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Surnames starting with A and B

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Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with ABirth DateDeath DateNotes
Aasland, Ben
Aasland, Sophia
Dec. 9, 1876Feb. 21, 1937
Married Peter O. Blekeberg June 17, 1896
Albertson, Clara Inez
Feb. 26, 1902May 25, 2002
Married Homer O. Dahle Jan. 14, 1925
Albertson, Emma
1910 or 1911Jan. 1, 2001
w/o Oliver Hellen
Anderson , Catherine H
Apr 6, 1832Dec. 3, 1901
Married name is Evenson /Same stone as: Evenson, Johannes
Anderson, Arden John
Sep. 12, 1935Mar. 1, 2005
married Sharon Iverson August 6, 1960
picture   O
Anderson, Doris Georgia (Hovden)
Apr. 22, 1916June 18, 2017
Married John Oliver Anderson Dec. 22, 1937
Anderson, J. Oliver
Jan. 11, 1912July 28, 1981
/Married to: Anderson, Doris G.
Anderson, John
/Married to: Anderson, Sylvia
picture   O
Anderson, Judy Vivian
June 25, 1937Apr. 10, 2018
Married Alton R. Hovden July 13, 1963
  G O
Anderson, Leon O
Sep. 3, 1905June 29, 1989
married Tinka Haaland May 1, 1932 /Same stone as: Anderson, Tinka C
Anderson, Sylvia
/Married to: Anderson, John
Anderson, Tinka C
Mar. 4, 1906Feb. 16, 1981
/Same stone as: Anderson, Leon O
Anrud, Haakon
Ansten, Henry I
/Same stone as: Ansten, Inga
Ansten, Inga
/Same stone as: Ansten, Henry I
Ansten, Mari T
Feb 23, 1846Nov. 15, 1915
/Same stone as: Ansten, Tosten
Ansten, Telford H
Mar. 2, 1922Oct. 17, 1996
/Adjacent Stone to: Ansten, Inga and Henry I
Ansten, Tosten
Sep. 27, 1857Aug. 21, 1921
/Same stone as: Ansten, Mari T
Ask, Andreas P
June 27, 1845 July 30, 1917
/Same stone as: Ask, Anne Kari??
Ask, Anne Kari??
/Same stone as: Ask, Andreas P
Ask, Berthe Marie
Apr 13, 1816Jan 30, 1896
/Shares Stone With: Ask, Andreas P and Anne Kari??
Ask, Gunda C
/Same stone as: Ask, Peter A
Ask, Hans P
Mar 12, 1836Apr. 1, 1913
/Adjacent Stone to: Ask, Ragnhild
Ask, Matheal
Ask, Minnie H
Feb. 16, 1895June 21, 1956 
Ask, Peter A
/Same stone as: Ask, Gunda C
Ask, Ragnhild
/Adjacent Stone to: Ask, Hans P
Austen, Malene
Married name is Cash /Adjacent Stone to: Ansten, Inga and Henry I Same stone as: Baxley, Kathryn
PWGOSurnames Starting with BBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Baken, Hans Helgesen
Aug 10, 1832 Mar 9, 1873
/Near Stone of: Bakken, Berthe and Andreas
Bakken, Aletta
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Gustav and Tena
  G O
Bakken, Andreas
Feb. 16, 1830June 17, 1904
Married Bertha Hanson Enga Oct. 27, 1858 /Same stone as: Bakken, Berthe
Bakken, Anna
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Gustav and Tena
Bakken, Bernhard O
Jan 15, 1866Jan 23, 1935
/Married to: Bakken, Thea
Bakken, Bernhart A
May 8, 1871July 20, 1876
Son of Andreas og Berthe Bakken
Bakken, Berthe
/Same stone as: Bakken, Andreas
Bakken, Clara Henriette
Sep 25, 1872Oct 8,????
Daughter af Ole og Ingeborg Bakken
Bakken, Ferdinand
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Georgie M
Bakken, Georgie M
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Ferdinand
Bakken, Gustav
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Tena
Bakken, Gustav
June 15, 1866 May 23, 1946
/Same stone as: Bakken, Helene
Bakken, Gustav Family Stone
Bakken, Helene
Apr 2, 1874Dec. 8, 1911
/Same stone as: Bakken, Gustav
Bakken, Helge Olsen
Feb 10, 1802 Jan 12, 1875
/Near Stone of: Bakken, Berthe and Andreas
Bakken, Helmer O
Sep 26, 1883Apr. 3, 1895
Son/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Thea and Bernhard O
  G O
Bakken, Howard Orin
Feb. 26, 1936Jan. 6, 1988
h/o Mary Ann /Same stone as: Bakken, Mary Anne
Bakken, Ingeborg
Aug 25, 1841 Mar. 4, 1915
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Ole H
Bakken, Lester Yarwood
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Gustav and Tena
Bakken, Muriel
May 1, 1941May 2, 1941
d/o Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bakken
Bakken, Ole Family Stone
Bakken, Ole H
Jan. 17, 1901July 11, 1991
/Married to: Bakken, Pauline
Bakken, Ole H
Jan 22, 1828May 28, 1920
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Ingeborg
Bakken, Pauline
Jan. 3, 1910Mar. 27, 1989
/Married to: Bakken, Ole H
  G O
Bakken, Roger D
Dec. 8, 1938Apr. 23, 1939
s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ole Bakken Son/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Pauline and Ole H
Bakken, S Olaus
Apr 10, 1868July 17, 1883
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Berthe and Andreas
Bakken, Tena
/Adjacent Stone to: Bakken, Gustav
Bakken, Thea
Dec 9, 1868Jan. 13, 1947
/Married to: Bakken, Bernhard O
  G O
Bassol, Elling
Jan 21, 1874Jan. 10, 1960
/Adjacent Stone to: Bassol, Tosten and Mary O
Bassol, Mary O
Mar 3, 1852July 23, 1939
/Married to: Bassol, Tosten
Bassol, Tosten
July 27, 1846Nov. 1, 1926
/Married to: Bassol, Mary O
Baxley, Kathryn
Daughter/Same stone as: Baxley, Kathryn
Benson, Emma
picture   O
Benzing, Carol Ann (Fretheim)
Nov. 10, 1953Oct. 9, 2018
Married Steve Benzing June 28, 1975
Berg, Clara Maria
June 15, 1887Dec. 10, 1902
/Same stone as: Berg, Jacob G
Berg, Jacob C.
Sep 20, 1847May 22, 1894
Born in Eggedal Norge /Same stone as: Berg, Clara Maria
Bergan, Marie
Mar. 6, 1887June 10, 1921 
picture   O
Bjerkvig, Ruth Carola
Nov. 14, 1925May 3, 2016
Married Herbert Fretheim March, 17, 1951
Blakebert, G. A.
Jun 8, 1855Nov 30, 1889 
Blegeberg, Berte S
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Peter O
Blekaberg, Randi
July 28, 1877Aug 13, 1877
Datter af Gunnar og Gunnild Blekaberg
Blekeberg, Aagaat
Feb. 23, 1862Aug. 2, 1940
Married Ole J. Tveter May 31, 1883
Blekeberg, Aagaat
Sep 7, 1834Apr. 15, 1916
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, John H The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakesberg
Blekeberg, Amund G
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Olga T
  G O
Blekeberg, Arnold G
Mar. 30, 1916June 29, 1981
/ 3 Blekeberg Stones grouped together
Blekeberg, Beret
Sep. 13, 1828Dec. 16, 1910
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, O. G. The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakesberg
Blekeberg, Bertha
Apr. 3, 1864Sept. 7, 1937 
Blekeberg, Bertha S
Mar 10, 1876Sep. 5, 1958
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Colbjorn
Blekeberg, Berthe
Apr 3, 1864 Sep. 7, 1937
Married name is Morrison /Same stone as: Blekeberg, Ragne O The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakesberg
Blekeberg, Berthina Maria
1889Oct 21, 1896
/Shares Stone With: Blekeberg, Ragne O and Berthe (Blekeberg)
Blekeberg, Clarence C
Feb. 11, 1911July 15, 1972
Oklahoma Pvt US Army WW II/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Colbjorn and Bertha S
Blekeberg, Colbjorn
Nov 3, 1859Apr. 30, 1936
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Bertha S The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakesberg
Blekeberg, Colbjorn Family Tree
Blekeberg, Gilbert G
Oct 26, 1878Jan. 15, 1963
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Olga T and Amund G
Blekeberg, Gunder C
Sep. 30, 1904Nov. 30, 1926
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Colbjorn and Bertha S The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakeburg
Blekeberg, Gunder H
Oct 15, 1843Oct. 25, 1915
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Gunnild The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakeberg
Blekeberg, Gunhild
Nov 28, 1853Feb. 27, 1928
/Backside of Stone With: Blekeberg, Gunnild and Gunder H
Blekeberg, Gunnild
Oct 5, 1846June 18, 1873
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Gunder H
Blekeberg, Gunnild [Gundersdatter]
Mar 26, 1804June 3, 1888
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, O. G. and Beret The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakeberg
picture   O
Blekeberg, Helen
July 10, 1929Aug. 9, 2017 
Blekeberg, Helena
Dec 14, 1870May 7, 1876
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Aagaat and John H
Blekeberg, Helma
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Nels
Blekeberg, John H
Sep 8, 1835Sep 26, 1874
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Aagaat The WPA Spelled Blekeberg as Blekebert
Blekeberg, Laurence O
May 14, 1910June 9, 1977
/ 3 Blekeberg Stones grouped together
Blekeberg, Lavonne
Sep. 27, 1922May 29, 1930
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Helma and Nels
Blekeberg, Nels
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Helma
Blekeberg, O. G.
Mar 7, 1818Nov 9, 1888
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Beret
Blekeberg, Olga T
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Amund G
picture   O
Blekeberg, Orrin
Dec. 12, 1920Jan. 26, 2011
married Helen Lund June 24, 1962
Blekeberg, Orrin Robert
 July 4, 1933
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Colbjorn and Bertha S
Blekeberg, Peter O
/Adjacent Stone to: Blegeberg, Berte S
Blekeberg, Ragne O
Feb 12, 1868Dec 22, 1894
/Same stone as: Morrison, Berthe (Blekeberg)
Blekeberg, Randi
July 28, 1877Aug 12, 1877
/Side of Stone With: Blekeberg, Gunnild and Gunder H
picture   O
Blekeberg, Ruth Arlene (Thompson)
July 4, 1915Nov. 14, 2013
Married Oliver Blekeberg Aug. 14, 1932
Blekeberg, Sophia (Aasland)
Dec. 9, 1876Feb. 21, 1937
Married Peter O. Blekeberg June 17, 1896
Blekeberg, Spencer G
/ 3 Blekeberg Stones grouped together
picture   O
Blekeberg, Wallace Raymond
Mar. 14, 1926Nov. 30, 2006
married Dorothy Marie Hoyt June 11, 1955 and Roberta Moen Melaas November 5, 1989
Blekeberg, Zola M
May 6, 1905Sep. 3, 1983
/Adjacent Stone to: Blekeberg, Colbjorn and Bertha S
Borseth, Cecil G
May 26, 1926May 10, 1934
/Adjacent Stone to: Borseth, Christina and Clarence
  G O
Borseth, Christina (Myran)
July 31, 1895Sept. 4, 1998
Married Clarence Elmer Borseth December 24, 1919 /Same stone as: Borseth, Clarence
picture   O
Borseth, Clair Elmer
July 9, 1934Mar. 11, 2019
Married Lavon Lenth March 27, 1960
Borseth, Clarence
/Same stone as: Borseth, Christina
picture   O
Borseth, Lavon Mae (Lenth)
June 8, 1938June 9, 2012
married Clair Borseth March 27, 1960
  G O
Borseth, Robert A
Mar. 26, 1930Apr. 18, 1986
h/o Ruth C Borseth
picture   O
Borseth, Ruth Carolyn (Jerdee)
Jan. 12, 1933Sept. 16, 2011
married Robert Borseth on June 7, 1959
  G O
Borsheim, Anders K
Dec. 30, 1830Mar. 1, 1904
/Adjacent Stone to: Borsheim, Sigrid
Borsheim, Sigrid
/Adjacent Stone to: Borsheim, Anders K
Botner, Carl Rickard
Oct 18, 1877Oct. 24, 1918
/Shares Stone With: Botner, Maren E and Erik G
Botner, Erik G
Oct 22, 1832Sep. 28, 1910
/Same stone as: Botner, Maren E
Botner, Gunder E
Mar 15, 1857Jan. 15, 1911 
Botner, Maren E (Hustie)
Nov. 9, 1832June 13, 1905
Married E. G. Botner in 1865 /Same stone as: Botner, Erik G
Botner, Ole B
Dec 1, 1864Apr. 5, 1942
/Adjacent Stone to: Botner, Maren E and Erik G
Braatin, Lars
Oct 13, 18291890 
Brekke, Jacob Nelson
Oct 28, 1817May 18, 1883
birth date from church records in Nissedal, Telemark, Norway
Brekke, Oluf F.
PWGOSurnames Starting with CBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

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