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Armstrong Grove Cemetery
Armstrong, Armstrong Grove Township
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Armstrong Grove cemetery is located in Section 16 of Armstrong Grove Township in Emmet County, Iowa, or from Armstrong, Iowa it is one mile west on Highway 9 and 1/2 miles north. There is a chapel located at the cemetery which is called the Madden-Mallory Memorial Chapel. The chapel is open to the public and contains records of the cemetery.

Latitude: 43.399ºN  Longitude: 94.504ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Eastman Emmet T. 05/25/1890 09/17/1991   Obituary
Eastman Gladys Dotson 07/14/1916 12/07/1984   Obituary
Eastman Gladys Manley 09/05/1901 11/18/2002 w/o Lloyd Obituary
Eastman Harmen infant 04/27/1935 s/o Lloyd & Gladys  
Eastman LLoyd H. 09/14/1898 11/30/1991 h/o Gladys Obituary
Eckhart Chris 1862 1918 h/o Henriette Obituary
Eckhart Fred 1885 11/15/1936   Obituary
Eckhart Henriette 1864 1945 w/o Chris  
Eckhart Mable 06/21/1882 1965 w/o Martin Obituary
Eckhart Martha 1831 05/04/1911   Obituary
Eckhart Martin 1873 1950 h/o Mable  
Eckholm Alma 1903 1983 w/o Waldon Obituary
Eckholm Harvey A. 10/15/1901 04/01/1967 h/o Loretta B. Obituary
Eckholm Loretta B. 01/23/1910 12/06/1996 w/o Harvey A. Obituary
Eckholm Valdon 12/25/1903 10/10/1973 h/o Alma Obituary
Edwards Harriet 07/22/1907 10/01/2011 w/o Wilmot Obituary
Edwards Hilda M. 08/12/1880 06/01/1958 w/o James P. Obituary
Edwards James P. 1875 1959 h/o Hilda M. Obituary
Edwards Mary Elizabeth Ann 04/18/1917 10/28/2006 w/o Raymond M. Obituary
Edwards Mayme 1883 1976 w/o Roy  
Edwards Raymond M. 03/03/1915 01/22/2005 h/o Mary Elizabeth Ann Obituary
Edwards Richard David 03/23/1947 03/30/1982 h/o Barbara Obituary
Edwards Roy 1877 1945 h/o Mayme  
Edwards William Wilmot 01/24/1904 02/02/1971 h/o Harriet Obituary
Eike Frances 04/13/1895 10/19/1895    
Eike Hazel 05/22/1893 10/06/1895    
England John Albert 1861 03/14/1934 h/o Lillie A. Obituary
England Lavoda Paris 06/28/1920 02/21/2013   Obituary
England Lillie A. 05/25/1880 08/20/1951 w/o John A. Obituary
England Lyle R. 02/24/1913 08/07/2000   Obituary
England Marie Jahnke 07/25/1947 05/07/2014   Obituary
England Otis Albert 03/10/1899 10/29/1994   Obituary
Enokson Esther 09/12/1894 10/23/1978 w/o Mikal Obituary
Enokson Lester Russell 07/09/1927 12/15/2008   Obituary
Enokson Mikal 09/10/1888 07/07/1976 h/o Esther Obituary
Erickson Anna 1873 07/04/1915 w/o Gust Obituary
Erickson Gust 1864 1946 h/o Anna  
Ersland Amelia C. 03/01/1885 08/23/1967 w/o Knute J. Obituary
Ersland Knute J. 07/13/1881 09/05/1946 h/o Amelia C. Obituary
Evans Edna C. 01/29/1912 12/20/1987 w/o Raymond Obituary
Evans Larry Alan 11/09/1960 05/28/2011   Obituary
Evans Laurence 05/27/1922 09/07/2014    Obituary
Evans Raymond M. 11/24/1905 01/21/1962 h/o Edna C. Obituary

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