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R. L. Polk & Co.'s  Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory

1910 - 1911


Alexander: Population 300. An incorporated town on the Iowa Central Ry., in Scott township, Franklin county, 18 miles west of Hampton, the county seat, and 115 miles north of Des Moines. Has Adventist, Congregational, Evangelical, German Reformed and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection.
Alexander Drug Co.
Alexander Savings Bank (capital $16,000) W L Robinson pres. James Cook cashier.
Azeltine Bros., farm implements.
Bonte T, livery.
Butler W E, hotel.
Demaris J F, stock buyer.
Demaris & Benson, real estate.
Foughly Wm, barber.
Gillett & Son, furniture and hardware.
Green E R, harnessmaker.
Houg Ole, general store.
Inter State Lumber Co.
Kellihan J P, drugs.
McLane Rev W R (Congregational).
Madsen F, pumps and windmills.
Moore Bros, grain and coal.
Nolte H., general store.
Northrup Rev B W (Congregational).
Reeverts Rev F (German Reformed).
Refsnider Abraham L., General Store.
Roelfriwa John, R R, exp and tel agent.
Thomas R E, blacksmith.
Underhofler Henry, blacksmith.
Underhofler M H., music teacher.
Warner E A., physician.
Wright Wm., constable.
Yaw A E, hardware.
Yaw George S., meats.
Bradford: Population 75. On the St P. & D. M. Ry., in Franklin county, 8 1/2 miles from Hampton, the county seat and banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am.
Atzbaugh J B, blacksmith.
Bradford Cement Block Co., cement construction.
Bradford Savings Bank (cap $15,000) L. Truman pres. G R Miller cashier.
Eitsert A N, general store.
Elvers Rev L C (Methodist).
Foley & Peer (L E Foley, F C Peer), carpenters.
Gehrke & Son, live stock.
Gladstone Bros., general store.
Grant Center Creamery Co., butter, eggs and poultry.
Graves F H, hardware.
Haecker Ralph, teacher.
Hamilton Bros., live stock.
Hushka & Gerhke, grain.
Merwin R R, Agt St P & D M R R, Am Ex Co., and Oliver Typewriter Co.
Parry R H, real estate and loans.
Schollian E W, tonsorial parlors.
Stewart Lumber Co., lumber, lime and cement.
Transiet Hotel, B R Morriss propr.
Zacharias Minnie, teacher.
Burdette: Population 25. On the C. R. I. & P. Ry. in lee township, Franklin county, 20 miles s.w. of Hampton, the judicial seat, and 4 from Alden, its banking point. Has Congregational and Methodist churches. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Telephone Connection.
Gladstone Bros., general store.
Moon Bros., live stock.
Mueller C., blacksmith.
Stewart Lumber Co.   
Chapin: Population 200. A village on the Iowa Central Ty., in Ross township, Franklin county, 7 miles north of Hampton, the judicial seat. Has Congregational and Methodist churches and a bank. Exp., Adams, Tel., W. U. Telephone connection. R. C. Davenport, postmaster.
Barney W B & Co., live stock.
Carroll R A, R R, exp and tel agt.
Chapin Lumber Co.
Chapin Savings Bank (capital $10,000) H A Rust pres. D E Kenyon cashier.
Davenport R C, postmaster.
Dean J T., live stock.
Donaldson Bros., live stock.
Esslinger E O, barber and billards.
Farmers' Elevator Co., grain.
Froning H E., grain.
Hamilton F M, poultry.
Hamilton & Co., hardware and general store.
Holt Emma, teacher.
Jewell Wm., harnessmaker.
Knesel L D., grocer.
Lambert C M., druggist.
Law C A., teacher.
Moore Bros., grain.
Peoples Mutual Telephone Co.
Personett J A., meats and restraurant.
Randolph F D F., justice and collections.
Rhutasel W G., farm implements.
Sahr Wm., blacksmith.
Schollian George, carpenter.
Coulter: Population 175. On the C. G. W. Ry., in Marion township, Franklin county, 8 miles west of Hampton, the county seat. Has a bank. Exp., W. F. & Co. Telephone connection. S. N. Juhl, postmaster.
Aagesen C A, drugs.
Anderson A, painter and paperhanger.
Anderson E., blacksmith.
Christensen Nicholas, cattle.
Christensen N R, general store.
Cole H L, Railroad, Express and Tel Agt.
Coulter Cement, Block & Tile Co.
Coulter Savings Bank (capital $10,000), T J B Robinson pres. Ole Hansen cashier.
Guldberg Mrs A A, milliner.
Hemsen Henry, mason.
Interstate Lumber Co.
Jacobson Jorgen, harnessmaker.
Jensen R, carpenter.
Johanson Martin, meats.
Jones H R, hotel.
Juhl S N, hardware.
Nelsen J P, gardener.
Peterson Mrs A, meats.
Pohl Jacob, grain.
Provenser Rev E (Danish Luthern).
Rodemeyer & Pedersen, general store.
Wegerslen C H, barber.
Wegerslen H C, livery.
Faulkner: Population 30. On the Iowa Central Ry., in Osceola township, Franklin county, 12 miles southeast of Hampton, the county seat, and 4 1/2 miles north of Ackley, the nearest banking point. Exp., Adams. F W Dentel, postmaster.
Barr H C, R R, exp and tel agt.
Dentel F W, postmaster.
Dentel George, general store.
Townsend-Merrill Lumber Co.
Wagner George E, general store.
Geneva: Population 200. An incorporated town on the Iowa Central Ry., in Geneva township, Franklin county, 8 miles southeast of Hampton, the county seat, and 112 miles from Des Moines. Has a Methodist Episcopal church and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection. A. E. P. Gillette, postmaster.
Clock E L, live stock.
Clock H C & Sons, genl store and meats
Creager Claude, drayage.
Cristy -------, R R, exp and tel agent.
Dolson M B, carpenter.
Farmers' Elevator Co.
Geneva Lumber Co.
Geneva Savings Bank (capital $10,000), H Harrison pres. B D Hunt cashier.
Gillett A E P, Confectioner, Barber, Cigars and Insurance.
Haymond E H, mayor.
Johnson G W, blacksmith.
Jones Rev John B (Methodist).
Jones S L, carpenter.
Luke H E, agri implts.
Manifold Jonathan, carp and plasterer.
March E J, carpenter.
Overton W T, drugs.
Page & Co. Grain elevator.
Pearse Mrs Emma, hotel.
Pearse George, blacksmith.
Reeve R H, pool room.
Siberts Frank L. physician.
Stoddard M L, meats.
Waddington John A, general store.
Walters H, laborer.
Ziegler C, harnessmaker.

Hampton: Population 2,800. An incorporated city and the judicial seat of Franklin county, is located on the Iowa Central, Chicago Great Western and St. P. & Des Moines Rys., 29 miles south of Mason City and 59 miles north of Marshalltown. It is lighted by electricity, has water works, fire department, excellant educational and religious advantages, a public library, a beautiful public park, a $60,000 court house, 3 banks and 3 weekly newspapers, the Chronicle, the Franklin County Recorder and the Globe. This is an excellant market place and is one of the best horse markets in this part of the State, the shipment of fine horses amounting yearly to a large sum. Hampton dates its settlement from 1856. Tel., Postal and W. U. Exp., Adams and W., F. & Co.
Aldinger Paulus, harness and farm implts.
Allen Rev Harvey W, (Dunkard).
Allen Rev H R (Dunkard).
Andrews Edgar T, lawyer.
Arthur & Anderson, drugs.
Baier Rev W (Christian).
Bailey Frank A, barber.
Bailey John W, harnessmaker.
Bailey M H, restr.
Baldwin Emmet V, drugs.
Bates Mrs Mary A, mulliner.
Bates O B, photographer.
Beck W J, blacksmith.
Beebe Lumber Co.
Beed C & Son (Charles and C Lockwood), hardware.
Beed Henry O, hardware.
Benz Mrs. F, milliner.
Bilderback Massom, Publr, Hampton Globe.
Boals Albert C, painter.
Boehmier Herbert E, shoes and agt Adams Express Co.
Boutin Charles W, architect.
Brewster I L, carriage painter.
Bristow Nursery Co.
Brown Mrs H D, dressmaker.
Burmeister Rev J C F (Luthern).
Chadima Charles, meats.
Citizens' National Bank (Capital $100,000), T J B Robinson Pres. W L Robinson cashier.
Clark Amos L, insurance.
Clark Clinton B, livery.
Clemmer C, restaurant and billards.
Clemmer G C, county surveyor.
Clinton Rev De Will (Methodist).
Clock Henry A, dry goods.
Coldren Edward, real estate.
Coonley Grocery Co.
Corning George A, physician.
Crandall J F, house mover.
Crysler W B, musical instruments.
Cummings J W, hardware.
Curtis Floral Co.
Dayton & Berringer, marble.
Dobrin Jacob, notions.
Dow David W, lawyer.
Dow Mrs. Martha J, milliner.
Engbretson Oscar C, coal and ice.
Evans David, lawyer.
Evans Rev E, (Baptist).
Faatz Frank L, shoes.
Fairchild W H, books and stationery.
Ferris John C, nursery.
Fitz S N, prin of school.
Fong Charles, laundry.
Franklin County Agricultural Society, C J Romer pres, John W Cummins sec.
Franklin County Recorder, I L Stuart publr.
Franklin County State Bank (capital $75,000), A W Beed pres, N A Inglis cashier.
Franklin E R, grocer and restaurant.
Funk Edgar M, drugs.
Grimes Mrs J W, dressmaker.
Haecker Lewis E, physician.
Hampton Bottling Works, M Meunenga propr.
Hampton Cement Construction Co.
Hampton Chronicle, Purcell Printing Co. Publrs.
Hampton Electric Light and Power Co.
Hampton Globe, Massom Bilderback, Publr.
Hampton Kelly, Canning Co.
Hampton Mercantile Co., G F Beed pres, C F Meyers sec, general store.
Hampton Public Library, Sweet, librarian.
Haney Charles H, jeweler.
Harriman J E, drugs and wall paper.
Hasler Alex, barber.
Hawkeye Telephone Co., W V Shipley supt.
Heinrich Ada, millinery.
Hemmingway J M, attorney.
Hobbie L W, carriages.
Holub Max, clothing.
Hotel Hampton, Henry B Weeks propr.
Hotel Rule, H M Sanderson propr.
Hoxie Wm E, physicians.
Hunt Arthur D, cigars.
Iverson J A, county supt of schools.
Jernegan C L, sheriff.
Keefe Bros (James and John), live stock.
Kirkegaard Rev A (Luthern)
Koel Wm, fruit grower.
Kratochvil Frank, cigar manuf.
Kron L J, county surveyor.
Lane Will, county recorder.
Liggitt Howard C, lawyer.
Lombardo Charles, fruits.
Luhring Wm H, tailor.
Luke F G, county auditor.
McGrath John, chairman bd supervisors.
McKee U E, clothing.
Mallory Benjamin H, lawyer.
Mallory Edward, live stock.
Mallory E H, county treasurer.
Merrill & Townsend Co., lumber.
Meunenga M, propr Hampton Bottling Works.
Meyer Adolph, general store.
Millett A P, livery.
Moore Bros Co., coal and grain .
Mott D W & A M (Delos W and Albert M) live stock.
Ott Wm D, harness.
Parker Sanford J, agent Wells, Fargo & Co Exp and mayor.
Patterson & Son, dry goods.
Paul D J, furniture and undertaker.
Peterson Carl, furniture and undertaker.
Peterson Hans P, painter.
Phelps Thomas J, livery.
Pohl J, grain.
Pratt Alice, dressmaker.
Pratt Wm P, painter.
Proctor A, undertaker.
Proctor H L, drayage.
Purcell Printing Co, Publrs Hampton Chronicle.
Pyle Rev W H (Dunkard).
Raper C L, baker.
Roberts & Hunt, shoemakers.
Roberts Stewart, carpenter.
Robinson Bros (George and I B; Members Abstractors' Assn of Iowa), Abstracts and Loans.
Robinson W L, real estate.
Roemer Claude f, agrl implts.
Ross Mrs C, millinery.
Rule W T O, meats.
Runyard A R, agt C G W Ry.
Saley Mett L, poultry breeder.
Sanderson H M, propr Hotel Hampton.
Sargent C G, restaurant.
Scantlebury F J, live stock.
Schlesinger Bros (Samuel and Leo), clothing.
Shafer Christ C, cattle and poultry breeder.
Sikkema James, blacksmith.
Skow H, blacksmith.
Spencer Grocery Co.
State Savings Bank (capital $40,000) J H Hutchins pres. O F Myers cashier.
Sternberg-Lemke Co (L J Sternberg, F A Lemke), general store.
Stockdale Stewart, supervisor.
Struck Adolph, tailor.
Stuart Iden L. Propr Franklin County Recorder.
Thomas B K, plumber.
Thomas Harry O, jeweler.
Thompson Rev James (Congregational)
Tucker W A, laundry.
Watt J M, coroner.
Webb W T, clerk of court.
Weeks O F, photographer.
Welty Drug Co.
Westcott E M, plumber.
Williams P G, restaurant.
Wolf Caspar, supervisor.
Hansell Population 150. On the Chicago, Great Western Ry., in Ingham township, Franklin county, 6 miles east of Hampton, the judicial seat and banking point, and 130 miles from Des Moines. Has Methodist and United Brethren churches. Exp., W., F. & Co. Tel., Postal, D. T. Wolf, postmaster.
Anway Henry, hardware.
Anway J W, shoes and harnessmaker.
Anway & Rowson, wagonmakers.
Armstrong Lou, teacher.
Baumgardner Rev (United Brethren).
Boots J W, stock breeder.
Carroll Bros, stock breeders.
Darling Frank, R R, exp and tel agt.
Dorsey John, secion foreman.
Folks W C, principal of school.
Gibbons Rev W A (Methodist).
Grosche A, blacksmith.
Hansell Farmers' Co-operative Society, S H Crawford mngr, grain.
Harper A E, county bridge carpenter.
Harrison Charles Jr, stock breeder.
Held W R, stock breeder.
Hooker G W, stock breeder.
Kibbe A A, carpenter and feed mill.
Linde G, stock bredder.
McGrath James, stock breeder.
Menzie G W, poultry.
Mott A M, stock breeder.
Mott D W jr, stock breeder.
Muir David jr. stock breeder.
Rowson L E, stock breeder.
Tucker Wm C, stock breeder.
Tucker Wm E, stock breeder.
Wadley S P Creamery Co, Charles Peck mngr.
Wolf D T, postmaster.
Wolf Mercantile Co., general store.
Woodley R O, stock breeder.
Woodley Samuel, blacksmith.
Latimer: Population 425. An incorporated town on the Iowa Central Ry., in Marion township, Franklin county, 10 miles west of Hampton, the county seat. Has Danish and German Lutheran and Methodist churches, good schools, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Latimer Star. Exp., Adams. Telegraph and telephone facilities. B. F. Andrews, postmaster.
Andrews Arthur H, jeweler.
Christensen Chris, planing mill.
Christensen J C, furniture and undertaker.
Christensen M F, agrl implts.
Christensen & Dynbdale, livery.
Damm P M & Son, blacksmiths.
Dohrmann & Kaus, general store.
Fahrman Fred, meats.
Hansen Andrew, publr Latimer Star.
Jasperson Thomas, hardware.
Jensen Sisters, millinery.
Johnson T C & Co, general store.
Johnson T P, harness.
Latimer Co-operative Creamery Co.
Latimer Pump Co.
Latimer Star, Andrew Hansen publr.
Relihan J P, drugs.
Roberts C P, hotel.
Senf Wm, grain and coal.
State Bank of Latimer, (cap $25,000), N Sorenson pres. F D Smith cashier.
Thompson T C, restaurant.
Van Vorhis James H, physician.
Popejoy: Population 275. A village on the C. R. I. & P. Ry., in Oakland township, Franklin county, 22 miles south west of Hampton, the judicial seat. Has Congregational and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Tel, W. U. Exp., U. S.,  J. E. Carr, postmaster.
Bank of Popejoy (Jameson Bros, Iverson & Carr).
Calkin Rev E D (Methodist).
Carr J E, postmaster, real estate and insurance and livery.
Carr & Reeder, bankers and insurance.
Carter W W, mayor.
Cooper E, hardware.
Dodd & Purce, grain and coal.
Drake E A, billiards.
Drury A E, barber.
Garriston Rev J (Congregational)
Gordon Christopher, carpenter.
Hammitt V. livery and feed barn.
Hermanson John, harnessmaker.
Hills Miss, teacher.
Huldrins George, laundry.
Jensen Peter, blacksmith.
Johnson & Petrie, meats.
Jones Miss, teacher.
Kent W S, propr Popejoy Hotel.
Luke E L, drugs.
McBinney John, carpenter and painter.
McMurry J H, creamery.
McMurry & Swift, poultry dealers.
Mendell R L, general store.
Pierce & Dodd, elevator.
Ploog John, general store.
Popejoy Hotel, W S Kent propr.
Popejoy J H, lawyer.
Rice R A, railroad, exp and tel agt.
Russ S, ice.
Stockdale Stewart, county supervisor.
Worth G A, coal and lumber.

Sheffield: Population 700. An incorporated town located on the Iowa Central and St. P. & D. M. Rys., and on the west fork of the Cedar river, in Franklin county, 10 1/4 miles north of Hampton, the county sear, 18 miles from Mason City and 120 miles from Des Moines. Has Baptist, Evangelical, German Baptist and Methodist churches, a graded public school, 3 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Sheffield Press. The Sheffield Brick and Tile Co. have erected a plant with a daily capacity of 100,000 brick or tile. Ships brick, tile, grain, produce and live stock. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams and Am.  Telephone connection. Mrs. Josephine V. Bullard, postmaster.
Aborn Bros (Frank I and Fred C), drugs.
Adams Express Co, S J Rankin agent.
Allen Charles J, physician.
Anderson A C, live stock.
Ashworth Wm H, barber.
Bailey Frank H, barber.
Bell John R, editor Sheffield Press.
Bigg Charles E, mason.
Bigg David E, carpenter.
Bird & Skinner (Wm Bird, John Skinner), general store.
Blanchard Charles W, marshal.
Borst & Son (John L and Frank L), live stock.
Bullard Josephine V, postmaster.
Byrne Alfred J, insurance.
Carhart Charles C, sec and treas Sheffield Brick and Tile Co.
Carhart Herman L, ins and notary.
Carhart Lester B, propr Sheffield Bank, vice-pres. Sheffield brick and tile co., Real Estate, Insurance and Notary.
Carhart & Carhart (L B, H L and C C), real estate.
Citizens' Bank, C F and G A Johnston proprs.
Clark H E, furniture.
Eggmann & Kammeier Co., (J Conrad Eggmann, Chris Kammeier), hardware.
Eickmeyer & Horstman (Charles Eickmeyer, W C Horstman), farm implts.
Farmers' Incorporated Co-operative.
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank (capital $10,000). Wm Storck pres. C J Le Valley cashier.
Friedenberg & Boelk, general store.
Funk J J, clothing.
Gibbs Miles, live stock.
Goeppingen George, live stock.
Gross Louis F, carpenter.
Heffner Eugene J, blacksmith.
Hudson Benoni F, jeweler.
Humberg Christ, billiards.
Ingebretsen Albert, live stock dealer.
Iowa Central Railway, S J Rankin agt.
Iowa Telephone Co., E N Egge mngr.
Johnston Charles F, lawyer.
Johnston C F & G A, proprs Citizens' Bank.
Knoll J J, farm implements.
Kraft Rev J M (Evangelical).
McCullough George, carpenter.
Miller Frank, meats.
Moorehouse J Frank, live stock.
Moss Solomon S, dentist.
Muhl Theo, lumber.
Nelson Rev P O (Baptist).
Peoples' Mutual Telephone Co, C F Johnston pres, E N Egge sec and treas.
Quinnell A J, grocer.
Randall John P, mason.
Rankin Samuel J, agt Iowa Central Ry.
Richer John H, shoemaker.
Rowe Bros (George and Albert), live stock.
Runton David E, photographer.
Schaefer Henry G, general store.
Schmidt Carl W, city clerk.
Schmidt Hardware Co, (Carl W Schmidt).
Schwab Frederick, physician.
Selts George H, drayman.
Sheffield Bank, Lester B Carhart Propr.
Sheffield Brick and Tile Co. (Capital $50,000), C L Smith Pres, L B Carhart Vice-Pres. C C Carhart Sec and Treas.
Sheffield Cement, Tile & Block Co.
Sheffield Electric Light & Power Co.
Sheffield Press, Sheffield Printing Co, publrs.
Sheffield Printing Co, John R Bell mgr, publrs Sheffield Press.
Stoll Mrs G F, dressmaker.
Stoll & Kugler (George F Stoll, Walter E Kugler), harness.
Storck Drug Co (Wm and Henry C Storck), drugs and jewelry.
Throessel Butler, live stock.
Treganza Henry, painter.
Treganza John, wagonmaker.
Warner Ezra M, shoemaker.
Watt & Peterson ( V W Watt, A C Peterson), general store.
Westenberger Tony, milliner.
Western Union Tel Co, S J Rankin agt.
Whitney Austin C, restaurant.
Williams Bros (Harry and Thomas J), grain elevator.
Witt J F & Co, notions.
Wunn John, blacksmith.
Young Louis, general store.

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