Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Grable, Dustin Robert    
Grace, Mary E. McIntyre Online scans, sb5188, sb4065, sb4066, sb4067  
Graff, Anna Online scans, sb522  
Graff, John    
Graff, John G. Jerry Hamm  
Graff, John Gilbert    
Graff, Mrs Joe Julia Johnson  
Graff, Nancy Elizabeth Fairley    
Graff, Valentine    
Grafft, Alice Isabelle Hill    
Grafft, Dale Quinn Online scans, sb1668  
Grafft, Dean Irvin    
Grafft, Dorothy Christensen Online scans, #8173  
Grafft, Duane B.    
Grafft, Elizabeth Grove Julia Johnson  
Grafft, Henry, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Grafft, Vernon Lloyd Don Parsons  
Graham, Agnes Evalena Rhamy    
Graham, Alice Myers    
Graham, Arthur Eugene Julia Johnson; Online scans, #82  
Graham, Bertha Online scans, #8854, #8861  
Graham, Betty Jean Fleck    
Graham, Charles Austin "Chuck" Online scans, #8583  
Graham, Charles William    
Graham, Clauda Belle Buss    
Graham, Dale    
Graham, Donald Dale    
Graham, Dorlene Mae Bashor    
Graham, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dyke Roland Martin; Online scans, #8356  
Graham, Elizabeth Jane Martin    
Graham, Emma Jane Knighton Julia Johnson  
Graham, Emmett O.    
Graham, Esther Online scans, sb402  
Graham, Floyd Online scans, sb1440  
Graham, Frances Irene Davis Online scans, sb259  
Graham, Fred A. 1972 Online scans, sb155  
Graham, Fred A. 1990 Online scans, sb413  
Graham, Gladys Clara Drake Hagglund Swanson    
Graham, Harold Franklin Online scans, #8334, #8335  
Graham, Hattie E. Kellogg Online scans, #3099  
Graham, Hattie, Mrs    
Graham, J.C.    
Graham, James Blair Online scans, sb1471  
Graham, Joseph C., Mrs, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Graham, Larry E.    
Graham, Marie Ellen Powers Online scans, sb5694  
Graham, Morton Young "Mortie" Julia Johnson  
Graham, Nina Fae    
Graham, R.M.    
Graham, Richard Kellogg    
Graham, Rodney Allan    
Graham, Roy, Jr Online scans, #500  
Graham, Ruth Foster Online scans, #915, #502  
Graham, Shirley Edith Willey Online scans, sb5139  
Graham, Stacy Diane    
Graham, Steven Michael    
Graham, Thomas Madison Julia Johnson  
Graham, Timothy    
Graham, Waneeta Fern Jones    
Graham, Wayne Eugene    
Gramlich, Doborah Ruth Annan    
Granaman, Esther Elizabeth Faris Online scans, #3028, #6018  
Granaman, Glenn E.    
Granger, Raquel Julia Johnson  
Grant, Dorothea Louise Lincoln    
Grant, Maybel Online scans, #9010  
Grape, James Robert Online scans, sb4117  
Grashorn, Herman Carl Online scans, #8367  
Grashorn, Margaret "Maggie" Mary    
Grasmon, Kermit Holm Online scans, sb2149  
Grasmon, Leah Jane Droll Hanna    
Grasty, Frank S. Julia Johnson  
Graves, Jennie, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Gravett, Joseph H.    
Gravis, Helen Iola Walker    
Gray, Albert H. Online scans, sb5169  

Gray, Anna Alice Royer

Don Parsons


Gray, Antha    
Gray, Arthur Russell    
Gray, Audrey Denton    
Gray, Caroline McKinnon Online scans, #8574  
Gray, Claude C. Online scans, sb199  
Gray, Dale Walter    
Gray, Darold LeRoy    
Gray, Deborah K. Loftis    
Gray, Elizabeth J.    
Gray, Elsie Lorraine Davidson    
Gray, Eric Pace    
Gray, Ernest    
Gray, Ernest Emmett Online scans, sb2597  
Gray, Ethel B. Gant Online scans, sb472  
Gray, Evelyn M. Morganson    
Gray, Faye Foster Online scans, sb3674  
Gray, Ferne Ellen Reed Online scans, sb1823  
Gray, Frances P. Online scans, sb3971  
Gray, Francis Watts Smith    
Gray, Frank L., 1868 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Gray, Gary Lynn    
Gray, George Online scans, sb182  
Gray, George Donald    
Gray, Glenn Wayne    
Gray, Harold Franklin    
Gray, Hildegard Online scans, sb1931  
Gray, James Edgar    
Gray, James G. Online scans, sb499  
Gray, Jason Arthur Online scans, sb508  
Gray, Kenneth M. Online scans, sb5238, sb5218  
Gray, Kyle Online scans, #401  
Gray, Lawrence "Duke" Online scans, sb178  
Gray, Mabel G. Herrington Online scans, sb498  
Gray, Maralyn R. Hotze Stickler    
Gray, Margaret Lois Rosenthal Frink    
Gray, Marie Peetoom Online scans, #8221  
Gray, Martha Online scans, sb1860  
Gray, Mary Ellen Robinson Online scans, #502  
Gray, Matthew    
Gray, Maudie    
Gray, Marvin Online scans, #8850  
Gray, Marvin E. Online scans, #8853  
Gray, Max L. Online scans, sb5415, sb4014, sb6073  
Gray, Mel D.    
Gray, Mildred Steele Online scans, sb5238  
Gray, Neal Austin Online scans, sb3462  
Gray, Opal M. Williams    
Gray, Rhonda Michele Allumbaugh    
Gray, Richard Online scans, #8597  
Gray, Robert Eugene    
Gray, Robert Harvey Julia Johnson  
Gray, Roger Dean Online scans, sb3982  
Gray, Rosalie Evelyn Thompson Online scans, sb3141  
Gray, Shirley Jean Stotts Online scans, sb5693  
Gray, Stanley Craig    
Gray, Thomas    
Gray, Walter Lee Online scans, #8518  
Gray, Wilbur T. Online scans, #657  
Gray, William    
Gray, William "Bill"    
Gray, William C. Online scans, sb3781, sb3850  
Gray, William Harry Julia Johnson  
Gray, William M.    
GrayEagle, Marc Alexander    
Grebert, Alfred F. "Sonny"    
Grebert, Darlene Amelia    
Grebert, Frances Myrtle    
Grebert, Hilbert Henry Julia Johnson; Online scans, #11B  
Grebert, John Henry    
Greeley, Bertha Beatrice Linebaugh Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb1444  
Greeley, Rachel Barnes Online scans, sb206  
Green, Anna Online scans, #8855  
Green, Bert's FATHER    
Green, Bessie Holman Online scans, #360  
Green, Cecil Ray Online scans, sb3554  
Green, Earl Online scans, #7007  
Green, Edith Lavanche Herriman Online scans, sb3025  
Green, Ememuel G. "Gus" Online scans, #570  
Green, Emmett Online scans, #557  
Green, Fannie Webb    
Green, Grace, Mrs, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Green, Jacob Thomas Online scans, sb212, sb213  
Green, John    
Green, Laurel E. Online scans, sb241  
Green, Lee    
Green, Lloyd Earl    
Green, Lyle Douglas    
Green, M.Z., Mrs    
Green, Mable Dorothy Dahlgren    
Green, Neva Pearl Joslyn Online scans, sb3698, sb597  
Greenbough, Chloe [maiden name?] Miller Online scans, #815  
Greene, Alfred W.    
Greene, Doris "Pat" Lucille Gallup Online scans, sb5382, sb5386  
Greene, Melvin Online scans, sb3140  
Greene, Ruth Kelly Fewson    
Greene, Violet Green    
Greenfield, Anna Dyke Online scans, #77  
Greenfield, Frank Floyd Online scans, sb281  
Greenfield, Leslie Irvin Online scans, sb496, sb497  
Greenfield, Leta A. Beavers Online scans, sb3968  
Greenfield, Murl Online scans, sb5174  
Greenfield, Reva Carolyn Cooney Online scans, sb6391  
Greenfield, Wilma Mae    
Greenleaf, Mary Winifred Nye    
Greenlee, Harold M. Online scans, sb5303  
Greenlee, Helen Crane Lisle Online scans, sb3512  
Greenlee, Mildred Berringer    
Greenwalt, Doris "June" Purtle    
Greenwalt, Harley H.    
Greenwalt, Harold "Bill" Guy    
Greenwalt, Larry W.    
Greenwalt, Lucinda F. Tripp Online scans, sb5263, sb5378, sb5381  
Greenway, Abel Online scans, #236  
Greenway, Bert's SON    
Greenway, Dona M. Bentley Online scans, #8416  
Greenway, Theo Online scans, sb3386  
Greenwood, Helen I. Hoskinson Online scans, sb373, sb375  
Greenwood, Janet Rose Whitehill    
Greenwood, John Clyde    
Greenwood, John Lester Online scans, #436  
Greenwood, Leona Pearl Clyde Online scans, sb225  
Greenwood, Lester Online scans, #164  
Greenwood, Mabel M. Johnston Online scans, #8796  
Greenwood, Mrs    
Greer, Eugene Charles Online scans, sb1866  
Greer, Flossie Della Ratliff    
Greer, P.E.    
Greer, Walter "Jerry"    
Greever, Albert "Leonard" Online scans, sb262  
Greever, Betty Mae Howes    
Greever, Dwight    
Greever, Gordon Thompson Online scans, sb1953, sb1954  
Greever, Harold Thompson Online scans, sb5721  
Greever, Keith    
Greever, Myrtle Virginia Lundgren    
Greever, Shane    
Greever, Steve Dale    
Gregg, Clarence T. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #68  
Gregg, Ira E. Online scans, sb185  
Gregory, Anna L. Davison Online scans, sb332  
Gregory, Lucille Morehouse Online scans, #718, #723  
Gregory, Mart    
Gregory, Oliver Online scans, #1030  
Gregory, Warren Gilbert Online scans, sb5719  
Greiman, Everett Dean Online scans, sb5184  
Greiman, Nancy L. Farquhar Jerry Hamm  
Gremann, Maurice "Dutch" Online scans, sb297  
Gress, Meta Kathleen Geer    
Grey, June Viola Scott    
Grider, Sammy Lee    
Gridley, Lawrence W.    
Grieme, Caroline Gripple Julia Johnson  
Grieme, Herman Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Charles Archie Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Charles Edgar Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Duly Ann Loy    
Griffey, Elsie    
Griffey, Florence A. Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Mary Belle Callicotte Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Peter A.    
Griffey, Robb William Online scans, sb5283, sb5298  
Griffey, William Riley Julia Johnson  
Griffey, Zella    
Griffin, Ellis P.    
Griffin, Norman Dale    
Griffin, Thomas LeRoy    
Griffin, Winfred "Fred", 1865 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Griffith, Charles Alfred    
Griffith, Charles' Child, -1895 Julia Johnson  
Griffith, Claude Julia Johnson  
Griffith, David Grannis Online scans, sb5161, sb5164  
Griffith, David O.    
Griffith, Doris Online scans, #9100  
Griffith, Douglas Franklin Julia Johnson; Online scans, #3066, #3067  
Griffith, Elvin Harold Online scans, sb3384, sb3386  
Griffith, Elizabeth Woods    
Griffith, Harold Online scans, sb3822  
Griffith, Larry Eldon / (two) Julia Johnson  
Griffith, Lincoln's CHILD    
Griffith, Myrna Jo Stipe    
Griffith, Ora H. Tompkins Online scans, sb217  
Griffith, Patsy Ann Bair    
Griffith, Perry Online scans, sb261  
Griffith, Phoebe    
Griffith, Robert Edward "Ed"    
Griffith, Ruby Geraldine Harris    
Griffith, Samuel Julia Johnson  
Griggs, Anna Speight Online scans, #146  
Griggs, Eldon Elwyn    
Griggs, Creola Baker Online scans, sb6055  
Griggs, Eugene "Gene" Online scans, sb272, sb273  
Griggs, Eula E. Doyle Online scans, #8415  
Griggs, Harris H. Online scans, sb229  
Griggs, Kenneth Ray Jr Online scans, sb3513  
Griggs, Kathlene    
Griggs, Merrill R. Julia Johnson; Online scans, #128, #143  
Grimes, Charles    
Grimes, Harold Online scans, sb2618  
Grimes, Hilton Leon    
Grimes, Nellie Online scans, #400  
Grimes, Pansy Howard Online scans, sb237  
Grimes, Ruth Elaine Miller Online scans, sb3805, sb3771  
Grimes, T.J., Mrs    
Grimes, Wanda Kathleen Brooke Julia Johnson; Online scans, #26  
Grimit, Elbert Dean Online scans, sb3971  
Grimit, Rose Marie Sticken Online scans, sb3329  
Grimm, Frieda Online scans, sb3386  
Grimm, Mary Ann McAlpin    
Grimm, Arno Julia Johnson  
Grindstaff, Mary A. Online scans, sb275, sb276  
Grinell, Frank, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Grissom, Alta Online scans, sb3385  
Grissom, Donald Julia Johnson; Online scans, #112  
Grissom, George N. Online scans, sb3385  
Grissom, Leo    
Griswald, James North    
Groeling, Catherine Elizabeth Bosse Knost    
Groeling, Cecle Audrey Herriman Julia Johnson  
Groeling, Henry    
Groeling, John, Mrs [maiden name Olson]    
Groeling, Juliana Schmidt    
Groesbeck, William Dan Online scans, sb3385  
Groff, John Franklin Julia Johnson  
Gross, Gary E. Online scans, #8733, #8734, #8684  
Grossman, C. Bruce Online scans, sb3404  
Grosvenor, A.D.    
Grosvenor, C.F.    
Grosvenor, Helen E.    
Grosvenor, Hester C.    
Groth, Mary Eileen Online scans, #200  
Grother, Laura Herzberg Online scans, #8570  
Grother, Otto Online scans, #555  
Grounds, Zetta Sunderman    
Grove, Belle    
Grove, Cleo O. Online scans, sb5410  
Grove, Donald Max Online scans, sb6068, sb5412  
Grove, Ella May Bolen Julia Johnson  
Grove, Emma B. Lee    
Grove, Fern Hensleigh Online scans, sb5406, sb5409  
Grove, Floyd    
Grove, Gerald Online scans, #9010  
Grove, Howard    
Grove, James Eugene Online scans, sb5345  
Grove, Jeptha Julia Johnson  
Grove, Laura Online scans, #630  
Grove, Virginia May Tedford Online scans, sb3310, sb3248  
Grove, William Orlando Julia Johnson  
Gruber, Anna Marie    
Gruber, Barbara Jean Kerr    
Gruber, Carrol Paul    
Gruber, Frances - Beulah Bell Frances Harris    
Gruber, Harold DeVore "Lefty"    
Gruber, Larry R.    
Grush, John James Julia Johnson  
Gsell, Janet Lynn Osburn