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Surnames starting with F and G

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Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with FBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Fjose, Helga
Jan 22, 1843 May 12, 1929
/Same stone as: Fjose, Niels N
Fjose, Nels M.
Nov. 12, 1880Apr. 25, 1954
/Same stone as: Fjose, Oluf N
Fjose, Niels N
May 2, 1832Dec. 21, 1914
/Same stone as: Fjose, Helga
Fjose, Oluf N
May 17, 1870Feb. 13, 1923
/Same stone as: Fjose, Nels M.
Fjose, Tilla
Married name is Johnson Dau of Nels and Helga Fjose/Same stone as: Johnson, Steen G
picture   O
Fleshner, Jason Lloyd
June 10, 1982Oct 15, 2015
Married Amber Schroeder Oct. 21, 2006
picture   O
Fretheim, Alice Marguerite (Halvorson)
Nov. 1, 1915Feb. 9, 2015
Married Lloyd E. Fretheim Nov. 6, 1933
Fretheim, Anna
/Same stone as: Fretheim, Henry H
picture   O
Fretheim, Carol Ann
Nov. 10, 1953Oct. 9, 2018
Married Steve Benzing June 28, 1975
picture G O
Fretheim, Clara Rosalinda (Tollefson)
Feb. 6, 1911Nov. 4, 2007
married Arnold S. Fretheim on January 11, 1938 /Adjacent Stone to: Tollefson, Louise and Theodore
Fretheim, Edrie M
Jan. 1, 1908Oct. 18, 1998
/Same stone as: Fretheim, John J
Fretheim, Esther B
/Same stone as: Fretheim, Herman B
Fretheim, Henry H
/Same stone as: Fretheim, Anna
picture   O
Fretheim, Herbert Leander
Mar. 20, 1921Sept. 5, 2007
Herbert married Ruth Bjerkvig on March 17, 1951
  G O
Fretheim, Herman B
1903Mar., 1983
h/o Esther Fretheim /Same stone as: Fretheim, Esther B
Fretheim, Jeffrey Carl
July 31, 1957Feb. 4, 1958
Son of Mr & Mrs. Stanley Fretheim
Fretheim, Jens
Fretheim, Johannes
/Same stone as: Fretheim, Kari
Fretheim, John F
Nov. 6, 1905Nov. 3, 1985
/Same stone as: Fretheim, John F
Fretheim, John J
/Adjacent Stone to: Fretheim, Johannes and Kari
picture   O
Fretheim, Jules Marian
Feb. 20, 1923Feb. 28, 2010
married Gertrude Malli on February 23, 1946
Fretheim, Kari
/Same stone as: Fretheim, Johannes
Fretheim, Nettie
Aug 13, 1887Dec. 20, 1969
/Adjacent Stone to: Fretheim, Edrie M and John F
picture   O
Fretheim, Ruth Carola (Bjerkvig)
Nov. 14, 1925May 3, 2016
Married Herbert Fretheim March, 17, 1951
Fretheim, Sander
Apr 18, 18931914 
Fretthem, Anna
Feb 28, 1825Nov. 9, 1911
/Same stone as: Fretthem, Ole The WPA spelled Fretthem as Fretheim
Fretthem, Ole
May 15, 1831Sep. 26, 1892
/Same stone as: Fretthem, Anna The WPA spelled Fretthem as Fretheim
Fulsaas, Albert F
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Ruth A
Fulsaas, Barbro
June 15, 1838Nov. 1, 1927
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Halvor H
Fulsaas, Berte Marie Pladsen
Apr 9, 1864 May 25, 1895
w/o John Fulsaas /Same stone as: Fulsaas, Ole H
picture   O
Fulsaas, Gordon
Dec. 11, 1924Dec. 14, 2006
married Joanne Turner on June 27, 1959
Fulsaas, Halvor H
Oct 21, 1822Sep 9, 1883
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Barbro
Fulsaas, Helen I
/ 3 Fulsaas Stones grouped adjacent to the Fulsaas, Ole H & Berte Marie Stone
Fulsaas, Henriette
/Adjacent Stone to: Fulsaas, Berte Marie and Ole H
Fulsaas, Herbrand
Mar. 20, 1830Apr 20, 1892
Born in Nummedal /Adjacent Stone to: Fulsaas, Berte Marie and Ole H
Fulsaas, Ingeborg
Fulsaas, Ingrid P
Nov 1, 1840Apr. 23, 1918
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Peder O
Fulsaas, John H
/ 3 Fulsaas Stones grouped adjacent to the Fulsaas, Ole H & Berte Marie Stone
picture   O
Fulsaas, June Shirley
June 20, 1929Mar. 18, 2017
Married Gordon Rovang Oct. 20, 1950
Fulsaas, Karen
Apr 10, 1850Mar. 13, 1934
/Married to: Fulsaas, Ole The WPA spelled Fulsaas as Kukaas
Fulsaas, Klara
Sep 13, 1822Sep 13, 18??
Datter af Ole og Karen Fulsaas
Fulsaas, Margit
picture   O
Fulsaas, Merle Alden
Feb. 14, 1921Sept. 28, 2008
married Laurice V. Gossman October 27, 1952
Fulsaas, Narrie
Fulsaas, Nels
Feb 5, 1849Dec. 29, 1927
/Adjacent Stone to: Fulsaas, Karen and Ole The WPA spelled Fulsaas as Kukaas
Fulsaas, Olaves
Apr 28, 1885Jan. 15, 1955
/Adjacent Stone to: Fulsaas, Karen and Ole
Fulsaas, Ole
June 27, 1845Jan. 12, 1926
/Married to: Fulsaas, Karen the WPA spelled Fulsaas as Kukaas
Fulsaas, Ole Family Stone
Fulsaas, Ole H
1857Dec 31, 1895
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Berte Marie
Fulsaas, Ole Herbrandsen
1801Aug 31, 1877 
Fulsaas, Olug Pederson
April 29, 1809Feb 15, 1890
/Adjacent Stone to: Fulsaas, Berte Marie and Ole H
Fulsaas, Peder O
July 3, 1839July 28, 1913
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Ingrid P
Fulsaas, Ragnild
1832Dec 9, 1890
Married name is Pederson /Same stone as: Pederson, Halvor
picture   O
Fulsaas, Roy Albert
Apr. 28, 1931Dec. 4, 2018
Married Patricia Hagan on April 8, 1956
Fulsaas, Ruth A
/Same stone as: Fulsaas, Albert F
Fulsaas, Thonetta P
/ 3 Fulsaas Stones grouped adjacent to the Fulsaas, Ole H & Berte Marie Stone
Funer, Charles
May 17, 1906Feb. 26, 1978 
Funer, Gina Oliana
June 25, 1897Feb. 9, 1920
/Adjacent Stone to: Hokaasen, Helga O (Funer) and Ole O
Funer, Guro O/J.
Oct. 3, 1830June 7, 1923 
Funer, Helga O
Aug 28, 1853Mar. 26, 1915
Married name is Hokaasen /Same stone as: Hokaasen, Ole O
Funer, Kari
Dec 22, 1862July 8, 1955
/Adjacent Stone to: Funer, Ole O
Funer, Kittel O.
June 17, 1847Mar. 23, 1904
/Adjacent Stone to: Hokaasen, Helga O (Funer) and Ole O
Funer, Melvin C
June 18, 1900Aug. 10, 1951
/Adjacent Stone to: Funer, Kari and Ole O
Funer, Ole C
Jan. 8, 1903Feb. 14, 1960 
Funer, Ole Family Stone
Funer, Ole O
Sep 25, 1859May 6, 1923
/Adjacent Stone to: Funer, Kari
PWGOSurnames Starting with GBirth DateDeath DateNotes
  G O
Gilbertson, Aase (Hovden)
Jan. 2, 1860Feb., 1944
Married Ole Gilbertson May 25, 1882 /Same stone as: Gilbertson, Ole
Gilbertson, Alfred E
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Isabel B
Gilbertson, Alma C
Married name is Hovden /Same stone as: Hovden, Otto E
Gilbertson, Beata H
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Spencer N
picture   O
Gilbertson, Charleen Faye (Smock)
Nov. 11, 1939Dec. 15, 2009
married Robert Gilbertson on October 7, 1956
Gilbertson, Elmer
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Ruth M
  G O
Gilbertson, Gilbert E
Nov 2, 1897Feb. 12, 1984
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Trine H
Gilbertson, Gladys G
Married name is Carlson /Same stone as: Carlson, Clarence M
Gilbertson, Grace B
/Married to: Gilbertson, Norman C
Gilbertson, Gustina
Feb. 1, 1883May 2, 1938
Marriage Gilbert Melaas March 14, 1906
Gilbertson, Infant Son
 Nov. 11, 1933
Infant son of Grace B & Norman C Gilbertson
Gilbertson, Isabel B
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Alfred E
  G O
Gilbertson, Mildred C
July 15, 1918Jan. 16, 1950
d/o Mr. and Mrs. Casper Gilbertson /Adjacent Stone to: Gilbertson, Aase and Ole
Gilbertson, Norman C
/Married to: Gilbertson, Grace B
Gilbertson, Ole
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Aase
Gilbertson, Ruth M
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Elmer
Gilbertson, Spencer N
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Beata H
Gilbertson, Trine H
Dec 27, 1898July 25, 1981
/Same stone as: Gilbertson, Gilbert E
Grice, Cora O
/Same stone as: Grice, Harold E
Grice, Harold F.
/Same stone as: Grice, Cora O.
Gulbrandsen, Carl M
/Shares Stone With: Gulbrandsen, Marie F and Emil H
Gulbrandsen, Emil H
/Same stone as: Gulbrandsen, Marie F
Gulbrandsen, Marie F
/Same stone as: Gulbrandsen, Emil H
Guttormson, Albert
Oct 1, 1888Jan. 6, 1938
Co. E 1st Reg. Iowa National Guard/Adjacent Stone to: Guttormson, Hjalmar
Guttormson, Angeline Margaret
Feb. 25, 1919Dec. 21, 1999
married Orville L. Tollefson Feb. 5, 1942
Guttormson, Arne
Apr 9, 1855Mar. 13, 1931
/Same stone as: Guttormson, Marthea
Guttormson, Casper
/Same stone as: Guttormson, Ella
Guttormson, Ella
/Same stone as: Guttormson, Casper
Guttormson, Hjalmar
Apr 24, 1895Apr. 3, 1965
/Adjacent Stone to: Guttormson, Albert
  G O
Guttormson, Marthea (Olson)
Feb. 10, 1860Aug. 21, 1937
Married Arne Guttormson Sept., 1882 /Same stone as: Guttormson, Arne
PWGOSurnames Starting with HBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

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