The WHEELEN Family     Loren WILLIS Family     The WORTHINGTONS
          Carl WYMAN Family


  • Trivia and News     James HOGAN Will


  • Dedications
        Grandma Etta May JENNINGS   Mildred SHAY

    Courtesy of Mount Ayr Public Library

    Transcription by Sharon R. Becker, August of 2011

  • Platte River Cemetery transcriptions

  • St. Mary's Cemetery transcriptions

  • Mount Ayr Record News, MALOY CENTENNIAL

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