Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Haarstick, Audray Raikin Online scans, #1025  
Haarstick, Walter Marvin Online scans, #8882  
Haas, Ethel Skinner    
Haberer, James "Jim"    
Hack, Rita A. Lubert    
Hackett, Marian E. Williams    
Hadden, Donald G.    
Hadden, Golda Online scans, sb4278  
Hadden, Terry Allen    
Hadden, Wilson Online scans, sb4232, sb3703  
Haden, John, -1891 Julia Johnson  
Hafelfinger, James "Bob"    
Haffner, Carl "Junior" Online scans, sb5186  
Haffner, Gloria Grace Goff    
Haffner, Theodore "Teddy" Online scans, #8769  
Hafner, Carl "Skeeter"    
Hagedorn, Dorothy Elma Lee    
Hagedorn, John Online scans, sb5406  
Hagemeier, Genevieve "Gennie" F. Perrigo    
Hagewood, Julanne N. Stipe Online scans, #7081  
Hagewood, Thomas Leslie, Jr    
Hagey, James "Jim" Harold    
Hagey, John    
Hagey, Nellie    
Haggerty, Darlene Kay Myers    
Hagglund, Oliver E. Online scans, sb5383, sb5384  
Hagglund, Raymond    
Hagood, Robert    
Hahn, George William Online scans, sb5693  
Hahn, Stella Allshouse Online scans, sb5271  
Haidsiak, Anna Christina Holms Online scans, #194, #196  
Haidsiak, Hazel    
Haidsiak, John Frederick Julia Johnson  
Haidsiak, Mary Elizabeth Annan Julia Johnson  
Hain, Adam    
Hainer, James, Mrs Pat O'Dell  
Hakes, Anna Palmer Julia Johnson  
Hakes, Austa Louise Martin    
Hakes, Edward “Ed” Julia Johnson; Online scans, #79  
Hakes, Edward H. Online scans, sb3384, sb3943  
Hakes, Glen    
Hakes, Harold H. Online scans, sb3943  
Hakes, Harry Edward Online scans, sb3382  
Hakes, Henry Harrison    
Hakes, Jesse Lee Online scans, #81  
Hakes, Jessie Gorman Pat O'Dell  
Hakes, Marvin "Bud"    
Hakes, Susan Eliza    
Halberg, August, Mrs, - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Haldane, James "Jim" E.    
Haldeman, Jessie Hoskins Online scans, #8516  
Haldeman, John Carter    
Haldeman, John I. Julia Johnson  
Haldeman, Olivia Carter Online scans, sb1950  
Halder, Marie Online scans, #8761  
Hale, Alfred William Sr    
Hale, Bea Matthews Mahoney    
Hale, Betty Jo Hurst Online scans, sb1406  
Hale, Beverly D. Farrell Online scans, sb3914, sb3788  
Hale, Carl Dwain    
Hale, Dorothy Mae McBride    
Hale, Frances Josephine Cooper    
Hale, Garland Wayne "Ted" Don Parsons; Online scans, sb1532  
Hale, Hazel Elizabeth Rhoads Online scans, sb1890, sb1894  
Hale, James P. "Jimmy"    
Hale, Karen Ann Livermore Online scans, sb1523, sb1531  
Hale, Kathleen Lucille Smith    
Hale, Marguerite Catherine Ballain    
Hale, Oscar "Bill" Online scans, sb5407, sb5408  
Hale, Pranda Sue Fike    
Hale, Shondelle A. Online scans, sb5268  
Hale, W.E. "Bill" Online scans, sb6090  
Haley, Calvin Harlow Online scans, sb5254, sb4187  
Haley, DeWitt Talmadge Online scans, #8884  
Haley, Helen V. Ruth Online scans, sb5254, sb4179  
Haley, James Patrick    
Haley, Lloyd Lane Online scans, sb3961  
Haley, Ruth Elaine Woodruff    
Haley, Simon William "Bill" Online scans, sb454  
Haley, Thomas Emory    
Haley, Violet M. Online scans, sb391  
Hall, Anita Lurene Howes    
Hall, Anna Marie Germar Online scans, sb5679  
Hall, Biddy    
Hall, Carroll Online scans, sb5344  
Hall, Carter, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Hall, Charles E. Pat O'Dell  
Hall, Cleo Online scans, #8935, #8962  
Hall, Don Online scans, sb3385  
Hall, Ethel Louis Online scans, #560  
Hall, Everett V. Online scans, #8712, #8715  
Hall, Fern C. Cooper    
Hall, George    
Hall, George C. Online scans, #8665  
Hall, Gladys G. Goff Online scans, sb3811, sb3773  
Hall, Harry C.    
Hall, Helen A. Northup Online scans, sb1416  
Hall, Ivah Sarah Howard    
Hall, John David    
Hall, Kathy Online scans, sb3026  
Hall, Laura, -1888 Julia Johnson  
Hall, Leila L.    
Hall, Leila Shirleen Shockley Online scans, sb2904  
Hall, Marcella Morris    
Hall, Margaret Ann Dorsey    
Hall, Mary E. Burk    
Hall, Mary L.    
Hall, Maxine Helene Johnson    
Hall, Morris, 1896 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Hall, Nora Online scans, #8683  
Hall, Rachael F. Pearson Online scans, sb418  
Hall, Richard N.    
Hall, Russell Online scans, #9083, #9084  
Hall, Samuel Pat O'Dell  
Hall, Stephen G., Sr    
Hall, Wesley, -1894 Julia Johnson  
Hall, Wesley David    
Hall, William Ward "Bill" Online scans, sb1441  
Hallam, Guy Morris Online scans, sb5334  
Hallam, Susie Ella Mae Tuck    
Halliday, Florence Hummel Online scans, sb1419  
Halliday, Ralph Hoover Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb2803  
Halperin, Vivian Marie Cutburth Welch Don Parsons  
Halstead, Adelia Roll Pat O'Dell  
Halstead, Samuel    
Hamaker, Mary E. Ray Julia Johnson  
Hambleton, Wyleen Online scans, #8935  
Hamblin, Dennis    
Hamill, James Julia Johnson  
Hamilton, Albert "Buster" Online scans, #9072  
Hamilton, Archie, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Hamilton, Arthur William    
Hamilton, Burton John Online scans, #906, #936  
Hamilton, Charles    
Hamilton, Clara Elizabeth Carpenter Hixson Online scans, #535, #545  
Hamilton, Dennis Duane    
Hamilton, Donna Jean Armstrong    
Hamilton, Edwin "Pete" Ross Jr    
Hamilton, Eva B. Johnson Online scans, sb3508  
Hamilton, Florence Garner Online scans, #908  
Hamilton, G.W., Mrs    
Hamilton, Glade Online scans, #8016  
Hamilton, Hattie Cavender    
Hamilton, Henry    
Hamilton, Hugh Thomas Online scans, #523, #532  
Hamilton, James Earl Online scans, #559, #553, #601  
Hamilton, Jerry    
Hamilton, Kay Dailey Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb460  
Hamilton, Matthew Dee    
Hamilton, Richard Paul Online scans, #266, #344, #338  
Hamilton, Robert Brenton Online scans, #2007, #2011  
Hamilton, Stephen    
Hamilton, Vernon L. Online scans, sb456  
Hamilton, Wilbert Online scans, #8557  
Hamilton, Willis H. Julia Johnson  
Hamlin, J.M.    
Hamlin, Vern Online scans, Or018  
Hamm, Abigail Marthelia Davis Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Ada May Walker Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb3960  
Hamm, Arch Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Charlotte Belle Woodruff Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Clayton D. Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #325  
Hamm, Clifford Roland    
Hamm, David Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Dorothy Darlene Reynolds    
Hamm, Edith Adele Good Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Elizabeth Heidelbaugh    
Hamm, Eldon Loyd Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb5234  
Hamm, Emma Belle Online scans, #8980  
Hamm, Ermal Howard Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Ervin Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #125  
Hamm, George Ellis    
Hamm, Gladys Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Harold Online scans, #8978  
Hamm, Harold Dean Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Helen M. Duran Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb5249  
Hamm, Helen Zipha Shepherd Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Herbert Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #261, #263, #264  
Hamm, Irmal Grace Higgins Online scans, sb5204  
Hamm, Jacob Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Jennie Marie Bennett Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Jesse Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Jess, Mrs Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Jolene Marie Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, L D "Jim" Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb3374  
Hamm, Leonard B. Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Lois Mae Hulse Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Lula Rozella Spangler Online scans, sb1416  
Hamm, Lydia Huddle Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #8083, #8074  
Hamm, Marcia Kay Sunderman    
Hamm, Mary E. Butler Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Mary V. Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Michael A. Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Mina Fulk    
Hamm, Minnie Alice Worrell Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Neil Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Nellie Mary Thompson Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #369  
Hamm, Nina    

Hamm, Nola Lucile

Hamm, Paul A. Jerry Jamm  
Hamm, Ralph Online scans, #8988  
Hamm, Ricky Jay    
Hamm, Robert "Bob" Anson    
Hamm, Robert "Arlo" Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Ruth Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #9279  
Hamm, Vernon C. Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Wanda A. Jerry Hamm  
Hamm, Ward W. Jerry Hamm; Online scans, sb5235  
Hamm, William E. Jerry Hamm  
Hammargren, Douglas Paul    
Hammer, John A.    
Hammer, Louis Online scans, #9072  
Hammer, Lydia Mills Julia Johnson  
Hammer, Rhoda May Annan Online scans, sb458  
Hammer, Ricky Lee    
Hammond, Jesse    
Hammond, Martha Mourve    
Hammond, Ross    
Hammons, Josephine Marie Caezza    
Hammontree, Archie    
Hammontree, George W.    
Hampton, Ann F. Catlett Julia Johnson  
Hampton, Stella Belle Spangler Online scans, sb5696  
Hancock, Jane Berry    
Hand, Henry    
Handford, Blanche Karg Online scans, #725  
Handford, Luretta Ann Sowerwine Online scans, sb3381  
Handley, Robert    
Handorf, Beulah Mae Online scans, sb3794, sb3768, sb1864  
Handorf, Eileen Mae McNees    
Handorf, Frederic C. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5382, sb6070  
Handorf, Harman    
Handorf, Harman Julia Johnson  
Handorf, Helen Lucile Hensley Online scans, #936  
Handorf, Jean G. Watt    
Handorf, Jennie Edith Mitchell    
Handorf, Lucile Hensley    
Handorf, Mary Elizabeth Annan    
Handyside, Cal, -1896 Julia Johnson  

Hankins, Anna Dorthulia

Don Parsons  

Hankins, David Lowery

Don Parsons  

Hankins, Effie Mae Bunker

Don Parsons  
Hankins, Elizabeth Jane Wineinger Don Parsons  
Hankins, George W. Don Parsons  
Hankins, Grove C. "Duffy" Online scans, sb3915  

Hankins, James

Don Parsons  
Hankins, James Online scans, sb3375  
Hankins, Kenneth James Don Parsons; Online scans, #8359  
Hankins, M.E.'s SON    
Hankins, Margaret Kephart Online scans, sb5391  
Hankins, Mema Bernice Dukeshier Online scans, sb5292  
Hankins, Mr's SON    
Hankins, Robert Lee Don Parsons  
Hankins, W.F.    
Hankins, William    
Hanks, Harley    
Hann, Elizabeth Mary Jewett Julia Johnson  
Hann, John Ramey Online scans, #8926, #8949  
Hann, Wilda Lucille Jones Online scans, #8781, #8824, #8825  
Hanna, Evangelin [maiden name?] Brown    
Hannah, Howard, Mrs    
Hannah, Iva Lou Horn Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb3230, sb3236  
Hannah, Leslie Online scans, #235  
Hansen, Carrie Smith Online scans, sb3378  
Hansen, Donna Mae Buck Online scans, sb4039  
Hansen, Maureen A.    
Hansen, Stanley Christian Online scans, #456  
Hansen, Vera Opal Bailey Online scans, #8346, #8347, #8349  
Hansen, W. P. Julia Johnson  
Hansen, Wade Sr Online scans, #2009  
Hanson, Annabelle Swanson Online scans, sb2655  
Hanson, Annie, -1896 Julia Johnson  
Hanson, Arthur Online scans, sb5147, sb5148  
Hanson, Carl Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8575  
Hanson, Dale Edward    
Hanson, Dorothy Maxine Dougherty Online scans, sb3238  
Hanson, George Eric, 1845 - 1896 Julia Johnson  
Hanson, Henry    
Hanson, Irene Lucille Anderson Online scans, sb5389  

Hanson, Maurice Henning

Don Parsons  
Hanson, Neva Hull Online scans, #3056  
Hanson, Patricia "Pat" Ann Garrett    
Hanson, Peter, Mrs    
Hanson, Robert E. Online scans, sb2742  
Hanson, Roger Online scans, sb400  
Hanzlick, Isabella Marian Harris