Name Pages
A Brief Foreword.
Chapter I---Historic Iowa.
Four Score Years Ago5-6
The Indian And His Fate6-10
Black Hawk War10-15
Indian Treaties15-16
First Land Title In Iowa16-17
Early Settlement17-18
Civil Government For Territory And State18-20
The Territory Becomes The State of Iowa20-22
The State Becomes Republican.22
The Capitol Removed To Des Moines.22-23
Climate, Topography & Lakes and Streams.23-24
Iowa and The Civil War.24-27
Educational Institutions.27
The First School Building At Dubuque.27-29
State University and Colleges.29-32
State Institutions.32-37
The Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Constitution of Iowa.37-40
Chapter II---A Beautiful Country.
Lieutenant Albert M. Lea's Description of "Iowa District of Wisconsin Territory".41-43
Iowa District of Wisconsin Territory. General Description.43-51
Chapter III---Law And Order.
First Officials Chosen To Govern The Settlements52-53
Subdivision of Old Des Moines53-54
Revision of The Organizing Act54-57
How "Claims" Were Made57-59
First Settlers59-60
First Settler In The County60-61
First Settler In Bloomington61-63
Chapter IV---Story of The Rocks.
Drainage And Surface Characteristics64-66
Geological History66-73
Land And Fresh Water Mollusks73-75
Chapter V---The Mississippi.
The "Father of Waters" Brings To Muscatine It's First Settlers76-77
An Early River Panorama77
The Boats Of Other Days77-79
Great River Stories79-81
Rafting Days81
The Clinton "Nigger"81-82
The First Raft Pilot82-83
First Electric Light on The Mississippi83
Mississippi Steamboats "Perfect Palaces"83-84
Arrival of The Steamer Muscatine84
Racing on The Mississippi In Early Times84-85
Ferry Boats85-86
Rafting of Lumber86-87
Chapter VI---Order Out of Chaos.
Muscatine County is Organized88-89
County Divided Into Commissioners' Districts89
District Court89
The First Grand Jury89-90
First Petit Jury90
Probate Court90
Commissioners Court90-91
Members Commissioners' Court91-92
Commissioners' Court Abolished92
The County Court92
The Supervisor System92-94
Board Increased To Five Members94-95
County Officers95-96
Court Houses and Jails of Muscatine County96-102
County Farm102
Then and Now102-104
Farm Statistics For 1910104
Population of Muscatine County in 1910104-105
Chapter VII---Pioneer Life106-115
Chapter VIII.
Iowa's First Legislature116-117
An Arbitrary Member From Muscatine117-119
Hastings A Unique Character119-122
No Spoils For Muscatine122
Chapter IX---Civil War.
President Lincoln Calls For Seventy-Five Thousand Men To Put Down Rebellion123-125
Iowa Rallies To The Colors125-128
Muscatine Eager For The Fray128-129
Two Regiments From Muscatine County129-130
Devotion To Country Unparalleled In History130-131
First Iowa Regiment131-133
Thirty-Fifth Iowa Regiment133-137
Eleventh Iowa Infantry137-141
Sixteenth Iowa Infantry141-146
Seventh Iowa Infantry146-150
Eighteenth Iowa Infantry150-153
Eighth Iowa Infantry--The Eighth At Shiloh153-156
Volunteer Roster From Adjutant General's Reports156-189
The Soldiers' Monument189-192
Grand Army of The Republic192
Reduced Fac-Simile of Charter Original Post No. 1---G. A. R..
Charter Members of Old Post, No. 1.
Charter Members of Old Post, No. 1.
Benjamin F. Stephenson--Founder of the G. A. R..
Woman's Relief Corps, No. 122192
Company C, Fifty-Fourth Regiment192-194
Chapter X---Honorable Mention.
Men Who Left The Impress of Character on The Community195-208
Chapter XI---The Townships209
Montpelier Township209-215
Moscow Township215-221
Wapsinonoc Township221-229
Sweetland Township229-233
Cedar Township233-234
Seventy Six Township234-236
Pike Township236-239
Wilton Township239-246
Fulton Township246-247
Goshen Township247-248
Orono Township248-249
Lake Township249-250
Fruitland Township250-257
Chapter XII---The Huntsman's Paradise258-259
A Great Hunter259-260
The Old Gun Maker260-262
Boil Coffee In A Wash Basin262
Shoot Pelicans On The Lake262-263
Keystone Gun Club263-264
Chapter XIII---Germany's Contribution.
From "Der Faderland" Came Many To Muscatine County265-269
German Lodges270
J. F. Boepple, Founder of The Pearl Button Industry270-271
The German Press of Muscatine County271-272
Complete List of Civil War Veterans of German Descent of Muscatine County272-277
German Societies277-278
St. Joseph's Mutual Aid Society278
The German Mechanics Aid Society278-279
The Champion Hose Company279
The Harmonic Male Choir279
The Muscatine Maennerchor279-280
The Vorwaerts Turnverein280-281
The German-American Alliance of Muscatine281
Chapter XIV--- The County Seat282-284
A Description of Charming Scenery284-287
The First Election287
Name Changed To Muscatine287-289
Police Department289-290
Fire Department290
Water Works290-291
The First Postmaster291-293
Muscatine's First City Directory293-295
Muscatiners Who Have Gained State And National Distinction295-298
Iowa House, Afterward Pennsylvania House298-299
Lawson House, or Old Vanatta Hotel299
Muscatine Hotel299-300
The American House300
Clover House300
Palmer's Tavern300
Park House300-301
Scott House301
Ogilvie House, Now The Commercial Hotel301-302
Hotel Webster, Now Hotel Grand302
Muscatine An Industrial City302-303
Friends Oats303
Manufacture of Pearl Buttons303-305
The High Bridge305-306
Weed Park306
Grand Opera House306
The Family Theater306-307
The A-Muse-U307
Base Ball Club307
Muscatine Cemetery, Greenwood Chapel & St. Mary's Cemetery307-308
Chapter XV---Churches And Parishes.
The Methodist Episcopal Church309-312
Trinity Episcopal Church312-316
The Congregational Church316-323
St. Matthias' Congregation323-329
First Baptist Church329-331
First Presbyterian Church331-332
The Evangelical Protestant Church332-334
German Baptist Church334
First German Presbyterian Church334-335
African Methodist Episcopal Church335-336
Society of Friends336
The Mulford Mission336-337
St. Mary's Catholic Church337-338
Musserville Church338
Evangelical Lutheran Zion's Church338-339
German Methodist Episcopal Church339-340
First Church of Christ Scientist340
Grace English Lutheran Church340-341
St. Malachy's Church At Ardon341
German Congregational Church341
Chapter XVII---Educational342-344
No Male Teachers344
To Establish High School344-346
Renamed Buildings346-347
By W. F. Chevalier347-348
Attendance Increases348
Building on East Hill348-349
Method of Promotion349-350
School No. 1 In Olden Days350-351
Ten Months of School351-352
Old School No. 1352
Chapter XVII---The Medical Profession353-354
Pioneer Physicians354-355
Tragic Death of Dr. Hershe355-360
Muscatine County Medical Societies360-362
Chapter XVIII---Bench And Bar363-365
Judge Joseph Williams365-369
Judge S. Clinton Hastings369-371
D. C. Cloud371
Judge William G. Woodward371
Stephen Whicher371-373
Judge A. J. Leffingwell373
J. Scott Richman373-374
Judge Ralph P. Lowe374-375
Jacob Butler375
Harry O'Connor375
Judge De witt C. Richman375-376
Judge George Meason376
Alden Broomhall376-377
George W. Van Horne377
Thomas Hanna377
Muscatine Bar Association377-378
First And Last Member of Congress378
Pioneer Bench And Bar378-381
A Fashionable Quadrille And An Indian War Dance381-382
Chapter XIX---Journalism383
First Issue In A Stable383-384
Starting Newspaper in 1840384-385
Dr. C. O. Waters' Next Edition385
Herald Becomes A Whig Paper385-386
John Mahin Enters Herald Office386-388
F. A. C. Foreman The Next Editor388-389
First Muscatine Journal Printed389-390
John Mahin Becomes Editor390
Orion Clemens Becomes Partner390-391
Daily Journal Is Established391-392
Mr. Mahin Takes Sole Charge392-393
Journal Printing Company Organized393-394
Editor of The Journal Fifty Years394-397
The News-Tribune397-399
Chapter XX---Banks And Bankers.
Greene & Stone, Bankers400-401
First Trust & Savings Bank401-402
Hershey State Bank402
The Muscatine State Bank402-403
The German-American Savings Bank403
Recollections of A Pioneer Banker403-404
Early Muscatine Bankers404-405
Then Came Isett & Brewster405
Abbott, Dutton & Patterson405-406
After Failure of Bank406
Merchants' Exchange406-407
Bank at Wilton407
Men Were Trained407-408
Strong And Able Men408
Chapter XXI---Transportation409
Early Stage Coaches409-410
The Railroad410-411
Muscatine North & South Railway411-412
Citizens Railway & Light Company412-419
Chapter XXII---Associations.
Old Settlers' Association420-422
Muscatine County Agricultural Society422-423
Iowa Lodge of Masons No. 2423-427
Electra Chapter of The Eastern Star, No. 32427-428
Muscatine Lodge, No. 5, I.O.O.F.428-429
Wyoming Lodge, No. 76, Knights of Pythias429
Muscatine Camp, No. 106, Modern Woodmen of America429-430
Musquitine Tribe, No. 95, Independent Order Red Men430
Benevolent And Protective Order of Elks, No. 304430
Eagle Lodge Ancient Order United Workmen, No. 10430-431
Muscatine Tent, No. 9, Knights of The Maccabees431
Laurent Council, No. 1035, Knights of Columbus431-432
Muscatine Aerie No. 815, Fraternal Order of Eagles432
The Muscatine Turnverein432
St. Joseph's Mutual Aid Society432
The German Mechanics' Aid Society432-433
Women's Organizations433-435
Chapter XXIII---Looking Upward436-438
The Muscatine Chautauqua438-439
Young Men's Christian Association439-441
Young Women's Christian Association441-442
Hershey Memorial Hospital442-443
Bellevue Hospital443
Old Ladies' Home443-444
German Lutheran Orphans' And Old People's Home444-445
Chapter XXIV---Chronology.
Records of Events From 1834-1910446-489
Various Views and Street Scenes.
View From Tow Head in 1901.
East Side of Iowa Avenue, Looking North From Third Street, in July, 1877.
South Side of Second Street, East of Sycamore, in 1867.
View of Iowa Avenue, 1874, Looking North From Near the Corner of Third Street.
Northeast From Court House Dome.
South From Court House Dome.
North From Court House Dome.
Southeast From Court House.
Second Street, Looking West From Cedar in 1869.
Scene at Corner of Third and Chestnut Streets, Looking up Third, in 1866.
Second Street, East of Cedar, in 1866.
Third Street Looking East from Iowa Avenue in 1866.
Iowa Avenue Looking North from Front Street.
View From East Hill, in 1869, Looking Across Mad Creek Toward Klenfeld's Foundry.
Building Pappoose Sewer Between Third and Second Streets in 1895.
Building Pappoose Sewer Between Second and Front Streets in 1895.
Grange Factory, Northeast Corner Third and Mulberry Streets, 1877.

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