Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Hoag, James J. Julia Johnson  
Hoag, Maud E. Willis Julia Johnson  
Hobbick, Charles Edward    
Hobbs, Dale    
Hobbs, Harold B. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb465  
Hobbs, Marie Wynn Online scans, sb485  
Hobson, Calvin    
Hobson, Calvin, Mrs' MOTHER    
Hobson, Clint's BABY Pat O'Dell  
Hobson, Esther    
Hobson, Jim Online scans, #882  
Hobson, Lydia Brown    
Hobson, Lydia Margaret Brown Julia Johnson  
Hochmuth, Wayne Henry Online scans, sb2903, sb1474  
Hockett, Delbert D.    
Hockett, Lucille Pauline Porter    
Hockett, Lydia J.    
Hodapp, Mary    
Hodge, John Wesley    
Hodge, Matilda    
Hodge, Ruby Allen    
Hodgen, William Leeman    
Hodgens, John W. Julia Johnson  
Hodgens, Mary Ellen Hartman    
Hodges, Beulah Irene Akes Online scans, #8733  
Hodges, Elizabeth Willey    
Hodges, Mary Ellen Online scans, sb5154, sb3113  
Hoenshel, Becky    
Hoenshel, Jack Emery    
Hoffman, Darrell Clarence    
Hoffman, Elnora Elizabeth Bush Online scans, sb5159  
Hoffman, Geneive Kalkas    
Hoffman, Henry L.    
Hoffman, Howard Holman Online scans, sb3844, sb1906, sb1911  
Hoffman, John B.    
Hoffman, Leroy, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Hoffman, Leslie Eugene "Jack"    
Hoffman, Magdalene    
Hoffman, Mary Laird Anderson    
Hoffman, Max Gerald Online scans, sb5219  
Hoffman, May Ellen Goodwin Online scans, sb3032  
Hoffman, Rachael Flo Kalkas    
Hoffman, Thomas Edmon Online scans, sb3308  
Hoffman, Thomas Eugene    
Hoffman, Walter Lewis "Pete"    
Hoffman, William Dallas Online scans, sb5261, sb5264  
Hoffman, William Henry Online scans, #74  
Hogberg, Frances Marie Ramona Patterson    
Hoge, Mary E.    
Hogg, Beatrice Earline "Rose"    
Hogg, James Julia Johnson  
Hogg, W.D.    
Hogsett, Arthur Online scans, sb1873  
Hogsett, Jody Online scans, #9469  
Hogsett, Lucille Peterson Online scans, #9471  
Hogue, Elizabeth    
Hogue, Mary Ann Hamblin Online scans, sb5187  
Hogzett, Katherine "Kitty" Online scans, sb5412  
Hoivik, Martha B. Werklund Online scans, sb3717  
Holbrook, Bert Nelson Julia Johnson; Online scans, #54  
Holbrook, Clara Elsie Ergenbright Fine Julia Johnson  
Holbrook, Etta Mae Cassell Jerry Hamm  
Holbrook, George W.    
Hobrook, Granvil "Grannie" Online scans, sb2784  
Holbrook, Kenneth K.    
Holbrook, Nellie Elizabeth Bennington Online scans, sb6419, sb3517  
Holby, George H.    
Holcombe, Lucinda H. Dearman Richey Julia Johnson  
Holcombe, R.I.    
Holder, Donald H. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #2  
Holder, Fred A. Online scans, sb302  
Holder, Mildred M. Stone Online scans, sb3947  
Holder,-Ashford, Wanda L. Online scans, sb3402  
Holderness, Blanche Marie Online scans, sb3706  
Holdredge, Mary Lou Gutsch    
Holladay, Addie F. Brown Julia Johnson  
Holland, Albert Online scans, #8411  
Holland, Alice "Mae" Wells    
Holland, Alma "Ruth" Hewitt    
Holland, Elihu H.    
Holland, Gordon    
Holland, Hannah Dale Bentley    
Holland, Harold Online scans, #134  
Holland, Lesta R. Cunning    
Holland, May Wells Online scans, sb3362  
Holland, Miles Hanson    
Holland, Orville "Bill" Online scans, sb3038  
Holland, Ruby Online scans, #9081  
Holland, Willie Albert Julia Johnson; Online scans, #133, #152  
Hollander, Norma Jean Long Online scans, sb5247  
Hollis, Bert Online scans, sb5188  
Hollis, Bertha Rachel Graves Online scans, sb4295, sb3502, sb4580, sb4581  

Hollis, Edward Jr

Hollis, Lulu L. Knowles    
Hollis, Ora Online scans, #7081  
Hollis, Samuel Julia Johnson  
Holm, J. Alfred    
Holman, Alra Hackett    
Holman, Charles Earl    
Holmes, C.J.    
Holmes, Clara Eloise Berlin    
Holmes, Dorothy A.    
Holmes, Gary Lee    
Holmes, Gracie, -1887 Julia Johnson  
Holmes, Helen L.    
Holmes, Herschel R. Online scans, sb3970  
Holmes, James H. Online scans, #8552, #8556  
Holmes, Julius C. Julia Johnson  
Holmes, Katherine Online scans, #440  
Holmes, Lowell Laverne "Smokey" Online scans, sb419  
Holmes, Margie Lee Davis Online scans, sb1852  
Holmes, Marlin Edwin    
Holmes, Mary "Catherine" Baugh    
Holmes, Nellie A.    
Holmes, Noah Ross    
Holmes, Norman F. Online scans, sb3707  
Holmes, Pam K. Online scans, sb3689  
Holmes, Robert S. "Bob"    
Holmes, Susan    
Holmes, Thelma Lee "Jackie" Barrington Online scans, sb6409, sb5376  
Holmes, Vera Mabel Ford Online scans, sb5273, sb5276  
Holmes, Wanda Smith Online scans, sb6049  
Holms, Anna Endsley Hutchings Online scans, #276  
Holms, J.C. -    
Holms, Sophia Grant Julia Johnson  
Holms, Wendell Online scans, #1044  
Holslaw, Martha A.    
Holste, Bernard A. Online scans, sb406  
Holste, Bill Online scans, sb4058, sb5184, sb3124  
Holste, Mildred Ropp Online scans, #8557  
Holste, Violet Marie Sunderman    
Holste, Walter Bernard Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8  
Holt, Flora King Arliss Powell; Online scans, sb5197, sb5200  
Holt, Gregory King    
Holt, Ola Marie Gray Online scans, sb1084, sb3980  
Holt, Paul Clifton    
Holt, Russell Online scans, #883  
Holtmyer, Wilma Anna Lubben Online scans, #8714  
Holton, Elmer    
Holton, Margaret    
Homan, Aurilla Beckwith Julia Johnson  
Homan, Fletcher's FATHER    
Homan, Ruth    
Homewood, Henry Julia Johnson  
Honan, Mary [Hannah]    
Honnon, Johnie    
Hood, Lois    
Hood, Mary Richardson Online scans, sb5162  
Hood, Robert    

Hoogendam, Bertha Gladys Shum

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Hook, Beulah Willison Online scans, #4038  
Hook, Byard Online scans, #241, #252  
Hook, [Kevin] Kelly    
Hooker, Candace [maiden name?] Worth    
Hooker, Sarah Jean Online scans, sb5676, #7062  
Hooker, W.S.    
Hooker, Warner's BABE    
Hookham, Cathline Lynn Online scans, sb444  
Hookham, Crystal LaVaunne Online scans, sb3514  
Hookham, Jane    
Hookham, Julia    
Hookham, Kathryn Ruth    
Hookham, Marcia Hughes Burns    
Hookham, Paul LeRoy "Pete"    
Hookham, Roy Vernon    
Hookham, William    
Hoope, Donald E. Online scans, sb5157  
Hooper, Amy Gudgen Julia Johnson  
Hooper, Charles Bethel    
Hooper, Claude Allen Online scans,#8751, #8761  
Hooper, George Washington Julia Johnson  
Hooper, Jovita "Jo" Ortiz    
Hoopes, Mary E. Bass Online scans, sb1430  
Hoover, Angaline    
Hoover, Evelyn Online scans, #8986, #8985  
Hoover, Harry C. Online scans, sb4258  
Hoover, John Stuart's INFANT -1894 Julia Johnson  
Hoover, Mrs    
Hoover, William L. Online scans, sb5218  
Hoover, Willis D. Online scans, sb5322, sb5362, sb5313  
Hopkins, Alverna Online scans, sb1911, sb1913, sb1903  
Hopkins, Anna Adaline Julia Johnson  
Hopkins, Frank L.    
Hopkins, Helen Louise Chessire    
Hopkins, Janet Lusk Julia Johnson  
Hopkins, John C.    
Hopkins, LaVernon Earl "Hoppy" Online scans, sb3557  
Hopkins, Linda Lee Davis    
Hopkins, Maggie Cato Online scans, sb6372  
Hopkins, Maudie Mae Malcom    
Hopkins, Rose Lodema Kemery    
Hopkins, Wilma Jean Noble    
Hopper, N.F., Mrs    
Hopper, Shirley Ann Wise    
Hopple, Louisa S. Turner Wilson Julia Johnson  
Hopple, Ruth Hensley Online scans, sb415  
Hoppock, Ina Verne McKean Julia Johnson  
Hoppock, Louis    
Hoppock, Robert Bentley Online scans, sb1935, sb1927, sb1928  
Horel, Ada Alberta Spooner Julia Johnson  
Horel, Arthur Lynn Julia Johnson  
Horel, Dorothy Clement Online scans, #8651  
Horel, Harold Lynn Online scans, sb428  
Horel, Kennard Online scans, #3061  
Horel, Lloyd E. "Lefty" Online scans, #9205  
Horn, Elijah    
Horn, Helen F. Online scans, sb513  
Horn, John Online scans, sb1424  
Horn, Roland Rueben Online scans, sb462  
Hornback, Frank    
Hornbuckle, Glen Charles Online scans, #8576, #8607  
Hornbuckle, Ruth Eileen Matlock    
Horner, Don Online scans, sb5347  
Horner, Dora Stenett Online scans, #156  
Horner, Inez C. Fine Online scans, sb6073  
Horning, C.M. "Bill" Online scans, sb3401  
Horning, Cyrus Wilson Online scans, sb3032  
Horning, Helen Turnwall Online scans, #146  
Horning, Isaac Online scans, sb3031  
Horning, Isaac's INFANT, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Horning, John H.    
Horning, Leon Online scans, sb101  
Horning, Letta or Lettie Online scans, #22  
Horning, Paul Wendell Online scans, #9193  
Horning, Ralph Edwin    
Horning, Virgil Online scans, #6098  
Horton, Hazel Belle Kimpton Online scans, sb5199  
Horton, John Thomas    
Horton, William    
Horton, William "Bill" F.    
Hosack, E.M.    
Hosfiel, Oscar A. Jr Online scans, sb3823, sb3832  
Hosier, Chauncey C.    
Hosier, Eva Fern Hervey Online scans, sb5724  
Hosier, John, 1808 - 1893 Julia Johnson  
Hosier, Pete, Mrs    
Hoskins, Adda Mae Online scans, sb473  
Hoskins, Barbara Hosier    
Hoskins, Charles    
Hoskins, Donald R. Online scans, sb6066, sb5404  
Hoskins, Dudley D. Online scans, #6099  
Hoskins, Floyd Edward Online scans, #657, #659  
Hoskins, Harold Wallace Julia Johnson  
Hoskins, Harry Oren Julia Johnson  
Hoskins, Helen Online scans, #8935  
Hoskins, Homer C. Online scans, #816  
Hoskins, Hoyte M.    
Hoskins, Jesse    
Hoskins, Judith Marie Claire    
Hoskins, Mary Leona Meeds    
Hoskins, Melissa    
Hoskins, Michael Norman Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5322, sb5326, sb5314, sb6406, sb6386  
Hoskins, Sam's BABE [1913]    
Hoskins, Sam's BABE [1918]    
Hoskins, Thelma Katherine Huddle    
Hoskinson, Helen Online scans, #9094  
Hoskinson, Inez Bosworth    
Hoskinson, Robert Dean Online scans, sb1903  
Hosman, Isaac Chester Julia Johnson  
Hosman, Susan A. "Susie" Julia Johnson  
Hostetter, Amelia Sparger Burch    
Hostetter, Magdalene Burchfield Julia Johnson  
Hostetter, Vera Ellen    
Houchin, Ethelmae Emma Landers    
Houchins, Leroy    
Houchins, Robert Eugene    
Houchins, Rosemary Thacker    
Houk, Margaret Swain Online scans, sb4261  
Houliah, Letha Fay Tyler Squires    
Houser, Helen Louise Davis Julia Johnson  
Houston, Eda Hoskins Online scans, sb3389, sb3365  
Houston, Irene    
Houston, J.H. Online scans, sb3360  
Houston, James Dean    
Houston, Laura Etta Rundell Online scans, #475  
Houston, Leonard R. Online scans, sb1207, sb423  
Houston, Mary E. Ryerson    
Houston, Rhonda Jean    
Houston, Ross    
Hovendale, Velma    
Hovermale, Bessie Bohrer Online scans, sb3364  
Howard, Ada Louise Lawson    
Howard, Alexandria Renee Online scans, sb5286  
Howard, Alfred Online scans, #8006  
Howard, Charles    
Howard, Clarence Elmer    
Howard, Clyde Roscoe Online scans, sb4255, sb4258  
Howard, Edna    
Howard, Ernest William    
Howard, Estella Fulk Walters Julia Johnson  
Howard, Fern J. McAlpin Online scans, sb3367  
Howard, Francis Allen    
Howard, George    
Howard, Gladys Gwendolyn Ackerberg    
Howard, Glen    
Howard, Harley, 1982 Online scans, #8089, #8152, #8143  
Howard, Harley "Junior" Online scans, sb1440  
Howard, Harold R. Online scans, sb5406  
Howard, Irene Bertha Haynes Farnum    
Howard, Ivan E. Online scans, sb5414  
Howard, Julia Rhoades Online scans, sb3365  
Howard, Lemah Wynn Online scans, #9201  
Howard, Lloyd L. Online scans, sb5665, sb5666  
Howard, Lonnie W.    
Howard, Marilyn Louise Simpson    
Howard, Martha    
Howard, Raymond, Mrs Online scans, #8555  
Howard, Reta    
Howard, Robert    
Howard, Samuel E.    
Howard, Vera Mae Online scans, #8880, #8901  
Howard, W.E. "Bill" Online scans, sb3034  
Howe, Benjamin F.    
Howe, Darlene Warrick Julia Johnson; Online scans, #81  
Howe, E.O.'s BABE    
Howe, Eva Murren Online scans, #8754  
Howe, Joseph Jr    
Howe, Ora Neal    
Howell, Alta Halferty Online scans, #6077, #2096  
Howell, Evelyn Louise Blakeman Roland Martin  
Howell, Gorman, 1974 Online scans, #182  
Howell, Gorman "Dan", 1983 Online scans, #8325, #8326  
Howell, Harriet E. Sayre    
Howell, Herbert Online scans, #2034  
Howell, J.E.    
Howell, Mary Helen Snyder    
Howell, Mildred Palmer    
Howell, Richard Norman    
Howell, Robert E. Julia Johnson  
Howendobler, Amzi M.    
Howendobler, John    
Howes, Duyal Edmond    
Howes, Earl Online scans, sb106  
Howes, Josiah Julia Johnson  
Howes, Warren    
Howland, Alice Earlea Nelson Online scans, #6028  
Hoxie, Betty    
Hoxie, Carrie Stevens Kent Online scans, sb5657  
Hoxie, Frank Online scans, #360  
Hoxie, Maurice Frank    
Hoy, Marshall "Bud"    
Hoyt, Angela D. "Cissie"    
Hoyt, Clifford Online scans, #326  
Hoyt, Dakota Ann Online scans, sb1507  
Hoyt, F.C.    
Hoyt, Harland Earl Online scans, sb4765, sb4769, sb6057  
Hoyt, Marjorie Elnora Thompson    
Hoyt, Patty Ann Jeffers    
Hoyt, Ronald "Sonny" Veral    
Hoyt, Ruby Online scans, #8934, #8935  
Hoyt, Travis