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Armstrong Grove Cemetery
Armstrong, Armstrong Grove Township
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Armstrong Grove cemetery is located in Section 16 of Armstrong Grove Township in Emmet County, Iowa, or from Armstrong, Iowa it is one mile west on Highway 9 and 1/2 miles north. There is a chapel located at the cemetery which is called the Madden-Mallory Memorial Chapel. The chapel is open to the public and contains records of the cemetery.

Latitude: 43.399ºN  Longitude: 94.504ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Neitzell Henry 1852 1928 h/o Lucinda  
Neitzell Lucinda 1850 1935 w/o Henry  
Neitzell Lyle 1889 1914 s/o Henry & Lucinda  
Nelsen Agnes Mae 1922 3/5/2007 w/o Harvey N. P. Gravestone Photo
Nelsen Harvey N. P. 1918 1977 h/o Agnes M. Gravestone Photo
Gravestone Photo
Nelsen Inger J. 1868 1971 w/o John M.  
Nelsen John C. 1907 1944    
Nelsen John M. 1872 1957 h/o Inger J.  
Nelson Andrew M. 1892 1919    
Nelson Charles 1910 1962 h/o Della H.  
Nelson Della H. 1909 1979 w/o Charles  
Nelson Ira 1873 1943 h/o Tillie  
Nelson Irene 1902 1918 d/o Ira & Tillie  
Nelson N. Duane "Bud" 1933 1982 h/o Karen J.  
Nelson Tillie 1884 1975 w/o Ira  
Neugent Marjorie Solberg 1933 1992 w/o Glen  
Neugent Son infant 6/13/1961 s/o Glen & Marjorie  
Nevill Loren A. 1906 1991 h/o Violet M.  
Nevill Violet   2004   Obituary
Nielsen Arnold J. 8/19/1925 4/15/2001 h/o Bonnie J.  
Nielsen Donald J. 1927 1940    
Nielsen Marguerite 1889 1967 w/o Soren L.  
Nielsen Soren L. 1890 1967 h/o Marguerite  
Ninedorf Bertha E. 1900 1970 w/o Ewalt  
Ninedorf Erwalt J. 08/10/1903 10/18/1998 h/o Bertha E.  
Nydegger Ella 1858 1909    

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