Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution 1891 - 1911
Compiled by Mary H. S. Johnston - State Historian 1909 - 1910
Officers Since Organization 1891 - 1911

Candle Stick Chapter  Hampton, Iowa
Organized February 21, 1908   Chapter No. 773
Regent, Mrs. Fred Harriman
Acting Regent, Miss Atta M. Parker
Signature and Ancestor Members National No. Address
Sarah Dier Beebe  
     Philip Dore
69221 Mrs. N. W. Beebe,
     Hampton, Iowa
Florence Dier Beebe
     Philip Dore
69854 Miss Florence Beebe,
     Hampton, Iowa
Cinda McCauliff Beebe
     Elias Robinson
71131 Mrs. E. A. Beebe,
     Hampton, Iowa
Ann Sawyer Beed
     Capt. Nathaniel Sawyer
68676 Mrs. Lockwood Beed,
     Hampton, Iowa
Eva Jackson Carter
     Abraham Payne
74046 Mrs. Abraham Carter,
     Hampton, Iowa
Angeline Biggs Conway
     Elias Robinson
71132 Mrs. A. B. Conway,
     Hampton, Iowa
Chell Brundage Evans
     Peter Hall
69222 Mrs. David Evans,
     Hampton, Iowa
Harriet A. Ellsworth
     Elias Leonard
66600 Mrs. E. S. Ellsworth,
     Iowa Falls, Iowa
Irma Hemingway Harriman
     Isaac Hemingway, Sr.
     Isaac Hemingway, Jr.
64052 Mrs. F. A. Harriman,
     Hampton, Iowa
Marion Sweet Johnston
     Amos Sweet
67250 Mrs. E. J. Johnson,
     Hampton, Iowa
Effie Hoyt Klemme
     Capt. Daniel Boutin
49061 Mrs. H. J. Klemme,
     Belmond, Iowa
Alice Packard Luick
     Ensign Able Packard
53183 Mrs. Frank Luick,
     Belmond, Iowa
Anna Harrison Liggett
     Ezekiel Harrison
     Major Wm. Covenhoven
64057 Mrs. H. C. Liggett,
     Hampton, Iowa
Harriet Aukney Mott
     Capt. Peter Aukney
64048 Dr. D. W. Mott,
     Hampton, Iowa
Alta M. Parker
     Benjamin Herring, Sr.
     Benjamin Herring, Jr.
64053 Miss Alta Parker,
     Hampton, Iowa
Margaret Gertrude Pease
     Capt. Ferry
71133 Miss Margaret Pease,
     Hampton, Iowa
Jessie Olive Proctor
     Capt. Leonard Proctor
66601 Miss Jessie Proctor,
     Los Angeles, California
Grace Raymond
     Lenurel Raymond
64049 Miss Grace Raymond,
     Hampton, Iowa
Olive Grace Reeve
     Sergt. Luther Rieve
55185 Miss Olive Reeve
     Hampton, Iowa
Mary Raymond Rule
     Lemuel Raymond
55186 Mrs. J. S. Rule,
     Hampton, Iowa
Lura Church Roberts
     John Church
58301 Mrs. A. L. Roberts,
     Hampton, Iowa
Emma Reeve Randall
     Sergt. Luther Rieve
55183 Mrs. E. R. Randall,
     Geneva, Iowa
Mary Proctor Smith
     Capt. Leonard Proctor, Sr.
     Capt. Leonard Proctor, Jr.
64050 Mrs. C. F. Smith,
     Hampton, Iowa
Isabella Vought Showalter
     Godfrey Vought
     Sergt. Wm. Huyck
     John Croft
64055 Mrs. C. F. Showalter,
     Hampton, Iowa
Emma Showalter
     Godfrey Vought
64054 Miss Emma Showalter,
     Hampton, Iowa
Marion E. Vought
     Godfrey Vought
     Sergt. Wm. Huyck
     John Croft
49437 Miss Marion Vought,
     Hampton, Iowa
Effie Reeve Mallory
     Sergt. Luther Reeve
77091 Miss Helen Sweet,
     Hampton, Iowa
Pearl Clark Can Tassel
     Corporal Daniel Clark
76869 Mrs. Pearl Van Tassel
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