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November 1870 State Census - Oakland Twp
October 1870 US Census - Iowa Twp.
  1870 US Census - Morgan Twp.
September 1895 State Census - Marion Twp.
  1895 State Census - Morgan Twp.
  1895 State Census - Dows
  Bits & Pieces - Held Up, Tied And Left On Rail Bed
                       - Cow With Bloodhound's Nose 
August Updated Lindenwood Cemetery transcriptions
  Updated Coulter Cemetery transcriptions
  Updated Hampton Cemetery A-E transcriptions
  Updated Hampton Cemetery F-K transcriptions
  Updated Hampton Cemetery L-R transcriptions
  Updated Hampton Cemetery S-Z transcriptions
  Updated Alexander Cemetery_A-H transcriptions
  Updated Alexander Cemetery_I-Z transcrptions
  Updated Ingham Twp Cemetery transcriptions
  Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution
July 1895 State Census - Lee Twp.
April Bits & Pieces - Faulkner News
                        - Hampton News 
                        - Cupid Hits Hard 
March 1895 State Census - Hamilton Twp.
  1895 State Census - Ingham Twp.
  1870 Ingham Twp. Census
  Bits & Pieces - Popejoy News
January 1895 State Census - Grant Twp.
Bits & Pieces - Hampton Girl Robbed
                        - Hampton Losing Patience  
                        - Indicted as Hold-up Men 
                        - Search for Elopers 
                        - Latimer News Notes 
November 1895 State Census - Clinton Twp. Sheffield
  1895 State Census - Geneva Twp.
August Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory -- 1910-1911
June 1885 State Census - Ross Twp.
  1885 State Census - Richland Twp.
May 1885 State Census - Washington Twp., Hampton
April 1885 State Census - West Fork Twp.
  1885 State Census - Scott Twp.
March 1870 Grant Twp. Census
  1885 State Census - Wisner Twp.
February 1870 Geneva Twp. Census
January 1870 Clinton Twp. Census

December 1875 Business Directory of Franklin County

Patrons of the Iowa State Atlas
  Franklin County Marriages 1901
2nd - your temporary County Coordinator is Lynn Diemer-Mathews

Iowa Postcards - contributed by David Shedlock

Marriages 1800-1900 (Alphabetized by Bride) - contributed by Lydia Carberry

24th - 1914 Portraits of Residents - contributed by Karon Velau

10th - Iowa Postcards - contributed by David Shedlock

9th - Mortality Schedule - contributed by Karon Velau

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