Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Huber, Donald Burton    
Hucke, Thirza Juanita Drorbaugh Online scans, sb5248  
Huckins, Donald Sinclair    
Huddle, Cecil Julia Johnson; Online scans, #28  
Huddle, Clarence Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #166  
Huddle, Clyde Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8933  
Huddle, Dolly May Fickess Julia Johnson  
Huddle, Elna J. Kaelke Online scans, sb3767  
Huddle, Emory Allen 1880-1934 Online scans, sb3366  
Huddle, Emery Allen 1898-1983 Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8575, #8558  
Huddle, Esther Smith Online scans, sb195  
Huddle, Etta Mae Online scans, sb3363  
Huddle, Florence Finley Online scans, sb448  
Huddle, Golda Mahala “Goldie” Linebaugh Julia Johnson  
Huddle, Harold E.    
Huddle, Kathryn E.    
Huddle, Leonard    
Huddle, Newlin Dean    
Huddle, Noah Sutphin Online scans, sb179  
Huddle, Orison Online scans, #567  
Huddle, Orison, Mrs Online scans, sb3363  
Huddle, Perna Juanita Holmes    
Huddle, Raymond Glen Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8657  
Huddle, Rhoda Beatrice Monzingo Online scans, sb3366  
Huddle, Richard Online scans, sb5348  
Huddle, Vinnie June Moffitt Julia Johnson; Online scans, #852, #866  
Huddleston, Tobitha Way Rouse Julia Johnson  
Hudson, Catherine Pool Julia Johnson  
Hudson, Charles    
Hudson, Joseph D.    
Hudson, Lowell Adren Online scans, #901, #903, #831  
Hudson, Samuel D.    
Huey, Pertie B. Online scans, sb496  
Huff, Jesse Blanche    
Huff, Mary Louise Don Parsons  
Huff, Ronald Paul Julia Johnson; Online scans, Blue#27  
Huff, Vira E. Pruitt Online scans, sb5267, sb2745  
Huftalen, William    
Huggins, Willard Online scans, #9012  
Hughes, Carl D. Online scans, #708  
Hughes, Catherine Margaret Maher    
Hughes, Charles Edwin Online scans, sb2617  
Hughes, Charles Oscar    
Hughes, Cordia Ann Allison    
Hughes, Dale Online scans, #621  
Hughes, Delbert Online scans, sb6412  
Hughes, Dian Lyn Grimes    
Hughes, Dorothy Mabel Kent Online scans, #4007, #4010  
Hughes, Douglas Charles    
Hughes, Duane David Online scans, #9197, #9198, #9207  
Hughes, Eva Rosetta Weaver    
Hughes, George Gerard Jr    
Hughes, Henry    
Hughes, Harold H. Online scans, #8220  
Hughes, Harold O.    
Hughes, Ines I. Brown Online scans, #8219  
Hughes, Jack's DAUGHTER    
Hughes, James and Jesse's MOTHER    
Hughes, Jesse [1914]    
Hughes, Jesse [1917]    
Hughes, Jesse Lee Julia Johnson  
Hughes, John Leo Online scans, sb6051, sb4254  
Hughes, Joseph "Joe" Edward    
Hughes, Jude Michael    
Hughes, Julie Online scans, #660  
Hughes, Kyle    
Hughes, Laura Online scans, #7068  
Hughes, Lillie G. Online scans, #433, #437  
Hughes, Lloyd Russell Julia Johnson  
Hughes, Lolabelle Marguerite Karg Online scans, sb1426  
Hughes, Lowell, Mrs Online scans, sb3838  
Hughes, Marion Loraine Online scans, #444  
Hughes, Michael Roy Online scans, #913  
Hughes, Mildred Mary McGinnis O'Dowd    
Hughes, Milo's DAU    
Hughes, Milo Wade Online scans, #52  
Hughes, Nickolas Online scans, sb3921  
Hughes, Ophelia Belle Lawson Online scans, #996  
Hughes, Ora Pat O'Dell  
Hughes, Pearl    
Hughes, Ralph Online scans, #8938  
Hughes, Raymond A. Online scans, #3061  
Hughes, Retta Evelyn    
Hughes, Robert J.E. Online scans, #8976  
Hughes, Thomas' WIFE and BABE    
Hughes, Verna Faye Loy Online scans, #8420  

Hughes, Virginia "Jennie" Armstrong Hunter Krout

Pat O'Dell  
Hulbert, Bessie Online scans, #8886  
Hulbert, Charles "Chuck" Online scans, sb3367  
Hulbert, Mary Emma Jackson Online scans, #8174  
Hulbert, Mary Jane Swaine    
Hulburt, M.'s FATHER    
Hull, Andrew Peter    
Hull, Bert Online scans, sb3928  
Hull, Bessie Martin    
Hull, Bettie Smith    
Hull, Bryan Scott    
Hull, Carl "Vic" Online scans, sb503  
Hull, Clara A.    
Hull, Clarence R. Julia Johnson  
Hull, Clevia Alice Ecker Online scans, sb498, sb1334, sb1337  
Hull, Dorothy Atkinson Online scans, #8126  
Hull, Esther Online scans, #9084, #365  
Hull, Frank R. Online scans, #8637, #8642  
Hull, George    
Hull, Harley H. Online scans, sb3842, sb3782  
Hull, Isabella Grace    
Hull, John    
Hull, Kenneth Online scans, sb6049  
Hull, LaDonna L. Online scans, sb2156  
Hull, Lida J. Julia Johnson  
Hull, Lulu Julia Johnson  
Hull, Mabelle Naomi Seaburg Online scans, sb5278  
Hull, Marie Adkins Online scans, sb449  
Hull, Myles Dean    
Hull, Nancy Lawver    
Hull, Rebecca Wilkin    
Hull, William Clarence Online scans, #677, #683  
Hullinger, Ethel May Online scans, sb1434  
Hullinger, Hazel Belle Wiseman Online scans, #3015, #3019  
Hullinger, J.W.    
Hullinger, Macky Raley    
Hullinger, Martin Hitt    
Hullman, Donnell Kent    
Hullman, Joyce Online scans, #471  
Hullman, Leona Alma Watson Online scans, sb3861, sb1952, sb1953  
Huls, Alexander    
Huls, Eldon Online scans, #730, #742  
Huls, James' CHILD    
Hulse, Margaret J. Brown    
Hulse, Ruby C.    
Hulse, Sarah Elisebeth Stephens    
Hultgren, C.P.    
Hultman, Curtis Oliver Online scans, sb1932, sb1939  
Humbert, Christine L. Online scans, sb3654  
Humbert, Linda    
Humble, Julia Ann Robinson Online scans, sb5230  
Hummel, Beatrice "Bea" Geyer Online scans, sb6365, sb5344  
Hummel, Carole Yvonne Online scans, sb443  
Hummel, Ethel F. Perdew    
Hummel, Everett Elwyn "Sport"    
Hummel, Gary Lane    
Hummel, Kathryn C. Wasserman Online scans, sb3954  
Humphreus, Robert    
Humphreville, Robert Dean    
Humphrey, Charles, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Humphrey, Clyde Logan    
Humphrey, Donovan Emerson    
Humphrey, E.L.'s FATHER    
Humphrey, Edna I. Fishell Online scans, sb5456  
Humphrey, Frank Pearl    
Humphrey, G. William "Bill" Online scans, sb5177  
Humphrey, George "Brainard"    
Humphrey, Jacob Norman "Jake"    
Humphrey, John D. "Jack"    
Humphrey, Julia A. Wirick    
Humphrey, Martha B. McCrory Stoops    
Humphrey [Humfrey], Miranda Kennedy    
Humphrey, Richard    
Humphrey, Shery S. Online scans, sb6406, sb5307  
Humphrey, William    
Hunnewell, David    
Hunt, Agnes Alton Online scans, sb3365  
Hunt, Albert Victor    
Hunt, Alice Marie Deaver Online scans, sb4237  
Hunt, Barbara A. Anderson    
Hunt, Betty    
Hunt, Cave J.    
Hunt, Charles Jackson “Jack” Julia Johnson  
Hunt, James L. "Jim"    
Hunt, Landon Jay Online scans, #8772, #8774  
Hunt, Lilliam C. Cramer Online scans, #9205  
Hunt, Lois Eileen Stephens Online scans, sb5286, sb5280  
Hunt, Lue Eddie Online scans, sb475  
Hunt, Paul Milton    
Hunt, S.A., Mrs    
Hunter, Alfred Ernest Online scans, sb5140  
Hunter, Alma Sara Weaver Online scans, sb3364  
Hunter, Bertha Evarine    
Hunter, Clara Rosine Violet Sunderman Don Parsons  
Hunter, David L. Online scans, sb3857  
Hunter, Eliza B. Douglas    
Hunter, Elizabeth Jane Henderson Julia Johnson  
Hunter, Fern Lucille Miller    
Hunter, George Doudand    
Hunter, George W. Online scans, sb3388  
Hunter, Green Clay Julia Johnson  
Hunter, Hazel Online scans, sb3980  
Hunter, J. Lewis Online scans,#9094  
Hunter, Jess Edward    
Hunter, Jesse Frank    
Hunter, John    
Hunter, Joseph P. Online scans, sb3706, sb4267  
Hunter, Josiah H. Julia Johnson  
Hunter, Mildred Irene Kent Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3807, sb3770  
Hunter, Mitchell L. Online scans, sb5214  
Hunter, Perry E.    
Hunter, Richard L. Online scans, sb3819  
Hunter, Ruth McDonald    
Hunter, Teresa "Evelyn" Mitchell    

Hunter, Thomas Joseph

Merrily Tunnicliff  
Hunter, William    
Hunter, William "Bill" Ross    
Hunter, Wyatt Julia Johnson  
Huntsman, Bates    
Huntsman, Beulah Irene Brown    
Huntsman, Clarence Charley "Junior"    
Huntsman, Dale Dean Online scans, #8983, #8977  
Huntsman, Edward Lee    
Huntsman, Helen Edna Spargur Wallace Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8239  
Huntsman, Inez Geraldine Robinson    
Huntsman, John Ora Julia Johnson  
Huntsman, Leonard Lee    
Huntsman, Lloyd Darrel Online scans, #8932, #8938  
Huntsman, Ora Online scans, #116, #120  
Huntsman, Ruth Hopkins Online scans, sb3946  
Huntsman, Stanley M. Online scans, #8843  
Huntsman, William Dow Julia Johnson  
Hunziker, Donald E.    
Hurd, Martha Online scans, #9015  
Hurdle, Aletha Mary    
Hurdle, Charles    
Hurdle, Floyd Online scans, #308, #317, #318  
Hurdle, Francis Marion "Frank" Julia Johnson  
Hurdle, Hugh Online scans, #196  
Hurdle, Leonard Mills Julia Johnson  
Hurdle, Letitia Denton Barr Julia Johnson  
Hurdle, Mae Benson Online scans, #8587  
Hurdle, May Painter    
Hurdle, Molly C. Mahan Julia Johnson  
Hurdle, Perry    
Hurdle, Verla Dunn Online scans, sb3833  
Hurdle, Wendell D. Online scans, sb5215  
Hurlbert, Homer W. Online scans, sb5707  
Hurlbert, Jerry Lee Online scans, sb3785, sb3838, sb1933  
Hurlburt, Leah [Ellie Hurlbut]    
Hurlbut, Salmon Warren Julia Johnson  
Hurlbut, Warren    
Hurst, Arlo Online scans, sb6089  
Hurst, Charles    
Hurst, Cyril P. Online scans, sb508  
Hurst, Ethel M. Online scans, #8552  
Hurst, Frank Leo "Lee" Online scans, sb5228  
Hurst, Henry, Mrs    
Hurst, Izona Gill Online scans, #8760  
Hurst, Leo C. Online scans, #8619  
Hurst, Nellie Hannah Lines Julia Johnson  
Hurst, Paul Online scans, sb3697  
Hurst, Paul A. Sr Online scans, sb3849  
Hurst, Thaddeaus "Thad" Clair Online scans, #7034  
Hurst, Wendell F. Online scans, sb480  
Husband, Alice Lucile Eden    
Huseman, Eugene Henry    
Huseman, Ida B. List Online scans, #8211  
Huseman, John William    
Huseman, Laura "Blythe" Snodgrass    
Huseman, Louise Meyer Online scans, sb564, sb3867, sb3787  
Huseman, Marjorie Steeve Online scans, sb1525  
Huseman, Marie    
Huseman, Ora Marie “Babe” Howard    
Huseman, Wayne LeRoy Online scans, sb5716  
Hushaw, Charles R.    
Huss, Hazel Marie Gwinner Smith Online scans, sb5386, sb5389, sb6072  
Husted, Horace Lee    
Huston, Mary E. Ryerson    
Huston, Raymond W. Online scans, sb2743, sb5270  
Hutcheson, Alan Jay    
Hutcheson, Charity M. [maiden name?] Bird    
Hutcheson, Howard Homer    
Hutcheson, Louis    
Hutcheson, Mary Jo Don Parsons  
Hutcheson, Opal Lavone Online scans, sb3278  
Hutcheson, Ruth Online scans, #230  
Hutchings, Aletha Online scans, #673  
Hutchings, Beulah B. Hicks Online scans, sb5198  
Hutchings, Cyrus Raymond Julia Johnson  
Hutchings, Eliza A. Ribble    
Hutchings, George    
Hutchings, Mary Rust Julia Johnson  
Hutchings, Mildred    

Hutchings, Ora Shum

Merrily Tunnicliff; Online scans, #8238  
Hutchings, Paul Douglas Julia Johnson; Online scans, #62  
Hutchings, Robert Online scans, sb172  
Hutchings, Russell Online scans, #420  
Hutchings, Thelma Lines Online scans, #8679  
Hutchings, William Dauchy Julia Johnson  
Hutchings, William Ostin    
Hutchinson, Cathie Sue    
Hutchinson, Charley, Mrs    
Hutchinson, Darrell    
Hutchinson, Elsie Don Parsons; Online scans, #3036  
Hutchinson, Estelle M. Online scans, #9279  
Hutchinson, Florence Combs Online scans, sb433  
Hutchinson, Leonard Harrison Online scans, sb5295  
Hutchinson, Roderick Allen "Rick" Online scans, sb5191, sb4072  
Hutchinson, Rosa Belle Hembree Online scans, sb142  
Hutchinson, William Online scans, #450  
Hutchison, A.S.'s CHILD    
Hutchison, Bertha    
Hutchison, Burl Online scans, #389  
Hutchison, Eliza Pearsie [Piercy] Dickens    
Hutchison, Gertrude Salber Limbocher    
Hutchison, Leonard Ray    
Hutchison, Marjorie Frances Twaddle Online scans, sb1822  
Hutchison, Mary Jane Jackson Online scans, sb277  
Hutchison, Sadie Ann Julia Johnson  
Hutchison, Thomas    
Hutchison, Twila Lou Ahrens    
Hutson, George W.    
Hutson, Gerald C.    
Hutson, Ira's INFANT, -1893 Julia Johnson  
Hutson, James    
Hutson, Nadine N.    
Hutson, Thomas Lawrence "Tomy" Online scans, sb5389, sb5392, sb6072  
Hutt, Alice Roberta Hull    
Hutt, Alison Online scans, sb5232  
Hutt, Bradley Jerome Online scans, #446, #493  
Hutt, Clifford Online scans, #326  
Hutt, Greg Online scans, #455  
Hutt, James H. Online scans, sb6050, sb4244  
Hutt, Lena Ellen    
Hutt, Olin Julia Johnson  
Hutt, Ruth E Tillburg Jerry Hamm  
Hutton, Leonard H.R., 1844 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Hutton, N.M.    
Hutton, Samuel B.    
Hybskmann, Daniel Kent    
Hyde, Arthur Earl    
Hyde, Voll    
Hyink, Walter J.B. Online scans, sb3958, sb3959