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Surnames starting with R - Z

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Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with RBirth DateDeath DateNotes
  G O
Ramstad, Albert S
Sept. 6, 1885Sept. 24, 1941
Married Tena Marie Olson Dec. 19, 1917
Ramstad, Alfred N
Jan 30, 1891Jan. 4, 1974
/Same stone as: Ramstad, Helene
Ramstad, Gunhild
  G O
Ramstad, Helen (Engen)
Oct. 26, 1892Feb. 24, 1940
Married Alfred Ramstad Jan. 30, 1926 /Same stone as: Ramstad, Alfred N
Ramstad, John N
/near the stones of both Albert & Alfred Ramstad
Ramstad, Ole A
Jan 15, 1856 Sep. 13, 1930
/Same stone as: Ramstad, Oline A (Myrand)
Ramstad, Oline
Ramstad, Sophie Josphine
Sep. 18, 1894Dec. 3, 1913
/Adjacent Stone to: Ramstad, Ole A and Oline A (Myrand)
  G O
Ramstad, Thomas O
Feb. 6, 1927June 26, 2000
s/o Albert and Tina (Olson) Ramstad /near the stones of both Albert & Alfred Ramstad
Ramstad, Tina M
/Married to: Ramstad, Albert S
Risdahl, Elias
Apr 24, 1879Sep. 1, 1950 
Risnes, Iver I
Rorum, Ole Edward
/Adjacent Stone to: Rorum, Ole H
Rorum, Ole H
June, 1851July, 1905
/Adjacent Stone to: Rorum, Ole Edward
picture   O
Rovang, Gordon Curtis
July 31, 1925May 27, 2008
Married June S. Fulsaas October 20, 1950
picture   O
Rovang, June Shirley (Fulsaas)
June 20, 1929Mar. 18, 2017
Married Gordon Rovang Oct. 20, 1950
PWGOSurnames Starting with SBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Sanderson, Adolph
/The WP spelled Sanderson as Sanders
Sanderson, Chrestine
Saueton, Gunhild O
May 18, 1848Jan. 19, 1932
d/o Ole and Ingeborg Nelsdautter Santon /Adjacent Stone to: Saueton, Helge O
Saueton, Helge O
May 6, 1850 Jan. 8, 1917
/Adjacent Stone to: Saueton, Gunhild O
Saueton, Ingeborg
Dec 24, 1820Jan 3, 1887
/Married to: Saueton, Ole H
Saueton, Ole H
Sep 13, 18181901
/Married to: Saueton, Ingeborg
Schlumbohm, Margret Anne
June 29, 1967Oct. 15, 1967 
Simonson, Olava
/Same stone as: Simonson, Ole a
Simonson, Ole a
/Same stone as: Simonson, Olava
Sims, Donald Harold
Son of Harold & Olive
Sims, Ida Emilia
/Adjacent Stone to: Sims, Donald Harold
Skaalien, Anton
Sep 7, 1872Mar. 6, 1949
/Adjacent Stone to: Skaalien, Helge O and Kristi A
Skaalien, Helge O
/Same stone as: Skaalien, Kristi A
Skaalien, Kristi A
Nov 14, 1831Oct. 12, 1912
/Same stone as: Skaalien, Helge O
Skadland, Anne
Oct 12, 1842Oct 24, 1874 
Skogen, Anne Marie
/Same stone as: Skogen, Magnus C
Skogen, Bendick
/Adjacent Stone to: Skogen, Infant
Skogen, Infant
/Adjacent Stone to: Skogen, Bendick
  G O
Skogen, Magnus C
June 23, 1871Jan., 1943
Married Marie Haaland in 1915 /Same stone as: Skogen, Anne Marie
Slattum, Johan
picture   O
Smock, Charleen Faye
Nov. 11, 1939Dec. 15, 2009
married Robert Gilbertson on October 7, 1956
Snersrud, Randi
Snersrud, Stener Torgersen
Dec 24, 1813Nov 5, 1872 
Sonsterud, Gurine O
Sonsterud, Johanne
Oct 9, 1836Mar 1, 1900 
Sorine, Karen
Feb 12, 1831June 11, 1901
Married name is Hadleson /Same stone as: Hadleson, Lars
Stengrimson, Kari
/Same stone as: Stengrimson, Ole
Stengrimson, Ole
/Same stone as: Stengrimson, Kari
Stengrimson, Selma
/Adjacent Stone to: Stengrimson, Kari and Ole
Sunde, Anne M
/Adjacent Stone to: Vold, Amalie The WPA Spelled Sunde as Lunde
PWGOSurnames Starting with TBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Thompson, Bertha E.
Thompson, Christina
Dec 3, 1875 Aug. 14, 1934
/Same stone as: Thompson, Ole
Thompson, Clara S
/Married to: Thompson, Nels Elmer
Thompson, Clarence
/Same stone as: Thompson, Velma
Thompson, Emma A
Mar 10, 1884Feb. 28, 1977
/Same stone as: Thompson, Gilbert T
Thompson, Gilbert T
Jan 25, 1884July 10, 1950
/Same stone as: Thompson, Emma A
Thompson, Lenora
May 4, 1900Feb. 8, 1998
Married Elmer Enderson June 14, 1942
Thompson, Nels
Thompson, Nels Elmer
/Married to: Thompson, Clara S
Thompson, Ole
/Same stone as: Thompson, Christina
Thompson, Oscar
Oct 7, 1885Jan. 19, 1926
/Adjacent Stone to: Thompson, Emma A and Gilbert T
picture   O
Thompson, Ruth Arlene
July 4, 1915Nov. 14, 2013
Married Oliver Blekeberg Aug. 14, 1932
Thompson, Sandora
Jan. 20, 1900Sep. 6, 1900
Daughter of Ben & Ingeborg Thompson
Thompson, Velma
/Same stone as: Thompson, Clarence
  G O
Tollefson, Angeline Margaret (Guttormson)
Feb. 25, 1919Dec. 21, 1999
married Orville L. Tollefson Feb. 5, 1942
Tollefson, Arthur R
/Adjacent Stone to: Tollefson, Louise and Theodore
picture   O
Tollefson, Clara Rosalinda
Feb. 6, 1911Nov. 4, 2007)
married Arnold S. Fretheim on January 11, 1938
Tollefson, Henry S
Dec. 17, 1905May 4, 1998
Son of Theodore & Louise
Tollefson, Louise
/Married to: Tollefson, Theodore
Tollefson, Orville L
/Married to: Tollefson, Angeline M
Tollefson, Theodore
/Married to: Tollefson, Louise
Tostensen, Kari
Sep 9, 1839Nov. 8, 1909 
picture   O
Townswick, Norma Jean (Jordahl)
Oct. 9, 1929Oct. 18, 2006
Married Stanley C. Townswick June 7, 1952
Tvedt. Gunder
  G O
Tveter, Aagaat (Blekeberg)
Feb. 23, 1862Aug. 2, 1940
Married Ole J. Tveter May 31, 1883 /Same stone as: Tveter, Ole
Tveter, Arlene E
/Married to: Tveter, Louis M
Tveter, I. Marit
July 19, 1885Aug. 11, 1973
/Same stone as: Tveter, Martin M
Tveter, Johannes O
Apr 28, 1821Dec. 9, 1904 
Tveter, Louis M
/Married to: Tveter, Arlene E
Tveter, Martin M
June 1, 1869Apr. 3, 1937
Married Marit Hamre June 21, 1910 /Same stone as: Tveter, I. Marit
Tveter, Ole
Oct 27, 1854Jan. 18, 1937
/Same stone as: Tveter, Aagaat
Tveter, Thea
June 21, 1842Apr. 15, 1916 
PWGOSurnames Starting with UBirth DateDeath DateNotes
PWGOSurnames Starting with VBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Vick, Gladys Dorothea Engen
June 27, 1921Aug. 23, 2000
married Truman Engen June 4, 1942, and Donald J. Pecinovsky Oct. 16, 1976
Vold, Amalie
/Adjacent Stone to: Sunde, Anne M
Vold, Ellinor
Oct 4, 1828Jan 30, 1901 
Vold, Mari
Oct 29, 1830Oct. 20, 1909 
Vold, Ole Alfred
June 26, 1880Aug. 24, 1910 
PWGOSurnames Starting with WBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Woolridge, Louis J
/Same stone as: Woolridge, Myrtle G
Woolridge, Myrtle G
/Same stone as: Woolridge, Louis J
PWGOSurnames Starting with XBirth DateDeath DateNotes
PWGOSurnames Starting with YBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Yarwood, Caroline Elizabeth
Aug. 22, 1913Feb. 10, 2000
married Gerald E. Hovden Jan. 10, 1934
Young, Marguerite Ellen
Sept. 14, 1914Oct. 12, 1941
Married Spencer Haga Feb. 3, 1937
PWGOSurnames Starting with ZBirth DateDeath DateNotes
zz——— End of Data

Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

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