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Oak Hill Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
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Oak Hill Cemetery is located west of the Des Moines River in Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa.Established in 1889.

Latitude: 43.399ºN  Longitude: 94.852ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Zeeman Gerrit 1857 1921 h/o Tryntji Obituary
Zeeman Tryntji 1864 1946 w/o Gerrit Obituary
Zelinsky Helen 09/15/1898 02/17/1920   Obituary
Zelinsky Ida 1920 1921   Obituary
Zelinsky Meta 02/17/1865 08/31/1945   Obituary
Zellinsky Michael 09/27/1862 01/05/1953   Obituary
Zenor Clarence 1892 1928   Obituary
Zerke Amanda Rae 06/21/1979 12/14/1988 d/o Arnold & Vickie Gravestone Photo
Zerke Angel Layne 07/22/1976 03/18/1998 d/o Arnold & Vickie Gravestone Photo
Zerke Donna 08/21/1959 1959   Gravestone Photo
Zerke Herman F. W. 08/21/1897 05/31/1983   Gravestone Photo
Zerke John 1882 1956 h/o Teresa R. Obituary
Zerke Pearl Brown 7/31/1911 10/24/1994   Gravestone Photo
Zerke Peter 1883 1931 Son Gravestone Photo
Zerke Rose 1854 1939 w/o Samuel Gravestone Photo
Zerke Samuel 1852 1936 h/o Rose Gravestone Photo
Zerke Teresa R. 05/13/1889 05/03/1972 w/o John Obituary
Ziemer Charles 1865 1918   Obituary
Ziemer Emma S. 1874 1910 w/o Charlie Gravestone Photo
Ziemer Robert 1897 1907   Gravestone Photo
Zierlein JoAnn L. 07/19/1929 10/05/2011   Gravestone Photo
Zitterich Donald 1929 1935 s/o Jake & Mae Obituary
Zitterich Elsie Mae 07/15/1906 05/16/1983 w/o Jake H.; American Legion Aux Obituary
Zitterich Gesena C.M. 10/29/1864 05/18/1934 w/o John E. Obituary
Zitterich Jackie Dean 1944 1944 s/o Jake & Mae  
Zitterich Jake H. 04/09/1900 02/27/1960 h/o E. Mae Obituary
Zitterich Jerry L. 03/12/1943 09/08/1988 SP4 US ARMY  VIETNAM Obituary
Zitterich John Arnold 04/27/1894 04/27/1950 s/o John & Gesena / No Stone Obituary
Zitterich John Edwin 05/11/1855 03/20/1915 h/o Gesina; US Flag Obituary
Zunz Lida 1882 1955 with Lyman Plot Obituary

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