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Hampton Cemetery
Mott / Washington townships, Franklin County, IA
The cemetery is sometimes called the Hampton Hillside Cemetery

Hampton cemetery dam - photo contributed by Don Turner
Hampton cemetery dam

Surnames: A-E * F-K * L-R * S-Z

  • The first burying ground in Hampton was situated just west of the village, on the south side of Squaw creek. The first body interred was that of Mrs. Howe (or Ryan), who froze to death in the winter of 1856-57. July 11, 1863, a cemetery association was formed, constitution and by-laws adopted. The first officers elected were: George H. Ingham, president; George Beed, secretary; and J.J. Johnston, treasurer; George H. Ingham, A. Rice, J.J. Johnston, N. McDonald and George Beed, trustees. The society, soon after its organization, purchased two and a half acres of land of Obadiah Smith, for cemetery purposes. A few years later, ten acres were added, making twelve and one half acres in all. The bodies of all those interred in the old cemetery, were removed to the new. This cemetery is located just northeast of town, on the north bank of Squaw creek, on a beautiful plateau overlooking the city. It contains some fine monuments, among which, is that of the late Judge J.W. McKenzie, which is a mottled granite column, bearing the inscription on one side: The Hero of Altoona. That of J. Bobst, is the most costly in the yard. ~History of Franklin County, Iowa; 1883, pg 429
  • The cemetery is located at 521 4th Avenue NE in Hampton, Iowa. The cemetery can easily be accessed via 3 entries along 4th St. (Highway 65) - the main entry, the 3rd Ave. entry and the 6th Ave. entry. The cemetery office and a wooden map of the cemetery are located at the main entry.
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  • This burial list & information was compiled by Sharyl Ferrall from obituaries, gravestone photos, WPA graves registration, SSDI records, census records, veteran burial records & newspaper articles. It is not yet a complete listing & will be updated as additional burials are found. You can help - do you know of a burial in the Hampton cemetery that isn't listed? Dates? Corrections? Email the Franklin County Coordinator with your information.

Surnames S-Z

Name Birth Death Notes
Sampson, John Spencer   9/1/2001 age 88y
Sanders, Diana Mae   3/21/2011 age 56y
Sanders, Mary Irene   7/14/2002 age 80y
Sanford, Don H. 05/??/1840 6/24/1919 Co. F, 6th MI inf.
Sanford, Philotha 1833 04/17/1872 WPA record
Saylor, Helen L. 4/22/1913 1/18/1995 age 81y; w/o A. M.; d/o Oren Eskel King & Bertha Alice Crawford
Saylor, Phyllis nee Simmons 8/5/1919 4/13/1999 w/o Maurice (d. 1980); d/o Edward & Jennie (Booth); cremains
Scantlebury, Edel C. 10/19/1881 08/23/1936 Veterinarian; s/o Edward & Elizabeth
Scantlebury, Edward D. 1834 1897 h/o Elizabeth
Scantlebury, Elizabeth 1845 01/12/1929 w/o Edward
Scantlebury, Elizabeth 1868 1916  
Scantlebury, Frank J. 1874 02/24/1932  
Scantlebury, Marie nee Uhlenhopp     w/o Russell
Scantlebury, Rosena nee Kempthorne 02/15/1872 11/01/1936 w/o Charles H.
Scantlebury, Russell L. 5/7/1907 5/19/1956 h/o Marie; s/o Chas. & Rosena
Scantlebury, William F. 1866 1922  
Schear, Dolores E.   7/14/2011 age 84y
Schinagel, Gerald   11/25/2011 age 90y
Schmidt, Charles C. 1843 1896  
Schmidt, Doris R. nee Nolte     w/o Ewald G.
Schmidt, Eliza S. 1849 1920 age 90y
Schmidt, Ewald G. 5/26/1914 6/15/1988 ssa Doris R.
Schmitt, John H. 09/19/1895 7/11/1948 US Army, WWI
Schmidt, Lewis H. 1878 1893  
Schmidt, Louis 06/27/1880 02/08/1913  
Schoenbeck, Edwin C. 1917 1974 ssa Lydia
Schoenbeck, Jerrell E. 10/12/1943 10/24/2011 s/o Edwin & Lydia
Schoenbeck, Lydia E. 1914 2005 w/o Edwin C.
Schoon, Grace   2/6/2011 age 95y
Schoon, Ronald Lee "Ronnie"   2/25/2011 age 67y
Schultz, Mary Janet   10/31/2004 age 71y
Schulz, Reba E.   1/8/2013  
Schurtz, Robert C. 'Bud'   3/17/2002 age 68y; cremains
Schwieger, Carlyn 4/23/1938 4/28/2012 h/o Pamela Kay Hite; s/o Howard & Yvonne
Scott, Emily 1857 1858 ssa Mildred; d/o James M. & Mary A.
Scott, Frank W. 1862 1916? Co D, 52nd IA Inf., Spanish-American War
Scott, James Matthew 1824 1869 ssa Mary A.
Scott, Mary A. nee Howes 1831 1902  
Scott, Mildred 1869 1871 ssa Emily; d/o James M. & Mary A.
Scott, Thomas 1830 1899  
Scott, William C. 1854 1893  
Selene, Lois Arlene   3/17/2002 age 80y
Selix, Etta nee VanEvery 04/16/1884 12/9/1950 "Mother"; w/o George W.
Selix, George W. 05/11/1877 11/24/1971 "Father"; ssa Etta
Selix, Valda G.     d/o George W. & Etta
Shafer, Sarah A. nee Barnett 12/24/1839 10/22/1909 w/o Wm. F.
Shafer, William F. 12/06/1828 03/17/1911 h/o Sarah; Co. D, 99th IN Inf., Civil War
Sharpe, Grace   11/9/2003 age 99y
Shaull, Alene K.   5/14/2001 age 86y
Shear, Joseph C.   5/20/2002 age 98y
Shockey, Gertrude nee Roberts   1915 w/o R.E.
Shockey, R.E.   01/??/1930 age 60; w/o Gertrude
Showalter, Charles Edward 4/4/1902 10/31/1989 h/o Margaret Aldinger; w/o Hiram & Ida Vincent
Showalter, Thelma Mae   8/19/2001 age 84y
Siems, Dareld D.   12/1/2002 age 66y
Simons, Newman Roed   7/6/2004  
Smith, Fonda Mae   10/7/2001 age 89y
Smith, Yvonne   2/14/2011 age 74y
Snider, Rosemary   12/15/2003 age 72y
Sokolik, Sheryl nee Overton   7/1/2012 age 80y
Soper, Eben 10/16/1840 12/10/1922 Co B, 18th Wisc. Inf.
Soper, George W. 1837 03/04/1925 3rd Iowa, Indpt Btry, Lt. Artillery
Soper, Wesley   3/4/1925 age 88y
Spencer, George M. 1845 1928 Co. B or D, 10th CT Inf.
Spitler, Mattie 05/30/1866 11/10/1921 "Mother"
Springer, Delane R. 01/16/1926 12/16/1948 Veteran
Springer, F. M.   4/14/1918 age 91y 9m
Springer, Harold B.   6/28/2002 age 87y
Stahl, Earl 1/21/1912 4/13/2003 age 91y; s/o James Henry & Florence E. (Babbitt); h/o Helen Lochmann
Staley, James Knox 06/04/1846 12/23/1908 Co. L, 4th Iowa Cavalry
Starke, Vivian D. nee Kramer   04/06/1969 aged 55y; w/o O.I. Starke; d/o William
Stewart, Charles Samuel 2/24/1860 3/20/1945 age 88y; "Father"; h/o Clara Mae Hartsough
Stewart, Clara nee Hartsough 1873 1950 "Mother"; w/o Charles S.
Stewart, Leroy Robert   12/5/1970 age 51y; h/o Phyllis
Stewart, Mary Jane   9/6/2002 age 85y
Stilson, Lois nee Meyer 05/30/1918 6/16/2003 w/o Donald; d/o Edward & Minnie (Shaw)
Stinson, Edward H. 1842 1922 Co C, 36th IL Inf.; also served in Co I, 74th IL Inf.
Stockberger, Paul B.   1/16/2003 age 92y
Stoltz, Dorothy W.   3/17/2004 age 74y
Stonebraker, Eliphalet James 08/07/1847 07/15/1935 Co E, 46th IL Inf.
Stoppelmoor, Bonnie nee Jones 07/09/1931 07/21/2004  
Stratmann, Darlene JoAnn   3/25/2011 age 63y
Stuart, Barbara   12/31/2001 age 78y
Stuart, Iden L.   10/02/1944 aged 83y; h/o Kitty
Stuart, Kitty nee Clemmer     w/o Iden
Sunken, John G. 03/06/1895 5/15/1960 WWI veteran
Tapp, Dorothy J. 02/27/1934 1/7/2004 w/o Leonard; d/o Susie Mehmen; cremains
Taylor, Louisa Nellie   4/10/2001 age 89y
Tebay, James A. 1839 1921 Co. C, 7th IL Inf.
Thielen, Marjorie J. 6/1/1924 7/31/2001 age 77y; d/o Richard O. & Gladys L. (Rodemeyer)
Thies, Arnold G.   10/10/2003 age 79y
Thomas, Elias 1874 4/14/1905 wpa
Thomas, Elizabeth nee Wagner 1844 11/6/1923 w/o Theodore
Thomas, Hannah 1878 1924 wpa
Thomas, J.B. 1872 11/23/1925 wpa
Thomas, Mona - - wpa
Thomas, Olia W. 1871 2/12/1914 wpa
Thomas, Theodore 10/2/1844 4/18/1935 age 90y; h/o Elizabeth; Co. B, 92nd Illinois mounted infantry Civil War
Timmerman, Marie   7/26/2001 age 97y
Tobias, Clara E. nee Carpenter     w/o J. Harvey
Tobias, J. Harvey     ssa Clara E.
Tobiasen, Merry Maxine nee Crom   9/18/2012 age 91y
Tonjes, Gus H. 7/23/1928 1/30/2003 h/o Waltraut 'Waly' Wagner; b. Hurrel, Germany; s/o Gerd & Marie (Weise)
Towle, Edna Elizabeth nee Thomas 6/7/1876 8/12/1934 w/o Ray
Towne, Larry E.   6/24/2004 age 67y
Trager, Fred E. 03/12/1914 02/01/2006 ssa Mildred
Trager, Mildred R. 08/07/1912 11/09/2002 w/o Fred E.
Tuder, John Dale 7/9/1971 7/15/2006 s/o Norman & Jan (Prause) Tuder; h/o Martine Slater
Van Houten, Helen   6/1/1999 age 76y
Van Kleeck, Garland Glenn   9/22/2011 age 86y
Van Wert, Hazel L.   1/8/2001 age 83y
VanEvery, Doris E. 1916 1916  
VanEvery, Herald V. 1903 1920  
VanEvery, Lois E. 1874 1954 "Mother"; w/o William E.
VanEvery, William E. 1865 1930 "Father"; h/o Lois
VanHouten, Clement J. 04/23/1908 06/17/1959 WWII veteran
Varrelmann, Maragret 4/3/1920 5/3/1979 age 59y; w/o Elmer H.; d/o James & Catherine (O'Conner) Borel
Varrelman, Maxine   7/25/2001 age 84y
Vasquez, Christine   7/21/2013  
Vietor, George A. 05/24/1924 1/11/1945 KIA WWII
Wade, Timothy I. 01/07/1848 8/2/1925 Co K., 25th MI Inf.
Wacker, Mildred 'Sissy'   10/9/2002 age 94y
Wagner, Glee D.   11/11/2002 age 97y
Wagner, Thelma Hazel   10/22/2001 age 91y
Walker, Anna K. nee Bahls 12/16/1890 11/25/1981 "Mother"
Walker, Harriet N. nee Ward 10/15/1914 12/2/1986 w/o Herbert W.
Walker, Herbert W. 8/10/1918 1/7/1988 ssa Harriet N.; Veteran marker
Walker, Leil Byron 'Deke' 04/21/1892 05/01/1957 "Father"
Wallace, Anna Mae   10/17/2004 age 89y
Walsh, James W. 1904 1967 ssa Velma
Walsh, Velma nee Stahler 1905 197? w/o James W.
Walterman, Dillan Joseph 12/22/1989 3/24/2006 s/o Jeff & Debbie (Hovenga) Walterman
Ward, Dennis   8/13/2012 age 62y
Ward, Julia 08/23/1876 10/03/1968 "Mother"
Ward, Robert 01/01/1919 10/05/1999 h/o Barbara A.; US Army, WWII Veteran
Warren, Dale V.   12/??/1983 h/o Florence
Warren, Florence nee Wohlford 09/09/1911 01/31/2006 w/o Dale V.; d/o Afton N. & Nettie May (Craighton)
Warren, Orville 'Ted'   2/21/2001 age 93y
Warren, Vera May   4/30/2001 age 94y
Watt, Avis E. 1847 01/15/1896  
Watt, C. Maude 1871 12/10/1903  
Watt, David 1819 1890  
Watt, Etta M. 1869 04/20/1899  
Watt, John M. 02/12/1845 05/29/1912 Co. G, 22nd WI Inf. and unassigned 3rd WI Inf., Civil War
Watt, Ruth 1826 1893  
Watt, Velma nee Sidmore   1974 d/o Josial Sidmore
Wearda, Hazel Harriette   7/2/2012  
Webb, Abi nee Dow 09/04/1877 1960 w/o W.T.; d/o Daniel W.
Webb, Ann nee Sayre 1841 02/17/1916 w/o Wm. Q.
Webb, Mary C. nee Froning 1857 1927 "Mother"
Webb, Omar H. 1855 1928 "Father"
Webb, Wm. Q 10/02/1845 11/18/1921 h/o Ann
Webb, W.T.     h/o Abi
Welton, Harold 1899 1962 ssa Mabel
Welton, Mabel nee Bailey 1896 1982 w/o Harold
Wever, Frances I.   10/13/2000 age 83y
Wilkinson, James Lewis 'Jim' 2/25/2958 12/11/2012 h/o Diane Jones; s/o Lewis M. & Mildred I. (Vanderlinden)
Wilkinson, Pamela Mae nee Eitel 09/03/1947 6/6/2003 w/o Terry; d/o Eugene & Tillie (Branan); cremains
Williamson, Faye L. nee Miller 04/02/1914 4/10/2001 d/o George E. & Rose (Rowsen); w/o Carl
Wilson, Dorothy 2/20/1916 5/16/1980 age 64y; w/o Walter; d/o William & Savilla Alden Harris
Wilson, Walter   4/5/2001 age 87y
Windelow, Alice 1881 1952  
Windelow, Arthur H. 'Ott' 1883 1958  
Windelow, Steven A. 10/04/1948 11/21/1965  
Winn, James F. 1867 9/20/1919 age 52y; h/o Margaret Mullane
Wirtz, Arthur J. 4/21/1923 6/4/1983 age 60y; h/o Phyllis Stevens; s/o Mr. & Mrs. John Wirtz
Wise, Evelyn A.   3/2/1999 age 84y
Witte, Laurena Marie nee Lubkeman 06/24/1910 6/16/2003 w/o Wilbert; d/o Henry & Ida (Dohrmann)
Witte, Lynn M.F.   9/15/2002 age 59y
Wolf, Casper 05/14/1842 10/16/1914 Co. I, 23rd WI Inf., Civil War
Wolf, Maurice Henry   5/11/2012 age 79y
Wolf, Merlin A. 12/14/1908 1/1/1948 WWII veteran
Wolf, William M. 09/05/1845 11/03/1927 Co. M, 1st WI Cav., Civil War
Wolfe, John Q. 1889 1971 ssa Netha G.
Wolfe, LaVonne 1916 1998 w/o Louis H.
Wolfe, Louis H. 1915 1982 ssa LaVonne
Wolfe, Netha Gail nee Walker 1890 1975 w/o John Q.
Woltjer, Angela Katherine 'Angie' nee DeVries   1/4/2002 age 32y; w/o Gordon; note: researchers should confirm that she is buried in this cemetery
Woltjer, Gordon James 'Gordy'   1/4/2002 age 37; h/o Angela; note: researchers should confirm that he is buried in this cemetery
Woltjer, Helen Ada  nee Christensen 9/11/1927 10/19/2006 age 79y; d/o Jens W. & Edna A. (Oleson) Christensen; w/o Fred "Bud"
Wood, Theodore L.   6/6/2002 age 66y
Woodley, Bernice nee Trindle 07/29/1909 10/25/1993 w/o Walter A.
Woodley, Dilman Lloyd 10/14/1917 5/28/1954 WWII veteran
Woodley, Jacki nee Atwood 12/5/1942 4/21/2012 d/o Fern & Erma (Crockett); m. 1st to Mr. Shaver; m. 2nd to Gary Woodley
Woodley, Lola nee Trindle 7/29/1909 10/25/1993 age 84y; w/o Walter A.; d/o Irving & Lora (Johnson) Trindle
Woodley, Walter A. 03/17/1901 2/8/1985 ssa Bernice
Woods, Alma M.   6/30/2001 age 90y
Wright, Marlys Elaine nee Meyer 4/16/1923 12/3/2012 w/o Dale A.; d/o Edward & Minnie
Wullbrandt, Francis "Fritz" 5/31/1918 6/22/2006 s/o Henry T. & Harriet (Meyers) Wullbrandt; h/o Frances E. Mallory
Yaw, Forrest Kay   3/23/2012 age 75y
Yenter, Cora L. nee Yenter 06/19/1888 07/28/1982 ssa Frank W.
Yenter, Frank W. 06/28/1886 10/23/1964 ssa Cora L.
Ytzen, Herluf H. 5/31/1913 2/26/2003 h/o Gladys Nielsen; s/o Chris & Mary (Bertelsen)

Surnames: A-E * F-K * L-R


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