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Surnames starting with M - Q

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Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

PWGOSurnames Starting with MBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Magnus, Carl
/Married to: Magnus, Louise T
Magnus, Carl Family Stone
Magnus, Louise T
/Married to: Magnus, Carl
picture   O
Mann, Heath Dean
Mar. 13, 2004Dec. 31, 2005
s/o John and Jessica (McCabe) Mann
Melaas, Elene G.
Apr 26, 1817Oct 17, 1907
/Married to: Melaas, Ole G. Note: The WPA spelled Melaas, Elene G. as Melaas, Eline G.
Melaas, Gilbert Family Stone
Melaas, Gilbert H
/Married to: Melaas, Gustine I
  G O
Melaas, Gustina (Gilbertson)
Feb. 1, 1883May 2, 1938
Married Gilbert H. Melaas March 14, 1906
Melaas, Hans O
June 4, 18481935
/Same stone as: Melaas, Maren H
Melaas, Idella
/Same stone as: Melaas, Ove H
Melaas, Inga Alette
Apr 27, 1886Apr. 30, 1935
/Married to: Melaas, Ole
Melaas, Maren H
Mar 13, 1853Jan. 6, 1902
/Same stone as: Melaas, Hans O
Melaas, Maria
Nov. 6, 1875July 31, 1876
Datter of Hans & Maren Melaas
Melaas, Marie
Nov 9, 1866Dec. 22, 1942
/Adjacent Stone to: Melaas, Hans O and Maren H
Melaas, Ole
/Married to: Melaas, Inga Alette
Melaas, Ole Family Stone
Melaas, Ole G.
Juli 13, 1812Aug 10, 1865
/Married to: Melaas, Elene G.
Melaas, Ole O
Jan 8, 1851Nov 23, 1882
jan 8, 1851 - Nov 23, 1882
  G O
Melaas, Ove H
Feb. 17, 1909June 8, 1997
Married Gunhild Idella Winger May 25, 1940 and Velma Thompson August 27, 1974 /Same stone as: Melaas, Idella
Melaas, Sophia
Aug 8, 1891Oct. 28, 1980
/Adjacent Stone to: Melaas, Inga Alette and Ole
Melaas, Velma Evelyn (Motley) Thompson
Jan. 24, 1912July 28, 1998
Married Clarence Thompson July 3, 1940 and Ove Melaas August 27, 1974
Melbye, Renhart Johnsen
Sep 27, 1843Jan 2, 1876 
Morrison, Berthe (Blekeberg)
Apr 3, 1864 Sep. 7, 1937
/Same stone as: Blekeberg, Ragne O The WPA spelled Blekeberg as Blakesberg
Motley, Velma Evelyn Thompson
Jan. 24, 1912July 28, 1998
Married Clarence Thompson July 3, 1940 and Ove Melaas August 27, 1974
picture   O
Mrkvicka, Beverly Jean
May 14, 1926Sept. 3, 2014
Married Robert Beltz, and Kenneth Knutson Sept. 29, 1962
Myran, Agnes M
/Same stone as: Myran, Elias H
  G O
Myran, Andres
s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ole Myran / 5 Myran stones in a group around Turi and Ole A's stone
Myran, Christina
July 31, 1895Sept. 4, 1998
Married Clarence Elmer Borseth December 24, 1919
Myran, Eli O
Mar 4, 1862June 30, 1940
/ 5 Myran stones in a group around Turi and Ole A's stone
Myran, Elias H
/Same stone as: Myran, Agnes M
Myran, Helen W.
Jan 2, 1825Dec 15, 1880 
Myran, Helge Nelson
June 2, 1825Dec 15, 1886
/Same stone as: Myran, Torbjor H
Myran, Helge O
July 7, 1858Jan 21, 1936
/ 5 Myran stones in a group around Turi and Ole A's stone
Myran, Henry H
/Same stone as: Myran, Lydia Mae
Myran, Ingri
Dec. 3, 1854May 27, 1937
d/o Mr. and Mrs. Asle Myran
Myran, Ingri H
July 25, 1825Jan 21, 1892
/Shared Stone with: Myran, Ole A and Turi
Myran, Kjersti H
Feb 16, 1866Jan 25, 1926
/ 5 Myran stones in a group around Turi and Ole A's stone
Myran, Lydia Mae
/Same stone as: Myran, Henry H
Myran, Olaf H
June 2, 1884July 12, 1955 
Myran, Ole A
Jan 3, 1813Apr 27, 1899
/Same stone as: Myran, Turi
Myran, Ole O
/ 5 Myran stones in a group around Turi and Ole A's stone
Myran, Thon
Sept 6, 1856Apr 28, 1887 
Myran, Torbjor H.
June 15, 1828June 29, 1906
/Same stone as: Nelson, Helge
Myran, Turi
Mar 6, 1816Oct 22, 1854
/Same stone as: Myran, Ole A
Myrand, Asle
/Same stone as: Myrand, Astri
Myrand, Astri
/Same stone as: Myrand, Asle
Myrand, Ingrid
/Adjacent Stone to: Myrand, Asle and Astri
PWGOSurnames Starting with NBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Nelson, Albert
/Same stone as: Nelson, Clara M
picture G O
Nelson, Alta Mae (Iverson)
Aug. 20, 1920Oct. 24, 2004
married Austin T. Nelson on October 22, 1947 /Same stone as: Nelson, Austin T
Nelson, Ashjorn L.
Nelson, Austin T
/Same stone as: Nelson, Alta M
Nelson, Clair A
/Adjacent Stone to: Nelson, Clara M and Albert
Nelson, Clara M
/Same stone as: Nelson, Albert
Nelson, Fred E
Feb 5, 1882Dec. 14, 1964
/Same stone as: Nelson, Olina
Nelson, Gilbert
Nelson, Jesse L
/Adjacent Stone to: Nelson, Clara M and Albert
Nelson, Lars
  G O
Nelson, Olina
Dec. 10, 1881Dec. 31, 1968
/Same stone as: Nelson, Fred E
Nelson, Otto
/Adjacent Stone to: Nelson, Fred E and Olina
Nelson, Randi
June 18, 1853Oct. 15, 1892 
Ness, Albert C
/Adjacent Stone to: Ness, Mathilda and Carl
Ness, Carl
/Same stone as: Ness, Mathilda
Ness, Carl Melvin
Jan. 31, 1908Mar. 20, 1970
Iowa Pfc US Army WW II/Adjacent Stone to: Ness, Mathilda and Carl
Ness, Helga O
/Adjacent Stone to: Ness, Mathilda and Carl
Ness, Mathilda
/Same stone as: Ness, Carl
Nordsving, Myrtle (Haugen)
Dec. 26, 1905Dec. 28, 1988
married Adolph Nordsving January 10, 1970
PWGOSurnames Starting with OBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Oakland, Ragnhild
Oen, Borgine H
Dec 1, 1837Aug. 30, 1911
/Same stone as: Oen, Helge H
Oen, Helge H
May 9, 1833 Mar. 8, 1920
/Same stone as: Oen, Borgine H
Okland, Hector
Olaus, Gilbert
Olson, Conrad
/Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Emma A
Olson, Conrad Family Stone
Olson, Dina
Aug 8, 1870May 31, 1930
/Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Olaves T
Olson, Elmer C.
Olson, Emma A
/Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Conrad
Olson, Esther M
Sep 23, 1899Mar. 17, 1967 
Olson, Ludwig Edwin
May 30, 1887Nov. 21, 1924 
Olson, Marthea
Feb. 10, 1860Aug. 21, 1937
Married Arne Guttormson Sept., 1882
Olson, Norma
/Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Conrad and Emma A
Olson, Olaves Family Stone
Olson, Olaves T
May 18, 1870Mar. 21, 1957
/Adjacent Stone to: Olson, Dina
  G O
Owen, Christine
Sept. 22, 1896Feb. 14, 1945
d/o Nels and Christi Owen /Adjacent Stone to: Owen, Nels and Kriste
Owen, Josephine
Owen, Kristi
Feb. 18, 1862Sep. 3, 1939
/Adjacent Stone to: Owen, Nels
  G O
Owen, Nels
July 6, 1858July 2, 1940
Married Kristi Torgenson Aug. 1, 1888 /Adjacent Stone to: Owen, Kriste
Owen, Norma Henrette
Jan 4, 1899Jan. 24, 1917
/Adjacent Stone to: Erlm, Ruben
PWGOSurnames Starting with PBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Pecinovsky, Gladys Dorothea (Vick) Engen
June 27, 1921Aug. 23, 2000
married Truman Engen June 4, 1942, and Donald J. Pecinovsky Oct. 16, 1976
Pedersen, Knut
/Same stone as: Knutson, Bertha
Pederson, Halvor
Apr 16, 1837Dec 7, 1885
/Same stone as: Pederson, Ragnild (Fulsaas)
Pederson, Johan
1843Jan. 7, 1914 
Pederson, Ragnild (Fulsaas)
1832Dec 9, 1890
/Same stone as: Pederson, Halvor
Peterson, Annie
/Married to: Peterson, Oliver G
Peterson, Oliver G
/Married to: Peterson, Annie
Peterson, Ove M. K.
Pfc US Army WW II
picture   O
Peterson, Ramona A. (Hein)
Jan. 2, 1930Sept. 5, 2006
Married Ove Marion Kenneth Peterson on April 30, 1949
Phipps, Le Roy
Apr 9, 1897May 5, 1988
/Adjacent Stone to: Phipps, Mary Anna
Phipps, Leroy Family Stone
Phipps, Mary Anna
Mar. 9, 1902July 27, 1962
/Adjacent Stone to: Phipps, Le Roy
PWGOSurnames Starting with QBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Quam, Adolph Milford
1914Jan. 24, 2003 
PWGOSurnames Starting with RBirth DateDeath DateNotes

Surnames Starting With: A-BC-EF-G _H_I-LM-Q R-Z Cemetery Entrance

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