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Oak Hill Cemetery
Estherville, Estherville Township
Emmet County IAGenWeb

Oak Hill Cemetery is located west of the Des Moines River in Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa. Established in 1889.

Latitude: 43.399ºN  Longitude: 94.852ºW
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Please note: this is not a complete listing of burials. Please check local sources for exact information.

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Surname Given Name Born Died Notes/Inscriptions Additional Info
Van Laar Lloyd 05/28/1939 06/11/2006   Obituary
Van Scoy Russell C. 1903 1936   Gravestone Photo
Van Valkenburg Alfred T. 04/28/1862 05/01/1951 h/o Rose E. Gravestone Photo
Van Valkenburg Ray 11/06/1891 08/01/1963 h/o Thankful Obituary
Van Valkenburg Rose E. 02/19/1872 1943 w/o Alfred T. Gravestone Photo
Van Valkenburg Ruth Hite 1893 1961 Mother Obituary
Van Valkenburg Thankful 11/22/1892 1988 w/o Ray Obituary
Van Velzer Celia 07/08/1855 03/06/1927 w/o Francis M. / No Stone Obituary
Van Velzer Francis M. 1852 1924 h/o Celia Obituary
Vastine Infant   1916 No Stone; Lot bought 7-10-1916 by Leslie Obituary
Veldey Delores "Dee" 03/31/1912 01/21/1979 w/o Harmon O. Obituary
Veldey Harmon Omar 09/03/1909 06/07/1990 h/o Delores "Dee" Obituary
Veldey Jerrian Lee 1935 1936   Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Andrew 1856 1938   Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Andrew H. 1899 1945 No Stone Gravestone Photo
Vestrem George Lewis 11/05/1889 03/13/1951 h/o Grace M. Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Grace Mae 01/05/1891 07/24/1967 w/o George L. Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Hans A. 1849 1919 h/o Helen; GAR Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Helen 1844 1905 w/o Hans A. Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Henry 1875 1903 No Stone Obituary
Vestrem Infant Infant 09/03/1921 c/o Henry & Mary  
Vestrem J. Martin 1859 1944 h/o R. Maria Obituary
Vestrem Lynn H. no date 03/07/1938 WWI IA PVT 1C1 13 ENGRS Obituary
Vestrem Mary 02/25/1853 11/01/1925 No Stone Gravestone Photo
Vestrem Ronog Maria 1860 1950 w/o J. Martin Obituary
Voight Gary Allen 04/05/1950 04/08/1950 No Stone  
Volding Minnie C. 11/16/1884 10/21/1946 w/o Nels M. Gravestone Photo
Volding Nels Mathew 02/07/1881 1933 h/o Minnie C. Gravestone Photo
VonHagen Keith Alan 08/14/1968 08/05/1971 No Stone Obituary
Voorhies Cora G. 1893 1983   Gravestone Photo
Voster Lewis 1910 1980 h/o Alice; p/o Verdene, Dean, Darlowe  

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