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Surnames starting with C - E

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Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with CBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Carlson, Clarence M
/Same stone as: Carlson, Gladys G (Gilbertson)
Carlson, Gladys G (Gilbertson)
/Same stone as: Carlson, Clarence M
Carolan, Rose A
/Adjacent Stone to: Hovden, Ella and Gilbert
Cash, Malene (Austen)
/Adjacent Stone to: Ansten, Inga and Henry I Same stone as: Baxley, Kathryn
Christen, Alma L
Christen, Anne
/Same stone as: Christen, Christen P
Christen, Christe
/Same stone as: Christen, Ole
Christen, Christen P
/Same stone as: Christen, Anne The WPA spelled Christen as Chrsten
Christen, Martha
Nov 19, 1865Mar. 7, 1956
/Adjacent Stone to: Christen, Christe and Ole
Christen, Ole
/Same stone as: Christen, Christe
Christenson, Clara G
/Shares Stone With: Christen, Christe and Ole
Christenson, Oline
/Shares Stone With: Christen, Christe and Ole
PWGOSurnames Starting with DBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Dahle, Alice E
/Married to: Dahle, Arthur I
Dahle, Anton O
July 28, 1865Dec. 26, 1943
/Same stone as: Dahle, Anton O
Dahle, Arthur I
/Married to: Dahle, Alice E
Dahle, Baby
/Adjacent Stone to: Dahle, Gurina and John O
Dahle, Clara Inez (Albertson)
Feb. 26, 1902May 25, 2002
Married Homer O. Dahle Jan. 14, 1925
Dahle, Edith A
Nov. 25, 1903Mar. 18, 1957
/Same stone as: Dahle, Joseph G
Dahle, Elmer M
/Adjacent Stone to: Dahle, Anton O and Elmer M
Dahle, Gurina
July 11, 1870June 21, 1957
/Married to: Dahle, John O
Dahle, Henry
Nov 3, 1890Sep 20,1891 
Dahle, Idella
Married name is Jordahl /Adjacent Stone to: Dahle, Anton O and Elmer M
Dahle, Iver O.
Dahle, Jan Allen
Oct. 11, 1963Oct. 12, 1963 
Dahle, John Family Stone
Dahle, John O
Feb 7, 1863July 16, 1938
/Married to: Dahle, Gurina
Dahle, Joseph G
Dec. 13, 1901Apr. 5, 1974
/Same stone as: Dahle, Edith A
Dahle, Lisa
Dec 25, 1868Feb. 13, 1943
/Same stone as: Dahle, Elmer M
Dahle, Oscar T
Aug. 26, 1911Dec. 28, 1937
Son/Adjacent Stone to: Dahle, Gurina and John O
Desserud, Hans Family Stone
Desserud, Hans K
/Adjacent Stone to: Desserud, Ragne
Desserud, Helene K
Desserud, Ragne
/Adjacent Stone to: Desserud, Hans K
PWGOSurnames Starting with EBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Egge, Berit J
Mar 23, 1818June 11, 1867
/Same stone as: Egge, Erik G
Egge, Erik G
July 27, 1815Mar 28, 1887
/Same stone as: Egge, Berit J
Enderson, Elmer O
Mar 10, 1892Oct. 26, 1961
/Adjacent Stone to: Enderson, Lenora
  G O
Enderson, Lenora (Thompson)
May 4, 1900Feb. 8, 1998
Married Elmer Enderson June 14, 1942 /Adjacent Stone to: Enderson, Elmer O
picture   O
Engbretson, Carol Sue
July 12, 1946Jan. 14, 2009
d/o Irvin and Marjorie (Houston) Engbretson
Engbretson, Emma Melvina
/Adjacent Stone to: Engbretson, Minnie C and Engebret
Engbretson, Engebert Family Stone
Engbretson, Engebret
July 22, 1875"july 25, 1947
/Married to: Engbretson, Minnie C
Engbretson, Gladys Ruth
/Adjacent Stone to: Engbretson, Minnie C and Engebret
Engbretson, Irvin Raymond
June 16, 1914Apr. 9, 2003
Married Marjorie Houston February 9, 1945
Engbretson, Marjorie Dean (Houston)
Sept. 3, 1927June 25, 2001
married Irvin Engbretson Feb. 9, 1945
Engbretson, Minnie C
May 1, 1883Sep. 30, 1962
/Married to: Engbretson, Engebret
Engen, Alert M
/Same stone as: Engen, Christina H
Engen, Anita Jane
Oct., 1940Nov., 1940
Granddaughter/Shares Stone With: Engen, Hannah C and Nickolai S
Engen, Anna C
/Same stone as: Engen, Hans A
Engen, Anne M
Jan 12, 1885Feb. 14, 1964
/Same stone as: Engen, Helmer A
Engen, Arnold B
July 31, 1908Dec. 25, 1911
/Adjacent Stone to: Engen, Soren H and Bergetta
Engen, Bergetta
June 22, 1847Feb. 9, 1925
/Same stone as: Engen, Soren H
Engen, Christina H
/Same stone as: Engen, Alert M
Engen, Clara
Oct 31, 1883Oct. 31, 1963
/Married to: Engen, Theodore
Engen, Clara Maria
Aug 23, 1888Sep. 5, 1906
/Adjacent Stone to: Engen, Soren H and Bergetta
Engen, David A
Apr. 12, 1949Sep. 15, 1973
Sp5 US Army
Engen, Doris
/Same stone as: Engen, Melvin
Engen, Gladys D
/Married to: Engen, Truman C
Engen, Gladys E
/Same stone as: Engen, Morris B
Engen, Hannah C
Oct 14, 1887 
/Married to: Engen, Nickolai S
Engen, Hans A
/Same stone as: Engen, Anna C
Engen, Helen
Oct. 26, 1892Feb. 24, 1940
Married Alfred Ramstad Jan. 30, 1926
Engen, Helmer A
Sep 13, 1872June 20, 1935
/Same stone as: Engen, Anne M
Engen, Melvin
/Same stone as: Engen, Doris
Engen, Morris B
/Same stone as: Engen, Gladys E
Engen, Nickolai S
June 24, 1875Dec. 25, 1935
/Married to: Engen, Hannah C
Engen, Selmer Harold
Nov. 7, 1919Nov. 11, 1919
/Adjacent Stone to: Engen, Clara and Theodore
Engen, Soren H
Jan 7, 1846Nov. 27, 1913
/Same stone as: Engen, Bergetta
Engen, Stella Beata
  G O
Engen, Theodore
Dec. 25, 1880Apr. 13, 1939
Married Clara Melaas
Engen, Truman C
/Married to: Engen, Gladys D
Engen, Unnamed
Sep. 5, 1917Sep. 5, 1917
/Adjacent Stone to: Engen, Clara and Theodore
Enger, Bertha
/Married to: Enger, L. M. The WPA spelled Enger as Engen
Enger, L. M.
/Married to: Enger, Bertha
Engga, Helene
Apr 14, 18?91891 
Erekson, Ben
Oct 31, 1824Sep. 11, 1905 
Erickson, Edwin S
July 19, 1895Nov. 12, 1933
Iowa Mech 16 Inf 1 Div/Adjacent Stone to: Erickson, Ole and Christine (Hellerud)
Erickson, Helen M
/Married to: Erickson, Ingvald M
Erickson, Helen Martha (Haga)
Mar. 31, 1918Apr. 3, 1999
married Ingvald Erickson June 10, 1937
Erickson, Ingvald M
/Married to: Erickson, Helen M
Erickson, Ole
Parents of Edwin & Ingvald/Married to: Erickson, Christine (Hellerud)
Erlm, Ruben
Mar. 14, 1916May 26, 1916
/Adjacent Stone to: Owen, Norma Henrette
Evenson, Catherine H (Anderson )
Apr 6, 1832Dec. 3, 1901
/Same stone as: Evenson, Johannes
Evenson, Johannes
Dec 3, 1815Aug 23, 1887
/Same stone as: Evenson, Catherine H (Anderson )
PWGOSurnames Starting with FBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

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