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1914 Portraits of Franklin County Residents
portrait of Barbara Haecker


The History of Franklin County, Iowa, by I.L. Stuart, 1914, v.2 includes 80 portraits of Franklin County residents. Click on their names below, linked to each portrait. Read the biographies of these same individuals on this site under Biographies.

Allen, George
Andrews, Edgar P.
Arthur, Harry G.
Atkinson, Henrietta
Atkinson, Joseph A.
Atkinson, Reuben
Atkinson, Sarah A.
Beed, Charles
Beed, Lydia
Bird, George A.
Bird, Mary
Brass, Aeilt
Brass, Altje
Carhart, Lester B.
Carr, John E.
Claypool, Newton B.
Clock, Amanda B.
Clock, Edward L.
Clock, Fannie E.
Clock, Hezekiah C.
Cole, Andrew J.
Collins, Bertha A.
Collins, James L.
Cook, James
Corning, George A.
Dovey, William
Engebretson, Evan
Engebretson, Mattie
Evans, Frank
Evans, Maria J.
Evans, William D.
Fraser, John
Fraser, Mahala E.
Fryslie, Alice
Fryslie, Oliver
Haecker, Barbara
Haecker, Josephine L.
Haecker, Lewis E.
Haupt, Ernestina
Haupt, Frederick
Hemingway, John M.
Heuberger, Jacob
Hobson, Abraham J.
Houg, Ole
Ingebretson, John
Ingebretson, Mary
Johnston, Charles F.
Johnston, Emma J.
Johnston, Delle
Johnston, James H.
Kratz, Ella
Kratz, Valentine J.
Manatt, Ernest S.
Messelheiser, J. Adam
Moore, John
Mott, Delos W.
Myers, Alice
Myers, Isaac W.
Osborne, Claude F.
Patterson, Edward S.
Patterson, George D.
Pekarek, Frank J.
Pekarek, Josephine
Petersen, Anna C.
Petersen, Peter
Powers, Joseph C.
Reeve, Orson G.
Roemer, Claude F.
Schinagel, Leonard
Schinagel, Minnie
Sullivan, Emogene
Sullivan, Robert F.
Switzer, Isaac B.
Thies, Henrietta
Thies, John
Welty, Claud H.
Wilhelm, Amanda
Wilhelm, Charles E.
Wood, Arthur L.
Wunn, John



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