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Quaintance Sidney Breece Sidney Breece Quaintance (1931)
Quakenbush Donald C. - infant son of Infant son of Donald C. Quakenbush (1969)
Quarles Maurine (Edwards) Jones Maurine (Edwards) Jones Quarles (1994)
Queen Amanda Ellen (Creger) Amanda Ellen (Creger) Queen (1894)
Queen Denzil Denzil Queen (1938) 
Queen Grace Elizabeth Grace Elizabeth Queen (1903)
Queen Hogan Hogan Queen (1890)
Queen John Lewis John Lewis Queen (1907)
Queen Martha Ann (Runkle) Martha Ann (Runkle) Queen (1910)
Queen Ned Ned Queen (1979)
Queen Ora Ora Queen (1956)
Queen Roxie Roxie Queen (1896)
Queen Susan (Ross) Susan (Ross) Queen (1936)
Queen Thomas Harrison Thomas Harrison Queen (1939)
Quesenberry Marjorieann (Waltz) Marjorieann (Waltz) Quesenberry (2014)
Quick Abigail (Barnes) Abigail (Barnes) Quick (1917)
Quick Everett H. Everett H. Quick (1973)
Quick Flora E. (Potter) Flora Potter Quick (1967)
Quick Florence Ellen (Hart) Florence Hart Quick (1907)
Quick Fred Gale Gale Quick (1913)
Quick Fred H. Fred H. Quick (1895)
Quick George George Quick (1907)
Quick Glenn William Glenn William Quick (1930)
Quick Helen Marie Helen Marie Quick (1919)
Quick Ira M. Ira M Quick (1953)
Quick Jasper F. Jasper F. Quick (1937)
Quick John Thomas John Thomas Quick (2015)
Quick Mabel V. (Lyon) Keck Mabel V. (Lyon) Quick Keck
Quick Margaret Mabel (McMichael) Margaret Mabel (McMichael) Quick (1924)
Quick Pamela Jean Pamela Jean Quick (2007)
Quick Peter Lamison Peter Lamison Quick (1902)
Quick Sarah Ann (France) Sarah Ann (France) Quick (1915)
Quick Seldon Harold Seldon Harold Quick (1920)
Quick Stella Edna Stella Edna Quick (1925)
Quick William A. William A. Quick (1954)
Quinn Doris (Tidrick) Doris (Tidrick) Quinn (1997)
Quinn Harriet Jain "Hattie" (Shaver) Beerbower Harriet Jain "Hattie" (Shaver) Beerbower Quinn (1954)
Quinn James - Child of Child of James Quinn (1877)
Quinn Joseph Michael Joseph Michael Quinn (1898)
Quinn Martha (Phillips) Martha (Phillips) Quinn (1974)
Quinn Mary A. (Horan) Mary Horan Quinn (1938)
Quinn Michael Michael Quinn (1928)
Quinn Mona Lenore (Bolin) Mona Lenore (Bolin) Quinn (1996)
Quinnett Manuel Manuel Quinnett (1955)
Quiring Annie (Ratzloff) Annie (Ratzloff) Quiring (2001)
Quiring Peter Claus Peter Claus Quiring (1995)

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