Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Stackhouse, Mildred Irene Beavers    
Stafford, C. Miller Julia Johnson  
Stafford, Flossie Schenck    
Stafford, Phobe Ellen Young    
Stafford, Rachel Loy Julia Johnson  
Stafford, Robert W. Julia Johnson  
Stafford, Roger W.    
Stahl, Mary Ellen Hoskins    
Stahnke, Anita Gertrude Knoll Online scans, sb347, sb348  
Stake, Ann Eliza    
Stake, Eli    
Stake, Lois Lillie Flynn Online scans, sb5301, sb5360, sb5361  
Stake, Savilla A. Ray Julia Johnson  
Stalder, Alvin Dean Online scans, sb3969, sb5015  
Stalder, Ellen Esthelene Online scans, #8884  
Stalder, Tory Ann Online scans, sb3513  
Stalder, Velta Taylor Online scans, sb3501  
Staley, Dale W.    
Stalnaker, Donald C.    
Stambaugh, Ellen Luetta Phillis    
Stambaugh, Emma Marie Rist    
Stambaugh, Glen S. Online scans, sb362  
Stambaugh, Jerry Lee    
Stambaugh, Pearl Marie Hyatt    
Stamps, Jack - Ralph Lee "Jack"    
Stanbrough, Gerald "Jerry"    
Standage, Charles Everette    
Standage, Charlotte Josephine "Lottie" Stewart    
Standage, Edward Everett    
Standage, Harry's INFANT    
Standage, Marjorie Huddle    
Standage, Peter    
Standage, Rose Ann    
Stankey, Jeannette Online scans, #9089  
Stanley, George Francis Online scans, sb4468  
Stanley, Gladys Kent Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5209, sb5213  
Stanley, Joan Elaine Brady    
Stanley, Larry Lee    
Stanley, Ora Orpha Oxley Julia Johnson  
Stanton, Austin    
Stanton, Eleanor Elliott    
Stanton, Gage Michael    
Stanton, Irving    
Stanton, James Elmer Online scans, #9278  
Stanton, Jay E. Online scans, #8671  
Stanton, Louise Online scans, sb5156m sb5141  
Stanton, Mary Online scans, sb1444  
Stanton, Paul Online scans, #3098  
Stanton, Ralph, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Stanton, Walter Grove "Tuffy" Online scans, sb3949  
Stanton, Warren C. "Darb" Online scans, sb270, #341  
Stanton, Winona P. Online scans, #8975, #8976  
Stanway, H. Geddes Online scans, sb3791, sb3923  
Staples, Billy E.    
Staples, Rodolph R.    
Staples, Stanley R. Online scans, sb2901  
Stapleton, Chattie Mae    
Stark, Caroline K.    
Stark, E.C.    
Starr, Charles L. Julia Johnson  
Statzer, Norman Lee    
Stava, June D. Anderson    
StClair, George Online scans, #420  
StClair, Helen Wikel Welch    
StClair, Isabella Hall McClure Julia Johnson  
StClair, J.F.    
Stearns, Alonzo Lewis    
Stearns, Charlie A. Julia Johnson  
Stearns, Mamie S. Hamilton    
Stearns, Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" Miller Julia Johnson  
Stebbins, Levi Hutchinson    
Steckelberg, Rickey Lee    
Steddom, Roscoe Jerald Online scans, sb480  
Steel, Gladys Viola Laughlin Julia Johnson; Online scans, #11A  
Steel, James Robert "Bob" Online scans, #177, #182  
Steel, Nelle Norlin Online scans, sb141  
Steel, Vernon Online scans, #9003  
Steele, Isabel Jarrett    
Steer, Grace Elizabeth    
Steeve, Arther Online scans, #849  
Steeve, Berniece Sophie Marie Niebrugge    
Steeve, Beulah    
Steeve, Bruno Online scans, sb1098  
Steeve, Clamor Henry    
Steeve, Clara 1838-1909    
Steeve, Clara Goecker 1884-1958 Online scans, #189  
Steeve, Cordelia Online scans, #3025  
Steeve, Donald Henry Otto    
Steeve, Edna Online scans, #9081  
Steeve, Edward Louis Online scans, #8098  
Steeve, Elmer H. Jerry Hamm  
Steeve, Emma Marie Sophia Peters Online scans, #2085, #2090  
Steeve, Fred    
Steeve, Guy    
Steeve, Guy J. Online scans, sb5147  
Steeve, Hannah Albertine Sundermann    
Steeve, Harold Eugene Online scans, sb1529, sb3026  
Steeve, Henry -1918    
Steeve, Hugo Online scans, #8431  
Steeve, Jane Byers Online scans, #8095  
Steeve, Jesse Online scans, #964  
Steeve, John - 1914    
Steeve, Joseph Online scans, #9091  
Steeve, Larry Allen    
Steeve, Laura Sunderman Online scans, sb3508  
Steeve, Lena Online scans, #8970  
Steeve, Lester Online scans, sb3512  
Steeve, Lois VonDielingen Online scans, sb5227  
Steeve, Louis Phillip    
Steeve, Mabel Online scans, #8990  
Steeve, Marion Laseba Stuart Julia Johnson  
Steeve, Mary Elizabeth Bente Julia Johnson  
Steeve, Netha Online scans, #8885  
Steeve, Neva Mae Pinckley    
Steeve, Otto Online scans, sb189  
Steeve, Paul Online scans, #8840  
Steeve, Ronald V. Online scans, sb1424  
Steeve, Ruth Marie    
Steeve, Sophia Nothwehr Online scans, #328  
Steeve, Veda Gustafson Online scans, #8680  
Steeve, Walter J. Online scans, sb3811, sb3775  
Steeves, Effie Etta McNutt Julia Johnson  
Steeves, Glenn Martin Julia Johnson  
Steeves, Ina Mary Julia Johnson  
Steeves, John    
Steeves, John C., Mrs    
Steeves, John Clark Julia Johnson  
Steeves, John Floyd Julia Johnson  
Steeves, Mary Agnes Knox    
Steeves, Stacy Edmund Julia Johnson  
Steeves, Wayne Lowell Online scans, #349, #359  
Steeves, William Melville "Will" Julia Johnson  
Steffen, Eulah Leigh Schrader    
Steffen, Mary Lou Harlow    
Steffen, Max Oliver    
Steffen, Valgene Online scans, sb5051  
Steffens, Fred Online scans, #8083  
Steffens, Marie "Marti" Pruitt Online scans, #469  
Steffes, Elmer Michael    
Steinhauser, Clotilda Mary King Online scans, sb5930  
Steinhoefel, Dale    
Steinkamp, Dorthy "Dottie" Marie Anderson    
Steinkamp, James Ernest    
Stemen, Eltha Marshall Julia Johnson  
Stephens, Cecil Lee    
Stephens, Charley    
Stephens, Faye Berniece Farrens    
Stephens, Frank Julia Johnson  
Stephens, Harold Online scans, #8870  
Stephens, Ida J. Online scans, #331  
Stephens, J.W., Mrs    
Stephens, James Elmer Online scans, #9287  
Stephens, Lizzie Vandevender    
Stephens, Lois Evelyn Beavers    
Stephens, Martha Haidsiak Online scans, sb583  
Stephens, Marvis Eileen Johnson    
Stephens, Orval Hadley Online scans, sb4242  
Stephens, Ruby Jane Curnutt Wertz Online scans, sb3807, sb1878, sb1881  
Stephens, Stella Elizabeth Online scans, sb4758  
Stephenson, Irene McClellan Julia Johnson; Online scans, #119  
Steuert, Irma Cook    
Stevens, Alva    
Stevens, Avery    
Stevens, Barb    
Stevens, Byron W. Online scans, sb5259  
Stevens, Charles W.- 1896 Julia Johnson  
Stevens, David "Dave" Louis    
Stevens, Dwayne    
Stevens, Edward Online scans, #8328  
Stevens, Eva Mae Hullinger Online scans, #4043  
Stevens, Gail "Johnny"    
Stevens, Gary Wayne    
Stevens, George's SON    
Stevens, Ira B.    
Stevens, Iris Jean Butchee    
Stevens, Isaac, 1798 - 1881 Julia Johnson  
Stevens, Mary    
Stevens, Mary Davison    
Stevens, Mrs - 1916    
Stevens, Paul Allen Online scans, sb1442  
Stevens, Sarah Jane Kessler Online scans, #1088  
Stevens, Robert Jeffrey    
Stevens, Rose    
Stevens, Sandra Kay Online scans, #107, #163  
Stevens, Timothy Lee Online scans, #7069  
Stevens, Verna Pearl Turnbull Gibson Online scans, sb5168  
Stevenson, Amanda    
Stevenson, Anna Mary Collins Julia Johnson  
Stevenson, Erskine Online scans, #532  
Stevenson, Esther Mowery Online scans, #226  
Stevenson, James    
Stevenson, Jane    
Stevenson, Laura McIntyre Julia Johnson  
Stevenson, Marshal F. "Marsh" Julia Johnson  
Stevenson, Mary Collins Online scans, #83  
Stevenson, Nellie Gray    
Stevenson, Robert    
Stevenson, Robert John    
Stevenson, Thomas    
Stevenson, Violet M. Summers    
Stevenson, William McKee    
Stevenson, William Newton Online scans, sb5257  
Stewart, Charles    
Stewart, Connie Huddle    
Stewart, Donald Lee    
Stewart, Elizabeth Alice Brodrick Online scans, sb619, sb2786  
Stewart, Ferrell    
Stewart, Glenn E.    
Stewart, Guy Julia Johnson  
Stewart, Harry F.    
Stewart, Hazel Ione Perkins    
Stewart, Helen Sarah    
Stewart, James Warren    
Stewart, Jimmy Online scans, #181  
Stewart (Stuart), John Marshall Julia Johnson  
Stewart, Nellie Barnhill    
Stewart, Peggy Jonn Slaton Online scans, #9373, #9376  
Stewart, Raymond Roy Online scans, sb5288, sb5277  
Stewart (Stuart), Susanna May Julia Johnson  
Stewart, Virginia Online scans, #8922  
Stewart, Walter    
Stewart, William Alexander "Alex" Julia Johnson  
Stewart, Wilma    
Stibbs, John Joseph    
Stickel, Elizabeth "Betty" Brown Online scans, sb5278  
Stickelman, Betty Jean Pennington    
Stickelman, Faye Fishell Online scans, sb3932  
Stickelman, " Larry" James Lawrence Jerry Hamm  
Stickelman, Howard Julia Johnson  
Stickelman, Jennie    
Stickelman Keith Online scans, #8939  
Stickelman, Kent Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb5161  
Stickelman, May Freiermuth Online scans, Or017  
Stickelman, Orville Elmore    
Stickelman, Paul Mark Julia Johnson; #58  
Stickler, Gerald H. Online scans, sb3850, sb3780  
Stickler, Jack    
Stiegerwald, Fern Annan    
Stigers, Ann Online scans, #8989, #9065  
Still, Lois    
Stille, Lee    
Stille, Phyllis A. Rennack    
Stillians, Dean    
Stillians, Mary E. Pool Julia Johnson  
Stillians, Ruth Ann Gapen Julia Johnson  
Stillians, Samuel    
Stillians, Samuel Julia Johnson  
Stillwell, Harry    
Stilwell, Charles Cook    
Stimson, Catherine    
Stimson, Jacob H. Online scans, sb5230  
Stimson, John Henry Jerry Hamm  
Stimson, Fred T. Online scans, #9292  
Stimson, Rose Violet Schollian    
Stimson, Ruth Nona Bicknese    
Stinnett, Georgene Beth Teachout    
Stinnett, Wilburn Lawrence "Bill"    
Stipe, Amy Overman    
Stipe, Catherine "Kittie" Stuart    
Stipe, David    
Stipe, Leon D.    
Stipe, W.F.'s INFANT    
Stirk, Emma Tomlinson    
Stitt, Chrysie Standage Online scans, #7081  
Stitt, E.M.    
Stitt, George    
Stitt, George W. Julia Johnson  
Stitt, James S. Julia Johnson  
Stitt, Lawrence's SON    
Stitt, Port Online scans, #275  
Stitt, Sarah Nancy Payton Online scans, #  
Stitt, William D. Online scans, sb6402  
Stitt, William Davison, 1838 - 1910 Julia Johnson  
Stitzel, Natalie Jean Parker Online scans, #9479  
Stiverson, Annette Carol Benedict    
Stiverson, Arthur Glenn Online scans, sb2785, sb617  
Stiverson, Bert LeRoy    
Stiverson, Betty Jean Taladay    
Stiverson, Charles Albert Online scans, #566  
Stiverson, Darleen Rawlings Green    
Stiverson, David Online scans, #22  
Stiverson, David Leroy Julia Johnson  
Stiverson, David Michael, Jr. Julia Johnson  
Stiverson, Eldon Online scans, sb3976  

Stiverson, Hattie Jane Noble Beaver

Don Parsons  
Stiverson, Henrietta J. Christopher    
Stiverson, Joan Carol Sugg    
Stiverson, Leland Online scans, sb369  
Stiverson, Lola Anderson Online scans, sb3868, sb3789  
Stiverson, Marvin    
Stiverson, Mary Otis Julia Johnson  
Stiverson, Nancy Ellen Law    
Stiverson, Peggy Lynn Online scans, #792  
Stiverson, Steve, Mrs' MOTHER    
Stiverson, Viola Nevada    
Stiverson, Winfield Scott    
Stiverson, William Anthony Online scans, #183  
Stockstill, Roy Fain    
Stockton, J.R., Judge    
Stoddard, Juanita Gerald Online scans, sb3716, sb3717  
Stoddard, Ray Vivien Bernstein    
Stoddard, William "Bill"    
Stoddard, Wilma G. Online scans, sb485  
Stogdill, Beda West Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #8933, #8927  
Stogdill, Bert M. Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb5144  
Stogdill, Burl Bernard Jerry Hamm  
Stogdill, Gloria Faye Cox    
Stogdill, Jeffrey Alan    
Stogdill, Jennifer Lynn Online scans, #542  
Stogdill, Jesse Jefferson Jerry Hamm  
Stogdill, Lonnie "Jay" Online scans, sb3682, sb3690  
Stogdill, Normanda Jerry Hamm  
Stokes, Iva J. Peterman    
Stokesbury, J. Wesley    
Stoltz, Harley    
Stone, Agnes    
Stone, Anna Marie Wells Mason Julia Johnson  
Stone, Daniel Frederick    
Stone, Daniel Wolf "Danny" Julia Johnson  
Stone, Donna Mae Mingus Julia Johnson  
Stone, Earl    
Stone, E.P.H.    
Stone, Etta Mabel Kellogg Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8787  
Stone, Frances Frauline Sheirbon    
Stone, George W., 1842 - 1923 Julia Johnson  
Stone, Horace J. Online scans, sb5151  
Stone, Joseph Richard Julia Johnson  
Stone, Myrtle Online scans, #1015  
Stone, Ralph B. "Jake"    

Stone, Richard Fredrick

Stone, Ruth Darlene Eilers Online scans, sb3277  
Stone, Tarol J. Julia Johnson  
Stone, Thelma Ethel Wolf Julia Johnson  
Stonebraker, Coe Melvin    
Stonebraker, Mahlon    
Stoner, Nina Mildred Brownfield    
Stoner, Reba L. White    
Stoneking, Ralph Online scans, sb5343  
Stoops, Henry Arthur Julia Johnson  
Stoops, J.R.    
Stoops, J.M.'s CHILD - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Stoops, James    
Stoops, James Finley    
Stoops, James Robert, 1853 - 1911 Julia Johnson  
Stoops, John, 1812 - 1891 Julia Johnson  
Stoops, Lewis, -1882 Julia Johnson  
Stoops, Mary Elizabeth Mason Madden Wright Julia Johnson  
Stoops, Sadie Porter Julia Johnson  
Stoops, Verne Online scans, #660  
Storrs, Henry S.    
Stotler, Silas Wesley Julia Johnson  
Stott, Geo E., Mrs    
Stotts, Esther Willey Online scans, #521  
Stout, Eliza Osel Bownes Online scans, #8682  
Stout, Joshua    
Straight, James Luther "Jim"    
Straight, John    
Straight, Nora Online scans, #9088  
Stranahan, Mrs    
Strand, Faye Online scans, #1024  
Strand, Randall "Randy" Edward    
Strange, Donna Vee Stokes    
Strange, Franklin Julia Johnson; Online scans, #40  
Strange, Harold Lewis "Junie" Jr    
Strange, Harold Sr    
Strange, James Anthony    
Strange, John    
Strange, Oscar Online scans, #8420  
Strange, Robert "Bob" Lee    
Strange, Wade Ugene    
Straw, Elizabeth Hooker Julia Johnson  
Straw, Roger Eugene Sr    
Street, Sarah, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Street, Wm Clark    
Strickland, Charlotte Lenore Caroline Lantz    
Strickland, Dickie Lloyd    
Strickland, Fred C. Online scans, sb5206  
Strickland, John N.    
Strickland, Rebecca McNeal    
Stripe, John Henry Julia Johnson  
Stripe, Mellie Frances Barnett    
Strode, Jerry    
Strode, Leslie    
Strode, Leslie Julia Johnson  
Strohm, John    
Strom, Charley    
Strom, Florens Eleonora Samuelson Online scans, sb1883, sb1884  
Strom, Margery Ann Driftmier    
Strom, Martin Erik    
Strom, Merle T.    
Strom, Wendell Clifford Online scans, sb5730  
Strombert / Stronberg, Mrs and child    
Stronell, A.J.    
Strong, Beverly A. Weaver    
Strong, Burton G. Online scans, sb3516  
Strong, Cole Walton Online scans, sb3503  
Strong, Ernest Online scans, #8935  
Strong, Harry Bennett    
Strong, Helen Marie Taylor Online scans, sb4014, sb5363  
Strong, John Carl "Jack" Julia Johnson  
Strong, Joseph L.    
Strong, Mary B. "Mamie" Julia Johnson  
Strong, Mary Magdealene Evans Fox    
Strong, Sara Elizabeth Keener    
Strong, Sylas Lee    
Stroud, Andrew Jacob "Andy" Julia Johnson  
Stroud, Melissa Janelle Scroggs    
Stroud, Minnie McVey    
Strunk, Fannie Helen Comstock Julia Johnson  
Struthers, Clifford Online scans, #8469  
Struthers, George Ellsworth    
Struthers, Gleda V. Online scans, sb5249, sb4367  
Stuart, D.O. Pat O'Dell  
Stuart, Margaret L. "Maggie" Julia Johnson  
Stuart, Mary Ann Pat O'Dell  
Stuart, Mary Ann Spiese Julia Johnson  
Stuart, T. McK    
Stuart, Thomas, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Stubbendick, Ralph    
Studebaker, Betty Burton Kretz    
Studey, Carolyn Lou Hardman    
Stultz, Eliza Jane Brown Julia Johnson  
Stultz, Mrs    
Stump, Catherine Smith Julia Johnson  
Stump, Frederic A.    
Sturm, Helen Mae Oakes    
Stuvick, Duane Verl